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Survival of the Fittest: The story so far

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1 Survival of the Fittest: The story so far on Sat Apr 04, 2009 9:44 am

shining knight

Zombie Ninja
Zombie Ninja
I think this is the best place for this. I'm sure someone can correct me on that.

Survival of the Fittest is an ongoing game on WUMB. One of the fun things I like to do alongside the game is an ongoing story featuring fictional versions of board members. In this thread as a primer for SOTF V which will be the first one not to appear in the wumb but in pop instead is the stories so far.

For the first two sotf games there was barely any story and just a linking system so for the first two there will be just a small paragraph of what happened in them


A group of Wumb members were kidnapped by Mojo (from x-men) and made to pick fictional heroes and villians in order to fight in the survival of the fittest tournement. It turned out this was all a ploy from an evil villianess called Zero doom in order to release an evil creature into our reality. She failed and was beaten up by all the heroes and villians and Mojo sent the wumbers home with their minds wiped.


Zero doom tries the same trick except this time recruiting darkseid and the hordes of apokalips to release the iscariot. They face stern competition from the survivors of the first SOTF and a group of heroes from an alternate world and zero doom fails again


This was when things got good as the wumbers as heroes concept was introduced. Its also when I began writing much longer stories. Presented here are the prologue and the first four parts.

The nexus of time

A control room for all of time itself, current home base of Degaton and zero doom.

“Can I kill the dominion yet?” whined Zero doom angrily

“no not just yet…we need all four of those teams alive for now,”

“what for….my face demands justice,” wined Zero doom

“And the master demands sustenance to continue his escape attempt from the core zone, as you should know,” said Degaton

“well I’m tired of waiting,” muttered Zero doom firing a ray of power at the control station which kept the four teams in stasis.

“You fool…you have killed us all!” shouted Degaton as the stasis wore off and the dominion stepped out of their containment.

“Well lets see how strong you truly are….” muttered Lord apocalypse darkly as he raised his hand in order to allow his allies to begin attacking the two shocked villains.

Then there was a crash, followed by sounds of moaning as the other three teams woke up out of stasis.

(this led into the actual round )

The throne stumbled back in shock and then vanished completely

Degaton managed to freeze both the end and the nightmare and shoved them back into their containment units. He turned round to do the same to the dominion but was blasted by a rather large beam of energy. The energy hit him face first and his body shattered a nearby glass window and he disappeared into the time stream.

“Oh no….not again,” whined Zero doom who very quickly followed Degaton into falling into the time stream after a similar blast.

“You weren’t fit enough to survive,” muttered Lord apocalypse as Zero doom screamed before she was gone.

Lord apocalypse looked at his troops with a grin and then stared outside the shattered window yet again “Its mine….its all mine….I’ve won….I was strong thus I survived and won!”

He then began to laugh and the rest of the dominion quickly joined him in his laughter

"And so it came to pass that all of reality shall fall, and the multiverse was no more. And I looked down upon my new dominion as Master of all; and I thought it good. "

The age of Apocalypse was about to begin again….

end prologue

part 1

A game of heroclix for the fate of the universe!

Is it that time again?” ringed a voice which echoed throughout the hall

“a bit slow on the uptake aren’t you pal….after all the dominion have made their first move,”

“well that’s a little bit of grand scale cheating on your part isn’t it,” moaned the first voice as he pulled out what looked like a heroclix board.

“yeah, yeah did you get the figurines from the others?”

“you bet I did!”

“then lets start…maybe you can catch up with my team…doubt it though,”

“is that a wager?”

“….I suppose….”

“then lets get this party started!”

The nexus of time

“At last ultimate power is mine…the strongest truly has survived!” laughed lord apocalypse

Just then there was a shattering of glass and both the end and the nightmare were free of their containment cells.

“what is this!”

“Just phase one of a plot to deal with you permanently apocalypse! Blink get us out of here!” shouted magneto

And with a blink they were all gone

The game room

“round one to the sovereign!” grinned the sovereign as his opponent looked on in frustration.

“don’t celebrate yet begin the bloody fights already….”

Part 2 T.I.T

The first appearance of T.I.T and Trish (known as Trisha back then)

The offices of the Time Investigation Team

“Chaos that’s what it is chronocide on a massive scale!” shouted a girl slamming a pile of papers onto the desk of a young man.

“Calm down Trisha we are trying to do all we can on this mess!”

“But Alan!”

“no buts Trisha, I’ve already sent agents Saturday and Sunday to deal with the dominion,” said Alan as a loud boom emerged in front of them. “Ah see there they are n….oh god!”

“No susan! Sarah!” cried Trisha looking at the two very, very badly beaten bodies of the two time agents.

“sent a message,” croaked Susan Saturday her blood leaking rather rapidly from clover field like tooth marks.

“Stay out of our way,” mumbled Sarah Sunday as she too was leaking blood

“Get them to the hospital wing now!” shouted Alan in horror as medics began to rush into the room carrying stretchers

“They’ve made this personal….” mumbled Trisha angrily as she pulled out a small gun from a holster on her shoe and began to push a small button.

“No you fool he’ll!” BOOOOOM

She was gone…..

Meanwhile during a certain heroclix game

“Bloody hell dude you are still using created characters?!?”

“They do not affect the game Apo…sorry mnemosis so I can do the heck I want,”

“I am still going to win Sov….you do know that,”

“we’ll see shall we?”

part III heroclix party in progress

The first proper appearance of msot of the wumber characters pre hero and villians

Heroclix party in progress…..

It was two hours in and most of the guests had finally arrived. The party was in full swing now and there was now just two guests yet to make it….

“Ah that must finally be brodiebruce with the snacks….” muttered Sovereign walking over to his front door and opening it up.

“Ah welcome to the party guys did you bring them?”

“course we did, so much junk food it could feed just one American!” laughed hpp with a grin

“err sure….” muttered the sovereign really hoping no one heard that

Outside brodiebruce was walking towards the front door when something struck him from behind….

“Phase one complete….pick up the fool and begin to get ready to attack the rest!” muttered Degaton

“yes sir!” grinned Zero doom nastily making her way to the door…..

part 4 heroclix party crashed!

Heroclix party about to be crashed…big-time…..

Windows smashed all around the room causing the startled wumbers to look at what was happening. The sovereign was the first to react.

“Hey nice degaton cosplay going on there!,” grinned sovereign grinning at Degaton who then struck him over the head with a gun barrel. Then the terrifying figure of zero doom loomed over him.

“No…you are not real…I created you!” shouted the sovereign startled at the sight of his own creation staring him in the face.

“Yes and a good job you did too….seriously burning my face off trying to kill me several times….time I repaid the favour!” Zero doom quickly pushed sovereign to the wall and began to repeatedly punch him in the gut

“You’re not real!” cried sovereign after each and every punch until he crumpled into a moaning and very bloody mess on the floor.

Mnemosis ran over to the badly hurt sovereign and stood in zero dooms way.

“touching dying for your friend like this…as you wish boy!” zero doom moved with the speed of a cat and slashed at mnemosis throat with a knife.

The knife hit something all right but it wasn’t mnemosis….

“Gakkk!” whined sovereign knife sticking right out of his chest and then he fell down again this time he wasn’t getting up….

“What do we do with the rest?” asked zero doom

“leave them we’ve got what we came for….” grinned degaton holding the heroclix board and figures in his hands.

They both disappeared laughing leaving the wumbers in disbelief as they stared at the dead body of the sovereign….

Suddenly brodiebruce came in

“so what did I miss?”

more soonish

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2 the rest of sotf III on Sun Apr 05, 2009 6:14 am

shining knight

Zombie Ninja
Zombie Ninja
Survival of the fittest three concludes!

Part 5 T.I.T begins!

in which the basic team which survives to SOTF IV is formed slowly and all out hell is let loose on reality

Danita Taylor here for WWN news network on ongoing developments in the bizarre battle which has already torn apart downtown Glasgow costing the lives of almost twenty thousand people. It appears that fictional characters have somehow became real and are at this moment fighting each other tearing apart the city of Glasgow at the same time.”

A large portion of a gigantic TV screen just misses the news reporter but being a true professional she just continues to report.

“Heres someone now excuse me sir but what is your take on current events?”

“Lady fictional characters are on the loose and I just saw someone I knew die…and if that wasn’t bad enough the others got separated from me….so you can understand the fact that talking to you is the last thing I want to…oh crap!” comic geek looked up and noticed lord apocalypse looking down at both him and Danita and the villian was getting ready to fire at them.

Suddenly a blonde girl appear to them startling comic geek and she quickly grabbed both him and Danita and muttered “My name is Trish Tuesday agent of t-- come with if you want to live!”

“t--?” muttered Comic geek trying to stifle a nervous laughter.

“excuse me but what?” asked Danita

“Reality just went toxic….its all the fault of two troublemakers called Degaton and Zero doom. The barrier which separates reality and fiction is eroding….something needs to be done….” muttered Trish very quickly

“Okay I got nothing of that” muttered Comic geek


The smoking ruins of what used to be the SECC (Scottish exhibition hall and conference centre)

“It goes as planned the fools are puppets on our strings now!” laughed Zero doom gleefully as Degaton stared at the heroclix board wondering which move to make next.

“To think the only on who could have stopped us is dead now….silly little shining knight getting himself killed like that….”

“he’s not dead,” muttered Degaton

“he’s what?” asked zero doom in horror

“he’s not dead,” repeated Degaton

“I stabbed him in the throat if that not counts as dead then I don’t know what does,”

“t-- got to him….”

“those bastards!” shouted Zero doom angrily

t-- headquarters’

Trish arrived on t-- headquarters still holding comic geek and Danita and then let go of them to walk into the medical facility.

“Did we get him in time?” asked Trish to the doctor on standby

“Did you get who?” asked comic geek

He walked in tooled up with weaponry and wearing the uniform of a time agent

“Congratulations comic geek….you just been drafted into the Time Investigation Team!” muttered Shining knight grinning.

part 6 The villian appears

The skies were red, red like the blood dripping down from the mangled corpse of a random bystander that completely freaked brodiebruce out.

“Hey stop screaming do you want to give us away?” moaned Jerry whit worth angrily

“sorry….its just not been a good day for me,”

“don’t look up because its about to get even worse!” muttered Jerry and brodiebruce looked up anyway. Above them was their own villian teams and they looked as if they were about to attack their creators.

t-- headquaters….

“Lets go save the world!” grinned shining knight

“I’m err not sure about this….we really don’t have much we can contribute in this….” whined Comic geek

“oh but I can,” grinned shining knight holding what looked an eraser in his hands.

Somewhere unknown (as saying so will give away the identity of the speaker which is a big no no as of this point)

“All goes to plan time is tearing itself apart….exactly as scheduled….soon my new world of nothingness shall be a reality and all life will end as we know it,”

“yes master you sure have done good this time,” muttered the old man who stood next to him

“indeed billus you have been an excellent help leaving the cosmic heroclix board at the fan boys house….thus unwittingly ripping reality asunder…”

“I do as I am told sir,” said Billus disappearing as he began to walk through time leaving the mysterious figure behind…

Hell on earth!

Brodiebruce and jerry stood back to back as their own teams continued to make their way to them and then there was a huge energy portal which appeared at their side and shining knight calmly poked his head out of it and muttered “well what are you waiting for? Me to do the “come with me if you want to live spiel?”


“Damn! Damn! Damn!” shouted thundermatts as the building continued to tumble down at him due to the insane superboy prime.

“Jerk wheres my girlfriend….I know this is the right world this time! Tell me where she is or I’ll make you an official member of the Jackson Pollock society!”

“err what?”

“I’ll smash you into a stain in the ground!” screamed prime with a insane glimmer in his eyes

Elsewhere again….

Mnemosis staggered with blood leaking down his arm. The wound was caused by a flying piece of shrapnel which had snapped from a sign which came crashing down on him.

“god I think I’m losing it….this is insane….why is all this happening….”

“Because my master wants it…to happen,” muttered a nasty voice

“who the hell are you,”

“my name is billus manger, time is my mistress and also my master…”

“wait what,”

“no need for questions….time has run out….” Billus disappears Mnemosis looks around and then with a thundering crack a knife slid right into his stomach

“for you…terribly sorry but you are a loose thread I needed to cut,” muttered Billus casually wiping the blood off his knife and then disappearing again….


Billus manger is a villain from the TV series torchwood his as yet unnamed master is a character from a comic book

part 7 all hell breaks loose

The core zone

A Schrödinger cage created just to keep one thing prisoner…The Iscariot, A being of ultimate evil, a time anomaly with sentience. It was believed killed several years ago by indigo prime ©️ seamsters Winwood and cord. True evil however can never die and it has since been hammering its way out of the cage….


Mnemosis tried to get up but he was leaking pints of blood. He could feel it in his stomach, he was dying. This did not stop him from trying to move again.

“Well, well look at this,” grinned Lord apocalypse with a sinister smile on his face.

“m….m….” moaned Mnemosis with a groan

“I have to thank you young one….my little group is performing well in this little coup….tell you what I’lll make you a horseman….you have proven to be strong to survive a killing wound such as that….shake your head if you wish to partake of my gift….”


“I’ll rip you apart!” screamed Prime grabbing thundermatts by the neck.

Suddenly there was a blast and prime fell out of the sky dropping thundermatts as he did so.

“hurry up….times splintering!” shouted trish

“its cool just saw someone I knew,” muttered shining knight lowering the gun and helping thundermatts up.

“what’s going on,?”

“bad sh-- matts….bad, bad, sh--,”

“and its only gotten worse,” shouted Trish in shock

Above the sky swarming like a viral infection was the Iscariot. It howled in triumph and then began to attack anything that moved.

“okay team, this is it….” muttered Trish

“yeah saving reality….no pressure….” muttered comic geek sarcastically


Winwood and cord and the Iscariot are from the awesome killing time series


part 8 the first flight of the corlionus mk II

The first story billed as a proper two parter and actually has some major stuff which is still referred to

“Anybody still alive?” moaned a very hurt Trish who noticed someone was on top of her.

“Ahhh knight get off me!” shouted Trish in horror as knight quickly sprung up and quickly said “Sorry….that was some blast eh…bet we are picking up enough chunks of Iscariot meat to feed all of the worlds hungry for years….

“Umm what world?” muttered Trish and knight noticed…

They were on a single piece of rock floating in space.

“err wheres earth?”

“where do you think?” sighed Trish patting the piece of rock they were on.

“Um wheres the others?”

“Whitworth was badly hurt by the blast used my last teleportation energy to send him and the one known as brodiebruce to t-- headquaters. Comic geek is currently staring in shock at space,”

And sure enough comic geek was indeed staring out at space

“Are we stuck here?”

“hopefully not….hopefully bruce hasen’t forgotten and mentioned to General Arcana that…”


A huge train suddenly appeared from nowhere and parked next to the rock.

“Need a lift gang?” grinned someone who knight recognised as brodiebruce.

“Guys welcome to the corlionus mk II time machine….shall we go save the world?” grinned Trish with a smirk.

It began to disappear but they never noticed the three figures who jumped on the train behind them.

The end of the universe….

“Good all goes as planned….soon I shall win….soon THE TIME TRAPPER will rule all!”

part 9 The last flight of the corlionus mk II

in which war makes his first ever appearance and was so much fun to write continued to come back

“I really do not like this,” moaned knight who was leaning on the table with a glazed look on his eyes. “its just a train David it can’t hurt any of us…oh speaking of which I have to use the toilet I’ll be right back okay,” laughed Trish as she lifted herself up from the chair and headed to the furthest end of the train.

“This has officially been the most bizarre day in history,” whispered comic geek and knight agreed “yeah but I can‘t help shaking the feeling it’s gonna get worse,”

“oh look here comes the food trolley,” with those words from brodiebruce comic geek sprung up with a grin and said “Oh food I’ll have some of that!” Knight smiled at comic geek and said, “hey thanks cheered me right up,” “its okay pal hold on what’s with the food trolley guy?!” the food trolley man smiled and said “ah so you do remember me,” he paused for dramatic emphasis. Then removed his disguise and pulled out two revolvers “for I am war…. And you are dead….”

T.I.T head quarters

“He isn’t getting any better,” muttered spiderfan14 staring at the out cold body of Jerry whit worth. “We have to give him time to heal…that was a pretty bad thing that happened to him,” said lordd3r3k

Suddenly the alarms went off around the hospital wing and various people were running out. lordd3r3k quickly stopped one of them but they pushed him aside and said “the time trapper has invaded the building we need to fight him off!”

On the corlionus

Knight stood up and kicked war in the face war mask came off and knight saw the face underneath “Mnemosis?” muttered Knight as war charged at knight. He carefully moved and war hurt himself by running into the table. . war fell to the ground in pain and then quickly pulled himself back up. “Dave Did I just try to kill you?” “Am I talking to the real mnemosis now?” asked Knight putting his hand on mnemosis shoulder. “Yes you are, god I missed you pal some crazy old guy stabbed me and then my own team did horrible stuff to me…and then they set me on you.”

While this talk was going on comic geek was snooping around looking for more food. Sleeping for that amount of time meant he was starving. He looked in the kitchen and saw something he should not have seen “oh my god!” shouted comic geek in horror as a blast tore through the kitchen. He ran back to the cabin where knight and the others were and collapsed in horror. The last words he said were “Zero doom and Degaton!”

Knight ran to the kitchen where the flames were getting higher “oh god there must be several more of these devices,” muttered knight when a booming voice said “Ah the hero has arrived,” knight looked at the armoured woman with disgust and muttered “Zero doom.” The armoured woman laughed “yes it is I The Destroyer, The Harrower, The reaper and soon I shall rip out your heart with the death of your little love interest …but I like to do things a little more literally,” she pulled out a gigantic sword and knight muttered “Trish isn’t my…wait what have you done to her you sick b****,”

“Degaton is dealing with her…” she struck a blow and knight just managed to get out of its way. A second swing and a miss but the third grazed knights arm. David bit into his lip to stop his own screaming and quickly pulled out a small eraser. “oh what are you going to do…rub me to death?” shouted Zero doom with an evil roar. “that is exactly what I‘m going to do,” “you amuse me boy,” “My job is not to amuse you,” Zero doom smiled and sneered “then let us begin!,” she smacked knight right in the face and shoved her sword right into knight’s stomach. he fell down in pain causing Zero doom to laugh. she had begun to bend down to pick up the eraser when a second blast tore the train apart. Zero doom quickly disappeared and knight attempted to wrap himself in a huge table cloth to stop the blast from hurting him.


“Pathetic….nothing can beat the time trapper I know all of past, present and future and can bend it to my will,”

“Then you know we won’t go down without a fight,”

“Ah spiderfan14.…insignifgant little worm…die…” the trapper raised his hand and several tons of T.I.T machinery came crashing own on spiderfan14. lordd3r3k stared in horror and then charged at trapper. But nothing happened. “Leave them alone!” shouted a voice which was clearly recognisable as Jerry’s

“ah mr whit worth…I hear you are quite the historian of my world….I think its time we met face to face….” The time trapper removed his hood and both Jerry and Lordd3r3k both shouted in unison

“its you!”

The corlionus

Inside the cabin where brodiebruce was with mnemosis they could see the blasts getting larger and closer. “I hope Knight and Trish are okay,” mnemosis shook his head in agreement and quick said to brodiebruce “Quick Bruce take my armour and use it as a shield. Take geek too it is specially designed to protect from such blasts,” “what about you,” “I have done much bad I shall take my chances with the blast,” Bruce quickly went inside the armour and was astonished to see that it was much bigger than expected then after pulling geek in they waited for the worst. It came as the train quickly went off the tracks crashing into a desert and then it stopped. The ruins of the train could be seen from miles and the sound of it crashing could be heard even further than that. There was no sign of life from neither knight nor Trish or even mnemosis all that was seen was a woman in dark armour standing next to a red haired Nazi celebrating as they had finally murdered the last hope that all of time had to defeat them.

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3 the other chunk of sotf iii on Sun Apr 05, 2009 6:15 am

shining knight

Zombie Ninja
Zombie Ninja
Part ten: thats death!

knight wandered past the wrecked train with blood fogging his eyes. He stumbled past the driver’s box and saw that the driver ripped in two by shards of glass. He cursed Zero dooms name and then begun to look for his friends. . He fell down to the ground and hoped that everyone was okay but especially Trish. His rage was growing as he tried to figure out why zero doom would do something as evil as she did Why waste their time with a group of message board posters. He screamed in pain as the wound, which was still fresh in his stomach begun to un expectedly heal up. A large blast tore apart the last surviving part of the train and a large chunk of metal slammed right into David’s head he fell down from the force of the blow, then darkness.


“Heh….I can see my current form shocks you all,” laughed the time trapper gleefully.

“It can’t be…,” muttered Lord3r3k still in shock at this turn of events.

“okay this can’t be right,” muttered Jerry walking over to the trapper and then continuing “How the hell can I be the time trapper?!?”

“what can I say past self…reading dc comics for all those years can drive you to despotisim,"

“but its not possible I’m real…you’re just a….wait….you have gotta be kidding….”

“figured it out past self eh….you’re not real….you’re just a delusional ranting of a 25 year old message boarder…”

“no that’s not true….” interrupted Lord3r3k

“Oh I can assure you it is….see theres this little game called survival of the fittest which a group of message board users take part in….this guy makes up a little story line to go with it and unfortunately we are all trapped in it….”

“aw come on…”

“seriously past self its all true….but now I have the power….I control this game not the fat moron typing this stuff up,”

(hey I’m not fat I got a gastric band op)

“silence puppet you dance for me…now,”

(sigh yes sir)

“where was I….oh yeah now I rule all! This is my world now...."


“we did it….they are as good as dead now!” laughed Degaton cheerfully as Zero doom sat down and sighed. “ok what’s wrong….”

“I wanted to see their shiny, shiny red insides….I wanted to gut them and skin them alive…I suppose my master will do it for us…but….I wanted to do it with my own hands…”

“hey we as good as killed them….”

“you are right come on , Killing geeks can make a girl hungry," and with those last words they were gone.

Knight woke up blood was continuing to drip down his face he stumbled over to what used to be the cabin where he was in and looked at mnemosis who aside from looking a little bit burnt was okay. “Howdy Dave glad to see you are up and about again pardner,” Laughed mnemosis twirling his gun happily. “Where is everyone….wheres trish?” asked knight concerned for their wellbeing. “everyone’s fine….They went to look at that big temple we crashed into.,”

“w….w….what temple….” muttered knight a small chill down his spine and then he looked outside….and then he gasped “no….oh no…..OH NO!”

“What is it?” asked Mnemosis

"oh my god we're in the corezone,"

“isn’t that the prison of the…”

“yeah….the Iscariot….I’m sorry…. Trish, Bruce, geek…hes dead….they’re all dead…” cried knight in terror as somewhere….something laughed…..

part 11 Shining knight and Mnemosis kick monster ASS!

.I.T headquarters’

Thundermatts had been elsewhere when the alarms first went off. He was confused as to what was happening but the confusion went to sheer panic as he spotted Spiderfan about to be crushed by tons of computer equipment. He quickly ran over and got him out of the way and they both hid and listened to all the plot twists that were going on.

Once The exposition was over and done with they quickly left their hiding places and stood next to Jerry and Lord3r3k.

“AH was wondering when you were going to show up matt’s….” grinned the trapper with a sadistic smirk and then he said “I have an old friend who has been dying to get his hands on you!”

There was a boom and Super boy prime quickly lunged at Mats and with all the satisfaction of an irritated fan boy he said "I finally found you thunder jerk!"

The core zone

“What are you doing Dave?” asked Mnemosis knowing full well what he was going to do.

“I’ve got this blade that Trish left behind….I’m going to save everyone and if the Iscariot tries to stop me I’m going to cut his….with this sword….”

“hmm ultimate circumcision….okay lets go….”

“mnemosis….its too dangerous….”

“bugger that….Lord apocalypse mutated me into a master marksman and my babies are itching to taste some blood,”

“y’know something you got weird…”

“says the guy who until an hour ago was dying of a stomach wound….”


While matt’s was being tossed like a rag doll by prime, Lord3r3k and Spiderfan went to try to stop some of the fires that was spreading across the building. This left Jerry alone with the trapper.

“you know I’ll have to stop you right?”

“Ha the only to stop me is to kill me…Tell me…do you have the stones to kill your future self?"
The core zone

“This was not what I had planned,” sighed Trish staring in horror from the bars of a cage.

“Well if it had been then your plans officially suck!” muttered Comic geek quietly as brodiebruce just muttered “my god….what they did to clover field….”

"Your usefulness is over with Lord apocalypse," grinned Zero doom torturing the former leader of the dominion, all of whom were lying dead, all murdered by the Iscariot.

“My group did not scream as you killed them and neither shall I,”

“Who said I was going to kill you….” laughed Zero doom as she pushed Lord apocalypse over a pit. There was no noise for a second and then…

"The god the rabbits...."

“Yes apocalypse the rabbits…” shouted Zero doom over the tearing of flesh and bone as the rabbits tucked into a feast.

“oops guess I did off you after all,” laughed zero doom shrilly as she turned to the cage and said “you are next miss Tuesday,”

“Ohh sucks to be the mas…lord apocalypse…” grinned Mnemosis as Knight quietly made his way over to a big cage and slowly opened it up.

“Hey gang!” muttered Knight but then a cruel voice ringed out behind him and he froze in terror "ThE lAsT sUrViVoRs Of EaRtH, A mEaL wOrTh SaVoUrInG"


Epic battles raged as matts was to his astonishment pummelling the heck out of prime and across the room Jerry was using a sword against his future self.

“How are we doing this?” muttered Matts

“If I had to guess the writer is deliberately giving us the edge in our separate battles,” shouted Jerry

(Wow he just worked it out….where’s that dead pool smiley when we need it)

The core zone

"Mnemosis did what?" shouted Trish over the sound of battle

“He just shot the eyes off the Iscariot….” muttered knight in astonishment

“Groovy!” muttered Trish kicking an Iscariot spawn in the teeth

“Everyone is doing awesome….I mean look at Geek…I’ve never seem him more happy removing the heads of Iscariot spawn with layser beams,”

“yeah about that…”

“and bruce kicking ass with his suddenly appearing ninjitsu skills,”

“um Dave?”

“what is it….”

“I think I’m bleeding….” knight looked down at Trish and sure enough she had a gaping stab wound in her chest.

"No, Don’t Die I never got to say Trish I lo....." And then he saw it and his heart died, he stared at Who had stabbed Trish and spat out with rage and horror “Zero doom,”

"This story is won't have a happy ending for either of you!" laughed Zero doom as tears streamed down knights’ face.

And in T.I.T headquarters’ matts was sliced in the chest at the same time by the time trapper.

“No he was my kill!” cried Prime

“shut up cry-baby or you are next,”

You know this is TO BE CONCLUDED….

Final part grand guignol


The bodies of Iscariot spawn were piling up as mnemosis cut through them with his twin guns.

“Yeah boys can’t touch me….but I can touch you….oh yes…feel the pain boys… feel the ******* pain!”

“He’s scaring me….” muttered Bruce whacking an Iscariot spawn on the head

“I know….lets err just stay out of his way when he has that mental gleam in his eye,” sighed geek

Far away from mnemosis tornado like path of destruction Shining knight was leaning next to the body of Trish Tuesday while Zero doom was laughing maniacally.

“Now as I said on the train….I wants to tear your heart out both figuratively and literally….I think figuratively is done lets go for….” KRAK knight was vicious with his punch and it genuinely took zero doom by surprise flinging her across the air.

“I don’t hit women….but you are not even that anymore…you’re a freaking monster….I’m going to rip you apart,” knight quickly ran over and planted his fist into her face a second time. The force shattered the gas mask she was wearing and her full hideous visage was revealed.

“Look at you….I’ve seen prettier looking burn victims….” muttered knight tears of anger and sadness continuing to stream down his face.

“You filth….” muttered Zero doom landing an attack on knight knocking him back


“Is that all you’ve got trapper?” muttered Matts with a grin

“No that was a killing strike!”

“Was just a flesh wound….”

“Oh goody….can I freaking rip him in two now?” muttered Prime amused…..

“No I tire of this….lets go I wounded the T.I.T to the point where my plans can truly begin lets leave them to enjoy their last few days of life as they know it….” and with those words both the trapper and prime disappeared.


“b****….b****….b****…” shouted Knight slamming zero dooms head repeatedly off a piece of debris.

Meanwhile as zero doom and knights vicious battle continued the last of the spawn died and mnemosis was pissed.

“Aw man….” whined mnemosis sadly

“Cheer up…” grinned geek relieved that all the fighting was over

“Um guys you know that girl who kind of recruited us?” said Bruce

“Yeah Trish, why?” asked geek

“She’s kind of moaning in pain….”

“Holy crap she’s still alive? Should we tell Dave?” asked Mnemosis

“No….I think he has some issues to work out with Zero doom,” sighed Bruce as the words “b****!” continued to ring as Knight continued to beat zero doom up.

Several hours and a quick rescue later

Knight sat in a hospital bed with a cold look in his face. He could still feel Zero dooms blood on his hands despite the fact that he was washed and sterilised as he was brought in.

“Hello!” said a very cheerful Trish who was in clutches but otherwise was fine.

“Hi….” muttered knight trying to hide his depression from her. He did not do a good job of it though.

“You did good….you saved my life…”

“How did I save your life…I can’t save anything I’m useless,”

“Not true your blood saved me….I’m just a bit bruised and my legs hurt but your blood saved me from a fatal wound,”

“….So what happens to us now….Our worlds gone after all,”

“Well we need some new members our ranks were thinned by the time trapper…” muttered Trish quietly.

“What have the others said?”

“Mnemosis is in….any excuse for a fight….lord3r3k and Jerry whit worth are also in as is thundermatts and Bruce,”

“What about geek and kryp?”

“They are still sleeping in the barracks….kryp especially had a hard time in the corezone,”


“It was my fault….showing off with my train and everything….I should have checked for outside interferences,”

“Trish don’t blame yourself….after all time is on our side….” and with that knight leaned in and kissed Trish and she did so back…..



Zero doom was barely alive when he appeared and lifted her up.


“Don’t worry my dear you shall be of some use to me yet…”

“……nuh! Nuh yuh!”

“Yes…thought it was funny with the rabbits didn’t you…but lord apocalypse will have the last laugh I can assure you of that….MY NEW WAR!”


The end of time

The time trapper and prime reappeared in the trapper home and they began to walk over to a rather ominous looking building

“What’s all this?” asked prime

“Why this is the future….or should I say the end of the future,”

Trapper opened the door and prime gasped

“Welcome to the LORDS OF ENTROPY! Prime,”

coming tomorrow SOTF IV act 1 but for now enjoy these two banners krpykrwly made for sotf iv
featuring main villian (or so it seemed) time trapper and main heroine Trish (with a libiral borrowing from chrono trigger)

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4 Sotf iv act I on Mon Apr 06, 2009 10:30 am

shining knight

Zombie Ninja
Zombie Ninja
And here we are to the current ongoing madness that was SOTF IV the big difference this time was that a bunch of wumbers actually helped in writing this one (man did they not know what they were getting into....)


In which Dave was watching a wee bit too much blackpool before writing this one


The Tuesday quaters

*Agent darrk is in his bed next to him is Trish comfortably cuddling next to him. He decides to get up to go to the bathroom. He kisses her on the cheek and then walks off*

I believe the morning sun

*turns the handle on the bathroom*

Always gonna shine again and I believe a pot of gold

*stares in the mirror*

Waits at every rainbow's end

*rubs his hair and fixes it*

I believe in roses kissed with dew Why shouldn't I believe the same in you?

The whitworth quaters

*Jerry sits down staring at his new uniform*

I believe in make-believe Fairy tales and lucky charms

*he stares at a small letter which had the stamp of the Time trapper on it*

and I believe in promises Spoken as you cross your heart

*a small sad tear streams down his face at whatever terrible thoughts were in his head*

I believe in skies forever blue Why shouldn't I believe the same in you?

The armoury

*War sits on a step cradling his guns happily*

You may say I'm a fool

*he rubs them affectionately*

Feelin' the way that I do

*he hold them in a shooting position*

You can call me Pollyanna Say I'm crazy as a loon I believe in silver linings And that's why I believe in you

*he fires a shot*

The monitor room

*copymatts is watching for any trouble on screen while eating some potato chips*

I believe there'll come a day Maybe it will be tomorrow

*he yawns*

When the bluebird flies away All we have to do is follow

*he spots a mysterious blur and hit’s the alarm*

I believe a dream can still come true Why shouldn't I believe the same in you?


*Speed hazard racing through the corridors waking as many soldiers up as he can*

You may say I'm a fool Feelin' the way that I do

Tuesday quarters

*Trish sitting alone in her bed*

I believe in friends and laughter And the wonders love can do I believe in songs and magic And that's why I believe in you

*war standing to action*

You may say I'm a fool Feelin' this way about you

*copycats rushing to the others*

There's not much I can do I'm gonna be this way my life through

*Jerry also rushing away dropping the letter as he does so*

'Cause I still believe in miracles I swear I've seen a few And the time will surely come When you can see my point of view

*Agent Daark holding a sword*

I believe in second chances And that's why I believe in you….

What new trouble do the new T.I.T face this time find out soon….


co written by thundermatts

Flashfoward: THE END

“Are you sitting comfortably mr Page then I shall begin,” muttered the surgeon making a small incision in Agent Daarks chest.

“Hurts doesn’t it,” chimed in the surgeon who then pushed it deeper “do not worry the pain will pass…eventually,”

“Give it up mr page…you’ll spill your guts eventually….or my compatriot here shall do so,”

“tell you nothing monster you killed….” something whacked Daark in the face and drew blood

“he gave us no choice he tried to resist our glorious army and thus paid the price for his folly…now tell us where the osterhagen key is or I’ll signal for the surgeon to remove your balls…doubt they’ll grow back,”

“do your worst monster… could you….I thought we were friends….”

The surgeon laughed for a moment and then said “friendship is overrated mister page….” and then he plunged the scalpal into well use your imagination…..


Seven months ago

He walked calmly past the frozen guards smiling to himself and grabbed the huge jewel which was in the display case.

“D…D….Don’t move,”

“don’t be a freakin hero man you’ve seen what I did to your friends….is one jewel worth your life?” asked the villian.

“I s….s….said don’t m…m…move,”

“m….m….make me,” laughed the villian in a mocking fashion

The guard got ready to fire at the villian but then began to stare in blankness

“Pathetic….you almost got shot,”

A second voice was just as cold “Maybe it would have been better that way…then he would be one of mine…”

“Count Dredd and Krawl….what do you two want?”

“ xion …we have an offer you may be interested in….” grinned Krawl

“it’s a good one really….full dental package, heath benefits and oh yeah a chance to shaft those T.I.T fools,”

“Okay…you have my attention…..but first,” xion calmly put his hand on the comatose guard and promptly set him on fire. He didn’t react as he was stuck in an endless loop of nightmares due to count dredd.

“toasty….okay tell me,”

“A change of scenery first,” muttered Krawl pressing a small button which caused the three of them to teleport elsewhere

“where?” asked Xion

“the bone yard where I pull my minions from,” said Krawl casually

“The trapper is planning to gather a bunch of us to show those T.I.T losers what for,” said Count Dredd

“I’m in….”

“don’t you want to hear more?” asked Krawl

“hell no I am up for a little bit of carnage after that train business remember Krawl what that thing did to you?”

“yeah….I do….god I do…”

“After that was when we decided to say **** you to T.I.T remember what happened to Geek?”

“poor bastard he really just wanted to be a hero….then if I recall you ripped his heart out Dredd,”

“the little git tried to attack me with a banana what did you think I was going to do?”

“I agree what did they expect we’re bad…rotten to the core….we’d put hits on our own grannies if we thought there was some cash to make out of it,”

“well that’s going a bit far xion….” muttered Krawl

“no it isn’t am I right Dredd?”


“okay lets go then….its on….we’re going to war,”

“did someone mention my name?” shouted a very familiar voice and as he stepped out of the shadows it was revealed to be war

“you….turncoat….” muttered Xion

“that’s where you’re wrong amigo….I have valuable intel on a secret T.I.T pow wow and if’n you want it then you best

“yeah he’s on our side now and the idiots don’t even know it yet!”

A few days before everything begins to go to hell.

T.I.T. Headquarters.

Matt walked along the always shining corridors of T.I.T. Headquarters, Jerry to his side, and War and Laser Lion behind them.

“I’m thinking that something big is going to happen” Matt was saying, leading the way through the twisting hall.

“There’s definitely something in the air” War agreed, needlessly pounding one fist into the open palm of his other hand.

“Uh, yeah. So we just got a big room of hero clothes, and I thought it important we took the opportunity to dress like super heroes, cause honestly, when will we get the chance again?” Matt looked to the others for confirmation.

“Yeah, about that…” Jerry spoke, his hand moving to Matt’s shoulder. “We’ve had the clothes room for months now. We all have costumes.”


“ ‘fraid so.” Laser Lion nodded as Matt looked back to him.

“But no one is ever wearing their costume.”

Laser Lion shrugged. “We’re always here, no need to right?

“And it’s a bi*ch to keep everything sucked in all the time, I mean, hero outfits are usually tight. And I can never find my stuffing sock…” Jerry trailed off.

“Your what?” War asked

“Uh nothing. Ah! Here we are!”

The four men stepped into the clothing room to find, well, not much.

“Awww crap.” Matt sighed, moving through the almost empty aisles.

Laser Lion moved with him. “Yeah, it looks pretty picked over… but hey! Check this out!” With a flourish Laser Lion picked up a big sombrero and was about to place it on Matt’s head when beams flew from Matt’s eyes, burning the hat to a crisp.

“I’m not wearing a Sombrero.”

“Fine fine… but dude, you almost hit my hand. With my own power. Just chill out.”

Matt grumbled, plopping down on a bench. “Well guys, any suggestions?”

War shrugged as he spoke up. “Let’s go check the local mall. Hit up Hot Topic”

Matt’s frown deepened and his eyes glowed red.

War edged backwards, and Jerry held up his hands, trying to calm Matt. “Okay, okay, not Hot Topic. Settle down. And uh Laser Lion, get away from Matt.”

Elsewhere in the headquaters

“what the hell is an hot topic anyway?” asked David

“I’ll explain later….any news on our patient?”

“Colonel fury is starting to recover but he just keeps saying the same thing over and over again,”

“what is that, Trish,”

“he keeps saying that the marvel 616 universe is gone and that someone called Dooms word is law!”

The legion of entropy…..

The darkest recesses of the base

Zero doom was once one of the greatest threats ever to face the multiverse. She has destroyed worlds, caused chaos and generally been a thorn in the side of order for as long as she existed. Unfortunately she picked the wrong person to attack…..

“you pushed me into a pit full of rabid rabbits…..everything that happens to you is your fault…I want you to know this….” muttered Lord apocalypse angrily standing beside him was a man in armour and another man beside him.

“……..” choked Zero doom trying to spit the gag out which was taped round her mouth. She attempted to free herself from the chains which kept her bound up but they were too strong the villains knew what they were doing.

“okay anaansi boy do your thing she will tell me what I want to know….by force if needs be,” muttered Lord apocalypse

“as you wish,” grinned anansi boy rubbing his hand and using his ability to completely warp zero dooms world

“no………noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” screamed zero doom and then she began to laugh manically

“oh dear I think I broke her mind,”

“great nice one how are we supposed to find out where the chronovore is now?” muttered the sovereign darkly.

“the chronovore is the least of your problem boys…” muttered Zero doom in a sing songy voice.

“what do you mean by that?”

“my boyfriend is coming to kill you allllllllll!”

The doom armada

“We have a lock on the whereabouts of your girl….Lord Doom”

“great, surgeon I can feel the pain she is going through….she needs our help and I shall hurt, maim and destroy any who have hurt her….THAT IS THE LAW OF DOOM!”

1000 men in the same armour as zero doom chanted in unison




And the man in the medical smock that the Doom lord had referred to as the surgeon chanted


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5 sotf iv act 1 part 2 on Mon Apr 06, 2009 10:31 am

shining knight

Zombie Ninja
Zombie Ninja
Project osterhagan

co written by thundermatts

“Max online and functional sir,”

“very good max and err its just Dave okay?”

“yes sir Dave okay” said the calm tone of the sentient computer

David sighed and then quietly said “progress report on the missing earths please?”

“52 missing earths each are designated osterhagan,”

“oh crap the osterhagan project….could the trapper really be planning….” David quickly hit a button causing the alarms to ring around the entire T.I.T headquaters.

Five minutes later

“The osterhagan project?!?” shouted Trish in horror

“the what…not up on current events amigo?” muttered war

“yeah we are kind of in the dark here….” sighed laser lion

“I am assuming the way that Trish , Dave and jaydee are freaking out its something really bad,” sighed Jerry and it was true since the mention of the word osterhagan jaydee was as panicked as the two leaders.

“Its real?!?” muttered Jaydee in horror

“sadly a lot of fiction is real in this reality,” mumbled Dave sadly

“I can attest to that sir,” said Max in the background

“speak n spell cool!” grinned War

“I am far more advanced than that sir I can do almost anything that is required of my masters,” said max as a small robot came in with several cups of coffee

“cool!” grinned war drinking from a cup and suddenly saying “that’s one heck of a cup of Joe you can stir up max!”

“its my duty to take care of my masters,”

“So Jaydee, tell us of this osteyhagen daz or whatever it is?”

“Jerry, The Osterhagen Key is the arming device for a UNIT created planetary self-destruct mechanism known as the Osterhagen Defense. When Osterhagen Station 1 (in Osterhagen, Germany) together with any two other Osterhagen stations are armed using Osterhagen Keys, UNIT personnel at Osterhagen Station 1 may detonate a network of 25 nuclear weapons buried deep below the Earth’s crust. This will result in the destruction of the Earth itself. The Osterhagen Defense is designed to provide a quick and mercilful death to the global population should the Earth be invaded by a malevolent foe and is without hope of liberation.”

“So why would Jerrys better half want 52 of these?” asked war
“my scenario believes he is planning on detonating all 52 at the same time causing an explosion which could start a new big bang. Thus giving the trappers and his legion an entire new multiverse to play around with,” calmly informed max

“We need to stop this,” muttered Trish

“but what of nick fury and the missing 616 universe?” said David

“may I suggest splitting into two teams….Matts take jaydee, laser lion and kid firefly to stop this osterhagan project, while myself and dave take war, the reaper and speed hazard to investigate the missing 616 universe!”

“Lets do it!” muttered Matts as both teams grabbed a small mini max screen and then made their own separate ways.

“Okay, My team, or team Awesome as we shall now be known, I want everyone suited up and back here in ten!”

Jaydee, Laser Lion and Kid Firefly all turned and tore towards their respective rooms. Matt just started to undress. David’s team was filing out past him, averting their eyes as best as they could.

“My suit is underneath!” Matt cried after Jerry, last in the line. Jerry simply added a little pep to his already half running gait. “I’m not a pervert!” Matt sighed and continued undressing, but not quite as super hero-ly as he would have liked. Ten minutes passed and the other members of Team Awesome returned to find Matt on the floor, his jeans around his ankles, twisted up, his shirt still clinging to one arm and half his torso. “I was in a hurry.”

It took ten more minutes to get Matt out of his civies, and fully reveal the suit beneath. It was all grey, a bit tight fitting but not embarrassingly so. There was a hood he could lift up, with two little cat like ears on top of it, and a stylized CM on the upper right half of his chest. He swapped his glasses for prescription goggle like glasses, that were tinted yellow and his his face pretty well. “I uh, don’t really have a catchphrase yet… I wanted to keep with the cat motif, even though I personally hate cats…”

“Uhhh… I got nothing.” Kid Firefly spoke, his shoulders rising and falling. Laser Lion shrugged as well, and Jaydee was busy walking around Matt, appreciating his costume.

“Dude, this is rad. Where did you get it?”

“Your mom. Ha! Just kidding, my girl made it for me.”

“Your girlfriend is here? I haven’t seen her.”

“Yeah she hasn’t had the strength to get out of bed much, or the desire to, if you know what I mean.”

The three men shuddered at the new mental image. Nobody wanted to picture Matt getting it on.

“Seriously though, she’s been taking care of the kid, this headquarters has everything, you guys should bring your girls up… give her some chicks to hang with.”

Laser Lion sighed softly, his head lowering. When you call yourself Laser Lion, women are in short supply it turns out. But he kept silent, and the conversation finally turned to pressing matters.

“Okay, lets get to the garage and get going!” Matt pumped his fist in the air to psyche everyone up. It looked pretty lame. “Someone remind me not to do that.”

The four men turned and swiftly moved into the corridors.

Thirty Minutes Later

“I swear to god, I’m going to shoot myself if we don’t find the garage soon.” Jaydee slumped against a wall and mimed blowing his brains out.

“Who has the mini max?” CopyMatt said as he slumped to the ground, sitting Indian style.

“The what?” Kid Firefly asked.

“This.” Laser Lion pulled the Mini Max from his belt, flicking it on. “Max, we need help getting to the garage, can you get a lock on us?”

“Can do Sirs Awesome.” There were a few beeps and then the bot was back and sounding sheepish. “Two feet north.”

CopyMatt looked up to a big glowing sign that said GARAGE and had an arrow pointing to a door. “Son of a bi*ch”


“Team awesome seriously?” muttered war half chuckling

“I know….” giggled Trish

“Their intentions are good….too bad their naming ain’t,” guffawed Dave

“I heard that!” shouted Matts over the mini max and that shut everyone up.
“Colonel Fury is coming with us,” said Jerry

“what? He’s still badly hurt!”

“Dave there’s no way I can stop him, he keeps waving that B.F.G of his,”

“B.F.G?” asked Dave

“You really haven’t played doom before have you?” muttered Trish and then she remembered “oh yes we also have another coming with us….”

“what is this a day out at the park?” moaned War darkly

“I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that Mnemosis….” said a very familiar sounding voice which war didn’t pick up on at first

“That ain’t muh name anymore….hold on a minute….it can’t be….not her….”

“yeah its me and I heard you called me a pyro *****….you are lucky I’m on your side!”

“gentlemen I give you KUPOCAT!” grinned Trish


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6 sotf iv act 1 part 3 (told ya this was big) on Mon Apr 06, 2009 10:32 am

shining knight

Zombie Ninja
Zombie Ninja
Team awesome vs certain death!,

co written by thundermatts entire story is a prody of 24

Previously on team awesome

“I’m thinking that something big is going to happen” Matt was saying, leading the way through the twisting hall.


“Colonel fury is starting to recover but he just keeps saying the same thing over and over again,”

“what is that, Trish,”

“he keeps saying that the marvel 616 universe is gone and that someone called Dooms word is law!”

David page and Trish Tuesday

“my boyfriend is coming to kill you allllllllll!”

Zero doom

“its my duty to take care of my masters,”


The Osterhagen Defense is designed to provide a quick and mercilful death to the global population should the Earth be invaded by a malevolent foe and is without hope of liberation.”

“So why would Jerrys better half want 52 of these?” asked war


“may I suggest splitting into two teams….Matts take jaydee, laser lion and kid firefly to stop this osterhagan project, while myself and dave take war, the reaper and speed hazard to investigate the missing 616 universe!”

Time investigation team

The following takes place between 4pm and 5pm


The CopyMattmobile tore along back-roads, the overgrown weeds whipping back and forth in it’s wake.

“Uh, hey Matt, slow down a bit.”

Matt didn’t slow down, nor did he hear Laser Lion’s plea. He drove along, always on the verge of a horrific, firey, deadly crash with one hand. The other held his cell phone ot his ear. “Did you say more people are showing up?”

Kristi spoke from T.I.T headquarters, Gabe in her arms, they were surrounded by newcomers. “Yeah, looks like family and friends of the rest of the team. I think we’re all in agreement that this is the safest place to be.”

“Yeah.” Matt agreed, taking a turn a little too fast, the CopyMattmobile spun slightly, making Matt laugh a bit, and Kid Firefly head to shut his eyes and grip the seatbelt across his lap tightly.

“Seriously. Matt! Matt, you need to pay attention.”

“Yeah…” Jaydee nodded, turned around in the backseat, watching as a black sedan was gaining ground on them. “I think we’re being followed!”

Matt sighed. “Hey I have to go babe. Love you guys.”

Kristi smiled softly, a hand stroking the little bit of hair Gabe had. “We love you too. Be careful.”

Matt hung up the phone and looked at Jaydee via the rear view mirror. “What?”

CopyMatt was answered, but not by Jaydee. A jolt shook the CopyMattmobile as the sedan hit the back bumper.

“What the heck?”

Kid Firefly now spun in his seat. “The windows are too dark! I can’t see who it is.”

“Nobody good I’m sure.” Jaydee frowned as the sedan bumped into them again, causing the CopyMattmobile to swerve across the empty road. Matt fought to keep control. The sedan effortlessly pulled up beside them.

“Crap crap crap.” Are we getting close to Legion? Matt asked, and Laser Lion looked down to the Mini Max in his hand.

“Yeah, according to Max.”

“Okay, what’s the general area I need to be going?”

“Well, the road turns that way, and it seems like a straight shot after that.” Laser Lion pointed to the left.

“Hold on to your butts! Ha! Jurassic Park quote. I rule.” Matt grinned and swerved suddenly off the road to the left, cutting through those over grown weeds and heading towards dark woods. The Sedan swerved after them. Matt reached forward and pressed a button on the dash. The roof of his car folded back and out of the way.

“Sweet. Convertible.” Laser Lion grinned, nodding his approval.

“You’re going to like this less.” Matt pressed another button, and Laser Lion’s seat began to rise.

“Dude!” Laser lion lifted up in his chair a few feat, his head poking well over the rest of the car. “What are you doing!” Laser Lion was losing his cool as the car hurtled closer to the trees, and low hanging branches.

‘Clear a path!” Matt yelled, and Laser Lion shakily nodded, letting lasers fly from his eyes. A tree that they were feet from hitting crumbled and burnt, falling to one side. Laser Lion focused on the next obstacle, and Matt concentrated as the chase entered the trees. Jaydee bumped Kid Firefly in the shoulder and Firefly nodded. They both turned completely around, Jaydee igniting his light saber, and Kid Firefly letting a jet of fire burst towards the sedan. Jaydee flicked the saber up, cutting a nearby branch down and into the path of the sedan, which had to swerve to avoid it. The sedan crashed into another tree with a sickening crunch. Jaydee and Kid Firefly high-five, and turned back around in their seats just as the CopyMattmobile cleared the woods and skidded back onto the road. IN front of them, what could only be the headquarters of Legion.

“We rule!” Matt exclaimed, lowering Laser Lions seat. Laser Lion was ashen face and sweating.

“I hate you”

“yeah I think we are in agreement of that you little jerks,” said a cold and sarcastic voice behind them.

“Prime….you are working for the legion….let me guess miss yer boyfriend Alexander that much?” laughed Matts which actually managed to get a giggle out of the members of team awesome.

“oh laugh all you like…You might as well you’ve got exactly ten seconds to live once you realise who you caused to crash.

There was a mix of obscenities and out and out threats as Xion angrily tore off the car door and then blew the entire sedan up with his fire abilities

“yup you little jerks are screwed…” laughed prime

“as promised you tear off matts head and I’ll deal with the spares….” grinned xion

“why thank you,” grinned prime as Matts landed the first punch and sent prime through the front door of Legion hq.

“you’ll pay for that jerk,” screamed prime as he launched himself back over to where matts was standing.

“well, well, well if it isn’t the moron patrol….I can see why they sent the cannon fodder to face us….” laughed xion pulling one sword off his back strap “I mean the other cretins would not have been able to touch us but sending you four dunces…I am insulted,” he pulled a second sword out after saying this. “you really don’t think you can beat us do you?”

“well actually….fight!” screamed laser lion sending a blast which xion calmly knocked out of the way with his sword.

“please,” sighed xion calmly chucking his sword over to laser lion and it just missed him though it grazed his cheek.

“I’ll deal with this one,” muttered jaydee quickly picking up anything he could find using his Jedi abilities and chucking them over to xion. Xion yawned and calmly created a rocky shield which blocked each and every blow. A blast of fire struck him from behind and it was clear he wasn’t expecting it.

“suck on flames tosser!” grinned kid firefly as xion quickly got up and angrily shouted “you dare strike me from behind?” he ran over to kid firefly and grabbed him by the face. “suck on these flames tosser!” sneered Xion angrily as he set kid firefly on fire


Even prime and matts stopped their fight for a second to gape in shock at what xion did

“man that is not cool at all,” muttered Matts in shock

“that’s a bit hardcore and I killed a bunch of titans once,” mumbled prime

“oh puhleese who hasen’t killed a teen titan,”

“jerk,” muttered prime striking matts so hard he dislocated a shoulder.

“we are getting slaughtered here!” shouted a voice coming from matts pocket. It was coming from the mini max screen.
“war…” mumbled matts blood dripping down his chin. But war didn’t hear matts as the communication was only coming from one way

“Matts If you can hear this run! it’s a trap we’ve been betrayed the osterhagan keys aren’t there…the legion is working for someone else….the trapper is a prisioner! Repeat the trapper is a prisioner of….no…. stay back! I love you Tri….



And then there was static….

“ha war went bye, bye,” laughed prime picking matts up by the throat and then prime spat on matts and said “tell him I said hi when you go to hell!” he began to punch matts very violently and if it wasn’t for his ability to copy primes raw power he would be dead by the first punch.

“come on boys do you want to join “crispy” over there in oblivion?” asked xion pointing to the badly burnt kid firefly as he did so.

“you can’t win…you’re a villain,” shouted laser lion

“you can’t win you’re a villain,” mimicked xion in a decidedly evil tone of voice and he said with as much venom and hate in his voice as he could “this is real life…heroes never win,”

And just as he was about to kill them all with his powers all four of team awesome disappeared with a blink.

T.I.T later

Kid firefly was hooked up on life support he was barely alive after xions attack. Jaydee and laser lion managed to escape with nothing but bruising and as for matts himself…

“oh dear god I need an asprin,”

“you have the gall to say that after we lost our friends?” moaned kupocat angrily slapping matts over the head.

“poor Trish,” sighed Jerry sadly

Legion base

“Those bastards got away from us milord,” muttered Xion angrily

“I arranged for it….” muttered Lord doom

“err what?” muttered prime

“yeah its too early for them to die just yet…I mean the idiots will need their comic relief once we’re done with them,”


“no buts do you want to end up like that fool lord apocalypse and end up absorbed by me?” muttered lord doom angrily

“sorry sir,”

“be glad I spared you six….as long as you do stuff for me not only do I let you live but you will also be at the forefront when I begin to purge the alternate earths,”

“yes sir,”

“now xion go down to the torture room…the surgeon needs your help in breaking down the mind of a particularly troublesome prisoner,” grinned lord doom

“who sir?”

“who indeed….heh, heh, heh, ha, ha, ha, ha!”

“you are so evil honey,” grinned Zero doom hugging the evil madman

“you have no idea….” muttered Lord doom his brown eyes glinting evilly for a second before disappearing under his mask

Xion caught this and mumbled “it can’t be him….”







To be continued….

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7 sotf iv act 1 part 4 5 and 6 on Mon Apr 06, 2009 10:33 am

shining knight

Zombie Ninja
Zombie Ninja
Massacre on earth 616

The hospital wing of T.I.T now

“Dambuster. Ingredients. Three ounces of Rum, one ounce of Kahlua, one ounce of Ginger Ale, and milk.”

Matt sat in the hospital wing, slouched in a chair next to Kid Firefly’s bed. Kid Firefly was unresponsive, his pulse weak, his breathing quiet and shallow. Jaydee observed the scene from the doorway, Matt unaware of his presence.

“Mixing instructions, In a highball glass with ice, pour three shots of rum, one shot of Kahlua, a shot of Ginger Ale and fill the rest of the glass with milk. Never skim. Stir, and enjoy.”

Jaydee stepped forward as Matt turned the page. “Hey… How is Venom Jr?” When at the base, most people referred to each other by WUMB names, it just seemed more personal. Code names were for the field.

“He’s the same. I’m reading him his favourite book.” Matt held up the copy of The Bartenders’ Guide. Jaydee grinned and Matt allowed himself a small one in return.

“Everyone is gathering in the War room.”

“I’ll be there in a minute.”

Jaydee nodded and left. Matt slid a bookmark into the page and set it on the bedside table. He stood, placing a hand softly on his friends shoulder, no words came to him, so he walked out in silence.

Next door

“is she gonna be okay?” asked Jerry sadly as the life support machine kept sadly beeping

“My sister is gonna be fine but someone stabbed her in the uterus…she’ll never have children,” sadly said Melinda Monday

“that’ll break her heart….she always said she wanted kids some day….” sadly muttered Jerry

“she’s so in shock at what is happening she hasn’t said a thing except singing one line of a song over and over again….”

Jerry listened over at Trish and heard her quietly mouthing the following

Here's a lullaby to close your eyes good-bye it was always you that I despised I don't feel enough for you to cry oh well here's a lullaby to close your eyes good-bye goodbye, goodbye

“what could have happened to her?”

“she was found in a puddle of her own blood with a dagger stuck in her, the dagger had the mark of the doom lord on it,” said the calm tone of max. There was something odd about the computer since they returned with their injured it was showing signs of emotion.

“max err are you okay?”

“I am sorry sir I am not…I am distressed at the casualties you have taken in your battles,”

“but you are a computer,”

“doesn’t mean I don’t have feelings sir,”

“So tell me Jerry what happened on 616?” asked Melinda

“We landed on the 616 universe as planned but unfortunately things didn’t go to schedule”


The corlionus MKIII landed in central park. It was a mess trees were uprooted surrounding buildings were destroyed everything was ruined. There were dead bodies strewn all over the place. Some ripped in two, others inpaled on spires.

“I think I’m going to be sick,” moaned Trish

“Need a err hug?” asked War quietly

“no I’m fine….”

“who could have done this?” asked kupocat sadly looking down at the dead bodies of two children

“I have no idea but we need to bring them to justice fairly quickly….” shouted Jerry darkly

“Take a chill pill…reaper,” muttered David yawning as he walked over the dead bodies casually

“doyouhaveanyheartatallbastard?” muttered speed hazard

“I told you if you are gonna speak at me do it slowly!” sighed David


“we spent several hours looking around the decimated marvel universe. All we could find were more bodies, we looked everywhere any marvel hero and villain who wasn’t taking part in the SOTF fights were dead, we even found a dead galactus…I swear to god whoever ravaged 616 had the power to off galactus!”


“Geez never thought I would see the insides of galactus…” muttered Jerry in shock

“gonna be sick!” moaned Trish

“me too and I am not sick easily,” said kupocat in shock

“Shh did you hear that?” muttered David

He was right there was a small chanting going on




“Oh bugger they are still here!” shouted David in horror

“quick battle formations!” shouted Trish pulling out her gun and standing in an attack pattern


It was a slaughter we never stood a chance….we all got separated….it was as if they already knew what we were doing….then krawl showed up….”


“that’s right T.I.T we are screwin you on both sides….osterhagan key….ha there’s no osterhagan keys….our plant put the Intel on them into your little computer buddy!”

“I feel so violated sirs,” muttered the mini max which war was holding

“the trapper was useless when the doom lord showed up for his girl….he’s rotting away in a cell while the doom lord pays us for causing as much freakin chaos as possible!”

“Yeah, yeah whatever tosspot….” muttered war calmly shooting krawl in the legs and then he muttered “I need to tell matts about this,”

“my signal is being blocked….one of you is messing with it,”

“can you get through just long enough to send a one way communicay?” asked War

“I’ll try sir….”

The screen bleeped and then the badly bruised face of matts appeared on the screen

“we are getting slaughtered here! Speed hazard is already down and Trish and Dave are missing…god knows where whit worth and kupocat is….”

There was a terrible screeching as matts muttered something from his end but war never heard it

“Matts If you can hear this run! it’s a trap we’ve been betrayed the osterhagan keys aren’t there…the legion is working for someone else….the trapper is a prisoner! Repeat the trapper is a prisoner of….no…. stay back! I love you Tri….

A doomnaut stood with an evil grin on his face and shouted DOOMS WORD IS LAW! And then an explosion took out both the doomnaut and war. He landed on the ground missing an arm and bleeding heavily….he calmly cried “Trish,” but just as he was passing out he saw the traitor to the team who calmly whispered “oh she’ll be joining you soon after I gutted her,” and then war passed out.


“David and war were taken by the doomsday army, myself and kupocat are fine. We lost speed hazard….he tried to save David and war but got taken down by several hundred beams of light,” said Jerry trying to fight the tears that were rolling down his eyes.

Melissa calmly hugged him and tried to calm him down “Its all right….its all going to be okay…it can’t get worse…can it?”

The doomsday army fleet orbiting above T.I.T hq…NOW

Xion walked down the stairs into a rather depressing torture room he stared at the struggling man tied up on a rack with much amusement.

“Hello mnemosis,”

“….sis war yuh bastard….war,” moaned war in a lot of pain from the blast which had injured him.

“you look like road kill to me….”

“go duck yersel,” muttered war attempting to spit on his captors.

“fascinating….the strength in this one he was built well by apocalypse, He lost an arm and yet still tries to fight the drugs I‘ve pumped into him,” muttered the surgeon

“so what do you wish me to do doc?” asked xion hoping that much pain and bloodshed was going to be involved in the answer

“well I do believe we should remove his eyes first,” muttered the surgeon a dark glint in his eyes as he said so.

“Ah don’t think so,” muttered war as a small bomb dropped out of his sleeve and completely blew up the torture temporary trapping both the surgeon and xion long enough for war to limp off.

“gotta get outta here! Gotta tell the gang the truth of who the doom lord is!” shouted War

To be continued….

war and pieces

co written by thundermatts, brodiebruce and jerry whitworth

The members of Team awesome (minus of course, Kid Firefly) sat in the lounge at T.I.T. headquarters. The lounge was big, had a fully stocked bar (where Max was more than willing to mix a few cocktails) and giant screen TV’s. CopyMatt and his girlfriend Kristi sat on one side of the booth, a beer in front of both of them. On the other side Jaydee and Laser Lion. Laser Lion was drinking a coke, Jaydee some sort of purple drink. Matt had Gabe in his arms, and was kissing the top of his head while Jaydee spoke.

“There’s been no change in Venom Jr. I’m really, really worried guys.”

“Yeah, I think everyone is. And Dave is gone. And everything else that’s happened.” Laser Lion sighed softly.

“Yeah, I think this is really talking it’s toll on morale around here. Everyone seems a little less sure that we’re going to win this.” Matt spoke softly, one hand squeezing his girlfriends thigh.

“But you guys have these amazing powers. Powers you suddenly got for a reason. It’s up to all of you.” Kristi tried to boost everyone’s confidence.

“I feel weird sitting here drinking. Like it’s just happy hour after work or something. Except not so happy.” Jaydee said.

“Dammit, listen to yourselves!” Kristi raised her voice a little bit. “I’ve seen this all over the place lately. So things haven’t gone your way. So what. You guys have a war to fight. A war you need to win. Think about your families, your loved ones. Most of whom are up here now, rooting for you.” She turned to Matt and Gabe. “Think about that little boy. You can’t give up. You have to win, for him. You don’t know what it’s like for me to have to sit on the sidelines while you’re out there doing your hero thing, but I do it, because you have to do it. You have to. And all of you, haven’t you been waiting for this for ever? I mean, you’re all nerds! Before I started dating Matt I didn’t know how many Robins there were, who Gambit was or any of that. But he taught me because he loved it. It’s a big part of his life. Darth Vader, The Flash, all of that stuff. It’s what he loves, and it’s what everyone up here with powers loves, and maybe that’s why you have the powers now. GO out, and use what you’ve learned from your comic books. Go out there and win!”

“Wow honey…” Matt grinned at Kristi. “You kick ass.”

“Nice speech and all folks but they are already here!” said the calm cold voice of max

“Then lets do this,” muttered jaydee pulling out a light sabre

“lets get everyone out first…..” muttered Matts

The hospital room

“Oh great….” muttered Jerry grabbing his cloak and sythe ready to kick some ass

“be careful!” said Melissa quietly as Jerry ran off in the direction of the commotion.

The doomsday army fleet

War fell to the ground in pain as a brand new power kicked in. All the bruises on his face began to disappear and with much pain and anguish his arm grew back.

“What the fudge?” muttered war looking at his new arm and then he began to grin just as several doomnauts spotted him. This made him grin to near joker levels….

“paybacks a b**** boys and ah’m the top dog….” grinned war pulling out his two guns and firing at the doomnauts killing them all

“woof, woof,” muttered War spitting on the corpses and walking through the door

“Well, well, well,” muttered a calm voice inside the room

“Ah was wondering when ah would see yuh again….trapper….” muttered War and he was right chained to the wall and with enough tech to completely nullify his powers was the time trapper.

“May I suggest an alliance?” asked the trapper

“hell, no…..” muttered War

“Come on you hate these guys as much as I do they screwed up all my plans….please help me and I promise I will not cause any trouble again….besides I know who the doom lord is,”

“big whoop I know who the traitorous bastard is too….”

“he’s not what you think….”

With those words war quickly shot out the machines and the chains and the trapper landed with an thump on the ground.

“First we should free the speedy one from his captivity I hear krawl is planning on getting the surgeon to saw his legs off to replace the messed up ones you shot,”

“Speed hazard is still alive?”

“barely that’s why I suggest much haste,” said the trapper

“indeed any other intel….”

“my agent will be slowing the invasion down from the inside….hopefully unless….”

“unless what?” asked war

T.I.T hq

Jerry ran down the hall slicing the chests of any doomnauts he could find and then ran into a dead end.

Reaper and Xion face each other...

“ What's with the smile?”

“ Heh heh, I just thought of thirty different ways to kill you with yer own sweat!.”

“ If I didn't have to kill you right now I'd really love to see them.”

“There's that snappy wit of yours Whitworth. Get it all out now before I suck the air out of your lungs.”

“ Trash-talking. A really nice way to start off a duel.”

“ Oh, a duel is this? Well why didn't you say so? Choose your weapon, I choose.....the Earth HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA”

“ All I need is this scythe and your own abilities…”

Reaper draws his Scythe and his eyes began to burn bright just like xions before using his powers

Xion draws his twin swords and engulfs them in fire and ice

The two stare each other down and for a moment, there is silence. Then, without warning, the two warriors charge at each other with unbelievable force

“BRODIEEEEEEEEEEEEE” shouted the reaper charging with fire pouring out of the scythe

“ WHITWOOOOOOOORTH” shouted xion the two swords making huge scrapes on the metal ground as he ran

“ DIE!” shouted both of them with as much fury as they could spare.


*Fade to Black*

part six xion vs reaper

Reaper and Xion face each other...

“What’s with the smile?”

“Heh heh, I just thought of thirty different ways to kill you with yer own sweat!”

“If I didn't have to kill you right now I'd really love to see them.”

“There's that snappy wit of yours Whitworth. Get it all out now before I suck the air out of your lungs.”

“ Trash-talking. A really nice way to start off a duel.”

“ Oh, a duel is this? Well why didn't you say so? Choose your weapon, I choose.....the Earth HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA”

“All I need is this scythe and your own abilities…”

Reaper draws his Scythe and his eyes began to burn bright just like xions before using his powers
Xion draws his twin swords and engulfs them in fire and ice
the two stare each other down and for a moment, there is silence. Then, without warning, the two warriors charge at each other with unbelievable force

“BRODIEEEEEEEEEEEEE” shouted the reaper charging with fire pouring out of the scythe

“ WHITWOOOOOOOORTH” shouted xion the two swords making huge scrapes on the metal ground as he ran

“ DIE!” shouted both of them with as much fury as they could spare.


Scythe and swords smash against each other as an arm emerges from Reaper's shoulder and crashes into Xion's jaw.

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8 sotf 4 act 1 part 6 cont 7 on Mon Apr 06, 2009 10:34 am

shining knight

Zombie Ninja
Zombie Ninja
"Just like you Whitworth; making with the cheap shots."

Xion's eyes go white as the hall fills with ice shards, a frozen iron maiden of death.

"You still with us?"

All that can be heard is the gentle cracking of ice and nothing more for long moments. However, another sound fills the air as a loud roar erupts in the chamber as the entry way to the compound is torn to shreds, Xion knocked back by the force to the outside and a gargantuan Reaper towers above him.

"Bigger target, eh?"

“More pieces to cut off you son of a bitch,” muttered Xion blood running down his nose

A large chunk of earth tears from the ground under Xion's feet as he's bolts into the air, tattooing his opponent with lightning. The strategy backfires as Reaper redirects the energy and turns into a swirling mountain of blades. Xion brings his boulder between them as a shield, only to have it turned to gravel as elastic bands wrap around him like a gum-covered mummy. The bands turn to ice and Xion erupts from his imprisonment as Reaper reels in agony, returning to his normal height.

"Almost over, Whitworth!"

“It’ll never be over while you still breathe,” sneered reaper charging yet again at the insane maniac


“Honey! Get Gabe and whoever you come across to the bus and stay there until we get there. Keep the defences up. Laser Lion, will you be kind enough to escort her there?” Matt spoke in a rush, everyone crowded under their table in the lounge as pandemonium (heh heh) erupted around them.

“You got it!” Laser Lion slid out of the hiding spot, his eyes blazing as he did, three doomnauts were taken out, and he turned, holding his and out to Kristi.

“Be careful.” Kristi spoke softly, her eyes swimming.

“I’ll see you in like, two seconds.” Matt smiled, his hand grazing his girlfriend’s cheek, their lips met, and then he kissed Gabe on the forehead. “Take care of that kid will ya?”

Kristi smiled and took Laser Lion’s hand; she was whisked out of the lounge, Matt’s eyes on her back the whole way. “She’ll be okay friend.” Jaydee put his hand on Copy Matt’s shoulder. “I suggest we get to Kid Firefly.”

“Read my mind bud.” A group of ten Doomnauts had just entered the lounge, and Matt borrowed Jaydee’s Force powers and sent the large table hurtling their way, crushing six of them. Jaydee leapt into action, his light sabre ignited mid-jump. An arc of green light as he landed and the remaining Doomnauts were split in two. He kept the light sabre ignited as he ran towards the infirmary, Copy Matt hot on his heels.

The Bus was the largest vehicle in the T.I.T. headquarters garage. It would be able to comfortably hold most of the staff and field agents in the building at the time of the attack. It was long and somewhat round, resembling a submarine more than a bus. It drove on tank treads, and was heavily fortified. Kristi, Gabe, and Laser Lion reached it without much hassle, picking up twenty or so civilians and workers on the way. They entered The Bus and got its defences on, Laser Lion manning the any guns that suddenly protruded from its hide.

Jaydee and Copy Matt were inches from Kid Firefly’s room when matt put a hand on Jaydee’s arm, stopping him. “What?” Jaydee asked.

Soft booms could be heard from the other side of the large building, but they were getting louder.

“Get firefly, and get into the control room and take Max’s motherboard. Get to the bus and get going. Head to the Chronovore.”

“Where are you going? What is that noise?”

“It’s me you jerk faces!” Superboy Prime bust through the wall, barrelling into Copy Matt, taking him out of the hall through the next wall. Jaydee hesitated, wanting to go help his friend, but he had a job to do.
“I’m going to kill you once and for all!” Prime screamed as they flew through the rooms, each one a blur.

Meanwhile at another part of the building

The air smells of brimstone as fire erupts around Reaper. The flames are brief as they form around a beam of pure heat redirected at Xion. A dance of swords and body save the villain from being cut to shreds as Reaper flies at him with large, bat like wings. Xion exhales a huge puff of wind which uprights the hero, stone pods rising from the ground like the earth's jaws were trying to eat Reaper itself. Like a ghost, Reaper's body simply moves from the stone.

"Why won't you just die?!"

“What can I say….I really don’t feel like it,”

“Well I do feel like you dying…hell it would be my highlight of the week aside from killing that busload of orphans….”

“You really are an evil twisted bastard aren’t you?”

“Oh you remembered my middle name….I’m touched!”

Stone columns spring from the ground, but Reaper moves around them like a snake, Xion raising one just before himself as a guard, one turned to air at Reaper's touch as Xion takes another fist in the mouth. On the ground, Xion exclaims 'Inconceivable!' as he raises his hands with invisible blades of wind escaping his figures. They crash against Reaper to no effect. Xion crawls backwards while turning the air in Reaper's lungs into ice only for the grim combatant to turn the ground before him into air, release, and turn into solid stone around Xion's body.


Reaper turns his right arm into a giant drill and brings it down on Xion, the ground exploding with lightning as a dome of blue surrounds Xion and turns the drill arm into jelly that returns to Reaper. The caped fighter brings his left arm appearing as a giant tuning fork on the electric dome only for a fork to stab Xion in the back coming from the ground sending his dome's energy into his own body; Xion cuts the power as he notices Reaper's right leg dug into the ground.

"Oh, that's it!"

Gale force winds strike Reaper as Xion explodes into the air. A tornado forms behind him and cuts a swath into the earth heading towards Reaper. Standing his ground, Reaper hulks out and slams his giant hands together, a sonic boom that destroys the tornado and makes Xion's ears ring.

"You b******!"

Wings of metal like some mechanical angel grow from Reaper's back while he returns to his regular form as he has a massive leap and darts towards his nemesis. Xion pulls back as enormous blades of winds cut the sky towards his attacker.


Reaper dodges the attacks before turning into a giant slingshot and sending a massive ball at the chilly foe, only the slingshot follows the ball that turns into some massive needle flyer. Xion tries to right himself, but wind is nothing if not a fickle mistress as the needle passes him and turns into Reaper.

"You talk too much."

The right arm of Reaper turns into a pile driver and crushes against Xion's head, sending him rocketing to the ground below. Before he can try and bring out a new trick, Reaper wraps his hands around Xion's mouth and cuts his arm off. In moments, Xion passes out as Reaper touches the ground beneath his enemy and turns it into air. As Xion falls into the pocket, the hero turns the air into steel like some great sarcophagus and plops it on his back.

"Sleep tight; we have a holding cell with your name on it."

“….don’t think so bastard….its only just begun,” muttered Xion pulling himself up he then rammed his two swords into the reaper and set both the swords and reaper on fire!

“I win,” grinned Xion

“Dude. Tic Tics. Seriously.” Matt struggled to gain control, managing to turn and push Prime through the last wall. They were outside, the sky dark, the moon hidden by thick grey clouds. Lightning flashed across the sky and the two enemies hung in mid air for a second, sizing each other up. “I’m getting real fu**ing tired of you.”

“The feeling is mutual.” Prime sneered.

“You’re the one who keeps finding me. I think you might have a crush on me. I hate to tell you, but I just don’t swing that way. I know you’re like a very very small snip away from being a girl, but come on dude, I’m taken.”

“You talk too much!” Prime yelled, his eyes flashing with heat vision, which pushed Matt back a few feet. Matt flew forward, a hard right to Prime’s jaw, followed up by a left to his stomach. The two traded blows that drowned out the thunder that rumbled from the clouds.

Jaydee had Max’s motherboard tucked under one arm, and Kid Firefly floating behind him He had fought through T.I.T. headquarters to the garage and The Bus’ door opened up for him. He climbed aboard. “Let’s go.”

“Oh my god no! Where’s Matt?” Kristi jumped up from her seat.

“He’s fine. Prime found him, he said to just go, he’ll catch up.”

“Absolutely not!”

“Awww, that’s so sweet.” Matt grinned as he climbed aboard, blood flowing from a split lip.

“I’d kiss you right now, but… ewww.” Kristi grinned and hugged Matt.

“Where’s Prime?” Laser Lion asked, hitting the controls to shut the door as The Bus moved out of the garage.

“Probably hating me even more right now. I‘ve learned to come prepared.”

It started to rain and big fat drops fell on Prime’s face. He was tethered to a tree that had been uprooted and tossed to its side. The rope that bound Prime was glowing green, some shards of kryptonite woven into its thread. The Bus passed him, twenty or so hands poking out of windows or openings, all flipping Prime the bird.

“I swear to god….” screamed prime in agony “even if takes me twenty years….I will rip you in two!”

“You did well….”

“Doom Lord Sir!”

“Allow me to remove these bonds….” muttered the doom lord putting a gloved hand on the rope causing the kryptonite to go inert. “come prime…Dave spilled his guts before our little “experiment” if all goes to plan and it shall we shall bring your world back to life and kill team awesome at the same time,”

“Yes sir,” said prime almost feeling like Christmas had come early
The doomsday fleet

War, Time trapper and a newly freed (but very badly wounded) speed hazard ran down the corridors of the experimentation labs.

“You sure Dave is here?”

“Almostcertainwar,” said Speed hazard

“No one is here they must be busy attacking your friends,” muttered the trapper trying to stifle back his smirk

“I swear tuh god if Trish is hurt….”

“Please I am not your foe today try to remember that in your thick head,”

“Guysonthescreen,” muttered speed hazard

“Oh dear torture porn,” grinned the trapper

On the screen was the following exchange

“Are you sitting comfortably Mr Page then I shall begin,” muttered the surgeon making a small incision in David’s chest.

“Hurts doesn’t it,” chimed in the surgeon who then pushed it deeper “do not worry the pain will pass…eventually,”

“Give it up mr page…you’ll spill your guts eventually….or my compatriot here shall do so,”

“Tell you nothing monster you killed….” Doom lord whacked Dave in the face and drew blood

“He gave us no choice he tried to resist our glorious army and thus paid the price for his folly…now tell us where the osterhagen key is or I’ll signal for the surgeon to remove your balls…doubt they’ll grow back,”

“Do your worst monster… could you….I thought we were friends….”

The surgeon laughed for a moment and then said “friendship is overrated mister page….” and then he plunged the scalpel into well use your imagination…..


“My god Dave what did they do to you?” muttered war as a second video appeared on screen

“I don’t want to die,” cried Dave as the surgeon continued to rip into him

“oh do not worry…we won’t kill you….what we have in mind will wish we had kill you,” laughed Doom lord darkly as the surgeon pulled out a small drill and began to work over Dave with it.

The videos continued with more and more terrible things happened they were unpleasant, even the trapper was feeling a bit sick.

“Did you like the home videos….” muttered a voice from the room.

“That voice….Dave is that you?”

“No….not Dave….not anymore….” muttered a huge hulking armoured figure and wars heart died just a little bit

“Hello war…..pleased to meet you….won’t you guess my name….”

“Err Rumplestiltskin?”

“Wrong….you can call me DEATH….and I shall be yours!” after finishing this he ran over to war and quickly pushed him out of the room and into a series of monitors.

“Your war is over my friend….death comes to everyone in the end….” grinned Death as he put his hand in wars chest and began to squeeze at his heart….

To be continued

The hospital wing

It was quiet in the hospital wing aside from the small rumblings of the far away fight between xion and reaper.

Melissa was continuing to check on her sister making sure she was comfortable.

“you’ll be okay….” muttered Melissa rubbing Trish head when an arm grabbed her by the throat.

“I’ll never be okay until he dies for what he put me through!” shouted Trish an insane look in her eyes.

“you’re okay!”

“the bastard who ripped away my future won’t be,” muttered Trish running out of the hospital wing.

The engine room

“raaaaaaaaar!” screamed the reaper ripping out both the swords and chucking them to the ground.

Xion quickly rolled over and grabbed them both and then ran over to reaper again.

Swords and scythes locks, sparks flying from the blades. Xion wastes no time in wrapping the metal blades around Reaper's arms like a boa constrictor wrapping around it's kill. Reaper opens his mouth, and a fist emerges from his mouth and cold clocks Xion. Xion stumbles back and wipes the blood from his mouth.

"Cute Whitworth". Reaper picks up his staff and arrogantly moves towards Xion, but all the while doesn't notice that Xion has been forming a massive stone hand behind Reaper. "Splat" says Xion. "Splat" asks a confused Reaper. SPLAT! The stone palm flattens Reaper. Xion gets to his feet, for he knows the fight is far from over.

Suddenly, four hands emerge from the ground and surround Xion. Xion spins into the air, a massive tornado forms underneath him, slicing up the hands in the process. But while in the air, he's blasted by and energy beam fired from under the ground. Xion falls.

"You little mother f…".

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9 act I part 7 cont on Wed Apr 15, 2009 2:00 pm

shining knight

Zombie Ninja
Zombie Ninja
Reaper bursts from the Earth, decked out in iron armor transmuted from the stone that buried him. "Ooh, why didn't you tell me you were dressing up". Xion begins molding the Earth around him into armor of his own. Xion propels him self forward with the wind and slams into Reaper. Reaper stumbles back and forms his right hand into a mace. He cracks it onto Xion's skull. Xion moves backwards and converts his arms into stone cannons. He then fires several flaming stones at Reaper. The explosions begin cracking Reapers armor. But Reaper uses this to his advanatge. He creates a vacuum that sucks in the fire rocks. The armor begins to get more and more heated. Finally, Reaper removes himself from the armor and hurls it at Xion.


A massive explosion ensues. Reaper turns to go for his scythe, but suddenly gets on guard as the flames from the explosion begin forming into a massive dragon shape. Reaper hears the chilling cackle of Xion as the fire dragon thrusts for him. Reaper tuns his arms into massive shields to guard against the living inferno. But suddenly, his legs are sucked into the ground. Xion leaps into the air and hurls his twin swords toward Reaper. He then uses his control over metal to separate the blades into shurikens. Reaper counters by swallowing the stars and forming them into one giant blade, which he hurls at his foe.

Xion evades and sends a lightning bolt down onto the trapped Reaper. Reaper redirects the lighting back at Xion with double the force. "WHITWOOOOOORTH" yells Xion as he is blown away.

Doomsday fleet above the hq

“Gaark!” choked war as the insane creature who was once Dave continued to tug at the heart. War pulled at his coat and an knife rammed right into Daves chest. Dave staggered back and fell down.

“you surprised me….that will not happen again!” muttered War as the hole sealed itself in his chest. He then pulled his guns out and began firing.

Death deflected each and every bullet fired and then began to stare intently at War

“what the…somethins not right here…”

Several spikes appeared from the floor and pinned down both of wars arms and his legs.

“that was too easy….you really are an idiot aren’t you?” grinned Death

“ha…I won’t be trapped for long….”

“oh you mean speed cretin and the time trapper?” muttered death grinning as he moved aside and war saw both of them being held up by gigantic rock arms.


Reaper frees himself, grasps his scythe and goes to find where Xion fell.

Reaper moves through the devestated hallways with caution and his alarm bells were ringing

"Too quiet" he says to himself

Without warning, Reaper is caught in a massive gust that sends him flying into the hospital wing Reaper picks himself up from the debris.

"Ya know, if I kill you, I wonder what happens to the Time Trapper", he hears Xion's voice say.

“Jerry?” asked Melissa checking on his broken, burned and badly wounded body

"quiet bitch I’m monologing,” muttered Xion punching Melissa into Trishes vacant bed knocking her out. He then continued as if nothing happened “Will he, poof out of existence or something, Time Travel confuses me. Like that Donnie Darko movie. Once I finish here I'm going after that son of a b**** Richard Kelly".

"That's right Brodie...keep TALKING" says Reaper as he extends his arms out and catches Xion, slamming him into the wall of another room . Xion responds by engulfing Reaper's arms in flames. Reaper recoils his arms in pain. "Aw, let me cool you down" mocks Xion as he blows an icy blizzard toward his foe. Reaper becomes frozen in place. Xion follows it ip by sending dozens of razor thin air blades toward Reaper's frozen body, slicing it to pieces.

"Hm, not a real satisfying conclusion, but I'll take it". Says Xion as he turns his back towards his foe and looks toward the scared and terrified Melissa

“now what am I going to do to you hot stuff,” muttered Xion darkly at poor Melissa


“I can’t believe Matts left me behind….of all the cheek…I swear next I see him I’m burning him,” muttered Kupocat darkly.

“Ah that’s what I love about you….the rage,”

“who the hell are you,”

“I am the doom lord….and as you can see I am ravaging these T.I.T fools at the moment,”

“not doing a good job are you?”

“on the contrary its all going to plan….” as he said this he moved closer to kupocat maybe a little too close.

“I am going to ask you this once…please consider joining my side….you are a most valuable asset and I can really make it worth your while!”

Kupocat paused for a second and then muttered “you are getting too close to me,”

“what’s wrong with that?” muttered the doom lord

“I don’t like people in my space!” muttered kupocat

“please don’t be difficult…I would so hate to have to skin you ali….” he never finished as kupocat kicked him right in the middle region completely taking him by surprise and then she burnt him to a crisp.

“I warned you…” muttered kupocat but before she could backchat anymore a blade slammed right into her stomach.

“so did I,” muttered the doom lord sadly walking off from the bleeding kupocat “what a waste,” he muttered as he left the room altogether.

The burnt doom lord disappeared as if it were a mirage Leaving kupocat on her own dying….

About two rooms in front of kupocat….

"You're right Xion, it wasn't satisfying, so let me do it right" he hears Reaper say behind him. The frozen pieces of Reaper's body begin to form into icy versions or Reaper.

"Right on time" muses Xion.

The icy Reapers hurl dozens of ice sicles at Xion, impaling the villian. Xion grits his teeth in pain. The Icy reapers then form into real reaper who converts his hands into piledrivers and, with one strike, drills the elemental into the ground below.

Xion wastes little time. He emerges from the ground below, bringing with him a torrent of sewer water. He begins to smack Reaper around with several hands of hard water. Reaper begins slicing through them with his scythe, which also evaporates the water as it cuts. Xion then impales Reaper with two water tendrils. Reaper retaliates by using the tendrils to convert the water around Xion into boiling acid. Xion screams in pain and removes himself from the acid. Xion is caught by Reaper. "Oh I'm gonna enjoy this" says Whitworth as he pummels his foe and drops him to the ground.

Xion, burned and almost out of breath, looks towards the ceiling. Reaper approaches his beaten foe and picks him up by his neck. Reaper hoists him into the air, all the while Xion continues to look towards the ceiling.

"You worm, you're gonna pay for the lives you've taken, I'll personally make sure of that" growls Reaper.

Xion continues to look up, then begins laughing

"What the hells so fuuny" demands Reaper, "Look at me"

Xion slowly lowers his head towards Reaper, still laughing, eyes glowing, he coldly states..."cloudy outside aint it"?

Reaper looks up, an ominous, swirling cloud has been forming over him all this time. Thunder echos across the hospital wing. Melissa terrified screamed “kick his ass jerry!” and ran out of the room

"Son of a..." Is all Reaper can get out before a massive lightning bolt that looks as if it came from Zeus himself, rains down upon the head of Reaper. And engulfs most of his body.

The arm holding Xion is severed. The rest of Reaper is charred beyond recognition. Xion moves towards his decimated foe. "Now this, is a finish" he says before placing his finger in Reapers burned mouth and exploding his body apart with a blast of wind, scattering his ashes to the wind.

"Well now, this is a probelm, I was supposed to deliver your carcass to Time Trapper.. Oh well, least I had fun....later Whitworth"

And with that, Xion walks way victorious, laughing along the way.

“what are you laughing at?”

Xion looked on in horror and then shouted “piss off! I killed you…how the hell?”

“I have no clue myself but hey gift horse…mouth,” grinned reaper as he slammed his scythe straight into xion and cut him in two.

“Jerry! Kupocat is dying she needs our help!” shouted Melissa

“well sorry I can’t stick around but I got to split…heh,” and with that reaper ran off

The doomsday fleet

“ah I have you in my hands so I can finally remove this disguise muttered death grinning as he completely changed altogether

“Anansi boy…” muttered war who then muttered “everything we saw….you messed with our perceptions of reality…”

“correct…and what fun it was too…” grinned Anansi boy as he walked over to war.

“you stabbed Trish in the guise of Dave didn’t you!”

“ah wrong so completely wrong…” grinned Anansi boy

“you are lying….”

“am I is it so hard to think that your precious Dave could betray your team?”

“I know him….”

“not well enough….” grinned Anansi boy

Suddenly Anansi boy fell down in pain as a bullet shattered his shoulder. A second hit his arm and a third hit his leg.

The spikes disappeared and war got up and saw a trembling Trish who was still firing at Anansi boy with an insane glint in her eyes.

“die…die…die…” cried Trish continuing to fire at Anansi boy until war took the gun off her.

“he’s dead…he’s not gonna hurt you anymore,”

“god…why me….why did I have to be targeted…” cried Trish hugging war as hard as she could.

“it’s a shite world we live in…come on lets get out of here…” muttered war as he helped up both speed hazard and the trapper and then they escaped not noticing the dead body of Anansi boy disappearing….

Meanwhile (for the fourth time!)

“She’ll be fine…I stopped the bleeding…”


“I don’t know….this is the second odd thing to happen to me today…xion killed me and I survived and now I have medical training I didn’t have before?”

“thanks…god I want to burn him so bad now!” muttered Kupocat angrily.

“Its not over yet whit worth….” muttered Xion darkly

“you froze your body together…is that even possible?” muttered reaper amused at xion

“….don’t know how long it’ll last but I know one thing…you piss me off and off come the gloves!”

“uh Jerry?” muttered Melissa in horror

“yeah I see it too…” muttered Reaper as a huge monstrosity completely smashed apart the base.

“MONOLITH…kill them all!” screamed Xion insanely as the huge monster brought its huge hand down on the heroes….

“uh Jerry?” muttered Melissa in horror

“yeah I see it too…” muttered Reaper as a huge monstrosity completely smashed apart the base.

“MONOLITH…kill them all!” screamed Xion insanely as the huge monster brought its huge hand down on the heroes….

A huge barrier wrapped around them and completely deflected the hand. The monolith was completely rpped off the ground and disappeared in a flash in light

“no way….no freakin way!” muttered xion in shock

Kupocat and Jerry stared at each other in shock and then looked at little Melissa whose nose and eyes were bleeding.

“I really…hope he doesn’t bring it back….I can only do that once,” weakly muttered Melissa.

“my god are you?” asked Kupocat

“I’ll be fine…just need a lie down….”

“I think we should make our escape before xion snaps out of the shock,” muttered Jerry

“good idea…I’ll take Melissa,” muttered kupocat

“the garage where the corlionus mark III should be that way!”


“Xion pull yourself together man….” muttered time trapper as he, war, Trish and speed hazard walked out of a small circular portal.

“but they beat me….”

“silence….we need to be on their side now!”

“piss off I’m not joining them!”

“hes really isn’t muttered reaper

“sorry but I’m overruling you on this,” muttered Trish who then said “we need all the help we can get this time…we’ve lost almost everything to this madman and xion and the trapper will be a big help to us,”

“seriously I would rather die than join them” muttered Xion

“that can be arranged remember what you owe me….” muttered the trapper darkly

“…..I’ll do it but I swear once this is over I’m coming after all of you…”

“that’s what started this mess in the first place….” muttered the trapper cryptically

“indeed it is,” muttered a cold voice from the corner of the ruins.

“The doom lord has graced us with his presence,” muttered War sarcastically

“you….nearly killed me!” shouted kupocat angrily flames building around her as she did so

“…..yet you live….most thankful for that really I ask again will you stand with me or die with those fools,”

“I would rather die with my friends,”

“that can be arranged….tell me have you ever seen your guts hanging out from the outside of your body?”

“you are sick….I like you,” muttered xion

“and I hold you in the highest regard which is why I am saddened that I’ll have to put you down,”

“scuse me?”

“I said I’m gonna rip out your intestines and strangle them round your worthless traitorous scabby neck until your eyeballs burst,” muttered the doom lord

“trapper,” get them outta here….” muttered war

“consider it done but be careful he is from my time and knows how to deal with you!”

“ah what can he do tuh me?” muttered war

“you have been warned come let us depart to the corlionus,” muttered the trapper as everyone began to blink away but before she was completely gone Trish ran over and said “come back safe okay,” she then kissed him on the cheek and then she was gone.

“okay now the cannon fodder is outta the way lets dance shall we,”

“yes we shall I shall dance….on your grave…”

War pointed his guns at the doom lord but was horrified that after blinking they were gone and in the doom lords hands.

“what on?”

“no toys we settle this like men….with swords,” Doom lord chucked a sword over to war and he catched it easily.

There was a clash of steel as they both struck at the same time. Doom lord was faster and got a scratch down wars face shattering his trademark shades and damn near blinding him.

“they were expensive!”

“charge it to my bank account the password is do I give a shit!” muttered the doom lord in a fighting stance

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10 act I part 7 cont part 8 on Wed Apr 15, 2009 2:03 pm

shining knight

Zombie Ninja
Zombie Ninja
The corlionus mk III

“okayplottingcoursetochronovore!” muttered speed hazard moving the levers and pushing buttons as fast as his abilities carry him.

Trish looked outside and then began to run towards the window of the train

“stop her!” shouted the trapper

“no let her go…” muttered kupocat sadly

“shes going on a suicide mission!”

“what do you mean?”

“when she realises who the doom lord is she’ll want to commit suicide!”


The fight was going badly for war as doom lord pulled more and more tricks out of nowhere.

“guuuuh!” muttered war his jaw broken

The doom lord grinned at his prey and pulled out two familar swords he then set one on fire and one on ice after doing this he said cruely

"you don't really think you can face me do you?"

“…..xion….” managed to choke out war

“I absorbed him in my own time and made his abilities my own!”

“who the hell are you?”

“the last wish of a condemned man….fair enough gaze upon my mighty form….” muttered the doom lord removing his helmet and exposing his face.

“No!” screamed Trish in horror. She had just ran into the ruins and saw right away the graying but recognisable man in the armour.

“Yes it is I….your new lord and master….I am known now as the doom lord but once a long time ago I was….”

To be continued!

part 8 Facilis descensus Averni

2040 A possible future

“xion has went too far this time,” muttered the dark reaper angrily punching the meeting table with his fist

“I agree that school…its barbaric,” cried shield angrily

“calm down you too you know the rules we don’t kill,” said Dave trying to calm them both down.

“I agree with those two,” muttered Catboy

“yeah me too hang him!” shouted daytripper

“fry him better yet let me do it,” shouted RIVolt

“does anybody want to hear my take on this situation,” asked a girl who wore a leather coat

“we know what you want to do Bekka,” muttered Dave darkly

“aw quit yer whining four eyes,”

“that’s not my name and you know it,”

“oh sorry bout that Uncle four eyes,” muttered Bekka sarcastically

“I give up I really do….” sighed Dave sadly who then pressed a small button

“Gabe will you call up everyone….we’re gonna need every single T.I.T member to take xion down.

Two hours later

“Jerry….we are in some serious shit aren’t we?” muttered Bekka

“you think?!?“ shouted Jerry

“no need to get sarky with me….”

“I’ll bloody get sarky with whoever I want….the sick freak killed my daughter!”

“and everyone else we’re the only two left….”

“…..just let me cut his head off and end this….”

Ten minutes later

“you maniac….” shouted Jerry blood seeping down his lip

“nothing wrong with being a maniac….”

“you utter scum we fell for it hook line and sinker….xion didn’t kill everyone you did!”

“wow….how did you figure that out?”

“you killed my daughter….you will die,”

“no” muttered the villain grabbing Jerry by the neck “you die,”


He dropped the dead body of jerry down and then begun to laugh uncontrollably

What’s left of T.I.T headquarters NOW

The doom lord grinned at his prey and pulled out two familiar swords he then set one on fire and one on ice after doing this he said cruelly

"you don't really think you can face me do you?"

“…..xion….” managed to choke out war

“I absorbed him in my own time and made his abilities my own!”

“who the hell are you?”

“the last wish of a condemned man….fair enough gaze upon my mighty form….” muttered the doom lord removing his helmet and exposing his face.

“No!” screamed Trish in horror. She had just ran into the ruins and saw right away the graying but recognisable man in the armour.

“Yes it is I….your new lord and master….I am known now as the doom lord but once a long time ago I was David Page”

“It can’t be, Dave’s an alright guy how could he grow up into an asshole like you?” shouted War

“Nice guys finish last war….I had enough….I snapped when Trish left me for you….” muttered the doom lord darkly “I got a new power, I can absorb people and make their abilities mine,”

“…” muttered war but Doom lord quickly smacked him in the face and then just continued

“I absorbed Xion after he killed an entire school full of kids….but something went wrong during the transfusion all the insanity….the hate….the bloodlust xion had went right into me….it gave me a new outlook on life….”

“and what is this new outlook?”

“it ends…” muttered the doom lord with as much venom as he could muster he then charged at war and slashed him in the face with his sword for a second time.

“stop you’ll kill him!” shouted Trish

“that’s the general idea you stupid bitch!” sneered the doom lord kicking war in the stomach

“I said stop it,” shouted trish pulling a gun and firing it at the doom lord

“that’s the best you’ve got? Do you seriously want me to stab you in the uterus again?”

“…..bastard,” shouted Trish shooting the doom lord point blank in the nethers

“ahhhhhhhhhhhh!” screamed the doom lord dropping to the ground in agony

“ha suck on that!” shouted Trish as she helped war up but as she was about to run off the doom lord grabbed her hair.

“you’ll die for that….” he picked up his sword and began to bring it down onto her head when a blast of energy knocked it out of his hand.

“you!” shouted the doom lord with a crazy glint in his increasingly madder eyes.

“Trish!” shouted Lazer lion firing a second blast which winged doom lord on the shoulder

“you insect!” screamed the doom lord

Several more blasts struck the madman knocking him down long enough for both Trish and war to make it over to lazer lion.

“not that we’re grateful or anything but why?” muttered war blood running down his face.

“Melissa told me that you were in trouble and since Jaydee was busy rebooting max and Matts was too busy being with his family I decided to ride to your rescue,”

“great three against one we may actually have a….” Trish never finished as The doom lord struck the three of them with a horrifying final blast which appeared to disintegrate them on the spot.

“see you in hell bitches,” muttered the doom lord angrily as the surgeon ran over to him and helped him up

“where did you send them with day-trippers power milord?” asked the surgeon

“somewhere where they will never threaten our plans again….we have won the other fools are now in the chronovore and can’t get out…the multiverse is our toy now!”

To be concluded

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11 Act I final part act II I.1 on Wed Apr 15, 2009 2:03 pm

shining knight

Zombie Ninja
Zombie Ninja
b]the final part![/b]


“Where the hell are we?” asked Lazer lion

“oh god no….” muttered war and Trish stood there with his mouth agape

They were back in time to when Trish was first stabbed!

They saw her sadly looking at the fallen body of nick fury who had been cut to bits by doomnauts . She then saw David running over to her.

“oh thank god this is a horrible place we need to go as soon as possible!”

“hush dear its all going to be over soon….” as he was saying this he was searching for a small blade in his pocket

“We gotta warn!” muttered Lazer lion but Trish stopped him. She was streaming with tears but knew the truth of the matter.

“its part of history now it cannot be changed,”

The past Trish and Dave got into an embrace and he whispered to her but just loud enough for the hidden heroes to hear

“Here's a lullaby to close your eyes good-bye it was always you that I despised I don't feel enough for you to cry oh well here's a lullaby to close your eyes good-bye,,,,”

He stuck the knife into her and twisted it with an terrifyingly evil grin


He let her fall down on the ground and a small pool of blood encircled her comatose body


He laughed and then the armour appeared round him. Just as he was about to put the helmet on though he spotted the three heroes.

“ah hello I assume I have sent you here from the future right?” muttered the Doom lord with a grin

“what kind of torture is this to make me see this again?” shouted Trish

“yes most amusing I must pat myself on the back if I get the chance,”

“you scum,” shouted Trish pulling a gun from wars holster and firing

“what the hell happened with cannot change the past?” muttered Lazer lion

“fergit that how the heck is Trish using muh gun its bonded to me!”

“you bore me,” yawned the doom lord who waved his hand and a blast struck the three of them a second time

“enjoy the reuinion,” muttered the doom lord darkly


“Where the hell are we now?” muttered Lazer lion

“Well L.L if I had to take a step in the dark I’ll say it was…..”

KLIK went a gun behind then they turned round and saw a young girl in a leather jacket and shades pointing two guns at them

“the err future?” muttered war staring at the familiar looking girl

“Hi mum, Hi dad!” muttered Bekka Tuesday grinning

The doomsday fleet torture room now

“oh I do so enjoy torturing that poor little girl,” grinned the doom lord as he pat his prisoner on the head as if he were a dog.

“stard….” whined David strapped to a rack and damn near naked except for a pair of boxers.

“yeah I know….” muttered the doom lord grinning


“why not!” laughed the doom lord as his lieutenants walked into the torture

“ah davey boy I see you’ve met my friends here, Anansi boy master of illusion, count dredd master of nightmares, krawl master of the dead, the sovereign master of technomagikal arts, Superboy prime the master of ripping peoples to pieces,“

“yeah lamers such as risk deserve it,” grinned prime

“and last but not least the most loyal of all the surgeon master of the human psyche.”

“oh we know each other well don‘t we bowie!” grinned the surgeon pointing out Dave’s middle name

“yes these guys are loyal to me unlike that ***** xion who got into bed with whit worth….but he picked the wrong side….he really did, Sov tell the idiot here what you did!”

“I created an transtime dimensional blocker. It’ll stop the fools from escaping the chronovore….it shall be their prison while we rape the multiverse to non existence,”

“you see Davey boy! You see what I did! I’ve won….the future belongs to me as does the past and every stinking earth in the multiverse! oh boy we are gonna have fun!” grinned the doom lord near manically!

and outside the mothership of the fleet seven hundred smaller ships were just beside it and beside them were seven hundred more and beside them was two weapons of mass destruction. The sentient old god mageddon weapon and the powerful vegnagun

the multiverse was boned.....

end of volume one!

phew okay heres the second act of SOTF IV aka things get kciked up a notch!

All the following were jointly written by shining knight, brodie bruce, jerry whitworth and mnemosis

part 1: speed hazards

“The skies have been blood red for two weeks now. It would almost be cool if I didn’t know the reason why”.

“Two weeks ago, a madman with ungodly amounts of power brought forth an army to wreak untold devastation to the multiverse and to take down the only group of people that can stand in his way”.

“My name is SPEED HAZARD, and I’m one of those people”.

Speed Hazard, carrying food and supplies, is being pursued by a dozen upgraded Doombots, specially designed to match Hazard’s speed. The sinister automatons open fire on the speedster, but he gracefully evades. Deciding to go on the attack, Spped Hazard turns and jets through two of the Doombots, the rest surround him and take aim.

Sparks emit from Hazard’s eyes.

“Alright, let’s see who’s quicker on the draw”.

[T.I.T Emergency Base]

Copymatts stares unwavering at a large computer monitor. Kupocat enters and approaches him.

“Is Hazard back yet”

“No, he hasn’t reported in. I shouldn’t have let him go alone”

“Has there been any sign of Trish, War, and Lion”

“Yeah, just look at the happy look at my face, isn’t it obvious”

“Okay, no need for sarcasm”

Matt notices the uneasy look on Kupocat’s face

“Something wrong”

“It’s Firefly, there’s been no change, I don’t think he’ll wake up. What’s worse is that sick bastard that did this to him is now one of us”

“He’ll never be one of us”

“This whole damn situation is too much. We’re losing friends while Doom is gaining power. We’re screwed”

Matt heads toward the door

“I’m not going to say everything’s going to be alright, but I will say it’s not over yet, so don’t give up yet”

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12 act II 1 CONT on Wed Apr 15, 2009 2:05 pm

shining knight

Zombie Ninja
Zombie Ninja
The future

“Did she say….” muttered Lazer lion

“I think she did L.L,” muttered war astonished

“Oh my god its so good to see you both,” grinned bekka hugging both the startled heroes and then she saw Lazer lion.

“Oh my god….” she muttered as she ran past her parents and hugged a startled lazer lion “ Oh my god….its you the lazer lion! The greatest hero in the mulitverse is here!”

“sorry what?”

“I’ll tell you later….“ she muttered as she pulled out a small orb

“what is that?” asked Trish staring at the orb intently.

“it’s a d-hop, the anti doom lord resistence has been working on it for years and we have finally got it working….I wished for my family to be here and well here you are….”

“the doom lord struck us with a beam….”

“yeah the daytripper ray he ripped it from poor trips before absorbing her into that armoured suit he wears,” muttered Bekka who then said “I used the d-hop to grab you all out of the beam before he could send you to your final destination,”

“which was?”

“classified but if I mentioned Oroborus to dad would that have gave you a clue,”

War turned blue at the mere mention of that word and then quickly changed the subject “so what are your plans?”

“gonna travel the mutliverse and maybe recruit an army to face the doom lord,”

“sounds like fun count us in!” grinned Trish

“be ready the first trip is a pain!” grinned bekka as she pushed the button and they all disappeared with a VMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

Behind them was a small man an angry man he had a small badge on it which said OROBORUS on it…..

T.I.T headquaters now

Elsewhere, Reaper sits alone, sharpening his scythe, when he’s approached by a unwelcome acquaintance.

“What do you want”

“You know I wonder, what were you gonna do against my Monolith. Seems like your little girlfriend saved your ass from doing any real work”

“Xion, you’re actually the one person I want to see right now, I want to test if this thing is sharp enough”

“Does it matter, didn’t do much good to you last time”

“You’re right, that’s why I’m going for the head this time”

Reaper gets up, scythe in hand. Xion ignites his fist.

“Come and get it”

Before the two titans can kill each other, a stone barrier forms between them. Matt reveals himself and stares down the both of them.

“Not here. Not now”

Reaper lowers his scythe and storms out of the room. On his way out, he passes by the Trapper, who’d been watching the whole time. Back in the room, Xion turns to Matt.

“Next time ask before borrowing my powers, ‘kay”

“……f--- you”

Outside, a mysterious storm begins to brew.

[The Doom Lords Fortress……]

The Surgeon enters the Doom Lord’s chambers

“My lord, it’s beginning, he’s arrived”

The Doom Lord sits silently

Back in the battlefield, Speed Hazard finishes off the last of the Doombots.

“Great, now I’m late. Matt is going to chew my head off”

Before Hazard can zip off, a massive, greenish, lightning bolt strikes down about a mile behind him.

“Holy sh--”

Speed Hazard jets to the blast zone in the blink of an eye. The smoke is too thick to see through, so the speedster begins spinning his arms like cyclones, blowing the smoke away. As it clears, Hazard can see something in the crater left behind by the bolt. Something alive. Something human. As he moves closer, the person becomes recognizable and Hazard gasps.


To be continued

The astonishing adventures of Power factor part 1

The D-Hop materializes on the surface of an unknown world. As the door opened, odd incidental music played in the background. The world-hoppers climbed from the D-Hop and almost instantly heard a scream.

“What was that!?” questioned Trish, but the ever impulsive Bekka and War had already sprung to action, charging in the direction of the cry. Bekka shot out the glass of a bulkhead that barred their path, and with Trish and Lazer Lion behind, the trio raced to investigate the source of the scream. A few odd creatures dropped from the ceiling, and Bekka shot them out of the sky with ease. Then came a second scream from the gaping hole in the ground before them. War dove in without caution.

In the chasm, War spotted a woman surrounded by an odd assortment of alien creatures. Quick to recognize the damsel in distress who was the source of the screams, War realized the whole place in which he found himself looked particularly familiar. He fired off a couple of rounds, vanquishing the creatures in question. Just then, from a cave below, another group of adventurers emerged.

“Lana! Is everything okay?” called out a young man, leaping to her side.

“Oh, I’m fine. This stranger saved me” cooed the girl.

Trish, L.L. and Bekka had caught up to War by now, and the quartet stood face to face with none other than Captain N - the Gamesmaster, and the N team!

“We weren’t able to find the map roomicus” commented Kid Icarus.

“As soon as we heard your scream, we came rushing back” added Megaman.

“No need to worry,” said the Princess. “Our mysterious gunslinger had the situation in hand.”

“Hi, I’m –“

“Kevin, ah know!” interjected War. “Ah know who alla you are. Ah usedta watch yer cartoon.”

“Cartoon? What a silly idea” chimed in Belmont.

“Sillier than me having played your video games?” asked Kevin.

Trish, visibly annoyed with Lana’s fawning over War, stepped forward “Yes, well, I’m Trish Tuesday, your hero here is War, and this is our daughter from the future, Bekka.”

“what the hell am I chopped liver,” grumbled Lazer lion angrily.

“and this is lazer lion,” sighed Trish

The N Team introduced themselves, and explained that they’d come to SR-388 to deal with space pirates who had been terrorizing VideoLand.

“That’s cute” replied Trish. “we’re here to gather soldiers for an army to prevent the Doom Lord from destroying the Multiverse.” This of course led to Trish having to explain the concept of the Multiverse to the N Team, which in turn led to them pledging their aid. “Alright then, let’s get back to the D-Hop”

“Waitaminute… ah know where we are!” War spat out. He quickly drew Makepeace and fired at the wall of the chasm. A portion of rock disintegrated, and War ran towards the opening, barrel rolling into the darkness beyond.

Inside the antechamber, War came face to face with an ancient statue resembling a great bird. In its outstretched hands, a glowing orb rested. War shot the orb and approached the Missile Canister that was left in its place. As he touched it, he heard an odd noise. Looking down, he noticed that Dempsey and Makepeace had changed. On the back of each gun was a small button labeled “select” and a little LED screen that said “10.” War chuckled to himself and muttered under his breath “Alright!” Just then, an explosion knocked him to the ground.

Outside, Trish wondered aloud “Where the heck is he going?!” as War dove into the darkness.

“I’m sure he knows exactly what he’s doing” replied the Princess.

The group heard a shot echo from within the cave, and as they began to argue about whether or not they should follow, Bekka heard an odd noise. She looked down, drew Dempsey from its holster, and noticed that the gun had changed. There was now a button on the back marked “select” and a small display which said “10.” She pushed the button and Dempsey morphed, its barrel opening wider. She leveled the gun and tentatively squeezed the trigger, releasing a missile from the barrel of the gun and knocking her clear on her arse. The missile’s explosion shattered the wall behind which War had disappeared. As Bekka stood up, she rubbed her sore bottom and commented “That’s new!”

The dust settled, and War stood as a mirror image on the other side of the shattered wall, rubbing his backside. “You didn’t tell me we got missiles!” he called out to Bekka.

“I didn’t know!” she replied plaintively.

“Wait!” interjected Trish. “Where’d you get missiles from?”

“Ah swear, it’s like y’all have never been to SR-388 before! That’s why I came into this cave in the first place!”

“So…” Trish began to reason “… you just got the missiles” she said pointing to War “… and so did you?” she asked, as she turned to Bekka.

“Yeah, mum! They just sorta… showed up!”
“This is all very interesting,” commented Simon Belmont, stifling a yawn “but aren’t we supposed to be saving the Mintyverse or something?”

“It’s the Multiverse, twit, and this is important! Don’t you see what it means?”

“It means we can change history!” shouted Bekka, reaching the same conclusion her mother had come to. “I didn’t have missiles until Dad got them just now! We’re already altering history! This means –“

“Nothing for you!” came the voice of Oroborus surrounded by Space Pirates. The villains opened fire on the roof of the cavern, and the quatet of travelers along with the N Team were seemingly buried beneath the ensuing avalanche. The Space Pirates left, satisfied, and Oroborus returned to the Doom Lord, albeit walking a bit funny.

Unbeknownst Oroborus, here’s what really transpired. As the Space Pirates opened fire and the ceiling began to collapse, Kevin reached for his belt buckle and hit pause. The rocks stopped in mid air and the Pirates froze. The heroes leapt from platform to platform, escaping the cavern, and rushed back to the D-Hop, but not before giving Oroborus the worst wedgie of his life. Lana turned to Kevin “That was FANTASTIC KEVIN!” and gave him a big kiss on the cheek.

“Fickle witch” Trish muttered as the D-Hop disappeared into the folds between realities.

The doom lord fleet

“They got away you insignifgant little toad!” shouted the doom lord angrily

“sorry but….” moaned Oroburus

“no buts….I am sending you after them again and this time I’ll team you up with the dark hunter!”

“no not him….please!”

“no more whining or I’ll peel the flesh from your skin suit!”


“good boy….bourbon come here your lord calls for you,”

“indeed I am here for you my lord and I shall smite the no believers in the name of my most honoured lord Judas! I shall hang them high like the scriptures tells me oh my lord,” laughed Bourbon crème aka the dark hunter.


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13 ACT II part 2.I on Wed Apr 15, 2009 2:06 pm

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Zombie Ninja
Zombie Ninja
part II: He sat in his throne of skin....

“What... where am I was just talking to Mindy there after that arrogant jerk xion tried to start a fight and now?!”

“Quiet yourself before we’re discovered.”

“Trapper... you son of a b****, where are you?!”

“Temper, temper, my younger self. Calm yourself and let your eyes adjust. Use your energy-manipulation powers to draw light to your eyes, then you’ll see me just fine.”

Begrudgingly he complies, seeing himself in some temple that looks to be decorated by Dr. Caligari. There the Time Trapper stands before him, his face obstructed by shadow as usual.

“Tell me why I shouldn’t remove your head from your shoulders, cowardly worm!” With an unnatural speed, the curved blade of his scythe meets its tip just on the edge of Trapper’s hood.

“I shall repeat myself only once; lower your voice or you, I, all of your friends are doomed.”

“As if you care. That shrivelled husk you call flesh replaced your heart with dust a long time ago. Refer to me as your younger self again and I’ll cause history’s first case of time-displaced suicide. Now speak quickly and choose your words wisely because your manipulations have worn me transparently thin.”

“Very well, Reaper. Your friends face the Legion of Entropy, this is true, but they shall overcome. It’s what they face next that’ll be their end. And yours, may I add, save for my help.”

“I’d prefer dying a warrior’s death to your help, but for my friend’s sake, I’ll hold my blade.” Lowering his weapon to his side, the darkly cloaked hero looks upon his other in bated anger.

“Salvation is nigh. Hidden in this lair, my most elite await my return. We stand in a place outside time.”

“I thought your old HQ got thrashed by Doom Dork.”

“We’re not at my base but another such displaced base... we’re not alone...”

A slow, loud clap erupts from behind the hooded pair.

“Doom Dork, cute. I do believe I’ve given you enough rope, Trapper. Here your journey ends. Sweetums, do take care of the emo warrior while I tear apart Mumm-Ra.” Zero Doom steps from behind her lover, her master, and levels a gaze of anger and madness on the Reaper. Before the battle can be met, a shriek forces all four to cover their ears.

“It comes! Fools! Why did none of you head my warnings!”

“Where are we, Trapper?! What is that?!”

“The place where no one would seek my MagnaGuard, not even I! The prison of the Iscariot…the corezone!”

The large hall fills with light as a massive creature stands before them, a mountain of flesh, a seeming intermingling of hundreds of animals and structures. Its words are like a hundred scurried voices screaming from the depths of your soul.

“Eons pass as seconds, yet seconds have been too long since I last saw another. I shall thank you for this visit... with oblivion!”

Hands erupt from its body as the space around the beast whirls and distorts as a ripple across water or the whirl of a propeller in the ocean. The four are grabbed and dragged, Zero Doom clawing at the ground for release. Trapper raises his arms and the arms halt but hold tight.

“Now is your chance. Should any of you wish to survive this day, strike before it regains its full strength.”

The Doom Lord needs little more convincing as the swords of Xion are unsheathed in his hands and plunged into the Iscariot. The nightmare merely laughs as a hole opens in its body and giant spiders with smiling human heads swarm from the wound.

“I survived being pecked by 1000 cannibal budgies your pathetic powers are nothing compared to that!”

Reaper twirls his scythe above his head and whips it towards the monsters. As it strikes, it bends like a rope and ensnares several of the spiders. They squirm and struggle as blades emerge from the staff part of the weapon, the middle whirling like a reversed circular saw shrinking as it sprays the green blood of its victims. Zero Doom, not to be outdone, jumps in the middle of the swarm where the smiling face bite at here making her disappear in a mountain of bugs. Claws spring from the hordes as their heads are grabbed and popped like grapes, their legs tore off and stabbed into their brethren, carapace-esque shells torn from their backs as their entrails empty beneath the flailing hands of Zero Doom.

“Gnats! Your robed elder falls to his knees while you battle with rabble! You are like dust before me!”

Doom Lord springs up and lands further up Iscariot, turning flesh into ice as he lands. Hardly an end result, he touches the ice with a seismic vibration that shatters it like glass. Reaper runs up the creature’s body, slashing away the man-spiders as they come to him, looking for inorganic material. His wish is granted when he sees the roof of a house jutting from his enemy’s massive form. Before reaching it, dozens of man-spiders are on him. His arm turns into a tentacle like a squid and removes the throwing knives from his torso sling. The arm shifts again as the tips of the knives stick out and a massive tension forms before the tentacle is released like rubber, sailing a storm of blades on his unfortunate adversaries. Crouching at the roof, he forms a misshapen bubble of iron across the top of it. In deep concentration, the material of the building is formed into methane.

“This is going to ruin your day.”

Keeping his left hand on the iron dome and in the pocket of methane, a small hole is formed wheezing out explosive fumes. Turning his right hand into flint, he snaps his fingers where sparks fly onto the opening.


The blast is massive, spilling what can only be assumed is the anomaly’s blood, a myriad of shifting colors. Having turned intangible, Reaper settles on the ground at the creature’s base, becoming solid again as he looks at the stump where his left hand was. Visibly hurt, he closes his eyes as a new hand grows. The Iscariot finally seems angered.

“Now you learn your place!”

Whirls appear in the area around them, bizarre creatures emerge. Clocks with wings appear in the air with the area below their 6s forming into mouths, the arrows on their faces firing forward and instantly replaced. Giant grinning crocodile mouths with legs appear on the ground and sprint towards Reaper and the Dooms. The pit that Doom Lord made has a giant eye spring from it. Doom Lord looks on in horror.

“This is so ****ed up!”

Trapper lays on the ground, a single hand in the air quivering. A crocodile mouth runs open at him, the ground becoming covered in saliva. Before it can have a meal, a volley of arrows plant into its side. Reaper, sporting giant black-feathered wings in place of his cape, flies towards it, his right arm like a living cat-o-nine tails feeding arrows into his left arm mounted crossbow.

“Hey! Ugly! Come get some.”

The crocodile mouth dashes towards the one that hurt it as he lands and draws his zanbato sword. The jaw of the howling creature opens, its fangs inches from Reaper’s head as he stabs his sword into the recesses of it mouth. Before it can close on him, he lifts the beast and drops it on its top, slicing the top in half and leaves the creature in a bloody heap. Doom Lord surrounds himself in a reverse iron maiden of ice before forming a tunnel of wind between him and the construct. Throwing out his arms, the case shatters and spikes cut down several of the flying clocks. Losing patience, he bends over as copies of himself step out of him. One steps past him and unleashes eye blasts on the clocks. Another forms blades on his arms and runs at super-speed slicing into crocodile-mouths. The others turn to Iscariot and become dealing as much damage as possible. Zero Doom, finishing off the last of the man-spiders. She jumps to the ground and begins tearing apart crocodile-mouths. Reaper, who had been protecting Trapper with his sword, stands covered in gore as the ground is littered with mounds of monstrosities.

“Trapper, this is getting us no where! How do we stop it?!”

“The Iscariot is a time anomaly! I lack the strength to scatter his energies, but if Doom Lord copies my powers, we may have a chance...”

Trapper slumps lower, his fingers the only part of his body rising from the ground now. Reaper looks upon him, the man he could become, how he despises yet respects him looking at his tenacity to survive. Stepping aside, he plants his zanbato into the ground and turns it into a ballista and himself into an arrow loaded onto it. As he sails up the Iscariot, the ballista turned into a rope pulled along the Reaper’s arrowform, he transforms back into his form beside Doom Lord. The villain twirls around, crashing his flaming and ice swords against Reaper reformed zanbato.

“No! We don’t have time for this! Trapper is almost down for the count and when that happens, it’s game over when Iscariot gets his full strength back! Our only shot is for you to copy Trapper’s powers and scatter Iscariot’s essence!”

The Doom Lord, formerly Reaper’s good friend Agent Daark, glares daggers into Reaper.

“When this is over, I’ll wear your hide as a coat!”

Focusing his energies on Time Trapper, Lord again tastes the power of time manipulation. Turning to Iscariot, he smiles as the beast squirms under the pressure.

“Fools! I am the immortal Iscariot! I am and will always be! Your power is nothing!”

Doom Lord falls to his knees like Trapper before him, he struggles to combine his power with his enemy to survive. Reaper feels helpless, looking around him he sees the Dooms giving them cover. Suddenly, he feels something familiar. Something he has felt before. A pocket in time appears before him, of the time he grabbed Time Trapper in the hospital room, learning his identity for the first time. Chronal energy, the air is dripping with it. Trapper, Doom Lord, Iscariot: complete and utter saturation. He drops to his knees beside his foe and feeds on Iscariot’s energies.

“Wha...t! What are you doing?!”

Reaper imagines himself beneath a waterfall, but its some sort of amber instead of water. Its clear and chokes him. ‘Is this chronal energy?’ he thinks to himself only for thoughts of the overwhelming force thrust on him.

“Ha ha ha ha ha. Fool. My energies are too great.”

The hero begins to succumb to Iscariot, his words an alluring whisper, begging him to sleep. But, another image forms. A man dressed in a white suit, scalpels between his fingers in his hands. He turns, the flash of his glasses making him appear to have large white eyes. He smiles and laughs, a mound of twisted bodies under him. The vision focuses on the mound, the torn and shredded bodies of T.I.T. Anger, sadness, regret, it flows through Reaper like blood. Screaming, he stands up, again in the presence of Iscariot with Doom Lord on the ground next to him, a million eyes beneath him as Iscariot looks into his soul.

“You will not beat me! I’ve come too far, lost my entire world, and some living dream will not make it all for nothing!”

The Reaper stands as energy swirls into him, his body swelling like a packed waterskin. A long growl rises from his throat as Iscariot starts to look distorted, his faces turning from pleasure to shock. Doom Lord and Time Trapper rise, feeding off Reaper as a conduit. Combined, the Iscariot is torn apart and destroyed forever

.Between worlds

“Next stop is Gaia….the dark quest world,”

“whats that like,” asked Lazer lion

“very similar to ours except its got a quasi mystical medieval feel to it,”

“any differences we need to know?” asked L.L

“Not much the doom lord is pretty active on this world though there are some people who fight against him like we do they call themselves Power factor,”

“cool err Bekka can I ask something?”


“err about my future?”

“oh it’s a glorious one….trust me on that,”
“yes but greatest hero?”

“trust me I’m here to make sure you get to that point….”

Gaia or as it is known in the archives of T.I.T earth 032

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14 Act II part 2.II part 3 on Wed Apr 15, 2009 2:07 pm

shining knight

Zombie Ninja
Zombie Ninja
Lucre village hardly the most charming of holiday spots I must admit. Once it was a lovely and quite charming town. However, over the years it has degenerated into a mess. The wretched masses of countries conquered by The doom lord had amassed there and the town begun to be governed by the thieves guild. They were a group of Gaians with very unscrupulous morals. As long as you could pay, the toll to the guild life could be good in this shantytown but fall behind on your payments and life could be very grim indeed. The head of this guild now, which I state quite clearly as turnover for that particular position was a regular occurrence was the infamous thief who called himself the sparrow. Now why am I mentioning the depressing hole you may ask? Simple it was outside where I first met War and his friends. I quickly filled them in on the situation that plagues Gaia They then continued with their journey, which brought them into Lucre’s dark gates. This was a very, very bad idea indeed.

“I really do not like the look of this place war perhaps we should take the weird man with the top hats advice and go round,”

“but L.L that would add a extra few days onto our trip. If we go through Lucre we could make it to the temple of the sands before nightfall,”

“and why are we going there?” asked Trish scratching her head in confusion.

“It’s rumoured to have one of the magical items of Gaia…maybe with its power we could destroy the doom lord forever,”

They walked closer to the gate and then entered. The houses were quite shabby and it was not exactly the kind of place the gang would go to if they did not need to.

Unknown to the heroes a familiar foe to us but not to them was drinking in the bar known as the bar none. It was Bourbon Creme he was sent on a new mission by his dark master. A mission to kill Bekka and those other sinners once and for all. one which if he fails he shall be going to the murder factory. This thought alone made him shudder he had heard of that foul place and what happens to those who enter it. He swore to himself that would never happen he would rather die first. Alongside him was Oroborus a man who had already met the heroes and failed once already.

A hotel called redemption lost. The group were standing waiting for service. “Hello anyone here?” asked Bekka who was instinctively reaching for her gun when an old woman appeared from behind the counter. “Yes dear can I help you?” “Yes we are looking for tw…four rooms please,” asked Trish and bekka at the same time catching themselves in time from saying too much.

Trish sat on the bed suddenly wishing she were back at home on her nice comfortable bed. It was a nice bed unlike this one she was on which felt like a plank of wood and several bricks. She looked underneath the covers and noticed that was indeed what it was. “I really, really, really do not like this place,” complained Trish as she spotted a cockroach scuttle across the floor. She screamed and stabbed it with her sword. She then spotted another and did the same and then another and another.

Laser lions room Bekka was also with him. They stared at each other and then Bekka cheerfully asked, “So want to play eye spy?” “Eye spy with my little eye something beginning with s,” “uh spider web,” “correct your turn,”

Bourbon jumped onto the balcony of Redemption lost and then leaped on the window. He aimed at Bekka and begun to pull the trigger when a knife struck him in the back. He screamed and fell down on a pile of manure. The man who threw the knife quickly jumped to where Bourbon was before he fell and knocked on the window. “Excuse me Bekka don’t know if you remember me but it is me Esbat.” Bekka opened the window allowing the man to walk in. “Hey I remember you…didn’t you become a thief…how is that working out for you,” Esbat pulled out a knife and said “come with me and I shall show you,” “I would rather not,” “that was not a choice Bekka,”

“Leave her alone!” shouted Laser lion angrily charging up a beam but the quickness of esbat knocked him completely on the floor. If he didn’t have his helmet on he would be dead within seconds of hitting the cold wooden floor

Simon culp was a man of wealth and taste. He was also the guardian of the earth which our heroes had appeared on. He walked down the streets of Lucre with a slight grimace on his face. “I told them not to go through this city but no they never listen to Simon do they. I mean I am the spirit of Gaia like that means a lot to anyone these days.” Several thieves surrounded Simon but he began to smile “you have no idea who you are facing do you” he pulled out his cane and removed a silver rapier from it. He then sprung into action. Approximately five seconds later Simon walked away from five very dead thieves and a sixth one who was shaking “tell your boss that if Bekka and her friends are hurt I shall do the same to the rest of your little group,”

Bourbon was annoyed, not only was he chucked out of a window and was now smelling of horse crap. His mission was still incomplete, as he also still had not killed the fools The master was so going to be angry at his constant failures and a trip to the murder factory seemed likely now. He pulled out his gun and angrily fired it into the air. The time for game playing was over he was going to complete his mission and…suddenly there was a small group of thieves surrounding him. “You haven’t paid the toll stranger,” muttered a thief with a smirk on his face. Bourbon angry about this little punk pointed his gun in the direction of the thieves and sneered. “I got your toll right here,” he then begun to shoot all the thieves one by one. Just before he died from his wounds the leader of this little group stuck a knife into Bourbons leg the second time a knife had entered his body today.

Trish stood in Bekkas room shaking her head sadly. Tears were streaming down her face as the realisation hit her. “Oh god I’ve lost my child again I was supposed to protect her and I failed,”

War moved next to her and said “No you haven’t we shall find her together,” Trish wiped away her tears and begun to kiss War much to his surprise when Simon appeared out of nowhere with a smile on his face. “So coming with me to help the Girl or are you going to just kiss?” they both looked at each other for a moment and both shook their head they then helped up Laser lion and followed Simon out of the hotel.

Bourbon was trying to remove the two knives which were stuck in both his leg and his back. He could feel the paralysis begin to sink in. he did not care however for the mission was all that was on his mind. “I will not go to the murder factory…I shall not,” whined Bourbon as he bumped into a blond haired man who was being accompanied by a Man who looked like a sheep. “Get out of my way,” whined Bourbon as he walked off limping with one knife stuck in him having removed the one in his back. “I should kill him for that,” muttered the blonde haired man.

“Aw dinnae ken that radge Floyd c‘moan we need tae find the four,”

“you are right as always Archie,” said Floyd with a small grin.

The abandoned theatre, it was home to the thieves’ guild for many years. Esbat had taken Bekka prisoner or so he thought in reality she could have taken him out but she wanted to be fair and find out what was going on before springing into action. “So what do you want with me?” muttered Bekka playing the role of captive with much relish.

“You in a cat outfit to start with,” said Esbat with a grin on his face. “and why should I put that on?,”

“simple your life is in hazard,” muttered Esbat snapping his fingers causing almost one hundred thieves to appear around her they were all armed to the teeth. Looking at all the armed thieves caused Bekka to begin to take her plight seriously now and begun to slip on the leg parts of the outfit when the door burst down.

“It is okay Bekka we are here and we got help,” Bekka looked at her parents and then to the pissed off Laser lion with a smile and then quickly noticed that the thieves were all disappearing.

“Its Simon he came to help,” shouted War above the cries and screams of the thieves who were beginning to die one by one until all that was left was Esbat who had a rapier pushed toward his neck.

“So now shall you help these people to get to the temple of the sands or do I need to send you to hell with your gang Sparrow?” It too all of two seconds for Esbat to quickly mumble, “I’ll take them to the temple of the sands,”

"Archie why are we in this city full of slime," asked Floyd with an annoying squeal in his voice.

"we need tae rest, you have flown me for miles and we could do wie a break.... ,”

They walked down the road and then spotted the four heroes and the two men.

“There they are!” shouted Floyd but Archie stopped him. “Culp is wie them…he will kill us both before we even got there let us rest and we shall continue our pursuit tomorrow,” Floyd sighed and said “Okay I’m going to find something to eat for now I’ll meet you at this hotel redemption later,”

The group had finally left Lucre with the sparrow leading them to the temple of the sands. “This is where I get off I am afraid but do not worry I am still keeping my eye on both you and your plight” Bekka looked at Simon astonished and muttered, “You know of our quest?”

“Absolutely you shall win and I shall be there to back you up at the end,” said Simon disappearing as if he were never there. The gang full of renewed excitement muttered “to the temple of the sands” and the five of them ran in the direction of a gigantic pyramid. The sparrow was a very cunning man, he knew there was a coup against him planned, and that Culp person had just murdered those who were planning to kill him. He decided to stick with the otherworlders so he could plunder the temple of the sands and possibly make a few quid from the proceeds. Oh yes it was going to be a fine payday for good old Esbat.

Bourbon pulled the knife out of his side and stared at the heroes in the distance “I will track you all down and add your heads in my trophy cabinet. I swear I shall kill you all and your friends as well.” He picked up his gun and turned round to see Floyd was standing next to him. “Oh hello and what are you doing today,” Floyd smiled and said “eating you,” she pulled Bourbon into a dark alleyway and you could hear his screams for miles. Bourbon never got his chance for vengeance as he became just another snack for the vampire sharpshooter known as Floyd Lawson.

The big brawl

Doom Lord, Reaper, Zero Doom, and Time Trapper stand exhausted in the ruins of the Iscariot’s prison. Seemingly every ounce of the Iscariot faded when Trapper, Lord, and Reaper pooled their powers to wipe the monster out of reality. The group shared an uneasy alliance, one that is now non-existent. Doom Lord stands up and turns to gigantic height, trying to stomp on Reaper.

“I like your powers; shame I couldn’t add yours to my power set in the future.”

Reaper rolls out of the way, turns into a giant paper airplane and rides the gust of wind generated by Doom Lord. Before he can press the attack, Lord is leveled by a blast by Trapper.

“Now, now, boys with toys and all that. Careful before someone loses an eye.”

“Beloved! I’ll kill you!”

Zero Doom leaps at Trapper but a giant black mass like gum splats into her face.

“Accursed Plastic Man-wannabe!”

A face appears on the front of the mass.

“Apocalypse! It’s Apocalypse-wannabe! Not Plastic Man! Not Mystique! Friggin Apocalypse! Maybe a little Guts, too...”

Zero claws at Reaper as the the sides of the mass shoot past her and slam into the ground to form a slingshot. She pulls the mass off of her to see a face form.

“This is going to hurt.”

The arms of the slingshot tenses as great pressure is quickly built and rockets Zero in a column.

Doom Lord stands up and grins at the Trapper.

“Fool, I’ve copied your powers and Reaper’s. Do you honestly think you have any chance?”

“Have them you may, but knowing how to use them is an entirely different story.”

Lord’s arms stretch and shoot at Trapper only for the old man to step aside as the arms turn to dust when they get near him. Grimacing in pain, Doom Lord screams.

“You weren’t this powerful before!”

Though the face is still obscured, one can almost sense a smile behind it.

“Can you keep a secret?”

Time Trapper appears behind his opponent.

“I was faking it.”

Zero Doom erupts from the rumble that fell atop her.


The dark hero draws his zanbato sword and increases his arm’s muscle mass 100-fold. Zero Doom prepares for an attack as she flies towards him, but Reaper instead hurls the blade above him, wedging deeply into the ceiling. As she readies to strike, her enemy shrinks and stretches his arms at the columns to both of their sides. Upon contact, part of the bases of each column turns to air and the rest of it falls. The beam above severely damaged, the part of that building collapses. Zero swoops at Reaper but her claws pass through him. Screaming, she’s covered in debris as Reaper steps out and becomes material again. The moment is short as she rises from the pile laughing.

“It’ll take more than rocks to stop me! I’m going to tear you limb from limb until your regeneration powers can’t fix you anymore and then I’ll consume you and make your power my own! There’s a special place of torture in my mind waiting for your soul!”

“What is it with you Dooms and getting off on sucking people?”


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15 ACT II part 3 cont on Wed Apr 15, 2009 2:09 pm

shining knight

Zombie Ninja
Zombie Ninja
Hulking out, Reaper increases his density and turns the air around him into spiked armor going blow-for-blow with the villainess.

Doom Lord turns the air around Trapper into ice only for it to be an afterimage and dissipate. Trapper appears above him as Lord slashes at him with Xion’s swords only for them to hit him and crumble into a powder of rusted metal.

“That tickled.”


A small army of Doom Lords appear. They lash at Trapper like hungry dogs, from streaks of electricity to flashes of lasers to the invisible energies of the Force trying to push him. One Lord tries to stop Trapper in time only to explode.

“Uh, uh, uh, time’s my thing. Get your own shtick.”

Reaper’s armor is in shambles as Zero has her hands wrapped around his throat.

“That’s it, stop wiggling.”

Suddenly her face is expressionless. She looks down to see an arm jutting from Reaper’s chest into her own. She drops to the ground motionless while Reaper just stands there, unable to comprehend how to react, how to feel. For all his boasting, all his threats, this is the first time he’s taken a life.

“Where’s your boasts now, Trapper?! Still faking it?! I’ll bur...”

Doom Lord stops mid-sentence and looks past his opponent. He disregards the presence of the Time Trapper, his doubles fading away, as he walks towards Zero. In an instant, the Trapper is gone. Reaper stares at him, this man that was once upon a time his friend, as he pays him no attention and kneels beside the body of his minion. She was a pet, something there to strike when angry, to take out any sexual needs, to not remind him of Trish and how she was always kind and funny and looks cute when she was angry. Zero was everything he hated about himself given form, something to remind him that love betrayed him, and she took all of his hatred and did anything to make him able to get through the rest of the day. She was programmed to follow his commands, to follow without question. This was not love and Dave knew it. But, now that she’s gone... dead, how else could he describe.

“Reaper, we’ve accomplished our mission. It’s time to go.”

Time Trapper appears next to Reaper with a giant capsule-like structure behind him. Jerry looks down at Dave and wants to comfort him, but how can the man that robbed you of love, albeit a sick love, comfort you for that loss? ‘He’s not Dave’ Reaper tells himself, ‘He’s Doom Lord; my enemy and the man trying to destroy the multiverse.’ The thought offers little comfort as Reaper turns to Trapper, nods, and the two disappear leaving the Doom Lord alone, cradling his monster.

“You... you did this!”

Doom Lord looks up to see his enemies gone.

“I swear, before this war is over, I will kill both you and your future self for this, Reaper! Do you hear me?! Coward! Toad! You sniveling, slinking insignificant ant! I will paint your epitaph with your own blood, your dirge will be the sounds of your loved ones screaming, I will cover the very multiverse over your body as your shroud and burrow it so deep that you would have never existed! Of this I swear!”

As he prepares to lift the body, he notices something odd. Something is moving inside of Zero Doom’s hand. Opening it, the Doom Lord discovers a chunk of the Iscariot. Zero must have ripped it out before the beast was destroyed. The brain gone, the mass of flesh is pure DNA and none of the consciousness. Merely touching it, he feels power, the untold power of the very multiverse. ‘Time Trapper thinks me a pawn, an annoyance to be exploited towards his own ends; that ends right now...’ passes through his mind as he consumes the flesh. All at once, his brain’s on fire, his guts crawl, and energy surges through every fiber.

“There will be a reckoning.”

The reaper and trapper made their way out of the corezone

There was a clap behind them

“well done old boy….” muttered a man with the longest hair in existence

“indeed we tried to take it out once and failed but kudos to you!” said a small man next him to him

“we shall send you back to your rightful place in time once we have introduced ourselves to the hero who defeated ultimate evil,”

“err thanks!” grinned reaper as the trapper scoffed behind him he knew what was coming and decided to beat it before it happened

“my name is max winwood and my compatriot behind me is Ishmael cord we are seamsters for indigo prime®️ ,”

“we don’t usually make our presence known but this is an exception you did good work today,”

“indeed take this,” muttered Winwood handing over a small orb to reaper


“that is a way to contact us….if your world is completely lost all hope call to us and we shall deal with it….I must warn you old bean only do so in an emergency,”

“We need to send him back now the corezone is collapsing it needs to be erased forever,”

“indeed dear boy, indeed,” muttered Max as he raised his sewing needle and there was black

Then light as reaper saw Mindy Monday it was the exact same conversation they had before they left

“where is he?”

“where is who?”

“the trapper!”

“I don’t know but we can’t worry about that right now speed hazard phoned in via max he found brodie!”

“What xion left?”

“No not xion our brodie….the real one!”

To be continued….

The gods kept many secrets locked in the temple of the sands. Only one of these secrets considered earth shatteringly dangerous that it was secretly hidden and buried in the darkest reaches in the farthest depths of the temple. It was foretold that this unbelievable power would one day be found again. Today is that day of prophecy, but will the power of this ancient weapon be used for good or ill, find out now as our heroes make their way to the centre of the temple of the sands and the sleeping place of the goddess of Chaos Andorra!.

"Well here we are finally,” said Laser lion with a smile on his face. "Yep so Simon says anyway,” said Bekka with a nod. “Excuse me ladies but I am going on ahead to see if there is anything to take,” said the sparrow as Bekka just shook her head and said “whatever,” the four heroes now on their own again made their way into the temple. The back entrance of the temple was vast. They were not looking, turned the corner, and bumped into Floyd. “Howdy!” grinned Floyd.

“Did you hear that, sounded like Floyds twin guns?” said Archie to which David asked “Don’t change the subject your shemale friend fed off a man,”

“Can we talk about that later and see who Floyd is attacking sHE may be in danger!” David, Archie, Palom, and Polom begun to run in the Direction of the blast “god this place goes on for miles,” moaned Palom. “I think we are going deeper into the centre of the planet,” said Polom. They ran as quickly as possible, quickly dodging several traps along the way. A gigantic hole opened up and Polom fell through it she managed to grab onto the ledge and screamed “Help I’m stuck!” David quickly ran back and grabbed her just missing a gigantic block, which could have flattened them both.

They finally reached Floyd who turned and shouted “I found them but they started attacking me for no reason!" with a fury in his voice.

"please everyone stop this!" shouted David

“Aye hen we‘re the good guys”

“No way.” muttered Lazer lion
The two girls then turned and looked at David. David looked back and saw the girl he had met so long ago

“Dave!” shouted Bekka running over and hugging him

“Dave?” muttered War

David spotting the confused war drew his sword and attacked war “You….Doom lord bastard!” sneered David angrily


Bourbon laughed in glee, he was in a lot of pain from his close encounter with that strumpet. but that added to his insanity. According to Oroborus the most powerful weapon in this world was under this crypt. he was going to get there first “yes its mine its mineeeeeee,” he fell down a hole and was almost impaled on spikes. He grabbed himself in time and quickly moved on.

David and war fought on trading blows with each other. This Dave was nothing like his version he was much more battle worn. Just one look in his eyes told him that he was almost like himself.

Bekka and L.L told the others to stay behind and went into the treasure room. "Goodness there’s a hole in the ground," said Bekka looking at the area which the dark hunter had previously been in. "good hope he fell in," muttered Lazer lion with a smirk on his face. "who did?," "Oh that Orouorus fella he was with another guy who kind of looked half dead," Bekka stopped for a second and said "The dark hunter here? We need to go faster L.L!".

Floyd was twirling his gun on one hand and leaning on a pillar while the two twins were gossiping, “hey did you see those two ladies that were with that war guy, man were they hot!” laughed Palom as Polom smiled snidely and said, “That guy with the bikers helmet and the lion on his chest was not bad too,” “Sis that is the first time I have ever seen you drooling over someone” “Not true,” Palom gasped in horror and said, “no not Dave…why did I not notice that?” Polom rolled her eyes and pulled a book out of her bag. She looked at the chapter, which said the history of the temple of sands and muttered to herself “what is an Andorra?”


War was bloodied and battered and Dave was looking as good as he did when they first started. War needed a rest “Okay time out hero….I am not who you think you are!”

“you are not the monster who killed my parents?”

“absolutely not…I would say scouts honour but I am not a scout!”

“I’ll take your word for it….you put up a good fight by the by,”

“thanks!” grinned war

The two hunters walked into the main alter of the temple. "God flamethrowers, poison darts, collapsing floors, ball and chains, spiked floors and even a gas chamber.... god I hope that is all because I’m getting tired of this," moaned Oroborus as L.L and Bekka ran in. Bekka was looking perfect as ever but L.L outfit were torn and his face and legs were bloody and battered. "Give up now,” moaned L.L blood dripping down his lip. "No chance," said Oroborus who then walloped his staff off Lazer lion's head and sneered "becoming a habit with you isn’t it.” Bekka with good timing used her gun and shot out a chandelier that was dangling above the two villains it fell onto their heads knocking them out.
“Figures those fools wouldn’t get this done right,” laughed a man who floated down from the sky and quickly pulled out a scythe. “Call me Krawl future girl I do believe your boyfriend who is lying in his own blood knew me already but alas that nasty bump on his head doesn‘t look so good,” “you better not touch him….I know your powers,” muttered Bekka holding her guns close to her. They both attacked each other and a vicious fight begun.

The sparrow was in flight was one of the sparrows favourite sayings and it summed up his nimble moves well. It was good to be free of those foolish otherworlders. Their usefulness was over as he was near the treasure room. He pulled out his tools and got to work on the traps, which protected his quarry. Once it slid open, he popped his head and saw krawl and Bekka fighting they were evenly matched. Now while he liked to see fights and has often paid to see such competition before. He knew he was on a mission and left the idiots to their own device. He saw what he was seeking for, grabbed it quickly not to set off any traps, and replaced it with a fake, which looked uncannily like the real thing. “Screw those goody goodies I am going to make a killing on this,” laughed the sparrow as he exited the way he came from and then left the temple altogether.

The two hunters and L.L began to get up and all they heard was two voices screaming at each other "god what is up with your hair...auditioning for a stage version of the colour purple?" sniggered Bekka with a smirk on her pretty face. "Well at least don‘t socialise with losers,” muttered Krawl with pure venom in his voice. Bekka folded her arms defiantly and muttered, "hey you two stop!” as the two villains quickly made their move and grabbed the sardonix from its plinth it begun to crack in their hands and then the entire building began to shake. the place was cracking up as an tomb began to push through the alter "time to go laurel and hardy," said Krawl as he grabbed Bourbon and Oroborus by the hands and pulled them through the door to the bone yard that he created leaving Laser lion and Bekka to face the terror of what was coming. "Get ready for anything," said L.L fiddling with his visor "okay L.L,” said Bekka guns in hand and then the tomb opened. A little girl stepped out of the tomb. She was clad in a Japanese schoolgirls uniform. She looked round at the two heroes with a smile on her face. "I'm Andorra I’m the goddess of chaos... are you my master?"

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16 ACT II part 4 on Wed Apr 15, 2009 2:12 pm

shining knight

Zombie Ninja
Zombie Ninja

[T.I.T HQ]

“Where did he come from”

“Is it really him”

“How did you find him”

“ENOUGH WITH THE DAMN QUESTIONS ALREADY” yells Speed Hazard, having heard just about enough questions.

The remaining T.I.T. members circle around the mysterious stranger, who bears a striking resemblance to someone they’ve known before.

“How can this be, I thought Xion was Brodie” incurs Kupocat.

“Maybe he’s not really Brodie” adds Reaper, entering the room with Mindy. “We should test him, just to be sure”.

“Just gotta get him to wake up first” says Matt.

Without missing a beat, Speed Hazard zips to the kitchen, and zips back with a glass of water. “I got this” he says, splashing it in the strangers face.

The strangers eyes dart open.


“What the hell” says Hazard

“He’s talking in binary” notes Jaydee

“It’s not Brodie, it must be a robot” says Kupocat

“Or a Doombot” says Jaydee, grabbing his lightsaber.

3.85[5xy x 74y] – 5x + 7.3 (26354.8686/64.965) + |56| -489x2* CHAOSSPEEDMULTIVERSE…GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH

The stranger finally calms himself. The T.I.T stand in shock.

“What….Who are you” asks Matt.

“Ch…Chip. M-M-M Micro. I’m Chip Micro. Where am I “?

The Doom Lord arrives back at his fortress. Where his is hastly approached by the Surgeon.

“My Lord, where have you been”

“I don’t want to talk about….”

The Doom Lord is cut off by the sounds of explosions in another room.

“What is that noise”


The Doom Lord and the Surgeon enter to find his underlings, the former Legion of Entropy, being trashed by hulking mass of a demon. The Sovereign fires a barrage of ballistic missiles at the creature. They connect, but the monster is unaffected. It lunges at the armor-clad villain and grabs him with both hands and hurls him to the ground.

“Alright freakjob, you and me, I’ll kill you dead” yells Superboy Prime.

The creature turns to the oncoming Prime, and with one strike, backhands him into a wall. Anansi Boy and Count Dredd prepare to strike, but they’re stopped.

“ENOUGH” yells the Doom Lord. “All this noise is making my headache worse”.

Prime, up and angered, charges at the creature again, but is blasted back by a pissed off Doom Lord.

His eyes turned red for a moment but no one caught that except for the surgeon “Didn’t I just say Enough? Why I keep you alive I don’t know”. The Doom Lord turns to acknowledge the strange intruder. “Now, who the hell are you”
The creature bows

“My name is Kraven, and I’m here to join your army, because by the looks of them, you need me”.

Rather than kill him, the Doom Lord smiles.

“I think you might be of help. Come, I want to introduce you to a man named Reaper”.

Back at T.I.T HQ

Reaper takes CopyMatts aside.

“Well Matt” he asks

“I don’t know what to make of it. Can’t say if it’s really Brodie”.

“Let’s just keep an eye on him for now, take it slow” adds Reaper.

“What if he’s a spy” asks Matt.

Reaper stares down Micro, “Then we kill him”.

Meanwhile, Kid Firefly lies in bed, still comatose.

The door to his room creeps open.

“Still out of it I see. Maybe I shouldn’t have nailed you so hard”.

Xion steps toward his previous victim.

“Poor little fly. That name is so appropriate for you. Like a Firefly, your small, and weak. You’re all show, but not really worth much”.

Xion looks over Kid Firefly, then conjures a blue fireball in his palm.

“Have you ever heard of the Phoenix? Of course not, so let me tell you. It’s ancient bird of legend. Born in fire, it’s both majestic and powerful. It’s said that it’s immortal. Should it die, it’ll rise from it’s ashes and fly again. What I’m getting at it…”

Xion slams the fireball down into Firefly’s chest. His vitals go crazy for a few seconds, but then stabilize.

“When you wake up, you should really consider changing your name”.

Xion leaves the room. Kid Firefly’s fingers begin to twitch.

Elsewhere, a second storm gathers, raining down lightning similar to the same that brought Chip to this world. A massive green bolt strikes down on the ground. In it’s wake, it leaves 4 non-human strangers.

“Hardwire, is he here” asks a figure clad in darkness.

“Yeah Stalker, my scanners are picking him up.”

“Can you pinpoint him” asks a liquid-like humanoid.”

“Who do you think your talking to Gel, my scanners could find a grain of rice in a snowstorm. He’s in a stronghold, about 5 miles north of here”.

“Alright, looks like we’ll have a fight on our hands”, eagerly states a scaly, lizard-like, creature.

“Cool it Scaleface, we’re just here to get my brother, and get out”.

To be continued….

Laser lion and Bekka looked at the strange puppet girl with a bemused look "I can sense you.... are you my master?" asked Andorra quietly to which L.L said, "yes I am" "you have returned for me master after all these years...I was lonely when those ignorant people imprisoned me in here," said Andorra sadly. "It is a new beginning for you...Now you are fighting for the good guys no more more evil,” said Bekka who suddenly appeared to know a great deal more than she was letting on. "Yes masters anything for you," said the strange puppet girl hugging Bekka and then Lazer lion . "What the hell is going on?" shouted L.L who was getting more and more confused by the minute. “Andorra was my adopted father’s servant when his dark side took over him. They killed many people until Simon managed to cure him and then he imprisoned Andorra inside this shrine seems she thinks I’m Dorrace one too many years trapped I suspect." "And why did you not mention this before?" asked L.L and to his shock her face was blank and expressionless "I don't know...I guess I forgot," said Bekka shrugging her shoulders.
The sparrow ran down the hallway with the sardonic crystal luckily the traps had stopped working due to the tomb opening and then exited the hall. “Hello pardner I see you got a little present for us,” Muttered Floyd with a grin on his face. “Yeah whit he said,” laughed Archie pointing his bow in the direction of the thief. The sparrow looked at the two heroes and said "okay?" and then against his will handed it over to them

Outside the Temple war and Trish were sitting down sharing some food that they had brought with them. “Do you get the feeling we‘re being sidelined?,” said Trish who was talking as she ate. War who was brought up well-mannered said “Please Trish mind your manners do not talk and eat at the same time it is quite repulsive,” Trish smiled for a second and then said, “Do you think we should?” “Oh god no not out in the desert someone might see,” Trish drooped her head slightly and said “Oh so you are ashamed of me now?” War frowned and said, “That is not what I meant and you know it.” Trish giggled for a moment and laughed, “I know it’s just funny to see your face when you frown.”
The sparrow walked back into the main alters and stared blankly at the three figures standing there. Following him in was Floyd and Archie "Okay puppet now hop on one leg and say “I‘m a bad man!”,” said Andorra with a childish snigger. As Esbat did so. The others just stared bewildered "Am I the only one freaked out here?” muttered Laser lion as the brain washed Esbat finished his sentence, then with much glee the puppet girl snapped her fingers and Esbat was back to normal. "Oh god what the f…!" shouted the sparrow who then ran off but was stopped by Floyd. "I love messing with people,” said Andorra a big grin on her plastic face.
The six of them ran out of the temple just in time as it collapsed onto itself and then it was gone. Floyd waved the other members of his team over and they all looked at the puppet girl with a raised eyebrow. “this is Andorra everyone,” said Bekka pointing to the puppet girl who said, “I do not like crowds,”


“So what now for you guys?” asked Dave to war
“we are gonna continue travelling to find some recruits,”

“I ordered Floyd and Archie to travel with you and err Andorra doesn’t seem to want to leave your daughters side so I guess she is going as well, pity we could have used her help to beat the doom lord,”

“you said the doom lord was me?”

“yeah long confusing story which I don’t need to fill you in on…all I’ll say is you are the worst thing to hit this world since the internet….seriously Grant Morrison is great why does everyone think his writing is so confusing?”

“because he is?”

Dave stared at war and muttered “are you sure you are not the doom lord?”

“Come on war time to go!” muttered Trish

“well gotta go!” grinned war

“good luck hope to see you again some day!” said Dave shaking wars hand

“yeah same here Dave,”

With those last words war disappeared beamed back on board the Corlionus mark iv. On board was an astonished Archie, an indifferent Floyd and a puzzled Andorra

“so this choo choo can breach the folds of the multiverse master?” asked Andorra to which lazer lion said “for the twelvth time stop calling me master its just L.L okay?”

“yes master L.L okay!” parroted Andorra

“bloody hell its like having a kid…” moaned L.L

“yes isn’t it just!” grinned Bekka sighing as she took one last look at the world she had once been on for a few years. She made friends there, had an adopted father and even learned to be the hero she had become there.

The brakes on the Cornelius Mark V grind the train to a halt as the wanderers climb out to explore their surroundings.

“Where are we, master?” Andorra asked.

“Well, hermmm, I…” L.L stammered to find an answer. As he did, the glowing eyes of the indigenous creatures emerged from the surrounding underbrush.

“GAH!” screamed Bekka, drawing Makepeace, hitting select, and letting fly with a rocket. Fur and metal flew everywhere as the projectile hit its mark. “What the hell were those things?”

“Lush flora… hospitable atmosphere… this is definitely earth, but… it’s so different” commented Archie. “Almost like we’ve arrived on some sort of second earth.”

Inspecting the destruction Bekka had caused and hearing Archie’s comment, War and L.L. looked at each other in horror. “Aw crap” spat out War.

“What’s wrong?” asked Trish.

‘This isn’t a second earth,” L.L. moaned. “It’s THIRD Earth. Bekka… you just killed a group of Ro-bear-bills.”

“Dang right I did” Bekka smiled as she blew the smoke from Makepeace. “Aw nuts, down to 8 rockets.”

“First of all” War interjected “how come I’ve still got ten?”

“That’s obvious” commented Trish. “You’re from Bekka’s past. YOUR missiles haven’t been fired yet”

“Oh, right. So… second, those Ro-bear-bills were peaceful creatures. And third, they were friends with the –“ War was cut short. In the distance, he could hear the rallying cry already…

“Thunder… Thunder… Thunder… THUNDERCATS… HO!!!!!”

“Oh shite” said Floyd.

Meanwile on the doomsday armada

The doom lord sat on his throne with a sadistic grin on his face. He was a changed man since exiting the core zone. No one realised how much though not even himself.

The sovereign walked into the room he was still bruised from his earlier altercation

“you wanted me my lord?”

“yes….you failed me….”

“no I didn’t I!” he never finished as a huge claw suddenly poked through his armour and begun to twist it in two.

David’s voice was high and deranged there was something even more malevolent about it.

“hUsH, sOvErEiGn….It’S tHe IsCaRiOt ThE eUnUcH lOrD….hIs SeEd….ItS sEeD iS wHiTe AnD rEd AlL pReTtY cOlOuRs, PrEtTy RaInBoW cOlOuRs…”

“what….” choked Sovereign blood streaming down his cheek as his is life is completely removed from him. The doom lord casually chucked away the body and then began to laugh insanely

“I’m CoMiNg FoR YoUr FrIeNdS ReApErMaN….”

And inside his new cage of flesh the Iscariot tasted blood and smiled…It was finally free from the core zone and all reality was ****ed

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17 ACT II part V, part 6.1 on Wed Apr 15, 2009 2:13 pm

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Zombie Ninja
Zombie Ninja
This is my personal fave part of act II when a major character died!

As the Thundercats burst onto the scene, Panthro growled “Mutants!” as he hurled one end of his nunchuks at Archie. Lion-O brought down the Sword of Omens at Floyd, but he blocked the blade with the smallest blade imaginable. Chaos exploded around the two groups as they became entangled in battle.

“Wait!” Bekka cried out. “We can explain!”

“How can you explain the wanton murder of these innocent creatures?” Cheetara asked.

Just then, all of the heroes were knocked from their feet as Oroboros and his forces joined the battle.

“Uh… THEY did it!” War shouted. “They’re evil! Could you lend us a hand?”

A knowing look was exchanged between Lion-O and Floyd, and the lord of the Thundercats signaled his comrades-in-arms to switch targets. L.L. watched the Thundercats in awe, and then remembered the presence of Andorra.

“Ummm… you there.. why don’t you… umm… kick Oroboros’s arse!”

“If you so wish, Master” replied Andorra, before unleashing her fury on the group’s enemies. Her eyes grew red as the clouds around her began to darken. Many of Oroborus soldiers died that day as the fury of the puppet goddess was unleashed

Elsewhere, in a shadowed crypt, an ancient figure stirred to life.

“My precious Ma-Mutt… what has been happening? I find myself pulled from this world to another. And I have seen Lion-O there! Ancient spirits of evil… show me the Lord of the Thundercats!”

At his command, the statues surrounding his scrying pool came to life and filled the pool with eldritch energies. The waters swirled, and an image of the battle transpiring came into focus.

The Thundercats, now allied with the travelers, engaged Oroboros. Back-to-back, Lion-O and War fought against the villains.

“I’ve seen you… in that… other place, haven’t I?” asked the Lord of the Thundercats.

“Surer than shoot!”

“What… is that place? The fighting… what does it all mean?”

“Yer highness” War began, shooting one of Oroboros’s lackeys as they leapt at Tigra “There’s a battle going on for the very fabric of reality, and… well… you’ve been drafted. Part of the whole thing is this sort of tournament we’ve all been fighting in… and part of it is why we’re here now, looking for help”

“So that’s why I keep disappearing and returning?”

“Yes sir!” Lazer Lion interjected, blasting Bourbon as he attempted to take advantage of the two heroes being lost in discussion. “You’re only gone during your battles. In between, you’re sent back here. We keep losing War the same way.”

As the heroes talked, the battle raged. Bekka and Trish fought alongside Panthro, Cheetara, Wily Kit, and Wily Kat. Together, the heroes once again routed the villains, and Oroboros was forced to retreat. As the dust settled, the travelers turned to the Tundercats.

“We’d appreciate any help you can spare.” said Trish. “If these monsters win, it’ll be the end of ALL reality.”

“Snarf… contact Hachiman, Snowman, and our other friends. Together, you shall keep watch over Third Earth. My fellow Thundercats and I pledge our strength in your fight” said Lion-O, turning to the travelers. Even as he said this, though, he began to shimmer, as did War.

“Looks like you’re about to do double duty! Good luck Dad!” Bekka shouted, and the heroes vanished.

Back in the tomb, Mumm-Ra was enraged.

“WHAT!?!? Even now, I feel myself drawn back into their tournament. But now that I am aware of what transpires… perhaps I can find a way to bend this tournament to my own dark desires!!!”

As the creature spoke, he faded from the tomb. The beast he spoke to curled up where he had last stood, and whimpered, awaiting its master’s return. Elsewhere, the travelers boarded the Corlionus, and departed for a new world, and new adventure.

“Bekka….my nose is bleeding and I don’t feel well,” muttered L.L

“oh god….that’s not a good sign….I fell it too….something bad is happening on your world L.L,”

“we need to go back now!” shouted Trish her nose was bleeding too.

“setting course for earth 52!” muttered Bekka plunging the controls of the train in the opsoite direction of where they were going….

What was it they had sensed?

Find out now….

Theres red on the base….

On the window, the floor.

The seats and ceiling

And the smell

Peaches and perspiration

And there’s red on the base….

There’s red on the base….

Theres red on the window, the floor, the seats and the dead body that Reaper was clutching in his hands. Tears of red streaming down him.

Ten minutes earlier

Mindy was closing up the medical room. . The only operatives around was Reaper and Jaydee the rest were still with chip micro.

“God I wish Reaper would just notice me for once….just once,” sighed Mindy as she locked the cupboard where the medical implements were kept.


She stopped for a moment she could have sworn she heard a noise.


It was a terrible noise like something running round the walls….like a horse galloping round the walls

Then the voice….one that chilled Mindy to the bone

“From bucks row…to millers court….there’s no one left alive…gentle jack the lady killer slicing up the wives…”

“no…not you!”

The voice giggled and then continued the psychological terror

“six little strumpets glad to be alive….one sidles up to jack and then there were five….”

Mindy in shock began to generate her shield ability that helped stop the monolith when she was previously attacked but it was too late. The doom lord, a crazed glean in his eyes grabbed her and then whispered in her ear.

“I knew a Mary once…I knew a Mary twice….but never knew a Mary so contrary in my life….Well…how shall we pass the time?”

Mindy could feel him close to her but she was not a quitter she quickly raised her leg up and kicked him in the nethers. He quickly fell down in pain giving her time to run off. She quickly hit the alarm and prayed someone heard it.

The alarm was heard and Reaper and jaydee quickly ran into the main corridor and saw Mindy running away tears down her face.

“Oh god what happened?” shouted reaper

“He…oh god….he…”

“Harlot!” screamed the voice of the doom lord from within the hospital wing

“him…” sneered reaper holding onto his scythe a little too tightly

“you filthy jezebel…you are dead.. You hear me!” sneered the doom lord getting up

“What do we do?” said Jaydee

“we’re planting him now….he tried to rape her…that’s not Dave anymore….that’s not even the doom lord….”

“there will be blood tonight…oh yes….strumpets blood enough to paint this world red!”

“who is it….” asked Jaydee

“I don’t know how but that sounds like the Iscariot!” muttered Reaper

“That thing that tortured us last year?”

“the very same….”

“I’m gonna carve my name on her pretty little thighs! Cross the Ts and dot the Is!….you’ll wish aggggghhhhhhhhhhh b****!”

“what the?” muttered Reaper running in with jaydee and Mindy following

The doom lord was getting his ass kicked by two women….specifically….

“Kupocat and Tripper?” muttered Reaper

“Was recruiting her to the cause when we heard the alarm…he’s lost it….” muttered kupocat

“whores!” screamed the doom lord slamming kupocat right into a medical waste basket. He then attempted to go for Tripper and was horrified when she made his arm disappear.

“You’ll pay for that….” screamed the doom lord quickly growing a replacement arm

“Tripper get kupocat and Mindy out of here!” shouted Jaydee grabbing his light sabre

“yeah we’ll deal with him!” said the reaper

“Okay,” muttered Tripper walking over to kupocat and slinging her out cold body over her shoulder. She then grabbed Mindy (who didn’t want to go) and she was gone leaving Doom lord alone with just two heroes against him.

The battle was vicious

“fools….I have the powers the doom lord has absorbed in my arsenal!”

“you are an arsenal!” shouted Jaydee angrily hitting the doom lord square in the face with a force thrown table

“oh how cute it knows humour!” sneered the doom lord as he fired six black bolts at jaydee five missed but one stuck in his leg.

“A present from deadbolt when I chowed down on him!” grinned the doom lord as he disappeared and reappeared behind the two heroes

“Speed hazard!” grinned the doom lord splitting into two forms each as alive and as deadly as the other “Silent K gave me this one!” said the both of the doom lords at the same time

“This is bad the sadistic streak of the Iscariot twinned with the powers of the doom lord!” muttered Reaper

The doom lord reformed back into one being (He wanted to play with the fools for as long as possible) and the drop kicked Reaper straight through a wall.

“Karate learned from shiky!” shouted the doom lord but Reaper didn’t hear him he was out for the count leaving jaydee on his own

“just you now boy…..maybe I’ll do to you what I failed to do to Mindy….” muttered the doom lord angrily

Jaydee knowing this was looking grim began to ran off but two stone arms were holding his legs in place.

“you know xions abilities right….he was the first I chowed down on…back at the beginning….but you know there was one person I never did get a chance to copy their ability and that was you….see you were dead pretty early in my world….Irony abounds right?”

jaydee tried to use his force abilities to escape but it was too late. The doom lord grabbed him and absorbed his power….he then dropped him to the ground but was astonished that he was still alive. Jaydee raised his light sabre and managed to cut the doom lord into two chunks.

“**** you!” grinned jaydee eating a peach from his pocket. His joy was short lived as the doom lord reformed T-1000 style.

“fascinating…that actually hurt…but your story ends here….” he turned his arm into a giant pair of scissors and removed jaydess head from its neck “Now….” finished the doom lord as he begun to tear jaydees headless body limb from limb

“no!” screamed reaper jumping at the doom lord with his scythe hitting full force. But the doom lord grinned and blasted him in the stomach with an eye blast

“I haven’t forgot about you….you killed my girl….I tried to off yours but you both got in the way…still jaydee over there is worm food and I can assure you…you won’t forget me in a hurry either…”


Mindy, tripper and kupocat ran back in. Their face were genuinely horrified when they saw what had happened

Theres red on the base….

On the window, the floor.

The seats and ceiling

And the smell

Peaches and perspiration

And there’s red on the base….

There’s red on the base….

There’s red on the window, the floor, the seats and the dead body that Reaper was clutching in his hands. Tears of red streaming down him.

“I can’t see him to say I‘m sorry…” cried the reaper as he tried to lift up jaydees torso and put it back together with his head. The doom lord had blinded the reaper and smashed his scythe to pieces as revenge.. “He deserves better than this but now jaydees dead and its all my fault.

Mindy ran over and hugged Reaper and began to cry herself. She thought to herself that the doom lord had went too far this time. Too far….

The mood is somber: the skies gray and cloudy, the air is moist and heavy, and there is absolute silence. The allied forces of the World Hoppers Army and the T.I.T. are dressed in black formal wear, but the color of their clothes can hardly match the darkness across their faces. Even though most assembled did not know Jamie personally, they knew those like him; those dedicated to justice, to fight those who would use their strength to dominate the weak. Brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, a hundred hundred faces haunt the thoughts of every man and woman in attendance, seeing too many funerals and too many heroes paying the cost for freedom. Speed Hazard and Copymatts worked through the night to make a statue of their fallen friend, a lightsaber in one hand, a Green Lantern power battery in the other sporting a power ring on his finger. Before it rested a hole in the ground and an inscription at the statue’s base: “In Brightest Day, In Darkest Night, Jaydee chose the Jedi Path, An Instrument of Peace, There is no Death, There is the Force.” At first standing like some unorganized group, Binary Sunset begins playing thanks to Max as a line is parted and those closest to Jamie begin walking down a carpet of green. He’s laid out on an oak platform and covered in white silk. The procession is lead by Reaper and Lazer Lion, carrying the front of the load, while War, Kupocat, Copymatts, and Speed Hazard walk grimly behind them. Walking above the grave, Reaper and Copymatts lower their friend carefully down onto a mound of peachwood. Matt sits next to his wife as she tries to console Jamie’s wife. Reaper steps up to a podium beside the statue.

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18 ACT II part 6 cont, 7 on Wed Apr 15, 2009 2:17 pm

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Zombie Ninja
Zombie Ninja
“Jamie Dunst, better known to us as Jaydee, was a friend I made on the Wizard Message Board, just like the other members of T.I.T. from my world. The first time we met was a few months ago at Wizard World Philadelphia. He was a person full of life. He lived life passionately and treated everyday as something special, a gift to be treasured and celebrated. When I felt sad or angry, he would be there to cheer me up or remind me of how lucky we are to have the freedom to choose our own path, how important it is to choose what is right over what is easy. Jamie never believed in giving up, to his dying breath he refused to stop fighting. No matter the threat, no matter the cost, Jaydee stood with pride, dignity, and strength. In few others did the Force shine so brightly, and if it is true that the Force can not die, then I pray Jaydee remain with us always for in our darkest hour, may his light truly preserve us from evil.”

Reaper stepped down from the podium and pulled the broken pieces of his scythe from behind his back. Stretching his arms, he lowered it atop Jamie’s chest.

“May it protect you as it protected me, old friend.”

Taking his seat, Mindy Monday stepped up to the podium to give her eulogy.

“He was a nice guy, always helpful round the base I will admit I never got to thank him for all the support he showed when I lost my sisters Thelma, Wilma and Frieda to the battle last year. Without him and Je…reaper I would have killed myself and well…I can’t really say much more than that,” she was beginning to break into tears.

They will see. We'll fight until eternity
Come with me We'll stand and fight together
Through our strength we'll make a better day
Tomorrow we shall never surrender.

There was a clap and everyone turned round

“Hi!” grinned the doom lord waving a gloved hand at the crowd

Every single person gathered either drew a weapon, began to aim a sword (or in the case of kupocat began to conjure up a huge fireball) But the doom lord laughed and said “your toys won’t hurt me now dry your eyes kiddies I came to pay my respects to the dead idiot and also dump off some unwanted crap to you guys,”

As he said that he chucked a body onto the ground just beside the grave

“oh my god its Dave….” shouted Lazer Lion

“yeah no need of him anymore we removed all of his regenerative abilities….hes useless to us now oh and Davey boy in case you decide to commit sepekku or some other heroic sh-- to off me I really wouldn’t…my friend the surgeon left a little surprise in you….in the event of your death a black hole will open which will swallow the entire multiverse in an orgy of violence and destruction!”

The doom lord began to fade away with cruel laughter leaving the group of heroes pissed off Mindy quickly took back to the podium and then began to sing….

Love will grow, and nothing comes in the way.
It's true that love is here to stay;
All we have to do is to face tomorrow.
Love will grow, there's no need to run and hide.
It's true we've always been so slow,
Should I tell you now what's been burning inside?

Darling strange days are over,
Fears and Tears they are gone.
This is the very beginning,
Now, the world is meant for you and me.

Love will grow, that's one thing I'm sure of now.
I know that we'll get no more sighs,
Love is to us true-blue, and there's no sorrow.
Love will grow, come what way we'll never part.
Lets hold in tight to dreams of ours,
Even though we've still gotta long way to go.

Darling strange days are over,
Fears and tears they are gone.
This is the very beginning,
Now the world is meant for you and me.

See how the day has just broken,
Oh, so fresh from the world.
See how the brand new sun's coming up,
Let it now shine on me!
Shine on you!

(Everyone joined in with the last verse)

Love will grow, and nothing comes in the way.
It's true that love is here to stay;
All we have to do is to face tomorrow.

As she finishes, a strange noise is heard, like energy bubbling amidst reality, and a light appears on the other side of the statue from where Mindy stands. Those assembled reach for their weapons (not taking any chances after their first visitor)as a police box fades into being with a roaring sound. A somewhat geeky looking man in a blue suit steps out of the box.

“We come in peace: to pay respects and to offer our aid.”

Behind him, nine more men emerge each in a unique suit of formal wear.

“We are the Doctors, and we did not come alone.”

The man raises his hand to the sky as twelve emerald cased beings lower to the ground. Their fields of energy fade as ten Green Lanterns and two Alpha Lanterns emerge: John Stewart, Guy Gardner, Kilowog, Tomar Tu, Arisia, Isamot Kol, Vath Sarn, Soranik Natu, Princess Iolande, Stel, Green Man, and Boodikka. Stewart steps forward.

“The Doctor alerted our superiors to the threat you face. They offer we twelve and gave transport to those who also sought justice to assist in any way we can. We offer our condolences for the fallen.”

A green bubble lands before the grave with five individuals. As the energy dissipates, an older man about his 50s steps forward.

“On behalf of the Jedi Council, we have come to replace our brother. My name is Luke Skywalker, alongside me my son Ben and niece Jaina Solo with Kyle Katarn and Tahiri Veila.”

All stand aside as Luke, the lead Doctor, and John Stewart each take sides of the grave. Luke speaks.

“In accordance with the ways of the Jedi, we set the body ablaze so that his energy may more easily join with the Force.”

Skywalker lowers his hand as blue lightning erupts from it, the Doctor points his sonic screwdriver down as it hums to life, and Stewart unleashes emerald power into the ground. A brilliant flame arises for moments before it is replaced with smoke. The Reaper arises and walks past the three men who step aside. Dropping to one knee, he touches the ground and the mound of dirt feet from it lifts up and covers the ashes of his friend. He stands up and pulls a peach pit from his pocket. Walking to the side of the statue, he pushes it into the ground and places his hand above it. A small ‘please’ crosses his lips as he tenses up and eyes strain. After moments of no movement, a tree takes form from the earth and grows to adult hood, peaches forming on its branches. He speaks low to himself.

“For you, Jamie. You died because of me, and I will have vengeance for you.”

He walks away as John points his hand at the base of the statue and a small green fire emerges before the form of Jaydee.

“It will burn forever. This will guarantee that.”

Bending down, he takes another power ring and pushes it into the ground. At first, movement is slow to leave the funeral. People seem to think that leaving too soon is disrespectful to the hero’s memory, or perhaps it strikes them that the loss becomes real when they leave. However, within a half hour, all who remain were those closest to Jaydee. They pay their final respects and go off to grieve in their own ways. The Reaper goes off by himself; Mindy tries to reach out to him, but some small part of her blames herself for Jaydee’s death, though she knows Jerry also blames himself. Her eyes well up with tears and she begins to choke, her pain making it hard for her to breath. With a deep, low scream, she runs to the Reaper and grabs him. He turns, taking her in his arms, and they walk away together, slowly and silently.

Hours pass as the army plans for the coming war. Though all grieve, there’s an odd determination born from the loss of an ally, a friend. With the death of Jaydee, the team’s conscience, the time for battles is over. Before another precious member of T.I.T. can be picked off for Doom Lord’s madness, a reckoning must come. All these ideas run moot with Reaper and Mindy. Instead, he cradles her in his arms and they fall into a slumber of exhaustion and comfort.

Lazer lion and Bekka looked in agast as an naked man was calmly strapping himself with Kevlar and weaponry

“Please you too…tell me don’t I look awesome?” grinned Dave his white teeth almost sparkling in the dully lit room

“yes err uncle Dave you err look…” muttered Bekka trying not to laugh at Dave since he was clearly brain damaged after all he went through

“yes you look like a proper gilderoy!” exclaimed Lazer lion also trying not to laugh

“great! Then lets head to this train!”

“you are not coming surely?” muttered L.L

“I am indeed and don’t call me Shirley!” grinned Dave rubbing his sword affectionately and then passing it on to Lazer lion.

“This is Shirley keep an eye on her boy!” finished Dave as he walked out of the room with a smile.

Lazer lion and Bekka just looked at first the beautiful sword and then each other in shock. Poor Dave didn’t think he was gilderoy lockhart did he?!?

The grave of Jaydee does not remain free of activity, as Anansi Boy walks out of the darkness and touches his hand on the statue base of his former friend. Before we can wonder if some small part of him still finds feelings for former fellowship, another emerges from nothing. Tomer turns to look upon the form of the Time Trapper. With a wave of his hand, a gate opens as the pair walk to a more private place to talk. A light emerges, minuscule at first, but begins to shimmer in the dirt of the color green. The earth parts as the Green Lantern power ring comes to the surface before again going dull. Beneath the ring, an ellipsoidal lens made of small shimmering jewels juts out.

In Brightest Day
In Darkest Night
No Evil Shall Escape my Sight!
Let Those Who Worship Evil’s Might
Beware My Power... Green Lantern’s Light!

There is No Emotion, There is Peace
There is No Ignorance, There is Knowledge
There is No Passion, There is Serenity
There is No Chaos, There is Harmony
There is No Death, There is the Force.

From Lens Comes the Gift We Give
To Shed Light’s Grace on all That Live!

The Corlionus

“Aye we’re stayin here wie yuir team they seem tae need us,” muttered Archie

“yes…” calmly yawned Floyd

“well good luck to both of….what the hell is he doing with you two!” muttered War as Lazer lion, Bekka and the calmly grinning Dave walked into the main corridor

“He insisted on coming….dad be nice he isn’t right in the noggin!”

“nonsense young girl I am fight as a fiddle and right as rain….say chaps who fancies a game of gears of war 2?” grinned Dave

“oh dear god…” mumbled War

The door then shut and the train was off yet again on their journey

The Reaper wakes up with Mindy still asleep. He’d forgotten the pure freedom that comes from being defenceless in someone’s arms, the comfort that comes from complete trust. A knock comes from his door and he hurries to answer it before it wakes Mindy. The sight that awaits him is of complete surprise: Susan Saturday and Sandra Sunday.

“The time for grief is over, we’ve got some serious work to do. Patch those pretty eyes up of yours”

“Get ready, big boy. School’s officially in for both you and little sis.”

Mnemosis best work on Sotf in this one I think as Jerrys best was the last episode

Badly beaten yet again, Oroboros sulked amidst his collected forces. “THWARTED! At every turn!”

“Sir… I was thinking about that” interjected Bourbon. “We’re always two steps behind those world-hopping wankers, and by the time we’ve arrived, they’ve made some new friends and we get our butts plastered.”

Oroboros growled, “I assume you have a point!”

“We’ve got access to time and relative dimensions in space, right? What says we can’t scan the futures of all the worlds in the multiverse, and find a world where they’ve already been…”

“… then visit it prior to their arrival and set a trap!” Oroboros concluded. “Brilliant idea! Glad I thought of it really! Set the scanners… for subterfuge!”

“Sir, the scanners don’t have a…”

“Shut up and find the heroes!”

At that moment, on a seemingly innocuous world, the passengers of the Corlionus disembarked and began to poke around. Leaving the craft in cover of woods, the group set out for a nearby clearing.

“Where do you suppose we are this time, mum?” asked Bekka.

“No way of knowing, yet. It looks normal enough… though these trees seem a bit… underdeveloped” replied Trish.

Hanging back, War took Dave by the arm. “Look, pal, we’ve all been through a lot. Ya cain’t honestly think that I’ve intentionally done anything to betray you.”

“Oh, don’t worry mate. I don’t blame you. Not entirely. It’s as much that damn tart’s fault as it is yours. Suppose it’s partially mine, too, for trusting the lot of ye in the first place.”

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19 act II part 7cont on Wed Apr 15, 2009 2:17 pm

shining knight

Zombie Ninja
Zombie Ninja
“Alright, yer ticked, and ah can respect that, but be careful what you call the mother of my child… er… to be. Or something.”

“Would you two shut up and look,” came L.L.’s voice in a hushed reprimand, as he pointed across the clearing to an odd building.

“Well shoot! Ah know where we are!”

Earth WUMB several years ago before the time trapper blew it up….even before T.I.T as we knew it formed

Jerry whitworth was quietly doing his shopping unaware he was being spied on

“So that’s the hero,” muttered Sandra

“Not exactly impressive is he?” asked Trish quietly

“….I like him,” grinned Mindy

“you know you can’t be infatuated with any of the subjects….its not good conduct,” muttered Trish darkly

“aw puhleese I saw you drooling over that mnemosis guy earlier,”

“I was not!”

“were too Trish,” laughed Frieda

“you totally were,” sniggered Thelma

“okay….maybe I was,” giggled Trish who then became sterner “but seriously we risk everything by being emotionally attached to the pawns,”

“I don’t see them like that,” muttered Mindy

“Look we are walking on a tightrope here….the Iscariot is playing dirty in his games….he’s even taken to pulling heroes and villains from all over the multiverse in order to break his prison,”

“we know sis,”

“well you also know that if he ever got out not even our divine abilities can stop it,”

“….can we just implant the hidden abilities on to the next one?”

“okay daisy is next…..” muttered Trish pulling out a small piece of paper and ticking the name


The training was over, Sandra and susan had done the best they could to reaper and mindy, Susan implanted brand new bionics into reaper. They were pretty awesome actually full of all sorts of modes and scanning capabilities. He didn’t get much time to stare at Mindys new haircut though when an alarm had went off.

The air fills with the scent of ozone as blue particles begin to shimmer from nothing. The shimmers grow into orbs the size of pearls then baseballs then basketballs before whirling together into a circle and a blue funnel emerges, appearing as a tornado twisting on its side. Two figures are plucked from the formed void as it abruptly dissipates. One is the woman time-adventurer known as Mindy Monday, busily typing away at a MAX-panel. Her companion is the Reaper, member of the Time Investigation Team who can manipulate local matter and is fated to become the Time Trapper. He clutches the Crescent Blade of the Moon, a scythe made from an artifact in the T.I.T. HQ and activated thanks to the techno-know-how of new recruit Chip Micro to replace the one Doom Lord smashed. Little is known of what it capable of, save it’s composed of some hybrid of magic, technology, and biology and it bore markings of the Quintessence. Looking back and forth, confident there was no present danger, Reaper commands the weapon to revert into its inert form like that of a golfball and he sucks it into his hand.

“Where are we, Min?”

“Planet designate Earth-MMPR, year 3000. Whatever all that means.”

“What’re we here for?”

“Dunno. MAX tracked chronal/spacial emanations from here and we want to know if this is Doom Lord’s staging point or something else; if the latter, see if there’s anything we could track to use.”

“All that technology and we’re essentially running with a glorified diving rod.”


She begins to walk forward reading off the panel as Reaper shakes his head and follows.


Less than a hour passes as Reaper and Mindy pass through what seems to be a marketplace. Reaper stops and looks up.

“Oh, for the love of Pete, are we there yet?”

“You know, Jerr, asking that every fifteen minutes only slows this entire process down...”

“Fine, I’m just so friggin bored...”


The duo turn to see before them a group of five multi-colored individuals in different skin-tight costumes.

“Seriously? Power Rangers? Ah, God...”

“Our scanners detect you’re in possession of illegal time travelling equipment. Turn it over now and stand trial for your crimes.”

“Yeah, red body sock, not going to happen.”


The dark clad combatant darts forward and plants two feet into the red ranger’s chest, knocking him with great force many several yards back. The pink ranger screams ‘Alex!’

The rangers draw their sabers as Reaper moves at super-speed and slashes them with his right-hand claw. There’s a large explosion as Reaper quickly jumps free next to Mindy.

“Reaper, that was absolutely uncalled for!”

“Hey! You know how it is: we proclaim our innocence, but some stupid team-up rule forces us to fight each other anyway, some monster shows up and we beat it together and become friends. That’s a good hour or so. I merely sped things along. The monster should show up any second, I’ll drop in a few clicks, and they’ll be like, ‘Wow, you’re not as bad as we thought! Sorry for hassling you! Let’s be friends!’ Just watch.”

Reaper stands there and looks around waiting for the monster. The rangers rise to their feet, shaken.

“Who sent you?! Ransik?!” The pink ranger asks as she dramatically clutches at her ribs.

“Ah, crap. Of course: now they gain a second wind and fight me with nothing but their intense spirit where we earn mutual respect. Oh well, I guess there’s no getting around it.” The Reaper shakes his head as he steps forward and raises his hand towards the rangers. “Power Rangers of Earth, I apologize for my brashness. We mean you no harm, we simply wish to go on our way.”

“Tough luck, buddy!” The red ranger somersaults in front of his fellow rangers and strikes a pose. “Article 3.8 of the Time Force code prohibits use of non-sanctioned time transport technology.”

Reaper shakes his head and puts his left hand on his forehead. “Oh, brother.”

The rangers draw their blasters and unleash a wave of energy on their opponent. They strike a pose as Reaper is surrounded by a wall of fire.


The dust settles as the dark-clad hero continues to put his hand at the rangers. The rangers switch to a pose of exaggerated surprise as Reaper unleashes their energy back on to them. With great height, the targets scream, grunt, and flip backwards on the ground amidst an explosion.

“Okay, lets hurry this along.”

Reaper grows to enormous size. The rangers stand up and point to the sky as five flyers emerge from the clouds to form the Time Force Megazord Mode Red. Their enemy, waiting for them to finish up, summons his scythe and swings it to generate an energy blast that knocks down the megazord. It stands up, summons its saber, and the red ranger screams ‘Your time is up!’ Swinging it at Reaper, he screams as it strikes and he blows up.

“Reaper! No!”

“Relax, Mindy.” She turns to see Reaper there.

“What the Hell?!”

“Yeah, I knew they’d just keep coming so I feigned my dramatic destruction. I just shrunk real quick while unleashing the sword’s energy into the blast. I imagine they’ll be so busy congratulating themselves that they won’t even think to check to see if they actually got me. In any event, lets go before I got to deal with them again.”

Hastily, they get off the street as Mindy’s panel senses the chronal source to be close. A few blocks away, they come across a large structure of unassuming appearance. They enter and follow a corridor until seeing a hall with a sign above the entrance reading ‘Hall of Legends’.

“Welcome, fellow agents of justice.”

A ranger of white and blue steps into view.

“Again?! Geez!”

Reaper grabs the handle of his zanbato sword as Mindy grabs his arm.

“Wait! He’s not attacking and he referred to us as good guys.”

Reaper shrugs and lets go of his sword.

“Indeed. I have waited for you. The energy spurt was released to bring you here. My name is the Omega Ranger and I’m here to help with the crisis that threatens time and space.”

“How’d you know about all that?”

“Your present it maybe, to us it is the past. To me, there is no present, only the moment.”

“Okay. So... what?”

A female ranger of silver and blue steps out.

“Now, we offer the greatest heroes we can and accompany you to join your army for survival.”

Reaper and Mindy walk in as the rangers stand on the pair’s sides and point to the center of the hall. They begin to speak as rangers appear when named:

“Trent Fernandez, the White Drago Ranger with his zords Dragozord, Stegozord, Dimetrozord, and Cephalazord.”

“Eric Myers, the Quantum Ranger and his Q-Rex.”

“Kat Manx, the S.P.D. Kat Ranger, and the Blast Buggy.”

“Tideus, the Yellow Aquitian Ranger, and the Yellow Shogunzord.”

“Tommy Oliver, the Green Drago Ranger, and the Dragonzord.”

“Leanbow, the Knight Wolf Koragg, with Catastros and the Mystic Phoenix.”

“R.J., the Wolf Ranger, and the Wolf Pride Megazord with the power of the Elephant, Bat, and Shark.”

“Anubis Cruger, the Shadow Ranger, and the Delta Command Megazord.”

“Karone, the Pink Galaxy Ranger, and the Wildcat Galactazord.”

“Jason Lee Scott, the Gold Ranger, with Pyramidas, Auric the Conqueror, and the Warrior Wheel.”

The ranger then steps before the new arrivals.

“And I am the Omega Ranger, the final power ranger. I wield the zord Omegamax Cycle. I’m joined by my wife in the Nova Ranger who pilots the Novamax Copter.”

Reaper and Mindy are amazed, a combination of the pride they have to see these people step forward to join their cause and the sheer awe and humility they feel with the power in their presence. However, Reaper soon carries a puzzled look.

“I’m sorry, Omega Ranger, but you never gave your name.”

“Perceptive, Reaper.”

He powers down to appear as an older man with white hair and a small beard.

“This body belongs to a man named Sam, a body that is quickly creeping onto being one thousand years of age. However, I encompass the life energies of many several beings whom have been rangers. Where I guard this repository of energies for the morphing grid, my body is the home to some of those that powers that had a desire to survive death and fight on after it. Some include Zordon, Trey of Triforia the Gold Ranger, the Phantom Ranger, Zhane the Silver Space Ranger, Magna Defender, Ryan Mitchell the Titanium Ranger, Merrick Baliton the Lunar Wolf Ranger, Cameron Watanabe the Green Samurai Storm Ranger, Conner McKnight the Triassic Ranger, Daggeron the Solaris Knight, Tyzonn the Mercury Ranger, and the Sentinel Knight. For some time, especially when I first came to the Hall, I was confused about who I was. It took a great deal of time, and no small amount of help from Nova, to finally realize what I am. It was by this subconscious idea that I am the final ranger that I chose the title of Omega Ranger.”

Nova Ranger powers down and embraces Sam.

“I myself carry on the energies of the sisters Udonna the White Mystic Ranger and Niella the Gatekeeper. Apparently, once a ranger, always a ranger.”

The two separate and morph again. Omega Ranger speaks up.

“Time grows short; the wave of anti-energy will strike the farthest past and future before reaching the time you come from. If it’s to be stopped, we must return sooner than later.”

With that, a time portal opens. Reaper and Mindy look at each other, nod, and the pair with the rangers in tow return to the present.


Reaper and Mindy are walking to the cafeteria discussing their latest recruits.

“I can’t believe we got a dozen legendary Power Rangers in our ranks, now. I wonder if I could get a few of them to teach me some moves?”

Mindy makes a sour face. “Do you always have to think about training? What, my sisters’ torture wasn’t enough? By the way, what did you guys do in there, anyway?”

Reaper’s face turned red. “Nothing! We didn’t do anything!!!”

Mindy looks puzzled. “What?”

“Oh! I mean, we worked on ways to give me superhuman power without bulking up by pumping my muscles like microprocessors for a computer, rewire my brain for greater and faster computation, and how to better manipulate energy, even in terms of manipulating my own spirit force. They also improved my martial capabilities.”

“Wait a minute... what did you think I was talking about? ... What happened?!”

“Nothing! Nothing, I swear! We just trained, it’s just my mind goes certain places when I hear certain things!”

Mindy’s eyes narrow. “Ok...”

They walk quietly for moments before Mindy shakes her head.

“Anyway, can you believe about Omega and Nova Ranger? They were together for like a thousand years! And she helped him discover his true power through their love. It’s so romantic.”

She hugs Reaper’s arms.

“Uh... yeah, that’s great.”

“You don’t have a romantic bone in your body, do you?”

She drops his arm. They go quiet again. Suddenly, Reaper stops. Mindy takes a step or so before noticing and turns to him.

“What is it? I’m sorry, I was just joking...”

“Mindy, I care about you. It’s hard for me to share my feelings, I’ve always been afraid that if I give my heart to someone, something bad would happen; they wouldn’t love me back or they’d leave me or they’d... Doom Lord almost killed you. I’ve thought about that a lot and I finally made up my mind. I denied myself the opportunity to love because of the harm that could come to my loved ones. But, in doing so, I denied myself for no reason and almost lost you anyway. What I’m saying is... I want to try. I want to try to love.”

Mindy’s eyes swell up with tears.


She tackles Reaper to the ground and hugs him. At first he’s shocked, but he just lifts his arms and holds her.

“I miss Wilma, Thelma, and Frieda so much; and when I thought I couldn’t deal with living anymore, you came into my life. I... I don’t know what I would’ve done without you...”

She looks up at him and sees tears in his eyes. With that, they kiss.

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20 act II part 7 cont part 8 on Wed Apr 15, 2009 2:19 pm

shining knight

Zombie Ninja
Zombie Ninja
Behind a corner some dozen yards from them, the Time Trapper peeks around at them, his face shrouded in darkness from his hood.

“Kissing an angel of the lord past self? You make me sick,” sneered the time trapper darkly….
Inside the structure, alarms began to sound.

“What is it, Mainframe?”

“We’ve got unidentified bogies making their way towards HQ, Duke. Whaddya make of em? Some sort of Cobra experiment gone wrong?”

“I don’t know what they are, but I recognize the one in the tie! I’ve seen him in that other place I keep vanishing off to. If they are Cobra, that supports our theory that Cobra’s somehow behind my disappearing act.”

“Well, what are we standin’ around for?” croaked Shipwreck. “Let’s nail those snakes’ butts to the wall! YO JOE!!!!”

Outside, the world hoppers bore witness as a full compliment of Joe’s poured forth and lit up the sky with laser fire.

“They’re so… tiny…” commented Trish.

“They’re shooting at us! Does size really matter?” asked L.L., prompting the other heroes to burst into laughter.

“Sure they’re shooting at us…” said Dave.

“… but not a one of their shots has hit its mark” concluded War.

Flint turned to Duke “Those giants are evading our laser fire somehow! They must have genetically enhanced reflexes or something!”

“Ace! Scarlett! Scramble the Sky Strikers!”

As the jets bore down on the travelers, War turned to Dave. “This may get messy. Truce?”

“Bloody ‘ell!”

“Aren’t they supposed to be the good guys?” asked Bekka.

“Sure, but they don’t seem to know that we are!” replied War.

The two men braced for combat with the aircraft, but as they did this, Bekka reached her left hand behind her back and drew her other into her sleeve. The jets drew closer, and Bekka thrust her right hand out again, her brazier dangling from it. She began waving it furiously in the air. Lazer Lion, seeing this, passed out.

“Duke… I think they’re calling for a surrender!” radioed Scarlett.

Moments later, the two groups stood toe-to-toe in the Joe’s war room, the travelers stooping slightly. Bekka whispered to Lazer Lion, “They’re only, like, three foot nine, at most. But… everything’s in scale as though that’s normal here! What gives?”

Duke sized up War. “I’ve seen you in that tournament, what’s going on?”

Trish interjected, and explained the events that had led to the world-hoppers’ arrival. She explained the Doom Lord’s conquest, and the death of their friend. When she finished, Doc chimed in:

“This is roughly what I had theorized was going on.”

“Really. You’d suspected that a pan-dimensional war lord was attempting to take control of all reality as we know it, and that your commanding officer had been drafted into a gladiatorial tournament that figured into the final conflict between good and evil?”

“Yes, roughly.”

“What is your doctorate in, anyhow?”

“Application of advanced theoretical physics.”

“That explains the energy mirrors and brain wave scanners. Sort of” commented War.

“We’ll gladly lend any help we can,” said General Hawk. “Blowtorch, Snake-Eyes, Bazooka, Roadblock, Sergeant Slaughter, Flint, Duke, and Scarlett will go with you.”

“Alright then, back to the train it is” said Dave.

“Why does it always have to be a train?” asked Flint.

The assembly of heroes headed out of the Joe’s base, on their way to the Corlionus, but found themselves confronted by a platoon of Cobra Troopers. From a Trouble Bubble above, Cobra Commander shrieked “You foolssss are doomed! Thanks to the giant Oroboros, we have your train! Soon, the multiverse shall belong to Cobra!”

The snake made his escape as the Joes and world hoppers fought their way through a sea of Vipers. In the distance, they could hear the familiar sound of the Corlionus warming up, and the tear of space/time as it vanished.

“Now what!?!?!” wailed L.L. “We’re stranded!”

“Yawn,” muttered Copymatts as he looked down at kid firefly. The life support was calmly beeping away.

“wake up buddy we’re the only two team awesome guys left now!” sighed Matts

The machine began to go nuts and then exploded sending matts towards the wall and knocking him out. Kid firefly rose from his bed eyes of fire staring at his surroundings. The implanted phoenix force was starting to work on him and he liked it

Kid phoenix was born

And xion looked on with a smile on his face

“check heroes….” he grinned darkly

You know this is


His eyes open and it takes a few moments to remember where he is. The Reaper has spent much of his youth relatively alone; not in the sense he didn’t have friends, but that rarely he felt comfortable enough to be himself with others. Among a veritable ocean of friends, a small handful truly knew him. This was especially true for women. It took a lot for him to confide in someone he could be completely intimate, completely honest emotionally and physically, with, and too many times his feelings were met with rejection and/or heartbreak. He picked up two nicknames in high school: Lone Wolf and Death. The former came from just the general sense that when he was somewhere, he wasn’t really there, not completely. The latter came for his acceptance of death, his calm and understanding of inevitability. Most spend their lives afraid of death, but the Reaper’s former self was fine with it, fine that he wouldn’t live forever and wouldn’t want to. However, in his heart, he knew that was because one idea fed into the other. For, when you find someone you love, and you know it’s the real thing and not some fling or means to pass time, you find the reason to live, to live for another’s sake. He gently stroked Mindy’s naked arm and kissed the top of her head. It rattles through Reaper’s mind that there will come a time when either he or Mindy will be gone, but he’s accepted he’d rather have this one moment then a life of regret. The small movement must have been enough to wake Mindy as she stirred and then looked up.

“Hey you.”


“You okay?”

“Yeah Min, just thinking.”

“About what?”

“That I’m very, very lucky.”

“Sweet talker.”

She gently kisses him.

“And yes; yes, you are.”

He smiles and she joins him. They just hold each other tight in silence; words are meaningless in this moment because they can just feel each other and how they feel, what they think, just that for this brief time, life is perfect.

“Reaper... Jerry, there’s something I have to tell you.”

He inquisitively looks down as Mindy pulls away, covering her bodice with the sheets as she fixes her hair behind her ear. Reaper sits up.

“What is it? Look... if you regret last night...”

“No, it’s not that. There’s something I haven’t told you, something that I should have.”

“Mindy, whatever it is, it’s fine. Everyone has a past, we’ve all done things we’re not proud of. I know I have. It’s who we are now that defines us, who we choose to be.”

“I don’t know if you’d think that after you hear what I have to say.”

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21 part 8: II on Wed Apr 15, 2009 2:20 pm

shining knight

Zombie Ninja
Zombie Ninja
“Mindy, I love you. I love who you were, who you are, and who you will be. You’ve given me the freedom to be myself, to be comfortable in this impossible situation. I can’t thank you enough...”

“Stop, Reaper, please. You’re making this so very hard...”

Her eyes tear up and she looks away.

“Alright, Mindy. Go ahead and get whatever it is off your chest.”

“Things... things weren’t suppose to be like this. We were suppose to be impartial. Unbiased. But, none of us could have foresaw everything that’s happened.”

“What are you saying?”

“Reaper, this is all...”

The room fills with a wail as it turns a deep purple. Electricity is everywhere as light violet particles rise from Reaper’s body.

“What the hell?!”

The world turns black and gray as Reaper and Mindy feel like they’re being pulled apart particle by particle. Instinctively, they close their eyes, and when they open, they are in deep shock. Part of the room and they rest in the center of some clearing in a rain forest or swamp, the air full of the rank of a bog and sulfur.

“Where... where are we, Reaper?”

“I have no idea... at first I thought the base was about to blow up, but then we ended up in this place.”

Their conversation is short as they feel the ground tremble. Shortly after, a bustling can be heard several dozen yards from them. Reaper sprouts dozens of tentacles and scoops up his clothes and weapons that made the trip, reforming into his costume and summons the Crescent Blade of the Moon. Mindy likewise grabs her clothes but lacks her lover’s speed as the head of a Tyrannosaurus Rex with a horn bulging from its forehead erupts from the tree line at the edge of the clearing before them. Mindy lets out a scream as Reaper shoves his zanbato sword under the monster’s jaw and into its brain, forcing the blade to grow in size and width to surely slay the creature. Reaper returns his sword to its usual appearance and jumps down as Mindy hurriedly finishes getting dressed.

“Gah, that was close.”

“You aren’t kidding; if you didn’t shish-kabob that blighter, he would have had me for a brisk meal. I suppose given the circumstances, I should have asked when are we.”

“Well, T-Rexes are as bad as it gets I’d imagine; I took care of that one pretty easily, so we should be fine.”

Kupocat and Floyd Lawson were walking down the base.

“Here's a basic rule in RPG... a character can be shooted, stabbed, stricken by lightnings, burnt to a crisp and so on during battles and it's no big deal... but there's a thing RPG characters can't do nothing to prevent: PLOT DEATH.”

“so what you are saying is our lives are nothing but crazed writing from some very insane people?”

“that is indeed what I’m saying,” grinned Floyd as he pushed the door to the hospital wing open.

They both started at the destruction around them and then to the outcold Copymatts.

“Matts oh crud!” shouted kupocat pushed Floyd aside and checking on him.

“I’m cool just a bit embarrassed….hey specs give me a hand up will you?” asked Matts

“sure….what happened here?” asked Floyd

“venomjr just woke up,” sighed Matts in pain as Floyd helped him up.

“hes okay?”

“well I wouldn’t say that….that prick xions did something to him I’m sure of it,” as Matts finished a huge ball of fire exploded in the hospital wing sending kupocat crashing into more medical waste.

“I hate that….why does that keep happening to me!” shouted kupocat who then began to move towards the fire and began absorbing it.


More rustling can be heard as Reaper readies his scythe and Mindy her energy pistol. The screech is heard first as creatures stalk from the darkness and walk onto the T-Rex. As they come into view, the pair can see it’s four velociraptors with black feathers formed in some pattern on their bodies.

“It’s okay; there’s only four of them. All the same, lets get out of here now.”

As Mindy and Reaper begin to creep back, they hear snarls behind them. As they turn, they see a dozen glowing yellow eyes in the bush before them. Turning back around, they see half a dozen raptors standing on the T-Rex looking down on them.

“Ah, crap.”

Reaper grabs Mindy and throws her on his back as he swings his free arm ahead of him as it turns into a large axe head, cleaving into most of the eyes before them. The raptors shriek as Reaper takes off, slashing dinosaurs in front of him while Mindy blasts those behind them. However, for every raptor they slay, three more take its place.

“This isn’t working, Reaper!”

With that, he leaps high into the air and grows a pair of large black-feathered wings and flies up. The raptors, unfazed, jumps behind him into the trees and jump from one to another making chase.

“I didn’t know they could do that! I need more altitude.”

“I don’t know if that’s such a good idea!”

Reaper looks up to see Pteranodons coming towards him.

“What the hell, man!”

He darts between them as a few Pteranos get too close to the tree line and are dragged down by raptors.

“We should be able to outmaneuver them!”

In response, the flying creatures begin to unleash eye lasers at them.

“Seriously?! Seriously?! Pterodactyls with friggin laser beams?!”

“Actually, I think they’re Pteranodons...”

“Not now, Min!”

Reaper lowers to around the tree line as they’re chased by the jumping and flying creatures, all the while they snap at each other amidst the chase.

“The enemy of my enemy is my enemy!”

“Dick Tracy, right?”

“Yeah, yeah...”

Reaper retracts the wings and falls to the ground as Mindy screams. Before crashing, he turns his arms and legs into like that of a motorcycle frame for wheels and the two land and rocket forward.

“I didn’t know you could do that!”

“Neither did I!”

“This is like Return of the Jedi!”

“Min, not now!!!”

Before she can respond, she points forward and Reaper instinctively pulls to the right as the ground crumble before them. A giant worm emerges from the earth as the dinosaurs pursuing them begin to catch up and surround them.


Xion stood grinning at the chaos and was almost surprised to see a familiar face (well to him anyway)

“xion….” muttered the bizarre looking creature

“jester,” muttered Xion with a grin who then said “care to watch the fun?”

Kupocat screamed as she continuously blasted kid phoenix with as much power as she could muster.

“shes kicking his ass!” shouted Floyd over the chaos

“yeah reaper would love this”

Say Matts where is he?”

“I have no idea probably with that Mindy girl enjoying themselves somewhere!”


“Please tell me this is a dream!”

The worms lunges forward as Reaper stands in front of Mindy with his scythe prepared to strike. Before the creature can reach him, it takes a large blast of energy in the mouth. Reaper turns to see where the blast derives only to see a few raptors scooped up in the mouth of a robot dinosaur.

“This has definitely got to be a dream. Maybe the shellfish I ate for dinner was bad...”


Elsewhere, the Surgeon has a confused look on his face. He hurries to his master’s bed chamber.

“Doom Lord, something has happened.”

The Doom Lord, having his perverse idea of fun with the corpse of Zero Doom, turns to his soldier. The Surgeon walks behind him and caresses his chest from behind him.

“Yes, puppet?”

“Your favorite toy has gone off the grid.”

“He should know nothing can escape me, not now.”

He looks up towards the three red moons outside his window.

“Ah, a dark spot. Some nexus of some kind. He’s surely there. Probably has that whore with him. I’ll go there and show her my expression of love in front of him before he dies.”

“You know just what to say to make me hot, don’t you?”

The two kiss as Doom Lord summons his armor.

“I’ll share any souvenirs of Mindy with you if there’s something big enough to bring back.”

“You spoil me, my lord.”

He turns and fades in a puff of mist.


Kupocat continued her assault on kid phoniex not even his newly gathered power was enough to stop her.

“you messed with the wrong girl!” shouted kupocat angrily as she plunged her hand on venom chest and ripped the phoenix force right out of him.

“where am I?” whined kid firefly who then looked up at the phoenix kupocat and muttered “oh sh--,”

Mindy and Reaper can hear engines roaring as a police car, formula one race car, and army jeep fly out of the brush to surround the pair and transform into giant robots, blasting away at the raptors and pteranodons. Amidst the confusion, it would seem the worm was forgotten as it rises again towards the T.I.T. members and robots. Before it can reach them, a red and blue robot flies out of the jungle with jet flames coming from his back and rapidly fires energy blasts on the creature.

“Autobots, protect the humans! Ironhide, Warpath, and Skyfire help me fight the worm; Trailbreaker, put a force field around the humans; Hound and Mirage, distract the worm using your abilities; Prowl, maintain your position; Dinobots, take care of the dinosaurs.”

“Grimlock doesn’t take orders; he gives them!”

A robot pterodactyl darts from the sky, crashing into several pteranodons and sends them to the ground as a robot triceratops and stegosaurus leap from the darkness and trample them. The head of a brontosaurus emerges above the tree line and opens its mouth to the sky and breaths energy in a stream cutting down more flying dinosaurs.

“This is wild!”

“Min, these are the Transformers, right? I mean, we’re actually watching the Transformers fight mutant dinosaurs?”

“Been in enough of these fight to just get used to general weirdness, eh?”

“No doubt.”

Their musing is cut short when an energy blast strikes Trailbreaker and he begins to fall onto the duo. Reaper grabs Mindy and turns his lower half into a taunt spring, launching out of the way just in time as the robot crashes. A glowing cocoon slightly open at top with a single flashing eye comes from the woods.

“Ok, this is just ridiculous, now. Seriously.”

Reaper scoops up Mindy and dashes beside Prowl and drops her off as the robot blasts dinosaurs that come nearby. He screams to his leader.

“Prime, Trailbreaker’s down! This is getting really bad, really fast!”

Skyfire drops bombs atop the giant worm before turning around and strafes it with energy blasts. Warpath and Ironhide dart in and out of the jungle blasting at the beast. Optimus Prime continues to stand his ground, blasting the worm whenever it lashes at him between pummeling its base. A microphone drops down in front of his masked mouth.

“Blaster, this is Prime. Do you read me?”

There’s a pause before Prime continues.

“We need Powerglide, Wheeljack, Jazz, Cliffjumper, and Bumblebee ASAP. Triangulate my position using this signal but remain with the device. If you don’t hear from me in fifteen minutes, take the others and move as I’m sure Soundwave is listening in to this transmission. Prime out.”

Reaper grows in size and punches the eye of the cocoon as it levitates but nearly crashes on its side. A hum comes from it as it unleashes a blast that makes a clearing into the woods.

“And stay down!”

The cocoon rights itself only to find Reaper with his mid-section twirled like someone trying to squeeze dry a towel. His scythe in his hand, he spins like a buzzsaw and slices deeply into his opponent. The cocoon swells like a sun about to go supernova. Reaper, noticing this, begins to absorb the energy.

“Be careful, Reaper! You don’t know how much power that thing has!”

The Dinobots form a circle as the remnants of the raptors creep towards them.

“Grimlock say you chicken-lizards are Grimlock’s meal!”

The Dinobots ready themselves as the raptors rush them only for a line of them to eat an energy blast.

“There’s no need to fear, Powerglide’s here!”

The red plane descends and continues to strafe the raptors as a racing car and two small cars come out of the jungle and begin herding the raptors into the Dinobots who unleash blasts of energy from their mouths. Another racing car emerges but makes a bee line to the fallen Trailbreaker.

The giant worm heaves, acting like it’s about to vomit, but instead tentacles lash out of its mouth and grab the invisible Hound and Mirage, the in air Skyfire, the moving Ironhide and Warpath, and the up-to-this-point unmoving Optimus Prime.


Prowl turns his attention from the dinosaurs to the worm, blasting at its tentacles as it shrieks in pain. Raptors break from the pack to attack Prowl as Mindy begins blowing them away with her pistol. All the while, the cocoon is now a ball of energy as Reaper in his giant form still is on one knee trying to prevent an explosion.

“Argh! I don’t know how much longer I can hold this!”

The Dinobots, walking over the corpses of dozens of raptors and pteranodons, races to meet the new challenge of the worm as Wheeljack realizes the severity of the energy forces Reaper faces.

“We need to get out of here and we need to get out of here fast!”

Prowl scoops up Mindy despite her protests as the free Autobots try to release their comrades from the remaining threat (except the Dinobots, who could care less as they tear into the creature’s flesh). Skyfire and Powerglide strafe the creature and cut away enough of the tentacles for all the Autobots to hit the ground.

“Transform and roll out!”

Following their leader’s commands, they race away except for Warpath and Hound who physically shove the Dinobots out of the area. Reaper screams from the strain and points his hand at the worm who now has changed his attentions to him.

“Eat this, Graboid!”

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shining knight

Zombie Ninja
Zombie Ninja
A huge pillar of energy erupts from the dark hero as it cuts a swathe into the worm’s body. The beast screams in pain as it collapses in a lake of green blood, undulating its death throes. Reaper screams louder as he loses control of the energy and an explosion is created. Mindy, since being forced into taking flight, has yet to take her eyes off of her man but must avert them at the coming flash. The Autobots are knocked to the ground and overturned from the force of the blast. Transforming, they race back to the site of the battle to find a smoldering crater. A body lay in the ruin’s epicenter as Mindy break free of Prowl and runs to him.


“All this power!” giggled kupocat insanely “I can burn this whole world with this power!”

“oh crap!” shouted Matts as he ran over and just saved kid firefly from being barbequed for a second time.

“we need to stop her!” shouted Floyd

“how?” shouted Matt’s over the flames which were getting larger

“I have an idea,” muttered Floyd pointing his gun at kupocat


“Please be okay, please be okay...”

She touches him and jumps back in pain. Gritting her teeth, she grabs him again and turns him over.

“Breath, Reaper! Breath, damn it!”

The Autobots surround the pair with their heads down.

Swoop asks, “Is dark man okay?”

Mindy puts her ear to his chest, fighting the searing heat emanating from him, to check for a heartbeat. When she hears none, she begins CPR. Checking again, still no heartbeat. She begins to pound on his chest before he finally exhales. Mindy screams as she holds him tight as Reaper’s begins to breath very lightly.

“We need to get him somewhere safe.”

Before Optimus can speak, an energy blast catches him in the chest.

A robot of gray and black steps from the wilderness with a large, smoking cannon on his right arm.

“There is no safe place from Megatron.”


“No don’t shoot her its not her fault!” shouted Matts

“In my world we play for keeps,” muttered Floyd

“You are not on your poxy world anymore you are on ours and we don’t kill our friends,”

“shes not my friend!” shouted floyd beginning to tighten on the trigger….

“No kupocat!” screamed Matts



“Stop whining you twit!” barked Dave. “You’re never going to be the savior of anything if you don’t grow a pair!” he shouted, cutting Cobra Troopers to ribbons. War and Bekka fired on the enemy soldiers before them, as Lazer Lion composed himself. He began blasting Cobra Vipers with his laser vision. The Joes stood by, frozen in shock and horror. The Cobra forces devastated, the world hoppers paused.

“What’s their problem?” asked Trish.

“Oh… oh no” lamented War. “They’ve… they’ve never actually…”

“THAT WAS FANTASTIC!!” shouted Flint.

“Truly amazin’, you came in guns blazin!” said Roadblock.

Snake Eyes signed “I love you” to Bekka, but she just thought he was having some sort of a seizure.

“Errr… umm…” The travelers didn’t know how to respond. Duke sensed their unease.

“Do you know how long we’ve been trying to do that? Our weapons rarely hit their mark, and when they do, they’re about as effective as… well… colored flashlights!”

“Glad we could help,” said Trish. “But… now what? Lazer Lion was right, without the Corlionus, we’re stuck here.”

“Perhaps I can help with that” said Doc, appearing as if from nowhere at the exact opportune moment. “You see, after Duke started vanishing, I began constructing my own inter-dimensional portal, in case we needed to rescue him. It’s nothing fancy, but it should be able to track your own chrono-spacial signature back to your train.”

“Seriously, WHY are you a field medic?!?!”

“I like saving lives.”

“Fair enough.” And with that, the forces of good once again headed into GI Joe Headquarters, preparing to embark on a mission throughout worlds without end.

Meanwhile, on the Corlionus…

“Ahhhh… giant no more, Oroborussssss!” called Cobra Commander.

“Indeed, once inside the rift between worlds, denizens of all realities are subject to a single universal scale. Where before, I was six feet tall and you a mere three and three quarters, now we stand as equals. But be warned of your place, Commander. In this endeavor, you are nowhere NEAR my equal.”

“No, of course not” the Commander hissed, already plotting a way to overthrow the Doom Lord’s general. A few moments later, in a separate cabin, Destro confronted the Commander.

“You can’t seriously mean to assist this monster and his master! He’s made no bones about their intentions to crush the very multiverse beneath their heels.”

“Desssstro you fool, with this train, and their forces, we can find and conquer a world without GI Joe!”

“Without an army, how do you expect to rest control from Oroborus and his lackeys?”

“I’m a used car salesman who convinced Joe Six-Packs everywhere to join my terrorist army in an attempt to overthrow the world’s governments. Let me worry about recruitment!”

“I’d always assumed you were some sort of highly evolved snake man”

“Really Destro, what would make you think something so absssssurd?”

“Well, all the hissing for one.”

“It’s a ssssibilant ‘s.’ A mere sssspeech impediment. Honestly… ‘highly evolved snake man.’ You may be a brilliant arms dealer Destro, but sometimes you let your imagination get carried away with you. Next you’ll be telling me your ancessstral home is haunted by some sort of demon.”


At exactly that moment, the two men heard a “pop” and the Joe team, accompanied by the world hoppers, appeared out of nowhere.

“Snakes!” shouted Duke.

“Why’d it have to be snakes?” asked L.L., but no one seemed to get the joke.

“Wait, heroesssss! A truce! We did not realize the true evil of –“


Dave had rested Makepeace from its holster and shot Cobra Commander dead.

“That’s my gun!”

“That’s how ye take care of an evil dictator, L.L.”

“A fellow Scot! Perhaps I can prevail upon your sense of –“


Lazer Lion’s optic blasts hit Destro’s highly polished mask, ricocheting off and burning a hole through the cabin door. From the other side came a pained “YEARGH!”

“Oops” said Lazer Lion, but as they opened the door, they found Bourbon in the passageway picking up his severed arm. “I mean… I meant to do that.”

The heroes pushed past Oroboros’s lackey, down the corridor. Snake Eyes was first through to the forward cabin and using stealth, precision, and a bit of break dancing, caught Oroboros off guard. Recognizing the unfavorable odds, Oroboros summoned his foot soldiers to the battle, but none came. Oroboros activated a teleportation device on his wrist, and beamed himself back to his own ship.

“I can’t believe we reclaimed the Corlionus” said Trish.

“I can’t believe Doc’s doohickey worked” said Blowtorch.

“I can’t believe Cobra Commander’s dead” said Duke.

“I can’t believe that little stunt of yours worked” said Destro to L.L.

“I can’t believe the Doom Lord’s troopers didn’t respond to Oroboros’s call!” said War.

At that moment, Andorra emerged from the corridor, soaked in blood. “That may be my fault, master,” she said to Bekka. “I got bored when you all left me behind. I wasn’t sure where you all had gotten off to, but now I know.”

“And knowing is half the battle!” chimed in the Joe team.

“I can’t believe the fate of the universe rests on the shoulders of you lot” said Dave.

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23 part 9 I on Wed Apr 15, 2009 2:22 pm

shining knight

Zombie Ninja
Zombie Ninja
Kupocat froze for a second and then fell out of the sky. Matts ran over to her and saw the huge gaping hole in her head where Floyd’s bullet had struck.

“you bastard!” screamed Matts running over to Floyd and began to charge at him

“you losers are boring….me and Archie are joining the other side!” grinned Floyd as he fired his gun and it went straight through matts shoulder. He still ran.

A second hit….he stumbled a bit but continued to run

Shot in the kneecap….he hobbled but continued to move

One final hit in the head and matts was dead

“No guys!” whined kid firefly weakly as a huge sword plunged into him

“nae offence but yon doom lord made us a wee bit o a better offer….jus be lucky he is busy wie your boy reaper or he wid be after yous anyway…we’re the better option at least wie us yuir deaths are quick and….oh he died quickly whit a wuss bag,” muttered Archie pulling out the sword and then kissing Floyd on the lips.

“let’s go the surgeon is beaming us up to the armada soonish!” grinned Floyd darkly.

“T.I.T whit a bunch o wankers they turned oot tae be!” laughed Archie and then they were gone.

<In a forest clearing>

“Are you in”?

“The fool actually believed my story. Infiltrating his inner circle was easy”.

“What about the gem, does he have it”?

“I just got there, brother. He only trusts me so much, I have to prove myself. Give me more time to gather informa…”

“We don’t have more time! In case you haven’t noticed, everything’s really gone to sh--, and I’d like to get the gem before the world ends”.

“Relax, you know me. If it’s valuable, I’ll get my hands on it.”

“Heh. You greedy fat bastard, I should’ve known to doubt you. Anything to add dear brother”?


“I know, I know. Don’t worry little brother, the Master will keep his promise if we keep ours”.

Xion, Kraven, and Jester then part ways..


The Autobots, hurt and in desperate need of repairs and Energon, draws their weapons and form a circle. A robot of red and white steps from behind Megatron.

“Magnificent, Lord Megatron. Letting the Autobots ruin themselves saving these humans and then we cut them down like beryllium grass.”

A boxy robot steps from across the other side of the clearing of blue and grey.

“Decepticons superior, Autobots inferior.”

Pressing a button repeatedly on his shoulder, two birds, two humanoids, a large, sleek cat, and a large bat emerge from his chest and land on the ground before him. Six large robots of purple and light green walk up behind him.

“The situation doesn’t look good, Prime!”

Wheeljack, checking his leader’s wound, is pushed aside as Optimus rises.

“It never is, Jazz. Autobots, prepare for battle!”

Cliffjumper exclaims a, “Let me at ‘em!”

Megatron smirks as he points his cannon forward and five jets fly above him with lasers ablaze. A gravely growl comes out of the darkness as a large figure knocks down three Insecticons and leaps in front of the Autobots blocking the energy fire. Mindy looks on in amazement as a colossal stone ape just saved her life. A screech echoes in the sky when the Seekers are blasted by a giant dragon with eye and tail lasers.

“What is going on!” escapes Megatron before a red sphere hits and explodes in his face.

“Got him!” comes from a little boy with a glob with eyes stands next to him and mumbles.

Before Megatron can act, he’s struck with a barrage of red spheres from another source. Mindy turns to see some form of triceratop puffing ammunition from its forehead horn. A man’s powerful yell comes from the forest when a massive glob lashes at the boxy robot and his cassette troops are entangled by it. The purple and grey one screams, “Whoa! What gives?! I didn’t order any taffy!” The six green and purple robots form into a giant robot but are greeted with the fist of the stone ape in its face. A man with red hair and a woman with blonde race across the clearing.

“My name is Zandor, we must get you and your friend out of here immediately!”

With that, he lifts Reaper as the blonde helps up Mindy and they race out of the clearing.

“Metal ones, follow me! The Herculoids can hold back these evil ones while we escape!”

The robots look to Optimus who instructs them to roll out. Transforming, they drive past the man and woman except Hound who stops to let them on his back. Zandor screams to the clearing, “Now, Dorno!”

“You heard him, Gleep!”

Dorno jumps on his friend’s back and made a strange howl. Gleep races along the ground like a slinky and all is still for moments. However, the tranquillity is short lived as red apes stampede towards the area.

“They’re big plan is to use monkeys?! Ha!”

However, Starscream’s quip haunts him as the apes cover Devastator and his metal shell begins to melt as the creatures breathe fire on him. Igoo, knowing the danger, abandoning his opponent and dashing away as Gloop joins him. Zok provides cover, convincing the Decepticons they’re better off dealing with the apes than the apes and the Herculoids. The Seekers try to take on the dragon, but Tundro made them pay for it with debilitating explosions to their frames.

“I’ll get you, Prime! I’ll get you if it’s the last thing I do!”

Megatron’s threats become drowned out by the fiery embrace of several dozen red apes.



The dead bodies of T.I.T began to fade away

“cheers for that….” muttered Matts

“We would never have known about those two if weren’t for you guys,” said Kupocat

“Not a problem at all,” grinned Anansi boy

“don’t thank me just yet the phoenix force is fighting the spells I am using to bind it,” muttered Krawl his nose was bleeding from the strain

“why are you helping us anyway you weren’t clear?”

“We’ve seen what doom lord is up to…it creeps me out and that’s saying something for a necromage such as I!” muttered Krawl still straining to keep the powerful cosmic force at bay.

“He takes pleasure in the dead bodies of his kills… were lucky to keep jaydees body for yourself. He may have used it for something unspeakably despicable!” muttered Anansi boy

“The trapper said it would be wise to not be a part of his group and I agree….those two that hang around with xion creeps me the hell out,” said krawl

“this is of course again uncharacteristic of my boy krawl here,”

“yeah….they scare me all of them….you need all the help you can get and then you need twenty thousand more after that!” Krawl then screamed in pain as the force took him over

Everyone stood in shock. Krawl stands there, completely motionless, trapped in time in a stasis field. He never even got a chance to attack.

“I think I have a better solution”

Chip Micro emerges from the shadows.

“Brodie, you’re okay” asks Matt

“Please don’t call me that” the malcontent hero replies

“NO, YOU CANT RUIN MY FUN” yells the phoenixised Krawl as he turns his flames toward Chip.

Chip reaches behind his back and pulls out a small ball.

“How’s this for fun, CATHCH”

Chip hurls the ball at Krawl. Krawl retaliates by blasting it with a stream of flames, but that only activates the mysterious device.

“WHA? NO”!

The orb begins dispersing every bit of phoenix flame from Krawl, sapping him nearly powerless. Krawl slowly falls to the ground. Then gets to his knees, breathless with his senses regained.

*Whoa, that was a rush….”

he looks around at the devastation

“….I don’t think I want to do that again”

“Bro…Chip, what was that thing”

“I don’t have a name for it, but it’s designed to absorb the oxygen in it’s general vicinity”.

“Uh, we don’t have anything like that in our stockroom” replies Firefly

“I know, I built it”


“When you were tearing up the place”

“You built that thing, that fast” inquires Matt

“It’s a talent”


The Autobots are having their wounds treated by Wheeljack as Zandor and Gloop check to make sure they were not followed. Mindy wets Reaper’s forehead as Tarra applies healing herbs, his body as usual healing at an accelerated rate. Bumblebee and Cliffjumper keep watch as more Autobots make their way to the location.

“Hey, BB and redhead, the cavalry has arrived.”

“A little late for that, Blaster. They need Ratchet, Hoist, Huffer, and Grapple in there; there’s a lot of wounded.”

Zandor and Gloop return.

“Gloop covered the tracks and the Decepticons are only now getting out of that tussle with the Fire-Apes. For now, we should be safe.”

Zandor walks to Reaper and Optimus, both getting patched up.

“Welcome to the planet Quasar, specifically the land of Azmot. As you know now, my name is Zandor, I rule these lands. It falls under my protection, from threats in land and from outer space. You creatures known as Autobots and Decepticons are known to me as we have observed you unnoticed, but we awaited the opportunity to see which group to approach. We became alerted of your present plight with the energy explosion, which likely drew the attention of the Decepticons as well, and when we heard what Megatron and Starscream spoke, we knew then who to help. As for you two, Reaper and Mindy I believe I heard said, how did you come to my homeland?” Mindy speaks up.

“Reaper and I were in bed when a burst of violet energy enveloped us.”

Optimus looked at her.

“Violet? Then, that may have something to do with Megatron. He had stolen some device known as a Stargate, which can open portal across great distances. The maniac planned on using it to suck suns dry to make enough Energon to end the Cybertronian Wars. During the battle, something went awry and we all ended up here. We surmised that when Grimlock damaged the gate, the fossils deep in his body somehow reacted with it and transported us back to his time. Apparently, it merely sent us across space. It was a violet wave that enveloped us.”

“But, why grab Reaper and I?”

Wheeljack, hearing this, summoned a device from his hand unit and scanned the Reaper and Mindy.

“I think I have your answer: you’re both radiating with chronal energy. It could be the field that dragged us here caught you in a slipstream.”

“That’s right: we just came back from the future. Unlike the rest of the team who use the Cornelius Mark V, we were in a hurry and used a wormhole. That’s wild.”

“My question: how do we get back?”

“Reaper! You’re awake!”

“Yeah, yeah.”

Ironhide walks up. “What the little guy said.”

“Little guy? Pfft, least I don’t get zapped by Megatron while driving a friggin starship...”


Mindy jabs Reaper in the ribs with her elbow as she grumbles his name. Hoist walks up to them.

“I might have a solution. We managed to grab the Stargate control module when we got transported here. It’s possible to get it to work, though it’s hard since we know so little about it.”

Optimus looks at him. “Get us all up and running and then get right on that.”


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24 part 9 II on Wed Apr 15, 2009 2:22 pm

shining knight

Zombie Ninja
Zombie Ninja

The corlionus was making its way across tracks which were being created by the flux wave engine which powered the mighty train.

Inside Lazer lion was getting his twentieth lesson in being a hero while Bekka watched on

“No parry like this….seriously I’ve seen dead lemmings that swing swords better than you!” muttered Dave sarcastically

“Isn’t this a little extreme,” muttered L.L

“… you want me to bring out the weights?” asked Dave

“no…no…everything is fine!” shouted L.L in a panic

“God I want to Marry him,” sighed Bekka staring at lazer lion as he struck Daves sword again

Meanwhile, Megatron sulks in his defeat. Soundwave walks in.

“Do we have a trace on where the Autobots are?”

“No, my lord.”

Megatron further scowls. “Try to communicate with Shockwave again.”

Soundwave transforms into cassette player and tries to broadcast a message. After a few moments, a turns back into a robot with failure.

“Somewhere on this world are my greatest enemies and the most powerful weapon in the universe. If I could find them, I can win the war here and now.”

“Perhaps I can offer some help?”

Megatron and Soundwave turn as a figure walks from the shadows.

“I am the Doom Lord and I offer salvation.”

“Megatron does not deal with human filth.”

Doom Lord’s eyes glow as head emerge from his chest. They speak in unison.

“Then we will have no problem.”

“What do you offer.”

“Your hopes, your dreams. All I ask is for carnage.”

Megatron looks grimly at the new arrival.

“Can you tell me where Prime and his accursed pacifists are?”

“That and more. Kill them. Kill them all.”

Megatron rises.

“Very well.”

Doom Lord slices Soundwave in half as Megatron steps back in shock.

“Who said you had a choice, slave?!”

He rams his fist into his chest as Megatron shakes and contorts.

“Many have carried the name Megatron: you shall rise as their true namesake.”

Megatron falls to his knees and morphs with body parts of a gun, tank, dragon, T-Rex, cannon, jet, gargoyle, and race car, some chimera of all versions to carry his name and spark. The creature rises up and walks past the torn pieces of his soldiers and bellows a terrible cry as it takes to the air.

“Good boy.”


The corlionus continues on its journey

“So solid snake said yes?” asked War

“yep and so did master chief,” sighed Trish looking down her list.

“any word from you sister?”

“yeah she and reaper are busy gathering forces too but I sense she hadn’t told him the truth of the weekday sisters yet,”

“oh you mean that you are time anomalies like the Iscariot except good and more pleasing to the eye and that you recruited us to destroy Iscariot and thus end all evil in the multiverse?” asked War

“how the hell did you know that,”

“its hardly a secret besides apocalypse implanted all knowledge in me when he made me his horseman!”

“and what of your other job….”

“oh you mean….”

“yeah why did you hide that….I sensed that you and that oroborus clown that keeps attacking us had prior knowledge of each other.

“we were in the same group once….assassins for hire….we were hired to take out tobies and we were paid handsomely for it,”


“yeah tobie….to be whacked or if you want to put it another way the client who we were hired to bump off….I’m not proud of my time in A.S.S (Assassin Strike supervision) we were referred to as A.S.S holes,”

“A.S.S holes,” sniggered Trish to which War sighed “yeah that’s why I quit….”

There was a shudder in the train

“What was that!”


“Prime, something’s coming!”

The Autobots, Herculoids, and Reaper and Mindy run outside as the Chimera-Megatron lands before them.

“By the Moons of Cybertron, Megatron?”

“Here’s a hint.”

He unloads both his arm cannons on the group as they scatter to avoid the lethal bombardment. As everyone prepares to strike, clapping can be heard above them.

“Marvellous, absolutely marvellous.”

Reaper looks up and his eyes well with rage.

“Doom Lord!”

Back on earth 00

Outside the base, Hardwire, Scaleface, Shadowstalker, and Gel approach the door.

“Let’s do this right” says hardwire to his team. “Scaleface, will you do the honors”?

Scaleface smiles and begins a transformation. His face stretches and widens. His body grows in size and mass. A large tail protrudes from his lower back. A row of dagger-like teeth grow in his mouth. In mere seconds, Scaleface becomes a great Tyrannosaurus Rex.

“Knock, Knock”

The corlionus last flight!

Trish and war ran into the main compartment and stared in horror at the sight that surrounded them

Lazer lion was clutching Dave in a death grip he was trying to fight it but he couldn’t….tears was streaming down his eyes but there was nothing he could do.

“Lazer Lion!” shouted war

The hero turned round and zapped war with his beams knocking him right out of the window!

“No he’ll be lost in time!”

“that’s the general idea!” said Lazer lion but something was up with his voice

“He’s not himself!” shouted Bekka

“correct he’s my puppet now!” said a familiar voice

Andorra walked out calmly and with a small wave of her hand lazer lion dropped Dave.

“what the hell?”

“you fools didn’t even bother to fact check with the Culp fool back on my world did you…you don’t know the full scope of my terror!”

“no…” whined Dave

“My seed is strewn across the multiverse….destroy one and another shall be activated…”

“it’s the Iscariot….she’s another Iscariot piece grown into the form of a small girl!” shouted Trish in horror

“indeed I am….My nemesis!” grinned Andorra

“why the hell are you doing this….” choked Lazer lion before Andorra shut him up

“Why do people rebuild things that they know are going to be destroyed?

Why do people cling to life when they know they can't live forever?

Think how meaningless each of your lives is!

I will destroy everything

I will create a monument to non existence

And I’ll start with you two, give your mother a hug Bekkie because I‘m gonna use your boyfriend to murder you!”

To be continued

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25 PART TEN I on Wed Apr 15, 2009 2:23 pm

shining knight

Zombie Ninja
Zombie Ninja
The Corlionus

A beam struck Bekka in the shoulder and she fell down

“GeT HeR aWaY fRoM mE,” shouted Lazer Lion he was trying to force off Andorras posession of him.

“No you are my puppet,” shouted Andorra but she could feel that she was losing her grip on him

“I told her we should have capped you at the start!” sneered Lazer lion giving Andorra a facefull of his beams. She screamed and moved away from lazer lion completely breaking her hold over him. He then ran over to Bekka and checked her arm

“I’m fine…we need to do something about her though!”

Large, leather wings erupt from the Reaper’s back as Mindy tries to grab him. However, before her fingers can touch his back, the dark hero rockets into the sky with so much force Mindy is thrown back from the impact. His scythe emerges in his hand as it desperately slashes for the flesh of its enemy.

"Temper, temper, young padawan," remarks the villain as he darts to and fro from the deadly blows. "You look like you’re about to have an aneurism; I just came to enjoy the show."

"Kill you... KILL YOU!"

The Autobots and Herculoids seemingly forget the threat on the ground as they witness the spectacle in the air. They’re soon reminded of their folly as the hands of Chimera-Megatron, one a T-Rex’s head and the other a dragon’s head, open and rockets pile out of them en masse into the sky as they invert and come to the drop on his enemies. Reality sets in amidst the explosive sounds of jet propelled weaponry rain on them as they scatter for survival. Fortunately, the powers of Trailbreaker save his allies’ lives as a field deflects most of the attack as he collapses on the ground. Before his fellows robots in disguise can inquire about his well being, Megatron takes to the air and slices through the Autobot ranks with his razor wings. Drawing their weapons, Megatron turns into some form of a race car and spins for another run at his opponents. Energy blasts crash towards the Decepticon leader who simply drifts around the blasts to transform before Optimus Prime and bury his foot deep into the wound he made the day before. The leader drops to the earth as the Dinobots, now transformed, surround the Chimera robot. Unfazed, Megatron smirks and transforms into some strange amalgam of his dragon, dinosaur, and gargoyle form with two heads, wings, two arms and four legs with large claws. The T-Rex head bites at the throat of Grimlock as the dragon head knocks Swoop out of the air with fire before butting into Slag knocking him into Sludge, both collapsed in a heap. Snarl bull rushes the monster but the claws of the villain dig into his face and throw him aside. Grimlock’s small hands try to free his throat as oil squirts down his enemy’s mouth as a gun materializes under Megatron’s one head. Before the Chimera can react, the blast erupts and sends him reeling, but not before raising his front legs and deeply kicking Mirage in the mid-section incurring massive damage. Powerglide and Skyfire unload energy blasts on Megatron from the air in their jet modes but they simply refract off of his wings. As they pass over, his wings fly open as his tank barrel crashes from his belly and unleashes its fury on the assembled heroes.

Reaper screams through a throat filled with hatred and tears full of vengeance as tentacles crash from the confines of his mouth towards his nemesis. The Doom Lord merely cuts through this and Reaper with eye lasers as both ends, held on by a thread, turn into two separate Reapers but where there were two leathery bat wings, each bear one and a wing of feathers, one black and the other white. The one with the scythe slashes at Doom Lord’s head as the other brings his zanbato sword upwards cutting its target deep. The villain winces for a moment before smiling as a blast of lightning flies forth from his mouth. Before it can strike, the Reaper bounce against each other and spin kick high and low on their foe. He continues to avoid attack as he begins punching at his foes at super speed. Reaper, showing his new tricks, uses super-speed to match him as the white winged Reaper dips and the black wing rolls over his back and plants a foot deeply into the Doom Lord’s mouth. Now annoyed, he bursts into flames and ignites like a star.

The corlionus

Andorra was looking less like a puppet and now the time anomaly she really was after Lazer Lions blast.

“Filth….utter filth,” screamed Andorra as she began to move her hands to do something unspeakably bad to the heroes.

There was a clang and both of Andorras arms came clean off.

“You go!” shouted Dave pointing to the two women and lazer lion

“what?” said Lazer lion

Dave continued to chop at Andorra each piece regrowing afterwards “Use the emergency pods it’ll take you back to earth 00!”

“what about you?” asked Trish


“oh I see….goodbye Dave,” said Trish sadly as she walked into the emergency pod

“what do you think you are do….”began L.L but Bekka put her hand on his shoulder and pushed him into the pod.

Dave pulled out a small knife and then chucked his sword at Bekka. She caught it easily and then said “Give it to L.L right?”

“ah so you know too….” said Dave with a sad little grin. Bekka nodded and then gave Dave a small salute and then ran into the pod.

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