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Who wants to work on an Indy book with me?

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1 Who wants to work on an Indy book with me? on Wed Jan 06, 2010 4:23 pm


Zombie Ninja
Zombie Ninja
My comic shop that I always go on and on about has started it's own indy publishing in the back part of the store. It costs roughly $800 to print 500 copies of a 32 page book. I would love to do some writing for a project but don't think a one story thing would get it done. I would like to see If we could team up with the artists, writers, and photoshop ninja's of the PoP! to create a comic featureing 3 stories or so and be willing to invest in this to try and get this printed before Emeral City Comic Con in April so we can start some distribution. If one of the big wigs at the PoP! wants to get with me on this as well I think if it is a PoP! stars layden feature that it is only fair to have one of those pages be an ad for Panels on Pages. I have some artists here locally that are very talented, and wouldn't mind investing some of my tax return to make it happen. I'm going to start working on my story now, and story boards. I'll need an artist to flesh it out, but I would love to see if anybody else would like to be involved in this first creation. I figure we will propaply hand out at least half of the first print run for free which means at a $3 cover price we could put out some great stories and have enough to do either a second printing and/or a second issue in the future. I hope that I get a lot of interest in this, 3.25 months should be enough time to get it together. Remember it takes a lot to do a project like this, we need editors, layout experts, marketers all sorts of stuff. I know that the creators of PoP! did so with the mind set that we can do something big, so lets discuss this and possibilities.

I will have my character descriptions/bios, story, script, done by the end of the month, story boards will be worked on soon after that.

I feel like this is my Jerry McGuire moment.... "Whos comming with me?"

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Zombie Ninja
Zombie Ninja
This sounds interesting - i would like to know more - email me at when u can
msn - and aim - G3MWOLF

if i was to apply for position - cover art and graphics as i dont think i will have time for pages
This year I am focusing my art on one shot covers, pin ups, posters, concept art and related.
I just got an A3 scanner to scan in 11x17 of my work (booyah >.<)annnnnd i have been practicing my digital coloring - i will be posting my latest work hopefully in the coming days Smile visit me whenver -
on top of that i have some close friends (lol not close enough for freebie work) that can color my lineart (ive work with in the past)- etc unless u have a colorist on deck - which is cool too.

so yeah for me:

penciller / illustrator / colours
and marketing. promos and related graphics

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3 Re: Who wants to work on an Indy book with me? on Thu Jan 07, 2010 11:40 pm


Zombie Ninja
Zombie Ninja
I have artist skills at all Crying or Very sad but I can write.


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