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Tomer's "Art"

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1 Tomer's "Art" on Fri Sep 18, 2009 4:25 am


A Captain America drawing I did a t work last year on an erasable board.

A cool drawing of the original Avengers by Paul Pope I founf on his blog about a year and a half ago and decided to practice my coloring skills on.

This strip was done by me in Strip Generator as part of the first WUMB Survivor game. Again, decided to practice with coloring on this one.

Posted this one before: A strip done during an art class couple of years ago. We were a group of three students and the mission was to create a five panel strip. The idea for the plot was by one of my teammates, I did the art and tweaked the plot a bit. After years of avoiding my plan to color it, eventually I finished it on time for Drawing Day 2008 with some fixing of the original art.

Another opportunity for me to work with coloring was when Jim Gibbons started a little competition to color the official logo of his Wizard blog. Eventually krpy won the grand prize.

An animated gif I created shortly after Secret Invasion #1 came out.

Another coloring practice, I think the original was by Mark Bagley. Looks like his style to me.

A little coloring work on a Mike Wieringo Hulk, done shortly before he passed away. Didn't do much here, though.

This one is a bit old. Drawn couple of years ago at work and later was my first attempt at digital coloring. Not that good, I know...

Another two sketches from way back when I could sit at work (my old job) and draw for hours. Never got a chance to color them.

I also had many banners done for WUMB over the years, but aside for one month where I designed the template, I don't think they're considered more than a little graphic work. This is the template I designed, BTW:

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2 Re: Tomer's "Art" on Fri Sep 18, 2009 12:18 pm

shining knight

Zombie Ninja
Zombie Ninja
thats really good maybe I should get you to do a pop comic

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