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What does your 360 Elite or Pro sound like?

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1 What does your 360 Elite or Pro sound like? on Thu Nov 26, 2009 4:01 am

OK, this is an honest question and not because I'm trying to imagine an issue to replace my Resident Evil 360 Elite with the new bundle. What does your 360 sound like? I've noticed a definite rattling when playing my games & now it seems to be doing it when I play dvd's. I've heard from several professionals and friends that it should be running quiet and the only thing I should hear, if anything, is the fan of the processor :? Question is, should I be concerned? If this is something you've experienced, can you let me know what the problem is and whether I should return it? Not sure if my local store will accept the return, since it's been a few months since I bought it. Any thoughts?

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