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Survival of the Fittest: The story so far

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26 PART TEN II on Wed Apr 15, 2009 2:24 pm

shining knight

Zombie Ninja
Zombie Ninja

Bodies take to the air as the blast sends Autobots flying in the air from Megatron’s attack. Bumblebee, Cliffjumper, Brawn, Windcharger, Huffer, and Gears, Mini-Bots that they are, avoid the assault and rush Megatron and overturn him from below as he crashes onto his back. The arms of the Decepticon writhe up and snap at his attackers but are repelled by energy blasts from the air. Megatron looks up to find Zok in the sky providing cover for Gloop and Gleep as they bounce as balls above the villain and crash into him, wrapping him in their bodies. His wings try desperately to cleave their way out of their binding but their master begins to be pelted by the explosive attacks of Tundro. Skyfire and Powerglide, avoiding the tank blast, transform and land with their firearms prepared to finish their most hated foe. Their efforts are in vain as Megatron snaps through Gloop and Gleep gelatinous restraints to avoid the pair blasts and himself turn into a jet and rocket skyward.

Reaper is cast away from the heat of Doom Lord and reforms into a single form, transforming his sword into a shield and trying to formulate some form of counterattack. Mindy, below, steadies her energy blaster on Jaydee’s killer and let’s lose multiple blasts of high strength discharges. Their foe, treating the attacks as a mere inconvenience, nonetheless turns his attention to the Reaper’s love. He smiles an unnatural grin and streaks down like a falling comet. Before he can make contact, the Reaper crashes into him with his shield in a giant, hulkish form.

“Not again! Never again!”

“Patience, poppet; your turn will be soon.”

They break contact as Doom Lord charges up and Reaper turns the shield into two extra-sized menacing boxing gloves. The rogue hurls a monstrous burst at the hero who deflects with the gloves, checking behind him to see if Mindy has made it to safety. With her a safe distance away, Reaper turns to see Doom Lord went skyward and is coming down for another attack. The dark hero side steps him and uppercuts the fiery enemy. The alternate Dave, with an expression of enjoyment, teleports behind Reaper and places him in a double-chicken wing wrestling maneuver.

“Let the fires of my vengeance sooth deeply into your flesh! Let it burn and scar you, brand you, forever toiling in a hell of my design!”

“Grrr! You’ll never win! I won’t let you!”

Reaper erupts in a black fluid and wraps around Doom Lord. The villain laughs as he’s smothered and the ebony goo sizzles and smokes. Onyx liquid explodes from the Doom Lord’s form and covers the landscape as if some mad artist created a new form of pop art. The fires extinguish while the villain fixes his gaze on the hiding Mindy and smiles.

The corlionus

“the cannon fodder are gone….lets take this up a notch!” grinned Dave ripping his shirt open and revealing the scars on his chest

“you wouldn’t dare….” sneered Andorra

“wouldn’t I? I don’t want to grow up into that a--hole doom lord….”

“but if you blow up that bomb the surgeon implanted you’ll destroy the multiverse!”

“Not in here….only us two will die,” grinned Dave sinisterly

“I cannot allow that to happen,” shouted Andorra

“like you have a choice in this!” grinned Dave as he plunged his knife into his heart


…….and then there was nothing left of Dave, Andorra or the Corlionus…..

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27 PART TEN III on Wed Apr 15, 2009 2:25 pm

shining knight

Zombie Ninja
Zombie Ninja
Megatron glides across the skies as Skyfire and Powerglide give chase. The Decepticon leader laughs as missiles and energy fire miss him again and again before stopping mid-air to let his opponents pass him and unleash the blasts of his twin under carriage cannons. The Autobots avoid as beneath Chimera fire erupts as Swoop darts before him flying upward. He follows after the metal pteranodon whom performs a loop-de-loop and moves with great acceleration earthward towards the clouds below. Megatron stops above him and transforms into his robot form, opening the mouths of his hands and loading a cache of rockets. However, as he penetrates the pillowy cover, he catches a glimpse of the Dinobots looking up at him in their dinosaur forms with their mouths open. As he tries to turn back into a jet, they unleash a mountain of flame and burn him deeply. Mid-transformation, Powerglide and Skyfire let loose all of their rockets and tear off a wing of the villain. Crashing into the earth, he finds himself surrounded by Autobots. Weapons drawn, they blast the villain as an Autobot can be heard transforming with Prime giving an order of, ‘Do it now, Warpath.’ Chimera-Megatron, shaking erratically with so many motors damaged and energy stores devastated, looks before him down the barrel of a red tank as the column fills with energy and then darkness.

Mindy tries to run as Doom Lord’s arm outstretches and picks her up by the back of the neck. She grunts as he begins to laugh and bring her towards him. However, before he could bring her before him, his arm is sliced off. The rogue turns to see Reaper, reformed and the Crescent Blade of the Moon in his hand. The air around him is humid, giving him the appearance of almost being ethereal. His black garments are replaced with red as crimson fluid drip down his form to make a puddle beneath him as he appears like some grotesque melting man. His eyes radiant with a piercing yellow light as their gaze falls on Doom Lord, the man responsible for so much tragedy and pain in the life of the hero. A whispered ‘no’ crosses his lips as he points the scythe at his hated foe and moves it to the side sending Lord flying in the same direction. Doom Lord gapes in disbelief and begins to transform into a form like that of the Iscariot screaming in a thousand blood-curdling voices but Reaper spins his scythe and slashes at his distanced opponent. A tear forms in the space around the amalgam as it is pulled in and the portal disappears as quickly as it appeared. The crimson character collapses in unconsciousness.

Earth 00

The emergency pod landed outside the T.I.T HQ the team was still dealing with the aftermath of The phoenix attack.

“L.L!” said Kid firefly

“Hey yer okay!” grinned L.L happily

“hey wheres Dave?” asked Kupocat

“He gave his life for the Multiverse….”

“you mean?” asked Matts

“if all went well the doom lord doesn’t exist anymore,”

When the Reaper comes to, he finds his head on Mindy’s lap on some vessel.

“What happened?”

“Jerry! You’re awake!”

“Yeah; why, have I been out long?”

“A week tomorrow.”

“Geez. I guess that explains the piercing headache.”

“Yeah, being melted and tapping into some unknown power you’ve never demonstrated before would do that to you.”


“I figured you’d have amnesia, it’s a common plot device that surprisingly rears its head in reality entirely too often.” He looks at her with utter confusion. “Anyhow, Doom Lord turns you into porridge and was about to defile me in ways I would rather not imagine when you reformed into something like a cross between Mumm-Ra, Mon*Star, and Plasmus and telekinetically moved the blighter before shoving him into a portal when he went all Iscariot on us.” Reaper looks more confused. “Ditto.”

Resting his head again on her lap, his eyes take in the metal hull of their location.

“Where are we? Are we inside Cosmos or something?”

“No, apparently Zandor knew some people who could help us out. At first, he was just trying to help us get home, but after seeing Doom Lord decided he’d help in our recruitment drive.”

“Oh? What, he called in a couple more mutant pre-historic beasts from the darkness and some space rangers?”

“Not exactly.”

Somewhere else

War woke up in pain

“Ah you are awake….took forever to fish you out of the time wastes….” grinned Oroborus

“oh god….not you again…”

“Aw I’m hurt….don’t you like me anymore?”

“……shut up oroborus….”

“please use my real name….please?”

“okay then shut up LEE,”

End of the world hoppers….their story continues next year….

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28 ACT II THE FINAL BATTLE I on Wed Apr 15, 2009 2:27 pm

shining knight

Zombie Ninja
Zombie Ninja
In which Jerry tried to fit as many fictional characters as possible

“Is the ropes too tight for you?” asked Lee

“what do you think?”

“needs to be tighter,” grinned Lee as he bent over and fixed the ropes tighter

*sigh* “still got the REAL buns of steel I see,”

“Flattery will get you everywhere as you well know,”

“okay as fun as all this is….can you kinda let me go as I want to kick your bosses face in,”

“afraid I can’t do that,” grinned Lee

“and why not?”

“because you are mine now and I’m not letting you get away again,” laughed Lee

Count dread walked into the room and grinned darkly at both the prisoner and his captor.

“What do you want…” muttered Lee darkly

“oh just to tell you that the doom lord has ordered me to kill you both….nothing personal but he seems to think you are going to betray him and after Anansi boy and krawl….”

“So what you are saying is after the other wumbers betraying him he wants them all dead?” asked Lee

“Yes!” grinned count Dread

“So he wants you dead too,” muttered War a grin on his face

“……..” muttered count dread and then he quickly muttered “err…get him down….I’ll call krawl…get us all outta here!”

“Welcome to the other side gang,” grinned war as Lee quickly cut him down.

A hole opened up and Krawl calmly shouted “finally wised up eh Dread?”

“…..just get us outta here if Doom lord wants me dead I’ll make sure he hits that target first….”

And with that they were gone
A small note for maximum reading enjoyment play this song in a loop as you read this....

After Tarra dressed Reaper’s remaining wounds, Zandor called a meeting to introduce the T.I.T. member to the recruits and explain the situation. Entering a hall, he sits down at a large table with multi-colored dressed people already seated. Zandor sits next to Reaper at the table as a man wearing a black mask, yellow cape, and white body suit sits at table’s end.

“Reaper, Quasar is no stranger to threats, both within and from beyond. During such struggles, allies have been made to face the evil that threatens many worlds. Those you see seated here represent the alliance of heroes forged from these events. Tarra and Dorno you have already met, Zok, Igoo, Tundro, Gloop, and Gleep are below deck with Sanju whom you have not yet seen. Joining them from the GoBots is Leader-1, Scooter, and Turbo. And now for the rest: our allies from Earth, Blue Falcon, the Impossibles Multi Man, Fluid Man, and Coil Man, Buzz Conroy and Frankenstein Jr., Shazzan, Atom Ant, Samson and Goliath, the time displaced Mightor, and Birdman and Birdboy. From the other corners of space we have the Galaxy Trio with Vapor Man, Meteor Man, and Gravity Girl and Teen Force with Kid Comet, Moleculad, and Elektra. The Autobots are taking a vessel provided by the GoBots. Our host is the renowned Space Ghost whose Phantom Starship acts as our means to the next phase of the mission. I’ll let him explain the rest.”

Space Ghost rises from his seat.

“Thank you, Zandor. Reaper, we’ve heard of the threat we face from Mindy, the Herculoids seeing firsthand the power of the enemy. So, we have decided, collectively, to join you in your cause and to venture to the nexus we call Valhalla.”

Reaper cocks his head at the intergalactic spaceman. “Valhalla, like in the hall of heroes from Norse mythology?”

“Indeed. You see, threats to the very multiverse have persisted for hundreds of years. It has often been the case that heroes of many different yet similar worlds band together to fight back the encroaching destruction. Over the last several decades, we found the threats to become ever increasing as the laws of time and space are further weakened and perverted. Due to advancements in technology, a solution has been established. Between the universes lay a zone referred to by many different names while we simply call it the nexus. Poised here we built a station called Valhalla, a staging ground for the forces of good across several universes to come together in times of the direst threats. Installed there is a panic alert system for fifteen worlds where when the multiverse is threatened, heroes of one universe can venture there and activate the beacon so that, hopefully, threats can be eliminated as they initially appear.”

“That’s… pretty friggin brilliant.” Kid Comet laughs to himself as Reaper turns red in embarrassment. Space Ghost scowls at first but permits himself a slight smile.

“Yes, well, we’re en route there presently. We should be there within the hour. I suggest everyone prepare themselves, I’ve learned in my year’s plans rarely work out the way you wish them toooooo.....”

Suddenly, the vessel swerves violently and everyone in the hall collapses to the floor while it fills with red light. Reaper flies up and looks around exclaiming, “What the hell was that?!” Space Ghost levitates and bolts towards the cockpit. Yelling and energy blasts can be heard and after several moments the intergalactic policeman returns with three strange figures levitated in stasis fields.

“Dammit Shake, I told you not to not to press the blinking button that said ‘auto-pilot’!”

“What?! I’ve played Wing Commander a hundred times on your computer, how was that any different?”

“On my computer?! Dammit, I told you not to touch that!”

“Oh, oh, don’t worry, I didn’t touch your ‘big booty baby’ album; at least, not after looking in it once...”

“Why... why are you lying in front of these good people, Shake? I would never...”

“Excuse me, but there’s still the issue of the free cake that was promised...”

“What, you fell for that?”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m sorry, Meatwad. I made that up so you’d come along with us, a sitter is too expensive and I always have to come back early...”

“Well, some friend you are...”

“What a maroon! Now, onto business: when exactly will we make it to the planet of the bellydancers?”

“Umm... yeah, Shake, I made that up too.”

Space Ghost slaps his forehead and screams, “Shut up! By the Ghost Planet, I’ve never heard such meaningless rambling in all my years! What’re you doing on my ship?”

The one who appears like a living box of fries with a goatee and jewel on his back floats forward. “Oh, hello Mr. Space Ghost, sir. I’m a huge fan. Anyway, my name is Frylock, the living cup-and-straw is Master Shake, and the ball of meat is Meatwad. I like to call us the Aqua Teen Hunger Force.”

“What? That’s the stupidest name I’ve ever heard...”

“Shut it, Shake! Anyway, when I picked up on the emergency signal by chance with my super-computer, I couldn’t help but want to come along. I knew these two wouldn’t come and I learned long ago I couldn’t leave them to their own devices, so I conned them along.”

“Ha! The truth comes out! Maybe a certain someone wants to come clean about a certain folder called ‘big booty baby’?”

“Gonna kill you, Shake!”

“Enough!” Space Ghost screams in frustration. Rubbing his forehead, he finally looks up to say, “it’s too late to turn around now; you’re coming along, but if any of you touch anything, ANYTHING, I’m tossing you in an air lock. Understand?”

“Mr. Ghost, does that include cake? Because, I am quite famished and...”

Space Ghost hits a button on one of his gauntlets and blasts Meatwad, blackening him on the outside.

“Okay then, I’ll take that as a no.”

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29 ACT II THE FINAL BATTLE II on Wed Apr 15, 2009 2:28 pm

shining knight

Zombie Ninja
Zombie Ninja
The nexus is a strange, logic defying place. It seems like space, with darkness and distant stars, but you can move through it despite no gravity, breath in it despite no air, and time seems to pass there when time couldn’t possibly exist considering it is outside of time. After entering the odd field, before us is a corkscrew-like station. Entering a docking station, we disembark into the base. It’s quiet and dark at first, but Space Ghost activates its functions and it whirls to life with light and the sounds of machinery. Meatwad rolls up to a panel of buttons but hears the swoosh of Space Ghost raising his arm and preparing to press a button on his gauntlet and rolls back to the group.

“I’ll give you all the grand tour but first it would be best to activate the panic button. It’s in the center of the facility and hopefully troops will begin to arrive in minutes.”

With that, he turns and we follow. The center room is a large cylinder of red circuitry and yellow light. Our host lifts a yellow panel and presses a large red button at the round panel before us and confirms his identity with his voice and retina and hand scans.

“Very well. Let’s go to the mess hall and get some food.”

We walk for roughly seven minutes before the station violently shakes and the lights blink. Space Ghost turns to the Aqua Teen Hunger Force who steps back with looks of fear. The station begins to tremble like its being struck with an earthquake. Before anyone can step out of the hurried confusion and try to access the situation, a PA system cranks on and you can hear heavy breathing. For moments later, there’s silence before a loud scream of ‘Here’s Johnny!’ crosses the speakers and the lights go out amidst the screeching of twisting metal. The end of the hall some seventy yards from us erupts as laughter reverberates down to us.

“You thought shoving me in a space rift would rid you of me? So easily? Your beacon was like a horn in my mind. It’s like you want to die!” Doom Lord throws his arms up and the hall begins to cave towards us like an aluminium can being crushed. Shazzan waves his arms and we’re instantly at the launch port. He speaks to us in his booming voice.

“We must escape now and try to organize our forces to attack him en masse...!”

Shazzan grasps at his chest as he collapses with Doom Lord behind him. “Teleportation is thanks to Day-tripper, but turning his breath into methane was all you, Reaper.”

Mightor, Meteor Man, and Atom Ant rush Doom Lord as the GoBots, Autobots, and Herculoids creatures begin to pile out of their transports. Mightor’s club is grasped in the enemy’s right hand as his left grabs Atom and his foot blocks Meteor Man’s massive fists. Mightor’s club is taken and struck against Meteor Man’s head and sends him into the Phantom Starship knocking it over as Doom Lord tosses up Atom Ant and whacks him like a baseball with his new weapon. A spinning back kick sends Mightor into the others while Fluid Man, Vapor Man, and Moleculad step up to bat by changing forms but Doom Lord spins his arm at super speed combining them before freezing them. Tossing them away with the Force, Doom Lord generates a force field to push his attackers away and tightly together. Igoo, Frankenstein Jr. and Skyfire barrel towards their enemy as he leaps towards them and turns gigantic size, split kicking in the air Igoo and Frankie aside and letting loose Mightor’s club catching and sending Skyfire through the bay doors. Sanju unleashes a devastating wave of fire but the Doom Lord returns a wave of ice twice as strong and encases the great beast in its cold embrace. The remaining robotic warriors and monsters surround and attack the dark foe but are batted about with fantastic martial arts technique. Mindy breaks the field around her allies while her nemesis is distracted but before some plan can be organized, the enraged Reaper tears from the group in some form of a motorcycle. Realizing nothing can be said to him while his blood is boiling, Mindy looks to Space Ghost as the rest join her to ask his strategy.

Doom Lord holds Optimus Prime up by the throat. “I wonder: if I rupture the Creation Matrix, will the boom be enough to kill everyone here but me?” He forms a monstrous grin as he turns his other hand into a giant drill. Before he can act on his whim, Reaper rockets before him and transforms into a buzzsaw that runs up his body as the villain screams and drops his prey. “Do you ever learn, boy?! You can’t win!” The buzzsaw comes off his face and turns into a circle of whips with massive hammerheads on their ends, smashing Doom Lord in the face repeatedly. The rogue grabs the whips and begins to pull them apart as they barb and he throws them away. “Bastard!” Doom Lord shrinks to normal height as Reaper reverts to his humanoid form. As the dark hero calls forth his scythe, the villain summons a great sword and screams. The pair does battle and it is fierce, the Doom Lord’s karate mastery stolen from shiky and Reaper’s years of martial training prior to becoming a hero, each giving and taking little. Reaper is launched away with a devastating kick to his mid-section but is rewarded with an energy blast from Space Ghost, Birdman, Samson, and Elektra that sends him out of the base into the nexus outside. Gravity Girl freezes him in place as Coil Man and Kid Comet crash into him on opposite sides. Multi Man separated into some hundred copies, Goliath, and Blue Falcon began to strike at Doom Lord as he tries to fight the field Gravity Girl has on him slowing his movement drastically. The advantage doesn’t last long as the villain’s will shatters the field and thus knocking out the girl while cutting down most of the Multi Men with a laser blast. He turns back towards the station to find his enemies assembled. Smirking, he opens his hand and sucks all of the heroes together and unleashes a massive electric burst frying all those assembled. He releases the field as bodies began to float before him, adrift with no destination. Turning his hands into long spikes, he muses to himself how many he can skewer on each arm. Out of the corner of his eye, the supreme evil notices a rainbow in the night. Turning, seven winged figures shine in the distance followed by some craft but the sight is soon replaced with blinding light as energy blasts dig deep into his flesh.

Doom Lord erupts in flame as four of the figures soar around him pelting with lasers blasts while another one spins beneath him and catches him in a whirlwind. Spinning around violently, a golden figure summons ice trapping the villain in a frozen corkscrew. He breaks free of his frigid prison as two orange disks fly next to both of his sides and emit a sonic field. Doubling over in pain, he lashes about with energy before destroying the devices when the vessel from before streaks towards him with energy blasts as 80's guitar rock play from the cockpit. Taking the blast, Doom Lord carves off one of the wings/side cockpits as it gets close enough with a stretched, edged arm. Spinning around violently again, this time of his own accord, the ship and attackers is sucked in towards the evil being as he laughs maniacally. Turning his hands into massive buzzsaws, he prepares to hack at the heroes when a silver hawk claws at his eyes.

“Atta boy, Tallyhawk! Silverhawks, strike at him together!”

The hawks all unleash energy blasts as Bluegrass opens the Maraj’s cockpit and points his guitar at Doom Lord, playing a hair metal tune with a sonic wave joining in the attack. Doom Lord takes the energy and returns it on them tenfold taking them all out. His victory is short lived when he hears ‘speed of a puma’ behind him as he turns to catch the blur of a cowboy that exclaims ‘strength of a bear’ and strikes Doom Lord in the mouth so hard he takes off towards the station with great force. Trying to right himself, he hears the man scream ‘Now, Thirty/Thirty!’ Looking back ahead of him, he can briefly make out a horse stand upright like a man with a massive firearm that unloads on him catching his upper left body and removing it. He exclaims in pain as he looks in the distance at a massive flaming bird coming towards him before hitting head on, cutting him in two.

“I thought I carved up the Maraj?!” passes his lips as he reforms his body. The bird, turning about, becomes a ship of red and blue as five winged figures emerge from it and fly towards him. Distracted, arms swing around his waist and flip him back into the hoofs of Thirty/Thirty. Still in shock, the cowboy spins and blasts Doom Lord’s hands turning them to ice as the five figures attack as a group with martial arts. They whirl about like a dance as the winged warriors and the cowboy and his horse battle the evil creature before he erupts in flame and engulfs them all in its burst. Their bodies still, the villain takes a rainbow blast in the chest that sends him back.

Twisting around, a little girl with blonde hair in a blue dress stands next to a white horse with a star on its forehead standing on a rainbow that seems to stretch on behind sight. She exclaims “Leave BraveStarr and G-Force alone, you bully!”

“A little girl?! They send a little girl against me?!” Doom Lord rockets forward but rainbow emerges from the girl’s belt and again strikes the rogue with massive force, sending him back as a bubble of rainbow forms around him with crushing force. “I won’t be done in by Punky Brewster!” He bursts through the barrier to see a boy in armour riding atop a mechanical force with flame coming from its hoofs. A crystal on his right arm the girl is feeding rainbow into, he turns to the enemy.

“Her name’s Rainbow Brite and I’m Krys; you’re toast!” He unleashes a massive wave of red electricity from the crystal which twirls Doom Lord about in agony. A kick catches him in the face as he’s sent crashing into the station. Rising out of the wreckage about him, he sees a light-skinned black man in a white suit with a fedora standing before him.

“How dare you attack those little children! There’s a special kind of punishment for people like you!” The man lifts his hat to show eyes overflowing with anger as he strikes a pose, grabbing his crotch. Doom Lord, confused, bull rushes the man as he draws a tommy gun out of his jacket and unloads in the villain. Much to his surprise, they penetrate his skin and burn deeply in him, stopping him in his tracks. “My friends call me Michael; you can call me the Smooth Criminal.” Jumping across the space between them, Michael kicks him and begins a rhythmic attack, bypassing most of the villain’s defences. His physical skills failing, he grabs the hero’s throat with the Force. As the life starts to leave his body, a comet darts past the station. Michael’s eyes starting to glow yellow, some great force sends back the Doom Lord. Rising to his feet, he sees his opponent turning into a robot. Before he can react, the robot open ports on his body and unloads a cache of rockets devastating his opponent. He pounces out of the flames of the explosions and begins knocking back Michael, but as the hero is knocked back outside, he twists and blasts the dark criminal with enough force to launch him upward. Almost as if planned, a gunship overhead jettisons an orange orb that rolls towards Doom Lord. Believing it to be some sort of explosive, he avoids it but it glows and rams into him like a screw.

Hurtling away from the station, the orb rockets ahead of him and unloads a field of bombs that detonate when Doom Lord enters into it. The orb stops and forms into an armoured humanoid, though in place of a head is a dome with a front visor like a T. The right arm a blaster of some kind, it’s raised and a beam emits towards the evil lord. Thinking it an energy blast, he tries to deflect it but instead it grabs hold of him as the opponent yanks on it and Doom Lord is pulled into the waiting fist of Michael. A rainbow wraps around the evil one’s torso and he’s hurled back towards the armoured combatant whom is charging her weapon alongside Krys as they let loose their weapons and put a hole through their target’s torso, the right arm disconnected and everything else holding on by a thread. His eyes turn red as he forms into five versions of himself whom combine to make him a giant. The four combatants look on in horror yet prepare for his assault only for all to turn when a voice screams, ‘Form Blazing Sword!’

Doom Lord turns his head to the right for a moment as he sees a glowing sword coming down on him. Cutting deep, he wells with energy and explodes. ‘Great job, team! Voltron: disengage!’ The robot holding the sword separates into five large lions whom multi-colored pilots step out of the cockpits to check on the other conscious fighters. The one with a red helmet speaks up, ‘Rainbow, Krys, Michael, and Samus, are you all okay?!’ Samus, removing her helmet, gives a V-sign with her fingers on her left hand. Michael transforms back to his human form and looks around, ‘a lot of injured; we’d better get them inside and find out what’s going on.’ The lion pilots get back into their vehicles to begin transporting the bodies floating around them when laughter fills the area around them.

“Fools! I can teleport!” A flash of red light dashes across the space above the lions as explosions follow and the head units of the robots slice off. Doom Lord lowers and raises his hand as the other four prepare to face him but with a gesture ice form around them and freeze them into defiant statues. Looking around him, waiting for yet another wave of attackers, he finally waves his hands and the bodies begin flying into the station. ‘It was meant to be their fortress, but I will make it their tomb. Enough games, I’ll pile them up and blow them up. Checkmate, T.I.T.’ crosses the mind of the evil one. The bodies and vehicles pull together and enter the station docking bay. Following behind them, Doom Lord stands at the mouth of the entrance and a flicker of flame appears in his hand. ‘Goodbye.’ A puff of air, and the fire is out. A humanoid turtle with a red mask steps out of the shadows. ‘Not cool, dude.’

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30 ACT II THE FINAL BATTLE III on Wed Apr 15, 2009 2:29 pm

shining knight

Zombie Ninja
Zombie Ninja
The Doom Lord groans into a scream as he tries to kick yet another opponent but find his super-speed lagging, perhaps he’s becoming too exhausted to keep using his variety of powers? Before he can invest much more thought into the subject, a Bo staff hits his ground leg as the villain rolls into the port further. Emerging from the shadows are three more turtle men. The one with a blue mask steps forward, ‘We’re the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and we don’t appreciate people who hurt our friends!’ Doom Lord summons a pair of scimitars but he found it to be excruciatingly painful. Undeterred, he leaps ahead and begins sword dancing as katana, Bo, sai, and nunchaku comes at him from all angles. Four more figures leap from the darkness, this time being frogs with whip, morning star, axe, and bow. The one with the whip exclaims, ‘You mess with the turtles’ friends, you mess with all them, buddy!’ Using his wind powers to off-balance his attackers, Doom Lord can hardly keep up with fighting eight expertly trained fighters. Splitting into two copies, though it drained him to a massive degree, he begins beating back the threat with the help of tossing fire and lightning about while he fights. But, the Doom Lord’s luck continues to slide as a portal opens and more opponents enter the arena.

“I don’t know how, but Wingnut and Screwloose actually managed to get that thing to work again!” exclaims a woman with brown hair as she steps in and draws her katana and ten others follow her.

The Doom Lords look on and moan in unison, “You got to be kidding me!” The woman, a fox, rat, a man in a hockey mask with a broken bat, and a rabbit rush to the side of the turtles as the frogs are joined by a manta ray, alligator, gecko with a skateboard, bat with armoured wings and a mosquito on his back, jaguar, and hyena. Combat continues as the villains can hardly keep up, his powers waning and his body tiring. He thinks of the shame of falling to such freaks when the blue-masked turtle, rat, and rabbit each stab a vital point of one of his bodies. A look of sheer twisted madness crosses his face as he turns to rock and then crumbles into dust. The group cheers as they go to join the others with the final Doom Lord. Knowing fear for the first time in this battle, the villain summons his last bit of strength to become intangible and sink into the floor. The heroes scream and crash their weapons against the ground as he fades like a ghost. Everyone growls and yell as he escapes, but calmer heads prevail as the blue-masked turtle speaks.

“Guys, we have him on the ropes; that’s why he ran! Punk Frogs and Mutanimals, follow him down into the lower depths. We’ll work here to try and revive everyone. With luck you can finish him off while we find out what’s going on. Otherwise, hopefully we can have enough forces to take this guy out!” With that, the ten runs into the station’s corridors as Splinter has already begun trying to assess the injuries of those around. The bunny draws his sword and swishes it about the ice-entombed heroes. Placing his sword back into its sheath, the ice breaks as the people are freed.


Jagwar walks on all fours sniffing the ground as Dreadmon zips down corridor after corridor and Wingnut and Ray Fillet whips into any high reaching areas.

"It’s hard to believe that weird guy with the scar hurt all those people up there."

"Yeah, brother Genghis. I mean, he kept up with all of us for a while, but we were able to take him down when those big robots and guys with armbands and belts took a licking. Speaking of which, I wonder is they have any flies around here? I’m starving." The gecko skates next to him.

"Tell me about, dudes. I hope we find this geek soon or I’m just going to drop."

"You ain’t kidding, Mon ami. I haven’t had any tussles with the frogs in years but Attila is starting to sound good with a side of Gecko, if you know what I mean."

The Punk Frogs and Mondo Gecko begin moving faster ahead of Leatherhead.

"I was just kidding, y’all. Ain’t none y’all can take a joke, I guarantee."

Jagwar returns.

"His scent ends towards the facility’s center. I’m going to gather the others and we’ll head there hopefully trapping him at all angles." Pulling out a communicator on loan from Donatello, the leader calls his other troops to converge on the center.


Entering simultaneously from several entries, the Mutanimals and Punk Frogs enter the center facility of gold and red. Leatherhead whistles.

"Sho is a pretty big place. You smell him, Jagwar?"

Sniffing the air, he replies, "The trail definitely ends here. He came in, but he didn’t leave."

"Then it’s just a game of hide-and-seek, Mon?"

Dreadmon runs up the wall as Wingnut and Ray Fillet take to the ceiling, flying around the cylinder in the center. The Punk Frogs begin hopping up the walls as Leatherhead, Mondo Gecko, and Jagwar wait below. After about twenty minutes of searching, the group turns up with nothing.

"Better get that nose checked, mon ami. We’ve turned over this place top to bottom and no bad guy."

"I thought for sure... we’d better get back to the others and tell them we turned up nothing."

"Don’t worry, Jag. He probably ported out of here when he heard us coming." Mondo gets on his skateboard and rolls away as the others follow. As they get a distance away, the seams of the cylinder begin to burst as energy begins sparking out before being replaced with flesh squeezing through like the fur of a hamster in a habitat tunnel.


"I’m no doctor, but it looks like everyone will be fine." Splinter wipes his hands as Raphael helps him stand up and gives him his walking stick. Reaper, still sore from his previous encounter with the Doom Lord and recently peeled off a wall, slowly walks towards the turtles.

"Thanks, we would’ve been toast without you." Michelangelo chimes in.

"Nah, its okay dude. We’ve fought guys like him before that think having power entitles you to power." Donatello looks at his brother.

"That was really insightful, Mikie."

"Hah, thanks dude. Saw it on a late night movie once: ‘Revenge of the Baltic Emperor from Pluto’."

Donatello looks down and shakes his head, "of course."

The Mutanimals and Punk Frogs return from their trip and break the news. Space Ghost floats upward.

"He did take a beating; I assume he escaped when it didn’t look like he was guaranteed victory."


A giant hand tears through the inner wall of the station and reaches for the heroes. Everyone scatters as the base tears in pieces. The Doom Lord casts it off like a shell as he stands in gigantic size, laughing.

"Fools! You thought me weak and defeated?! Just as I can consume people and their powers, I can also consume energy! The core fed me like mother’s milk and here I stand, big and strong."

Reaper looks around frantically for Mindy.

"Looking for this?!"

Doom Lord opens his hand enough to show Mindy trying to escape his grasp though she appears as an ant in his hold. The villain smiles as he goes to close his hand with authority. Instead, a flash of light appears and the words ‘Power Extreme!’ echo through the space as missiles catch him in the face. A man appearing as part man, part jet rockets towards the loosened grasp and plucks Mindy from his hand. Two others in orange and dark green suits of machinery have their weapons replenished in a red flash and scramble giving cover fire to their ally.

"Is there no end to the parade of varying colored fools that irritate me?!" Doom Lord unleashes blasts of lasers from his eyes that damage the heroes assembled. "You call that power?! You’re gnats before me!"

"You want to see power? I’m always happy to please." As the rogue turns to see who spoke, another flash of light erupts with ‘By the power of Grayskull, I have the power!’ as a fist strikes his face appearing as a fruit fly landing on a person only Doom Lord sails from the strike.

"Leave some for me, brother!" Yet another flash in the opposite direction with ‘For the honour of Grayskull, I am She-Ra!’ and another strike to the face that switches the villain back in the direction he came. Before he can react, a short and stout man in armour rams into his gut and a man with a mace and another with a metal fist catch their target under the chin; the effect is no where near as effective as the initial fighters, but potent none the less. A feathered man and bee man scratch at his eyes as an archer unloads arrow after arrow up into his nose. Two winged sorceresses and two small humanoids with hats that cover their faces save their eyes cast a spell that binds the Doom Lord’s hands, feet, and torso in chains. Enraged beyond imagining, he moves to strike but his lower half becomes entombed in ice as light pounds into his face sending him back and burning his features. Erupting in flames, he prepares to rebuttal the assault when a woman with red hair and a small fleet of men dressed like the mace wielder fly towards him in green and yellow flying apparatus sending a volley of energy blasts at him. He prepares to grab at them as they fly over him until they eject from their vehicles and they crash into his face. The heroes climb on him like the people of Lilliput on Gulliver as their opponent writhes in agony from the battle to this point. His wounds heal quickly however but the war escalates when fighter’s jets begin to descend on him with energy blasts and missiles.

Doom Lord swats at the planes like King Kong until two transform before his face, one in white, black, and yellow adorned with skull decals and another of blue and white.

"You ready for this, Max?!"

"Just like the Zentradi Rick, the bigger they are..."

Ports open across the humanoid vehicles as salvos of missiles emerge keeping the enemy off balance. In desperation, he generates a field and pushes the army of heroes away only to open his eyes to a humanoid vessel equal his size as two towers atop its shoulders glow brightly and let loose a massive ray of pure white tearing through the shield and incurring massive damage on the Doom Lord. From the sphere of energy, the villain bolts towards the vessel and grabs the towers, ripping them off of the mechanical giant.

Inside, "Admiral Gloval, the main gun has been completely torn off and we’ve incurred massive damage!"

"We’re at 25% power and dropping!"

"Commander Hayes, instruct the crew to prepare the Daedelaus Manoeuvre!"

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31 ACT II THE FINAL BATTLE IV on Wed Apr 15, 2009 2:30 pm

shining knight

Zombie Ninja
Zombie Ninja
Outside, Doom Lord rips into the vessel with reckless abandon as the heroes continue their attack on their opponent who’s too preoccupied with revenge for the hit that robbed him of so much of his just acquired power. Suddenly, both of the vessels "arms" ram into its opponent’s ribs as the hatch doors open into his body and dozens of destroids unload missiles and energy blasts ripping and burning the Doom Lord’s guts. Reeling back, he clutches at his chest as Shazzan, now the same height of the shrinking Doom Lord, begins to press the advantage. A dozen robotic humanoids emerge from a space fold and fly in formation towards the still gigantic villain and lend their energy blasts to Shazzan as he unloads multiple hits against his enemy. Three of the humanoids, one blue, one gold, and one silver fly to face the shrinking man mountain as the silver one exclaims, "On behalf of the Golden Galaxy of Galador, feel the wrath of the Spaceknights and their mightiest weapon, the Neutralizer!" His eyes glow bright red as the arm in his hand sets a crimson ray on its targets as he screams in agony, his shrinking increasing with exponential speed. The blue and gold accomplices include themselves in the energy strike as eye beams strike at the Doom Lord, freezing and burning both sides of his face respectively. The rogue glows bright white and explodes in a sphere that brightens the entire nexus, rings of energy jutting out into its deepest corners. For moments nothing can be seen before the light fades and Doom Lord stands alone at his normal height panting heavily as his opponents float about him.

"I’m... going to... take everyone of... you... and stuff you... for my... personal amusement!"

A sphere comes into sight from the edge of the nexus.

"No! No! No! Enough heroes! How many of you do I have to kill?!"

Swirling with frustration and anger, the villain glows white and sends a blast of energy from his right hand. Moments tick by as the blast disappears until the craft explodes. At first he chuckles, but finally he allows himself a full-hearted laugh. His smile fades as a man in an orange gi appears in front of him. Before he can move, an elbow lands in his still injured ribs and crashes him into the debris of the station.

"My name is Goku and my friends and I are here to put an end to this battle!"

Doom Lord groans loudly as he eradicates the chunks of metal about his person. Seven other fighters appear behind Goku as an inhuman grin crosses the savage rogue’s face and arms and hands begin to emerge throughout his body.

"wE CrAve YOUr flEsh!"

He appears between the fighters and moves with speed beyond sight as the warriors pit their technique against those Doom Lord stole from shiky. Beams of darkness sprout from the monster like some paranormal disco ball and scramble his opponents.

"He’s keeps getting bigger guys!"

"Krillin’s right; we better hit him with our special techniques now or never!"

As the Doom Lord continues to transform into the Iscariot, those around him surge with power. Sheer ended tentacles erupt from the beast as energy strikes are pumped into him.

"Beam Cannon!"

"Destructo Disc!"

"Galic Gun!"


"Spirit Ball!"

"Dodon Ray!"

Dual "Kamehameha!"

As the flash dissipates, the fighters bob unconscious as their opponent snickers.

"Fools. You defeated yourselves; a few simple portals and you blast each other."

His celebrating doesn’t last long as he doubles over in pain when the Iscariot reasserts itself. Puttering can be heard coming towards the Doom Lord.

"wHat NOw?!"

Five cloud cars with small bears and other assorted animals with images on their bellows line out before the villain. At first, he stares for a moment. He looks away, look back again, and starts to blink. Beginning to laugh to himself, it erupts from his mouth as he doubles over instead of pain but in pure humour, so much so it hurts in a different way. Collecting himself and wiping a tear from his top head’s eye, the Iscariot-Doom Lord looks at the adorable creatures. The small brown bear with a heart on his belly speaks up.

"We’ve seen a lot of people consumed by so much pain and hurt, but none like you. I sense sadness and anger like none other, not even Dark Heart. I don’t know who hurt you or why you feel you have to do this, but we’d like to help if we could."

"If You wOUld likE TO help, THEn DiE!"

The creatures step back as the monster hisses its command at them.

"Then you give us no choice." The brown bear and small lion speak to their individual clans, "Care Bears! Care Cousins! Stare! Call!"

Holding hands, a beam emerges from the belly symbols of the creatures. The Iscariot laughs until the beam surrounds it and shrieks in utter terror and agony. Seemingly, the very flesh of the time anomaly hangs on to the flesh of the Doom Lord who squirms as if he was on fire. The Cousins turn their beams on the heroes who miraculously heal from their wounds and come to stand by their tiny saviours. In utter awe and amazement, they watch as love and kindness given form tear the beast to shreds as it struggles to survive. Mindy moves forward and hugs the Reaper.

"Who would have thought? The power from their caring acts like searing radiation to the hate and evil of the Iscariot!"

The thought is cut short as the bears and cousins are knocked away and a man in white stands beside Doom Lord as the Iscariot sucks back into him and disappears. Reaper rockets forward but the man in white pokes two fingers into his chest and freeze him where he stands.

"Don’t worry; we’ll play together later, handsome."

Reaper struggles to speak, "Who... are you?"

The man smiles and returns to Doom Lord’s side as the heroes advance. The villain is sure to get the last word in though.

"You fought a single Doom Lord today; but know this: when next we meet, you face an army of Doom Lords!"

With that, the two disappear.

There’s nothing for a few moments; the Reaper’s in shock over being stopped so effortlessly, the Care Bears and Cousins recover from being attacked, and the other heroes take in the final words of their enemy. A portal opens up as the heroes prepare for battle. A couple dozen characters rip out followed by Frylock.

"Alright! We’re here! Let’s take this guy down!"

The heroes just stare for a moment before Space Ghost flies to the French fried hero.

"Frylock, who are these people?"

"Oh, well, when I saw that Doom Lord character tearing through everyone, I knew we didn’t have enough power to take him down. So, I went back to my world using a portal I saw in the base and, well, there’s this Listserv I run of internet-active heroes that don’t get a lot of action; which, purely not their fault, it just seems all the good villains have been taken... anyway, I sent out the call and it took a while for everyone to answer their e-mail... I told them to put alerts on their phones just for such an emergency, but I figured you guys could hold out till we got back! So, without further ado, I give you: Captain Caveman, the Justice Friends, Monkey, Powder-puff Girls, and the Super Globetrotters! We’re ready for action!"

Super Sphere floats by as Space Ghost and Frylock stand silent and watch.

"Frylock, do you notice anything strange?"

"Well, uh... why’s everyone standing around? Where’d all these people come from?"

"Doom Lord’s gone... he escaped."

"Oh... so... we’re kind of late..."

Major Glory looks to Valhallen, "I told you we shouldn’t have waited for Krunk to get ice cream! The biggest team-up in history and we missed it for Tutti Frutti!"

Krunk tears up a little bit and continues to lick his ice cream. Space Ghost slaps his face and drags it down and off slowly as he groans.


Reaper wakes in bed and sees Mindy drinking a cup of coffee staring out the window at the stars.

"Min, come back to bed."

"Oh, hey Jerr." She sits next to him. "I think it’s time to talk."

"From before?"

"Yeah." She looks down. "You know me as Melissa ‘Mindy’ Monday, but that’s not my name. Fact is, I can’t even pronounce my name in this form."

Reaper looks confused.

"I’m a member of the Calendar Girls, along with my sisters. It was our duty to keep the Iscariot in check, but again and again our efforts to contain him amounted to nothing. Our elder brethren looked into pathways in the future in hopes to find a solution. Considering the creature’s effect on time, none were found. However, one possible outcome was discovered. If a certain action were taken, something would happen. What that is, we don’t know. But, neither the Iscariot or Calendar Girls seemed to be present in this equation."

Jerry reaches for her, but she stands.

"It was decided the risk was too much. But, my sisters and I were willing to take this risk, even if it cost us our lives. Our very souls. We left the safety of the Sanctuary and journeyed to your Earth, birthplace of the unknown anomaly. For months we took stock of the world’s people until we found the initial lines of the divergent future. You were one of those branches."

She walks to the window.

"We watched what was happening to your world... and we did nothing. It... wasn’t time yet."

Reaper looked at her for a long moment before looking down.

"We gave up much of our power to activate the latent genes in your DNA, deciding to remain and help, a taboo for our kind."

Mindy turns with tears in her eyes.

"Your powers... the ones that took advantage of your heroic natures... forced you into service against the Iscariot and other time anomalies, and create new problems with Doom Lord."

She walks towards him, but he stands up and walks out. He stops before leaving and turns slightly.

"I... need some time to think."

He walks out as she sits down and sips her coffee a few more times. Staring into space, she chucks her coffee at the window and it breaks and splatters. She turns and cries into her pillow.


Mindy walks into the T.I.T. control room, everyone save Reaper in attendance. Their faces tell the tale of another fallen member.

“Oh man….Dave….” muttered War sadly both he and the former villains had just returned from the Doomsday armada

“I think we were on the wrong side of this war….first Jamie and now Dave….” muttered Anansi boy

“we’ll get revenge for them both and then we’ll be the top evil in the multiverse,” grinned Count Dread as Lee just whacked him over the head.

"Hey Trish. Any word on the funeral?"

"Yeah, probably a few days. Its been hectic around here lately."

"I can imagine."

"How’s Reaper?"

"Sleeping. The fights with Doom Lord took his powers to his limits. That other guy in white really unnerved him; I mean, two fingers and he took out one of our biggest players. Overall, its been a hard week for him so I think he deserves a few days of rest."


"Oh, hey, how’s the recruitment drive going?"

"Astronomical. Since you guys returned with your own army and the cross-dimensional communication equipment, we’ve boosted it with our tech and a lot of tinkering between MAX and Chip, our signal has really pierced the veil. Since you guys got back four days ago, we’ve contacted over five dozen worlds and almost all have sent a contingent to help. Today’s list thus far..."

Trish hands over a notepad with names on it:

Astroboy and family
Ben Tennyson/Alien Force
Billy and Jimmy Lee/Dragon Warriors
Bionic Six
Bucky O’Hare/Righteous Indignation
Captain Power/Soldiers of the Future
Colony Liberation Organization
Danny Phantom and family
Darkwing Duck/Justice Ducks
Champions of Mithril Hall (Drizzt, Bruenor, etc)
Freedom Force/Space Sentinels/Superstretch and Microwoman/Web Woman/Manta and Moray/Hero High
Grammaton Clerics
King Arthur/Knights of Justice
Disney Castle and allies
Kirby/Star Warriors
Po/Furious Five
Megas XLR crew
Mummy Guardians of Rapses
Princess Tenko/Guardians of the Magic
Mainframe heroes (Bob, Matrix, etc)
Road Rovers
Ronin Warriors
Sailor Scouts
Shuffle Alliance
Legion of Light
Skysurfer Strike Force
Sonic the Hedgehog/Freedom Fighters
Star Fox team
Street Sharks
Super Mario Bros
Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce
Zen, Intergalactic Ninja/Nira-X CyberAngel


"Yeah! We’re really making an army! It’s getting to the point where I think we may have a shot."

CopyMatts walks up. "Hazard and I finished the statue. It’s Agent Darrk, I’ll give the eulogy."

Trish puts a hand on his shoulder. "We all miss him, Matt. We’ll get Doom Lord."

"Not likely."

Everyone in the room jumps except Mindy. Turning to her they see her face of shock and agony as a clawed hand comes out her chest. The Doom Lord pops his head from behind her.

"Room full of heroes and no one saved her. Tsk tsk. Should work on that security, that’s two I’ve popped sneaking in here."

“Mindy screamed Trish in horror as her sister fell to the floor with a sick clump

Everyone charges when some force knocks them all back. The man in white appears.

"They’re all yours, Surgeon. It’s time this game ended."

Doom Lord turns and disappears as the Surgeon’s glasses shine and he smiles.


Phew act III soon as it ends

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32 Re: Survival of the Fittest: The story so far on Wed Apr 15, 2009 2:36 pm


Zombie Ninja
Zombie Ninja
Dave, I think you skipped the Xion vs Reaper fight.

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33 Re: Survival of the Fittest: The story so far on Wed Apr 15, 2009 2:44 pm

shining knight

Zombie Ninja
Zombie Ninja
ob crap did I?!? I'll look through my files

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34 Re: Survival of the Fittest: The story so far on Wed Apr 15, 2009 2:49 pm

shining knight

Zombie Ninja
Zombie Ninja
and I did from way back in sotf iv vol 1 Jerry and brodie did do two seperate versions of the fight this is them here

jerrys version

Hmm, my battle with Brodie...

Reaper and Xion face each other...

“ What's with the smile?”

“ Heh heh, I just thought of thirty different ways to kill you with yer own sweat!.”

“ If I didn't have to kill you right now I'd really love to see them.”

“There's that snappy wit of yours Whitworth. Get it all out now before I suck the air out of your lungs.”

“ Trash-talking. A really nice way to start off a duel.”

“ Oh, a duel is this? Well why didn't you say so? Choose your weapon, I choose.....the Earth HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA”

“ All I need is this scythe and your own abilities…”

Reaper draws his Scythe and his eyes began to burn bright just like xions before using his powers

Xion draws his twin swords and engulfs them in fire and ice

The two stare each other down and for a moment, there is silence. Then, without warning, the two warriors charge at each other with unbelievable force

“BRODIEEEEEEEEEEEEE” shouted the reaper charging with fire pouring out of the scythe

“ WHITWOOOOOOOORTH” shouted xion the two swords making huge scrapes on the metal ground as he ran

“ DIE!” shouted both of them with as much fury as they could spare.


Scythe and swords smash against each other as an arm emerges from Reaper's shoulder and crashes into Xion's jaw.

"Just like you Whitworth; making with the cheap shots."

Xion's eyes go white as the hall fills with ice shards, a frozen iron maiden of death.

"You still with us?"

All that can be heard is the gentle cracking of ice and nothing more for long moments. However, another sound fills the air as a loud roar erupts in the chamber as the entry way to the compound is torn to shreds, Xion knocked back by the force to the outside and a gargantuan Reaper towers above him.

"Bigger target, eh?"

A large chunk of earth tears from the ground under Xion's feet as he's bolts into the air, tattooing his opponent with lightning. The strategy backfires as Reaper redirects the energy and turns into a swirling mountain of blades. Xion brings his boulder between them as a shield, only to have it turned to gravel as elastic bands wrap around him like a gum-covered mummy. The bands turn to ice and Xion erupts from his imprisonment as Reaper reels in agony, returning to his normal height.

"Almost over, Whitworth!"

The air smells of brimstone as fire erupts around Reaper. The flames are brief as they form around a beam of pure heat redirected at Xion. A dance of swords and body save the villain from being cut to shreds as Reaper flies at him with large, batlike wings. Xion exhales a huge puff of wind which uprights the hero, stone pods rising from the ground like the earth's jaws were trying to eat Reaper itself. Like a ghost, Reaper's body simply moves from the stone.

"Why won't you just die?!"

Stone columns spring from the ground, but Reaper moves around them like a snake, Xion raising one just before himself as a guard, one turned to air at Reaper's touch as Xion takes another fist in the mouth. On the ground, Xion exclaims 'Inconceivable!' as he raises his hands with invisible blades of wind escaping his figures. They crash against Reaper to no effect. Xion crawls backwards while turning the air in Reaper's lungs into ice only for the grim combatant to turn the ground before him into air, release, and turn into solid stone around Xion's body.


Reaper turns his right arm into a giant drill and brings it down on Xion, the ground exploding with lightning as a dome of blue surrounds Xion and turns the drill arm into jelly that returns to Reaper. The caped fighter brings his left arm appearing as a giant tuning fork on the electric dome only for a fork to stab Xion in the back coming from the ground sending his dome's energy into his own body; Xion cuts the power as he notices Reaper's right leg dug into the ground.

"Oh, that's it!"

Gale force winds strike Reaper as Xion explodes into the air. A tornado forms behind him and cuts a swath into the earth heading towards Reaper. Standing his ground, Reaper hulks out and slams his giant hands together, a sonic boom that destroys the tornado and makes Xion's ears ring.

"You b******!"

Wings of metal like some mechanical angel grow from Reaper's back while he returns to his regular form as he has a massive leap and darts towards his nemesis. Xion pulls back as enormous blades of winds cut the sky towards his attacker.


Reaper dodges the attacks before turning into a giant slingshot and sending a massive ball at the chilly foe, only the slingshot follows the ball that turns into some massive needle flyer. Xion tries to right himself, but wind is nothing if not a fickle mistress as the needle passes him and turns into Reaper.

"You talk too much."

The right arm of Reaper turns into a piledriver and crushes against Xion's head, sending him rocketing to the ground below. Before he can try and bring out a new trick, Reaper wraps his hands around Xion's mouth and cuts his arm off. In moments, Xion passes out as Reaper touches the ground beneath his enemy and turns it into air. As Xion falls into the pocket, the hero turns the air into steel like some great sarcophogus and plops it on his back.

"Sleep tight; we have a holding cell with your name on it."

brodies version

Reaper and Xion face each other...

“ What's with the smile?”

“ Heh heh, I just thought of thirty different ways to kill you with yer own sweat!.”

“ If I didn't have to kill you right now I'd really love to see them.”

“There's that snappy wit of yours Whitworth. Get it all out now before I suck the air out of your lungs.”

“ Trash-talking. A really nice way to start off a duel.”

“ Oh, a duel is this? Well why didn't you say so? Choose your weapon, I choose.....the Earth HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA”

“ All I need is this scythe and your own abilities…”

Reaper draws his Scythe and his eyes began to burn bright just like xions before using his powers

Xion draws his twin swords and engulfs them in fire and ice

The two stare each other down and for a moment, there is silence. Then, without warning, the two warriors charge at each other with unbelievable force

“BRODIEEEEEEEEEEEEE” shouted the reaper charging with fire pouring out of the scythe

“ WHITWOOOOOOOORTH” shouted xion the two swords making huge scrapes on the metal ground as he ran

“ DIE!” shouted both of them with as much fury as they could spare.


Swords and scythes locks, sparks flying from the blades. Xion wastes no time in wrapping the metal blades around Reaper's arms like a boa constrictor wrapping around it's kill. Reaper opens his mouth, and a fist emerges from him mouth and cold clocks Xion. Xion stumbles back and wipes the blood from his mouth.

"Cute Whitworth". Reaper picks up his staff and arrogantly moves towards Xion, but al the while doesn't notice that Xion has been forming a massive stone hand behind Reaper. "Splat" says Xion. "Splat" asks a confused Reaper. SPLAT! The stone palm flattens Reaper. Xion gets to his feet, for he knows the fight is far from over.

Suddenly, four hands emerge from the ground and surround Xion. Xion spins into the air, a massive tornado forms underneath him, slicing up the hands in the process. But while in the air, he's blasted by and energy beam fired from under the ground. Xion falls.

"You little prick". Reaper bursts from the Earth, decked out in iron armor transmuted from the stone that buried him. "Ooh, why didn't you tell me you were dressing up". Xion begins molding the Earth around him into armor of his own. Xion propels him self forward with the wind and slams into Reaper. Reaper stumbles back and forms his right hand into a mace. He cracks it onto Xion's skull. Xion moves backwards and converts his arms into stone cannons. He then fires several flaming stones at Reaper. The explosions begin cracking Reapers armor. But Reaper uses this to his advanatge. He creates a vacuum that sucks in the fire rocks. The armor begins to get more and more heated. Finally, Reaper removes himself from the armor and hurls it at Xion.


A massive explosion ensues. Reaper turns to go for his scythe, but suddenly gets on guard as the flames from the explosion begin forming into a massive dragon shape. Reaper hears the chilling cackle of Xion as the fire dragon thrusts for him. Reaper tuns his arms into massive shields to guard against the living inferno. But suddenly, his legs are sucked into the ground. Xion leaps into the air and hurls his twin swords toward Reaper. He then uses his control over metal to separate the blades into shurikens. Reaper counters by swallowing the stars and forming them into one giant blade, which he hurls at his foe.

Xion evades and sends a lightning bolt down onto the trapped Reaper. Reaper redirects the lighting back at Xion with double the force. "WHITWOOOOOORTH" yells Xion as he is blown away.

Reaper frees himself, grasps his scythe and goes to find where Xion fell.

Reaper moves through the devestated city with extreme caution.

"Too quiet" he says to himself

Without warning, Reaper is caught in a massive gust that sends him flying into a building. Reaper picks himself up from the debri. "Ya know, if I kill you, I wonder what happens to the Time Trapper", he hears Xion's voice say.

"Will he, poof out of existence or something, Time Travel confuses me. Like that Donnie Darko movie. Once I finish here I'm going after that son of a b**** Richard Kelly". says the elemental psychopath.

"That's right Brodie...keep TALKING" says Reaper as he extends his arms out and catches Xion, slamming him into the wall of another building. Xion responds by engulfing Reaper's arms in flames. Reaper recoils his arms in pain. "Aw, let me cool you down" mocks Xion as he blows an icy blizzard toward his foe. Reaper becomes frozen in place. Xion follows it ip by sending dozens of razor thin air blades toward Reaper's frozen body, slicing it to pieces.

"Hm, not a real satisfying conclusion, but I'll take it". Says Xion as he turns his back towards his foe and locks toward the skies.

"You're right Xion, it wasn't satisfying, so let me do it right" he hears Reaper say behind him. The frozen pieces of Reaper's body begin to form into icy versions or Reaper.

"Right on time" muses Xion.

The icy Reapers hurl dozens of ice sicles at Xion, impaling the villian. Xion grits his teeth in pain. The Icy reapers then form into real reaper who converts his hands into piledrivers and, with one strike, drills the elemental into the ground below.

Xion wastes little time. He emerges from the ground below, bringing with him a torrent of sewer water. He begins to smack Reaper around with several hands of hard water. Reaper begins slicing through them with his scythe, which also evaporates the water as it cuts. Xion then impales Reaper with two water tendrils. Reaper retaliates by using the tendrils to convert the water around Xion into boiling acid. Xion screams in pain and removes himself from the acid. Xion is caught by Reaper. "Oh I'm gonna enjoy this" says Whitworth as he pummels his foe and drops him to the ground.

Xion, burned and almost out of breath, looks towards the sky. Reaper approaches his beaten foe and picks him up by his neck. Reaper hoists him into the air, all the while Xion continues to look towards the sky.

"You worm, you're gonna pay for the lives you've taken, I'll personally make sure of that" growls Reaper.

Xion continues to look up, then begins laughing

"What the hells so fuuny" demands Reaper, "Look at me"

Xion slowly lowers his head towards Reaper, still laughing, eyes glowing, he coldly states..."cloudy aint it"?

Reaper looks up, an ominous, swirling cloud has been forming over him all this time. Thunder echos across the devestated city.

"Son of a..." Is all Reaper can get out before a massive lightning bolt that looks as if it came from Zeus himself, rains down upon the head of Reaper. And engulfs most of his body.

The arm holding Xion is severed. The rest of Reaper is charred beyond recognition. Xion moves towards his decimated foe. "Now this, is a finish" he says before placing his finger in Reapers burned mouth and exploding his body apart with a blast of wind, scattering his ashes to the wind.

"Well now, this is a probelm, I was supposed to deliver your carcass to Time Trapper..oOh well, least I had fun....later Whitworth"

And with that, Xion walks way victorious, laughing along the way.

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35 Re: Survival of the Fittest: The story so far on Wed Apr 15, 2009 2:54 pm

shining knight

Zombie Ninja
Zombie Ninja
as for the missing part jerry mentioned I am adding it to the part it should be in the story

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36 Re: Survival of the Fittest: The story so far on Wed Apr 15, 2009 6:51 pm


Zombie Ninja
Zombie Ninja
Laughing Almost like a director's commentary. I forget how you pieced together our stuff with some of your cerebral glue to make what went to the site after voting was over for who won. It was after that when Brodie and I began to have input into the story. To that point, I think it started with you and in IV Matt joined you in the beginning and after Brodie and I joined, Mnemosis and Spider fan joined too. And also, Lord3rkk wrote a piece as well. Is that everyone? Seven writers, we're the JLA of SOTF. Laughing

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37 Re: Survival of the Fittest: The story so far on Thu Apr 16, 2009 9:08 am

shining knight

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Zombie Ninja
Thats exactly right for V it looks like its gonna be the trio of knight,barnivous, and fan 14 as main writers

and brodiebruce doing one final xion vs reaper battle

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38 act III part 0, 1.1 on Sat Apr 18, 2009 12:30 pm

shining knight

Zombie Ninja
Zombie Ninja
and now to bring the whole thing up to date....

A small Japanese girl was bowing in the forest. Her outfit was actually rather similar to one worn by Lazer Lion. L.L did not yet know the truth of the frankly ridiculous armour that Dave had made him wear when they had first joined T.I.T. Dave was once a member of an elite group of fighting monks known as purgo of malum. They stood ,waiting for millennia waiting for the day that the vile Iscariot would break out of its Schrödinger cage and ravage the world again. They were the only beings known to nearly kill the creature. That terrible day 10,000 years ago they had all but beaten the vile being when indigo prime intervened and trapped it in a prison instead. Since then they had waited for the day when indigo primes folly would be fully revealed. On that day their Angelus mucro of vices would be ready and they will fight again….

Well that was the plan….unfortunately for them Xion got there first and murdered all but one of the monks. The only survivor was the little Japanese girl who was currently bowing in a prayer in a small clearing of woods outside The headquarters of T.I.T (The song here)

Listen to my voice
Calling you
Calling you out of darkness
Hear the Devil's cry of sin
Always turn your back on him

With the wind you go
Still I dream of your spirit, leading you back home
I will give my gifts to you
Grow your garden, watch it bloom

The light in your eye is an angel up high
Fighting to ease the shadow side
Hearts will grow though having to bend
Leaving behind all things in the end

Listen to my voice
Calling you
Calling you out of darkness
Hear the Devil's cry of sin
Always turn your back on him

“There that wasn’t so bad was it?” muttered a tinny voice on the girls shoulder

“I guess not….it’s a lot of responsibility now on my shoulders,” said the girl sadly

“I have faith in you yoshika!” said the voice

“thanks maxine!” said yoshika grinning

She then ran through the forest jumping from tree branch to tree branch as she did so. Suddenly a huge blast shattered the branch she was standing on and she landed with a bump.

“we found her!” shouted a Doomnaut, one of the doom lords expendable soldiers clone from Daves genes. A second one appeared and pointed a blaster in yeshivas face.

“move and I’ll blow your pretty head off your shoulders.

“What like this,” laughed Yoshika pointing a finger at the doomnauts chest which then exploded from the inside out.

“What the?” muttered the second doomnaut as his comrade fell to the ground.

“You really do not know who you are ****ing with do you?” grinned Yoshika

“Language!” said the tinny voice of maxine

“quiet you!” said Yoshika

“who are you talking to?”

“you’ll never know….” muttered Yoshika lifting her hand and shooting bolts of electricity to the Doomnaut causing a similar reaction to happen to it as the previous one.

“and that’s why they called me the Taser Tigress back home,” muttered Yoshika

“not bad for a first battle,” said Maxine

“what do you mean “not bad” I totally pwned them!” sighed Yoshika

“pwned?” asked Maxine clearly the computer knew nothing of slang

“Owned, took them down, made them my bitches,” laughed Yoshika as she calmly slid out her sword and sliced in two a third doomnaut who was hiding.

“like roaches these guys!”

“something must be happening at T.I.T if these guys are enmass like this,” said Maxine

“I don’t need a computer on my shoulder to tell me that!” said Yoshika


“Aw don’t sulk you know I love you!”

“yeah, yeah lets go to T.I.T….find the chosen one,”

“yeah….Lazer Lion wherever you are…you are getting drafted….” shouted Yoshika as she ran further into the woods and out of sight

Two faces popped out of the bushes

“Did you hear that….” said one of the men

“Yeah doc!” said the other one

“well what are we waiting for Esbat….its time to prove we can be heroes too!” grinned Doc

“indeed and did you see that girl!”

“shes not your type”

“what do you mean by that?” asked Esbat

“shes clearly a lesbian,”

“sounds totally like my type to me…Asian and a lesbian,”

Doc shook his head and walked off from his buddy

“Hey wait for me!” muttered Esbat running after him

Xion observed them clinically

“those two fool won’t be a problem….but the girl,”

“you said you wiped out those fools,” muttered The jester darkly

“A clerical error….one that won’t be repeated….” grinned Xion darkly

To be continued in January with DOC AND ESBATS CONVOLUTED ADVENTURE!

(dave now: it didn't turn out that way the story of act III kept changing all the time mainly due to my madder new ideas and Jerry increasingly being busy)

What has come before…..

The doom lord, an all conquering psychopath is ravaging the multiverse for his own personal reasons. The only people standing in his way are The time investigation team a group of heroes created from super powered wumb members!

The reaper (jerry whit worth) has been hit with some serious blows in his life. First Jaydee died in his arms after a terrible battle with the doom lord. Plus the future version of himself continues to taunt and attempt to change him forever into a villian. There has been light moments as well striking up a friendship and eventually love for a girl called Melissa Monday…..

She’s now dead and reaper doesn’t realise it…..

A loud boom wakes him from his sleep. Leaping up, Reaper looks across the bed to find Mindy missing. Forming new clothes on, he summons his scythe and races towards his door but it remains shut.

"MAX, what’s going on?! Open the door!"

Silence his reply, he takes his blade to the door and rockets to the control room. The room is blown apart, a gaping hole in the wall that exceeds the size of the wall leads to the outside. Stepping out, the landscape looks like a scene out of the Civil War. Members of T.I.T. and the former Legion of Entropy lay sprawled across the field like leaves blown by the wind. Their forms contorted into unnatural ways to show they were not merely knocked unconscious, they were violently beaten into submission. It takes several long moments for the whole scene to sink in before Reaper notices one individual remains standing: the man in white.

"Well, the prodigal son returns. We haven’t been formerly introduced, but I’ve waited quite a while to meet you. I was just suppose to clean up things here, but your appearance is quite a bonus. My name is the Surgeon."

Reaper, passing his threshold of disbelief, swells with anger and pride. He defeated Zero Doom, was instrumental in toppling the Iscariot, this prissy metrosexual only served to make his pain that much worse. The lone T.I.T. agent stabs his scythe into the dirt and turns his left arm into a large stake and plants it into the ground. Rolling into a ball, he kicks his leg over his head and flings it several dozen feet behind him and pulls. Slingshoting forward, pulling his scythe and arm with him, Reaper flies forward with remarkable speed. Twirling his mid-section like a corkscrew, he readies his scythe to deal a massive blow to his opponent. However, as he executes his maneuver, he finds an afterimage as Surgeon appears beneath him and simply touches Reaper’s chest with his right palm, launching the hero with incredible force into the sky. Reaper tries to right himself to turn back, but as he turns he receives a powerful knee into his gut as Surgeon sails upward with him. If it’s a martial arts contest he wants, the dark hero is ready to deliver as four extra arms sprout from his sides. However, even with the additional arms, he’s unable to land a single hit on Surgeon who effortlessly moves out of the strikes’ ways.

"My turn."

A spin kick lands to the side of Reaper’s face. Ten, twenty, fifty, Reaper can’t keep track of how many hits the Surgeon lands. They land with such force, they the pair continue to climb in the air. Reaper becomes intangible, but the Surgeon wastes no blows and simply twirls both of his arms at super speeds, exciting the particles that makes up Reaper and threaten to pull him apart. With no choice, he becomes solid again in time for Surgeon to shatter his sternum and explode his heart with another devastating palm strike. Reaper twirls his body into sections and whip around to get from Surgeon’s path, trying desperately to to recover from the massive damage he’s been dealt. Without his enemy’s blows, Reaper begins to fall. Unfortunately, he has no time to sprout wings to fly as Surgeon plants both of his knees between his shoulder blades. Surgeon’s arms wrap around Reaper’s torso, an odd image of a man of white tightly gripping a man in black.

"Hmm, pity we can’t stay like this forever. Say, how about we forget the whole thing and go some place quiet?"

Reaper, in utter disbelief before being wrought with disgust, tries to collapse his body into a gelatin form and submerge his enemy.

"Naughty boy, not on the first date."

Surgeon pushes off, spins forward and delivers a devastating heel kick to the top of Reaper’s form, launching him even faster to the ground. Reaper’s eyes grow big as the ground quickly hurries towards him. Turning his arms into giant batwings, he tries to create as much wind resistance as possible. However, a white flash bolts under him and all his effort is for nought when Surgeon grabs his foot and violently jerks him around into a circle and plants Reaper into the ground, a crater five feet deep. Reaper, unable to hold his form, is a black mass, shifting about with eyes, ears, arms, mouth, and other parts as he tries to become whole again.

"What a pity; we could have made such beautiful music together. At least I’ll have fun picking you and your friends apart. FYI, Kupocat looks delicious. I wonder how many different ways I could violate her before making some sort of scientific breakthrough?"


The black mass blasts forward but Surgeon dodges. Landing on the ground, it forms into a solid black humanoid shape. Its voice is like a bubbling tarpit.

"You’ll leave her alone. You’re going to leave all of them alone! Your fight’s with me and I’m not through yet, you bastard!"

"Impressive. I love a man with stamina."

The form slams its fists into the ground as the earth erupts under Surgeon. A column of black shoots up, but the rogue continues to avoid. He streaks at Reaper as scalpels appear in his hands, seemingly passing through the black mass as it appears cut into ribbons behind him.

"Hey, pansy. It’s going to take more than your little knives to do me in."

Surgeon turns to sees a fully-formed Reaper standing where the black column appeared.

"Replicated yourself. Your power is growing. Interesting."

"Enough talk. Now you go down!"

The bottom of Reaper’s feet turn into taught springs and he launches forward, both hands turning into scythe blades. The edges dance around Surgeon who continues to move to-and-fro and avoid a single hair being touched. Reaper screams as blades comes from his feet and try to kick his opponent. A sword springs from his mouth and fires at his enemy, he spins and his back transforms into his front at the speed of thought, spears spring from his chest, axes form from his back and swing forward, but nothing makes contact. Effortlessly, Surgeon raises his hand and flicks Reaper’s forehead turning him into a crashing wave. He walks some ten feet away and turns, Reaper trying to reform his body but black goop seeps out of every pore as Surgeon again lays eyes on him.

"Well, its been fun, but I got to run. I’m going to destroy you now."

Raising his arm again but flexing his fingers into the shape of a gun, a small blue orb forms at the tip of Surgeon’s index finger. The orb hums as it slowly grows in size. Reaper tries to move, but he finds himself paralyzed. Though his body is still, his mind is awash with the situation.

‘How is this possible? Nerve strikes? Impossible, I can re-alter my matter at will; no, this has to be affecting my mind. Yes! Of course. He’s a psionic! It explains everything: he read my mind and knew everything I was going to do as I would do it; either that or he’s a precog. His telekinesis moved him at super-speed, provided powerful strikes, and allowed him to fly. Afterimages could be illusions, he could have be manipulating my eyes the whole time to keep missing, and appearing out of nowhere can be teleportation. He must be psionically pulling energy around him, perhaps tearing into the electromagnetic sphere, and forming that blast he obviously ripped off of Yu Yu Hakusho. But, how can I fight telepathy? Wait, the mind is a synaptic network of nerves and electricity. If I reconfigure the network and manipulate the electricity, I might be able to move!’

Reaper has little time to react as Surgeon unleashes his blast. The sphere, roughly the size of a basketball, tears through the air at its target. Reaper’s eyes narrow as the blast comes within inches of him before turning into a hoop, catching the energy ball. Surgeon, caught off-guard, has little time to react as Reaper reforms with the energy in his hands is crashed into the ground and the earth before him spreads like a shotgun blast. The ground detonates with massive force and the image of the Surgeon cracks and crumbles.

"You found me out! Kudos to you! I tore apart your entire team and no one figured it out! They just thought I was some DBZ castoff! I expected a lot from you, and you did not disappoint. Lets have some more fun."

An army of Surgeons appear around Reaper, all smirking with their arms crossed. The hero thinks ‘this time, I don’t rely on my eyes’ as he feels into the energy spectrum around him, letting the energy around him show him the truth. Further, to protect his mind, Reaper reorganizes his synaptic network consistently, hoping its more of a puzzle than his enemy is willing to piece together. ‘Looking’, he can tell they’re all psionic constructs; is Surgeon even there? Little time is had to ponder this and the constructs attack, Reaper this time able to know where they are and perhaps even detect where they’re going, whipping around his scythe and sucking up their energies.

"Yes, yes, that’s it! How exciting! Such spirit, you’re positively scrumptious! Young men have such vigor. A young buck, a submissive MILF, and a place to call home with toys and devices and I’d be in heaven."

"Would you please shut up, you freak! I’m going to shove this crescent blade so far up your crack people will think you’re a weathervane!"

"Promises, promises."

‘The cavalcade of Surgeons is unending, is his psionic power that great? I have to do something; wait, if I’m right, and he’s tapping into the electromagnetic field, I might be able to disrupt his army.’

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39 act III part 1 CONT, on Sat Apr 18, 2009 12:39 pm

shining knight

Zombie Ninja
Zombie Ninja
Focusing all the energy he’s stolen into his scythe, Reaper releases a massive negative charge into the ground and all of the Surgeons fade away in kind. The hero turns to hear clapping and ‘see’ his enemy standing there, a grin on his face.

"You are special. Of course, you’d have to be. Anyway, time for your prize. Now, you face the real me."

A scalpel appears in his hand as he streaks past the Reaper, a cut appears on the hero’s face and half his head explodes. Surgeon grins until he feels blood trickling down his left side, Looking down, he’d been cut into his left mid-section.

"You... you struck me!"

Reaper head reforms as his body turns inside out, his back becoming his front.

"We’re playing a different game now, Surgeon. This time, we play on a level field. No tricks, no deception."

The Surgeon shakes as he looks at his bloody hand and side, a look of disbelief turning into that of pure rage.

"Shut your filthy mouth! There is nothing even between us! I am better than you in every way! I was going to take my time with you, but now you DIE!"

A look of utter madness covers the villain’s face as dozens of scalpels appear in his hands and he begins firing them like a pair of mini-guns. Reaper turns to liquid and maneuvers around the scalpels while jetting towards his enemy. The man in white shoots into the air as his scalpels that missed Reaper turn and circle around their target’s black mass. The dark hero turns into a taunt spring and follows after the Surgeon with incredible speed into the sky, swatting scalpels away with his twirling scythe. Not to be outdone, his opponent forms a psionic spear and the two battle in air amidst a swarm of swathing scalpels. Surgeon disarms Reaper only for the hero to draw his zanbato sword with a third arm and bring it down on his enemy’s spear, shattering the construct. The effort costs him however as several dozen scalpels slice deeply into his back. The white-clothed combatant provides his best Joker smile as he forms a claymore sword and meets Reaper’s blade.

"Don’t drop out on me yet! I’m almost there, baby!"

The pair sail through the air, Reaper feeding off the massive kinetic energy given off by Surgeon to remain in the sky battling him. The hero’s cape forms into a mass of spear-tipped tentacles smacking away scalpels. Four chains with claw-handed ends spring from Reaper’s back and hungrily bite at Surgeon only to strike at nothing as he appears behind Reaper and slices off his tentacles and chains. The hero screams in pain as he tries to right himself to face his opponent only for his enemy to point his open right hand at his back and unleash a volley of telekinetic hits beating him towards the earth as Surgeon laughs maniacally.

"Die! Die! Die!"

Tears run down his face and drools cascades out of his mouth. Reaper crashes into the ground forming another crater, but Surgeon is unrelenting in his telekinetic blasts. As the ground becomes a giant dust cloud, Surgeon finally stops, both his attack and laughter, draws out a handkerchief to clean his face, fix his suit, puts his hand over his wound on his side and draws the blood out into an orb and discards it as his suit fixes itself. He slowly floats down until he lands before the crater, clearing his throat. Reaper is in a heap, most of his clothing and armor gone, his weapons disintegrated, covered in wounds and bumps with black blood seeping from them all. He tries to speak, but only gurgling noises escape his lips. He can barely see, the area about his face deeply swollen, but he knows his attacker is there. His arm tries to rise, but at most he can lift his hand, shaking violently as the hero’s final defile. Surgeon clears his throat.

"As I was saying..."

He lifts his arm up with his hand imitating a gun and an orb of energy forms at index finger’s tip.

"...I’m going to destroy you now."

A smirk appears across his face as a giant metal humanoid appears behind him, a massive fist coming down on the white-clothed rogue. He teleports, appearing several dozen feet above Reaper in the air and unleashes his blast on the new opponent. Another metal humanoid suddenly appears before the behemoth with a bladed arm that swats the blast away. The Surgeon grunts as he dodges a large curved blade on a chain, the other end of the chain a spiked metal humanoid follows the momentum of the weapon and claws and bites at the villain. He kicks off the creature’s shoulder as yet another humanoid with a massive energy blade tries to cleave Surgeon in twain. Unable to avoid, he forms a telekinetic shield and is sent sailing from the force of the strike. Levitating just before crashing into the ground, a winged metal humanoid with a flaming spear descends upon him. He avoids, but it unleashes a volley of darkbolts from its hand. As he tries to move, he’s kicked in the lower back by a cloaked metal humanoid and takes a blast to the shoulder. Screaming in pain, he moves with super-speed away from the metal group.

"Where the hell did you come from?!"

The Surgeon is ground into the dirt as another small metal humanoid in a ball of energy teleports above him. The Time Trapper grabs a hold of Reaper’s hand and pulls him up, taking him on his shoulder. The man in white explodes with energy, an expanding dome of telekinetic forces rises from him like some detonation as the Trapper waves his arm and he, Reaper, T.I.T., and the metal soldiers disappear. Surgeon looks around, laughs a little, stands and dusts himself off.

"Finally, a challenge."


Necropolis, the secret sanctum of Time Trapper torn down by an army of Doom Lords, is the last place T.I.T. has to turn with their headquarters compromised. Time Trapper and the MagnaGuard leave the group and go to fortify their position. Reaper tries to reconstitute himself as best he can as he looks upon his allies, trying to access who requires care the most when he notices something. Lazer Lion is holding someone in his arms, so tightly that even unconscious he continues to have a vice grip on it. There’s so much red, but it’s the red hair that he notices.


He rushes over and pulls the hero off of her, finding Mindy in his arms. Tears well up as he checks her pulse and finds nothing. He looks all over her and finds the hole in her chest. Mumbling to himself about being able to fix this, he puts his hand on her chest and tries to regenerate her living tissue. Taking electromagnetism in the air, he shocks her; again and again and again. ‘I can fix this, I can fix this’ comes out of his mouth as he grits his teeth and shocks her harder. He pulls her close and whines while he rocks. ‘No, no, no, no, no, no, no...’ A scream comes from his mouth that’s as loud as an explosion for only a briefest moment but becomes inaudible to normal ears and shakes the ground, rising from the tunnel they inhabit, passing through the tunnels beneath the city of the dead, and reaches the surface, a burned out husk of a ruin littered with corpses. The Time Trapper gives a pause for only a moment before returning to work with his soldiers. The unconscious warriors come to as Lazer Lion puts his hand on Reaper’s arm.

"It was Doom Lord, he came out of nowhere. She was right in the middle talking one minute, and he just..."

Reaper pulls away violently and stands up with Mindy in his arms.

"The Surgeon beat us pretty bad, he said he wanted her body as a trophy. I tried my best to protect her, but he was just too much."

"Fools! Idiots! Doom Lord waltzed right in under your noses for the second time! He killed her while all of you laughed and grinned like peons! ‘Look at how powerful we’ve become! There’s no way Doom Lord can stand up to our army!’ It only took one man to wipe the floor with all of you! And it wasn’t even the Doom Lord! I take a moment’s rest and this entire team fell apart!"

CopyMatts stepped forward, "We all feel bad about what happened, but there’s no need..."

"Don’t you dare talk to me! Your wife and child are fine. Not a scratch. You’re suppose to be an omega like me and you went down like a chump like the rest of this crew of jokers."

CopyMatts starts to move forward when KupoCat puts her hand on his shoulder and shakes her head. The Legion of Entropy steps forward with murder in their eyes as Reaper turns to them and for a moment appears like the Time Trapper. They hesitate as Reaper begins walking backwards.

"All of you would be nothing without me! Who beat the big, bad Xion?! Who killed Zero Doom and the Iscariot?! Who made the biggest contribution to your pathetic army?! And when I needed you the most, you lost the only thing I’ve ever cared about!"

"Stop it!"

Trish, weeping in War’s arms, screams out her lungs with all the air in her breath.

"Do you think she would want this?! You trying to cover your pain with some ego-boost, like it would have been any different with you there! It took the heroes of fifteen worlds to beat Doom Lord and he came out of nowhere! You couldn’t save Jaydee just like we couldn’t save my sister!"

Reaper’s face fills with anger as tears continue to pour down his face before darkness covers it under his hood.

"Oh God, I’m sorry... I didn’t mean..."

Reaper floats backward as Lazer Lion runs up to him.

"Don’t do this, we need you! We all loved Trish, don’t do this!"

Just then, L.L. reminds Reaper of his brother. Without a word, he sinks into the ground and disappears as everyone wonders what’s next.

What has come before…..

Lazer Lion has always been in the background of all the battles but all that changed when he met Bekka Tuesday a girl from the future. She revealed to him that in her future he is the greatest hero the multiverse will ever know. They both went on an adventure (with Bekkas parents war (mnemosis) and Trish Tuesday) to gather an army to stop the doom lord and in the process gave L.L confidence in himself.
Now unknown to him as he deals with a death of a friend a girl called Yoshika is about to enter his life one which will put him on the path to becoming the greatest hero in the multiverse…..

About three minutes away from the base just as the fight had ended

Yeah, naked truth lies
only if you realize
Appearing in nobody's eyes
till they sterilize
Stop the guerrilla
warfare to keep it fair
Bro, change your rage to a smarter greater cause

Yoshika continued to sing as she ran through the forest cutting in two any foolish soldiers that tried to attack her.

“dammit to your left!” shouted the shrill voice of yeshikas shoulder computer maxine

“yeah I know!”

“My left not yours!” shouted the computer

“your left is my left!” shouted Yoshika

“Err need any help?” asked a small voice behind her

A second louder one shouted “Do not enrage the crazy ***** with the sword!”

“oh great its Micky and Minnie….” muttered Maxine sarcastically

“Hey Bat…..Doc…..long time…..” grinned Yoshika

“yeah….It was the last time the world went to hell when we first met wasn’t it?” grinned Esbat

“which one….seems to be happening a lot lately,” muttered Doc

“still as much of an arse as always I see,” muttered Maxine

“shush!” moaned Yoshika

“huh?” asked Esbat

“Sorry computer stuck in me only I can hear it….she having her time of the….”
“oh so that’s how it goes then well I’m not speaking to you now!” muttered Maxine angrily

“Calm down when you scream it feels like seven hangovers at once!” moaned yoshika


“What an arse storming off like that,” muttered War darkly

“hes going through a bad time he really liked my sister….”

“you really don’t seem to be upset after the reaction you had to her death,”

Trish picked up a small dvd and said “she’s been recruited….”

“recruited to what? Be one of Krawls bone bags? Not a brilliant idea is that?”

“Eww no krawl will not be going anywhere near her remains….seriously though this is from indigo prime usually they never give anyone warning but because its me….” She slides in the dvd and a rather catchy tune began to play

“Neeeeeeeed a stich in tiiiiiiiiiiiiime caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllll in….di….go prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrime!”

Hell miss Tuesday I am Clive vista director of indigo prime….usually we do not let family know of recruitment to spare feelings and not to cause anguish but we are letting it slide for once on the insistence of our subject. We are an extra-dimensional agency dedicated to the maintenance and repair of breaks and distortions across the multiverse. However, we’re not above making a few 'alterations' for any rich clientele that approach them (although we do have checks and balances to make sure that this is never at the expense of the harmony of the multiverse itself). Our base of operations exists outside the multiverse and time itself.
All Indigo Prime agents are chosen, upon their death, based on the presence of a certain gene (the "Rembrant IndexTM") that occurs in one in twelve million people across the multiverse; given a new body, and then trained in a range of abilities reminiscent of 'super powers' to assist them in their job. Each agent also specializes in a role - known job descriptions are: Sceneshifters (who deal with spacial issues), Seamsters (who deal with time) and Imagineers (who deal with the people affected by multiverse breaches). Melissa has been claimed as one of us she will have her memories rewired and a new body and personality in order to do her job without being concerned by those she has left behind”

The dvd went on and on then it finally ended…..

“So she gets to be a hero and yet will never remember her family, her friends….” muttered war

“or her love of her life,” sighed Trish a small tear running down her

“so she really is dead to us?”

“yeah,” whimpered Trish

Several minutes of walking later Yoshika, esbat and nightmare reached what was left of T.IT hq after the monumental battle that had taken place. Sitting on the stairs looking glum was Lazer Lion

“Ah finally reached you!” grinned yoshika

“…..Dave got to you too huh?” asked L.L sadly

“excuse me?” asked Yoshika

“you are wearing the same lame armour he gave to me,” sighed L.L

“you have no idea what kind of power this “lame armour” has do you?” asked Yoshika

“Do I know you….you look familiar…..” asked L.L

“”I just have that kind of face I guess,”

“you look familiar…..” muttered L.L

“Nah I know nothing about that,” laughed yoshika however L.L was squinting at her she looked an awful lot like Melissa……

To be continued……..

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40 act III 2.1 on Sat Apr 18, 2009 12:40 pm

shining knight

Zombie Ninja
Zombie Ninja
The Reaper sits in total darkness in the bowels of Necropolis, healed from his battle with the Surgeon, at least physically. They say he’s called the Surgeon because he is like such in terms of the human mind, able to pick it apart and change it. Though Reaper didn’t taste the worst of his torture, he’s none the less changed, as he has to live with losing everything he’s ever loved. He looks over at the freshly dug grave where he buried Mindy. He placed dandelions atop it, they were her favorite. He reflects on his time in T.I.T. Xion, Zero Doom, Iscariot... he has fought the most powerful, became stronger each time, but he was nothing to the Surgeon. But, he wonders to himself, out of all the battles they’ve fought, has he not done most of the heavy lifting? He thinks of his teammates defeating the Legion of Entropy, but Reaper already had it worked out in his mind how to take them out on his own. No, T.I.T. should have protected Mindy and had the Surgeon beat before he even showed up, at least remained conscious long enough to tell Reaper about him or at least hurt him. The Reaper shakes with rage as he clenches his teeth, blood trickling from the edge of his mouth. He fought the Iscariot and Zero Doom, formed a massive army, and that should have been enough. He should have been able to stay with Mindy in his room for the rest of the war and watch his pawns triumph in his name. This was all his "friends" fault, this was Time Trapper’s fault; the Reaper didn’t lose Mindy that day, he was betrayed.

"For a man that claims friendship to be such a high ideal, you’ve chosen to be by yourself a great deal lately."

"You never get tired of skulking around, do you Trapper?"

The robed ancient floats into the light.

"Your loss of your loved one and the battle to Surgeon was hard, I know. But, I’m here to help."

"I thought we went over this. I choose death over your hand."

"Tsk, tsk, you wound me. Simply put, the Surgeon is a threat to me, you, and all your friends. I thought you might want a little... umph."

"What’re you going to do, give me new powers? Let me call on dead spirits and bring them to my aid? ‘Ooh, he’s like a real grim reaper now!’ Lame."

"Hardly. The only reason you failed is that you didn’t have anyone to back you in the battle. Your teammates fell like wheat to the scythe, if you’ll excuse the metaphor. If not for my MagnaGuard, you’d be dead. But, think back to before you became the Reaper, back when you were Jerry Whitworth. You loved comics, people use to call you the real-life Watcher. But, your knowledge wasn’t limited to spandex wearing heroes, you were a lover of all things hero. Greek myths, Knights of the Round Table, El Cid, you loved all of that stuff. Pity, you never got around to reading Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Ulster Cycle, or Shahnameh..."

"What’s your point, old man?!"

"Point is, you’ve always been obsessed with perfection. For example, playing the game Survival of the Fittest which dragged you into this, you were one of the game’s best players. What was your model? Powerhouse, espionage/martial artist, psionic, magic-user, tech user, and wild card?"

"So, what? I give you a list and you rip people from their own times, enslave them to your cause."

"You know, I’m not the villain you think I am..."

"Sure, you’re a puppy dog that razes worlds for kicks. Please."

"No, you give me a list and I bio-engineer a squad. They’ll have free will but will be naturally sympathetic to your cause considering, I would imagine, you’d employ hero DNA."

Reaper looks away.

"You really get off playing God, don’t you?"

"The offer’s on the table. Take it or leave it."

He thinks back to the smile on the Surgeon’s face just before he almost blew him away.

"Give me a Max-panel before I change my mind. And Trapper, I’m still going to kill you after this is over."


The Legend

Biotronix - Leader and armored tech user. Wearing a suit of bio-booster armor and wielding the ancient sword Excalibur, Biotronix is composed of King Arthur Pendragon, Miyamoto Musashi, Sigurd the Dragon Slayer, Sun Ce, El Cid Campeador, Rostam Farrokhzad, Iron Man, Leman Russ, Guyver I, and Samus Aran.

Hachiman - Strongman. Preferring to be shirtless so that his heart is ever exposed, Hachiman is a berserker and takes pleasure in one-on-one combat. He is composed of Gilgamesh, Herakles, Samson, Beowulf, Bercilak de Hautdesert the Green Knight, Superman, Hulk, Conan, Simon Belmont, Kratos, and Broly.

Moriarty - Strategist and telepath. Though his body is the weakest of the group, his mind is of the most brilliant experts in warfare in history and his great telepathy gives him a weapon to exploit personally. Moriarty has in him the DNA of evil men and thus is looked on with suspicion by his teammates. He is composed of Odysseus, Hassan-i Sabbah, Professor James Moriarty, Oedipus, Ali Baba, Mordred, Allan Quatermain, Saladin, Ivan the Terrible, Niccolb Machiavelli, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Hannibal, Napoleon Bonaparte, Genghis Khan, Rasputin, Attila the Hun, Qin Shi Huang, William Wallace, Erwin Rommel the Desert Fox, and Professor Xavier.

Nightingale - Martial artist, expert in espionage, and wields the fabled sword Kusanagi. She is in many ways the group’s ninja, able to sneak upon enemies and eliminate them quickly and efficiently. However, her superhuman capabilities also make her an asset in open battle. Her composition comes from Achilles, Cúchulainn, Hua Mulan, Sinbad, Sir Lancelot of the Lake, Yagyu Jubei, Wong Fei Hung, Batman, James Bond, Captain America, Ryu (Street Fighter), and Solid Snake.

Utan Oran - The wildman, outsider, and trickster. Wielding a dancing scimitar (a sword that can fight on its own), lasso, and a bow, Utan can ride the wind, command beasts, and is accompanied by his fairy Maribelle. Covered from top to bottom in fur, he has claws able to cut through any material on his feet and hands. He is made of Enkidu, Sun Wukong the Monkey King, Sir Perceval of Wales, Robin Hood, Peter Pan, Mowgli, Pecos Bill, John Carter of Mars, Tarzan, Wolverine, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Trample Jack - Magic item user and adventurer. Jack carries a wealth of magic items including a flute, long sword, scimitar swords, seven-league boots, sandals, crystal ball, rings, coins, and oil lamp. He enjoys pirate stories and thus dresses as such, feeling mostly at home on the seas. Further, he emulates the TV character known as the Daring Dragoon. Composition has King Solomon, Perseus, Jack the Giant Killer, Aladdin, Sir Gawain, Pied Piper, Drizzt Do'Urden, Urza Planeswalker, Tommy Oliver, Hal Jordan the Green Lantern, Link, and Ash Ketchum.

Etrana - Magic-user of the highest order. Known for her long, elegant white wings and her penchant for sleeveless dresses held up by a corset, her weapon of choice is a powerful staff adorned with a crystal ball atop it, however she also wields a sword of fire when the situation begs for more direct action. Her DNA comes from St. Michael the Archangel, Simon Magus, Merlin Ambrosius, Medea, Gandalf the White, Raistlin Majere, Elminster Aumar, Jared Carthalion, Dr. Strange, and Harry Potter.

Time Trapper laughs to himself, pressing his hand against the glass of one of the tanks with a hero in it.

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41 act III 2 CONT on Sat Apr 18, 2009 12:40 pm

shining knight

Zombie Ninja
Zombie Ninja
‘How long have I waited for this? Bided my time, working out my machinations, steering my younger self to this point. Soon, very soon, the Reaper shall die, and the Time Trapper will be born. Sleep now, my MagnaGuard, be born into this world as the Legend, and when I find you unable to deal with the road ahead, I’ll use the greatest of alchemy, technology, and magic to make you supreme, elite. But for now, rest. You’ll need your strength for the battle ahead.’

Trish stared at the legion of entropy with daggers in her eyes. She never forgot what count dredd did to her how it all but destroyed any romantic chances with war…..

The heroes tumbled out from the transdimensional portal, and simultaneously they were all struck with a sense of fear.

"War? Whats going on?" Trish asked. War looked over his shoulder back at her, but his eyes were black and soulless. Without warning, War drew his guns and put a slug through Reaper's head. Then slug through Laser Lion's head.

Trish watched in horror as War slowly walked back over to her, and then looked at her belly. As she looked down, she was shocked that her stomach had instantly grown to the size of a woman's who was 7 months pregnant, but for some reason, it felt right. War slowly pulled a knife from its sheath, and Trish begged him to stop. "This isnt you.. please.. dont do this.."

War plunged the knife right under Trishes belly, and thrusted upward right to her sternum. Trish fell to the ground, and War plunged his hand into her gaping wound and [DELETED] . Trish watched in horror as War stood over her, holding her unborn fetus. The fetus agonizingly turned its head towards her, opened its eyes to reveal that same soulless stare that War had, and said 'You would have been a horrible mother anyway..'. War then raised his Peacemaker which seemed abnormally huge against the size of the fetus, and placed it right against its body. Trish screamed as War [DELETED] its gore splattered across her face. "SUBMIT TRISH TUESDAY." War bellowed at her, "SUBMIT TO THE DOOM LORD! THE DOOM LORD JUSTIFIES YOUR LOSS!"


"It's always a brokeback mountain reference with you isn't it Trish?"

Wars voice calmly snapped Trish back into the present “huh….”

“You’re always going on about how I am romantically entangled with Lee and its totally not true hon!”

Trishs tears wept down her face

“whats wrong?” asked war

“I can’t take this anymore….I just can’t,” cried Trish running away from a puzzled war


“Are you ready to take on a seriously major responsibility? To be the hero this world needs right now?”

These words from Yoshika took lazer lion back to that terrible day when everything changed for him


As the heroes tried to make sense of their current surroundings, Trish suddenly dropped to her knees with a blood-chilling scream. "TRISH?!" War exclaimed, grabbing her by the shoulders. Laser Lion was the next to suddenly fall to his knees.

"You failed me.." echoed behind him from the depths of the corridor. Laser Lion tried to peer through the darkness, but he couldnt see who was speaking. A cloaked figure started to emerge from the darkness, and to LL's shock, it was Jaydee! "You failed me Lion" Jaydee said. "I'm dead because of you."

"NO!" Lion shouted, "I tried my best to help you!"

"Your best isn’t good enough Lion." Jaydee taunted

"Nothing you do is ever good enough" Reaper said dully, as Lion's teammates now stood around him. They all seemed distant, all looking at him with disappointment.

"Guys, whats going on?" Lion asked

"Your failure killed me, Lion.. and now you'll fail to save your other friends as well.." Jaydee drew his lightsaber and cut down Reaper, then War, then Trish.

Laser Lion wanted to stop Jaydee, but his weapon felt so heavy in his hands that he couldnt lift it.

"You're the worst hero ever" said Trish's eviscerated corpse

"You're a disgrace to anyone thats ever put on a costume" said War's decapitated head.


"No! NO!" Lion kept screaming as his dead friends continued to taunt him.

War and Reaper looked at each other as their teammates collapsed into blubbering messes. "Reaper, this is bad, we need to figure out whats going on."

Lazer lion bit so hard into his lip he drew blood and shouted “I’m in….count dredds ass so needs a good kicking”

Esbat and Doc nightmare were just standing talking

“the only Star Trek film directed by William Shatner was the one where Kirk takes on God and wins.” said Esbat

“I cannot tell you how much I don’t care…..” moaned Nightmare who then heard a rustle in the trees….

"You! With the face like a well-kicked ass!"

The figure in the trees grinned and then blasted the both of them point blank with a concussive blast he then stepped over them (quickly kicking nightmare in the jewels for his remark) and then moved closer to his prey.

Inside the headquater where count dredd was staring at Lazer lion with a grin

“you’re the last person who will ever kick my arse….just you wait…..”

His thoughts then turned to the day when it all changed for him

"You're right, War.. Maybe we should.." But before Reaper could finish that sentence, he was suddenly encased with bandages like a mummy, and now donned a red cloak. "Oh no.." Reaper whispered.

"Well.. this is unexpected" hissed a voice that instantly sent chills down Reaper's spine.

"Count Dredd.." Reaper whispered, finally realizing who was behind this attack.

"Submit Mr. Whitworth.. The Doom Lord justifies your fear."

"Becoming the Time Trapper is my greatest fear.." Reaper whispered, "..but its also exactly what I need to destroy you!" In the blink of an eye, Reaper teleported across the room right in front of Count Dredd and pounded both fists into his chest. Dredd slammed against the wall, but to Reaper's surprise the wall shred like tissue paper, tearing away the environment around them.

"Your powers are out of control Mr. Whitworth. You just destroyed your timeline and all your friends."

"NO!" Reaper cried out, and pummeled Dredd with a flurry of haymakers. But every punch continued to shred the timeline, and Reaper found himself moving backwards through his life.

"Look around you Mr. Whitworth.. you're destroying the very fabric of time itself. Countless lives disintegrated in an instant. SUBMIT Mr. Whitworth. The Doom Lord justifies your massacre!"

"I will never give in! NEVER! I'll erase you from ever existing if I have to!"

"Foolish boy. I am fear incarnate. I'm a thread in the tapestry of the creation. To remove me would be like trying to pluck the stars from the universe. Submit Mr. Whitworth, before more innocent lives are lost."

"Jerry?" squeaked a small voice from behind Reaper. The hero turned, shocked at what he saw. He was suddenly standing on a frozen lake, just like the one near the home he grew up in.

"Jerry.. why did you let me die?"

Standing before Reaper was his little brother.. who died when he was 5 years old.


"You let me fall through the ice, Jerry"

"No Tommy.. I tried.. I tried to tie the rope around the tree.. to pull you out. But my hands.. they were so cold. I ran out of time. There just wasn’t enough time."

Reaper could feel Count Dredd hovering over him.. as if he were literally crushing his spirit. "You can end thissss.." Dredd whispers into Reaper's ear. "With a swipe of your hand, you can shred all time to pieces. Destroy it all. The Doom Lord.. Your friends.. Tommy.. you can make it all stop with a swipe of your hand. Your powers are unstable, end it all before more tragedies are born by your hand."

" " Reaper whispers, holding his head in his hands.


War stood by Reaper, who was on his knees like his other teammates. Suddenly Reaper screams in defiance with a burst of light emitting from his body, knocking War back. For a second, War could see Reaper draped in tattered rags and a red cloak, with this horrible creature hovering over him. The creature seemed to be sucked into the ball of light, which exploded like shimmering stardust. The rags and red cloak disintegrated off of Reaper like dust in the wind.

"Reaper, what the hell just happened?" War asked

"Count Dredd.. he was making us live out our worst nightmares. Unfortunately for him, my worst nightmare is becoming an unstable cosmic entity."

"So.. what did you do to him?"

"I dunno exactly.. I think I trapped him in a time loop. But I've never experienced that kind of power before, so I cant be certain."

War bent down to Trish, who was still shaking uncontrollably. "Trish.. what did you see? What did he do to you?"

"I.. I cant. Its too.. oh my god.. its too horrible"

"Its alright, you can tell me.." War went to reach for her, but as he extended his hand, Trish freaked out and slapped it away.


Reaper put his hand on War's shoulder, "the visions were pretty intense, just give her some time."

Laser Lion was still sitting on the floor, slowly rocking back and forth, whispering to himself, "I'll show them.. I'll show them all. I'll be the greatest hero they've ever seen."
"Well, we're still in one piece, and I guess that counts for something." War said.

Reaper would have liked to join in on that moment of victory, but something still felt wrong to him. It was as if there was a darkness on his soul, reminding him that time was running out. What Reaper does not yet realize is that this experience has tainted his psyche, and the seed of the Time Trapper has been planted

The battle has been won, but wounds have been cut deep with scars that may never heal.


The Doom Lord watches a wall of monitors, planning, plotting.. Suddenly in the center of the chamber a ball of light appears revealing Count Dredd.

"Back so soon Dredd? I take it you were successful?"

"Not exactly Doom Lord. You should have told me the Time Trapper's true identity."

"Giving the opponent omnipotent powers isnt exactly a sound battle plan... or perhaps this was your way of trying to take me out?"

"What are you suggesting?" the Doom Lord said angrily

"I could have you quivering on the floor with a mere thought, surely that must make you uneasy."

"You wouldnt dare try"

"Sending me after Reaper knowing my powers would unleash his Time Trapper persona would have been the perfect opportunity to secure your place of power"

"NO ONE can threaten my place of power!"

"Ahhh.. Did you think I wouldnt catch that? I saw that glimpse of fear in your mind. You're afraid of Reaper."

"I FEAR NO ONE!!" Doom Lord shouts as he tries to blast Count Dredd. The energy beam merely passes through Dredd as the creature starts to slowly disappear.

"Tick Tock Doom Lord.. your time is running out"


Count dredd smiled that was fun messing with those fools and once the doom lord was dealt with The legion of entropy would end t.I.t forever….

“yes nothing will be able to stop us!” grinned Count dredd as a bullet slammed right into his shoulder

“wanna bet…..” said a cool calm voice

“hit him again!” said a female voice

“I agree with her end this piece of crap!”

“patience you two…..lets have some fun with the bastard first,” grinned the man who shot count dredd. Dredd was leaking blood rapidly but he knew right away who it was who shot him.

“you….can’t be….”

“can it… see these T.I.T losers are really starting to bug me….they let all the scum play hero instead of executing you as they should….”

The girl chimed in “we however prefer to do this the really nasty way!”

“don’t even bother trying to use your powers to get out of this….I’m dampening them,”

“you keep using your powers to make people see their nightmares….its time I did the same,” the man beside the girl chucked some dust into count dredds eye and he began to see terrible things

“No….” cried Dredd “no more!”

“yes there will be no more from you!” grinned the man shooting right through dredds head killing him instantly. Small snakes began to crawl out of the open wound

“yeesh….” muttered the man stamping on one of the snakes and then being puzzled as to why it didn’t die

“leave the corpse…..I’ll put our card on it,”

The three of them walked off. On the card they left on dredds dead body it said the following




“Yes not the first….” grinned FATHER darkly pushing his gun back into his holster

To be continued….

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42 act III 3,4.1 on Sat Apr 18, 2009 12:43 pm

shining knight

Zombie Ninja
Zombie Ninja
Lazer lions last thoughts as his head got continually bashed in by an insane bald man was that “why does this shit always happen to me?” Yoshika tried to pry the lunatic off of L.L but got thoroughly smacked in the face by the insane bald man. “Recognise me you son of a bitch?” shouted the bald man putting a huge metallic hand round L.Ls neck. “Should I?” choked L.L trying to pry the madman away from him.

A month ago

The corlionus a time travelling train which war, Trish and L.L used to travel the multiverse in search of an army to defeat the doom lord. It had been taken over by Cobra and the terrible twosome of bourbon crème and Oroborus


At exactly that moment, the two men heard a “pop” and the Joe team, accompanied by the world hoppers, appeared out of nowhere.

“Snakes!” shouted Duke.

“Why’d it have to be snakes?” asked L.L., but no one seemed to get the joke.

“Wait heroesssss! A truce! We did not realize the true evil of –“BLAM

Dave had rested Makepeace from its holster and shot Cobra Commander Dead.

“That’s my gun!”

“That’s how ye take care of an evil dictator, L.L.”

“A fellow Scot! Perhaps I can prevail upon your sense of –“


Lazer Lion’s optic blasts hit Destro’s highly polished mask, ricocheting off and burning a hole through the cabin door. From the other side came a pained “YEARGH!”

“Oops” said Lazer Lion, but as they opened the door, they found Bourbon in the passageway picking up his severed arm. “I mean… I meant to do that.”

The heroes pushed past Oroboros’s lackey, down the corridor. Snake Eyes was first through to the forward cabin and using stealth, precision, and a bit of break dancing, caught Oroboros off guard. Recognizing the unfavourable odds, Oroboros summoned his foot soldiers to the battle, but none came. Oroboros activated a teleportation device on his wrist, and beamed himself back to his own ship.

“I can’t believe we reclaimed the Corlionus” said Trish.

“I can’t believe Doc’s doohickey worked” said Blowtorch.

“I can’t believe Cobra Commander’s dead” said Duke.

“I can’t believe that little stunt of yours worked” said Destro to L.L.

“I can’t believe the Doom Lord’s troopers didn’t respond to Oroboros’s call!” said War.

At that moment, Andorra emerged from the corridor, soaked in blood. “That may be my fault, master,” she said to Bekka. “I got bored when you all left me behind. I wasn’t sure where you all had gotten off to, but now I know.”

“And knowing is half the battle!” chimed in the Joe team.

“I can’t believe the fate of the universe rests on the shoulders of you lot” said Dave.

“My arm you son of a bitches!” screamed Bourbon as L.L calmly blasted him a second time this time setting his hair on fire. He kept running towards them and he was then blasted a third time knocking him out of the train and into the time wastes which lay below the path.

He fell through time being brutalised by the pressure until he crashed near dead in an unknown place.

“Impossible!” muttered a voice

“Indeed empress how a germ can find its way here?” asked a male voice

“get the tower to clean him up and send him on his way….its is far too early for the germs to find out about us….far too early….”

“As you wish empress,” muttered the voice as he begun to drag bourbon into another room altogether and then the pain began…..


“Oh crap its bourbon crème….” muttered L.L and Bourbon happily sneered “say my real name bitch!”

“Tenime art right?” muttered L.L

“You are quite correct and now….you will die!”

“You first pachinko head!” shouted Yoshika sending one hundred volts through Tenimes metal arm. If he wasn’t dead from this attack he was badly wounded.

“That was a bit….much wasn’t it?” asked Lazer Lion rubbing his neck

“He’ll live…..oh look he’s pissed himself!” grinned Yoshika

Unknown to them count dredd smiled he was pissed about his near death at the hands of strega and desperately needed to feed to survive and he saw the perfect shemps to do so…..


War paced up and down wondering what to do now. The world is going to hell, the team were beaten by a metro sexual lunatic and his girl had just left him. What else could go wrong

“President Jansen is going to strike against the doom lord!” shouted copy matts in horror

He had to ask….he had to ask….

“Is there anyway to stop him from launching?” asked War

Trish had left and the world was going to hell. He had no time for this crap

“You know the president,” sighed Copymatts

Suddenly six bullets slammed right into War throwing him against the wall and were powerless to do nothing except stare at his own blood

“Now wait a second!” shouted Matts

“Stay out of my way or you will get some of the same….I have no beef with you yet!” muttered Father darkly

“But he’s my,” he never finished as Father shot Matts in the knee caps

“I warned you,” grinned father kicking Matts down and knocking him out

“He’ll be fine I bet your regeneration powers are being copied as we speak….you however….not so much,”

War gargled something but it wasn’t audible due to the blood in his mouth

“Special bullets designed specifically to block your powers,” grinned Father

War gargled again

“….you are evil….everything that is happening to you is what you deserve,”

“No!” screamed a female voice

Trish hadn’t left after all and she punched the hell out of the old man and quickly ran over to War

“Don’t die!” muttered Trish tears streaming down her face

“Can’t promise that…..” mumbled war

“One last turn of the screw isn’t it,” cried Trish as she put her hand on wars chest and then there was a flash of light

War woke up with a grin

“Hey I’m feeling much better whatever you did Trish was….was…..” he stared at the dead body of Trish she had given her life to keep him alive.

He burst into tears and then saw Father who was trying to crawl away. He calmly walked over to him and then calmly drew a small knife from his belt…..

Father’s screams could be heard for miles…..

Witnessing this was Matts who could not believe what he was seeing. Father tried to kill war and he succeeded the thing that cut into Father with a knife wasn’t war anymore…..

To be continued


Daark quest world

An alternate world in the multiverse of the 52

The shadow realm, a dark place where the shadows live inside this dark land is a gigantic mansion, which swung open for the two men who had entered it. "Things are going as planned so far," laughed Lloyd who was Simon’s number two agent. He was one of the calendar clan . If you are interested, Trish was Simon’s number one agent until her untimely end and then Simon said, "ahh my beautiful home is as welcome as ever.” A bizarre black shadow creature was standing in the hallway "ah Mawster mistress Helena is waiting for you,” said the bizarre creature.

"Ah thanks midgee,” said Simon with a smile. A teenage girl with black hair and black eyes ran down the stairs shouting "Dadddeee," she ran over to hug Simon causing him to say with a smile "nice to see you my little opal,"

“How are things going?” asked the teenage girl a smile on her face. “Could be better I suppose but we shall never give up the fight as long as the planet still has a little hope inside it.”

Inside Simon’s library in the crooked house in the shadow realm he was pacing up and down the hall looking at the books as he did so. Simon knew that his own death was coming nearer he could feel it in his bones and he looked in his hand at the Opal eye the hidden item which he kept to guard himself.

"This item needs to be protected and my death will ensure that the Iscariot shall never return to full power...Lazer lion if only you knew the truth about the calender girls and the rest of the calender family I created."

Simon began to tell of the truth of what is happening to Helena who gasped at the horrors, which he spoke of. Once he had finished he then spoke of Helena. "It is your time now and I am proud of the woman you have grown into this may sound terrible but I am afraid you will have to be burdened with my curse now and I am sorry," he then put his hands on the opal eye and darkness began to be pulled into it. There was a loud bang and then Midgee walked in with a hole in his stomach. "Sorry master," moaned the shadow creature that then died. Simon looked outside and shouted in horror "you!”

Earth Wumb

Lazer lion and yoshika had only freshly defeated the enraged Tenime art when Count dredd struck at them. He used his abilities to mess with L.Ls head. A huge fight ensued but he was fought back but all not before he cryptically shouted “The legion of entropy is under new management and we will kill you all….the truce is over,” he then grabbed Tenime and disappeared.

"Lazer Lion, snap out of it! I Can't help you if your're like this!" said Yoshika in a frantic manner with LL still on the ground rocking to and fro and muttering to himself due to Count Dread's mental attack.

"I'll show them I can be a hero, I know I will..." muttered LL.

"I think i can help sweetie" chimed a tiny voice belonging to Tazer Tigress' partner, a tiny super computer called Maxine.

"What do you suggest?"

"You should try using your lightning powers at their lowest charge to shock him out of it"

"But i don't know how to! Phazer Puma instructed me to always use my powers offensively, LL might die and the multiverse will be destroyed and it will be my f--k up!"

"Just try Yoshika, for LL's sake try. And besides, Canadian Mounties never worry about death by electrocution".

with a heavy heart, TT walked towards LL and took off his helmet, revealing his brown hair and gray-blue eyes. she raised a hand to each side to hise head and whispered "I'm so sorry LL, but you forced me to do this" and electrocuted him. The resulting shock left a little bit of smoke on hair and he stopped rocking and muttering. he got up and put his helmet on and stared at TT. he stared and looked down and said "Thank You..ummm"

"Yoshika, but you can call me Tazer Tigress, it's part of our ways"


"I'll tell you later. it's important that we get you there first."

"No, i have to stay with Bekka and-”

"Who's Bekka? Your girlfriend?"

"That's neither here nor there" he retorted, slightly blushing. "I gotta go back to hq and you're gonna have to tell them about this, I really hope you can teach me to be a hero."

"Agreed and i promise I’ll help you until I die" said Yoshika. LL nodded and then took a small teleporter and both of them and Maxine teleported.

The shadow realm

"How have you been dad?" said Lloyd a twisted smirk on his face. "My god you but I trusted you so much," muttered Simon who then said. "How long have you been in the ultimate evils pocket and how would your dead sisters feel of this?"

"Its because of them I do this….we were created to die….you monster as for how long lets just say the entire time and leave it at that pardner," said Lloyd the grin getting larger as he pulled out one of his magic revolvers similar to the ones carried by war and fired...
Lloyd fired three shots but all three missed their targets. "You are not dealing with an amateur. In this land of mines I control the darkness," muttered Simon conjuring a shadow creature, which began to encircle the evil follower of the iscariot. "Foolish man you forget that we followers of the ultimate evil are pumped with concentrated evil when we are initiated...your tricks will not work on me," sneered, Floyd who grabbed the shadow creature by the neck and then with one shot from his gun shattered it to pieces.

"Oh all my money for a white mage right about now," muttered Simon sarcastically as he called for three more creatures in the hope that they will keep Floyd busy while he retreats.

"dad what is happening?" asked Helena to which Simon shouted, "go! Now get to T.I.T before it is too late," he heard a piercing scream as Lloyd shouted "my hand it chopped my hand off," realising the evil sharp shooter was getting nearer. He then handed over the opal eye, which glistened to his daughter and said. "Take this I was going to give it to you on your 18th but it is best that you have it now,” A dead shadow creature crashed through the door then shattered. It was clear that the last of his power was now gone. Then Floyds grinning face peered through the hole the end of the line was here.

What was left of T.I.T Hq

LL and TT and Maxine teleported on the steps of the base. it had some bits of wall looking like it was blasted off and Bekka was sitting near the doors. She noticed LL and jumped up and hugged him.

"Hey LL, Where were you? I need your help, somethings happened and I’m locked out of the base and i'm really worried".

LL was again blushing. In his old life no one besides family hugged him and he was a slight loner, not very social but had many friends and potential crushes but came off as a weirdo to most of them due to his lack of social skils and something he was found to have when he was 12. Hugging her was special to him as he began to think of her more than a fan girl and something more...special.

"Well, umm.. I was attacked and saw some really terrible things and Tazer Tigress here tazered me non lethally [hint hint mounties] and I’m all better".

Bekka said nothing for more than a minute.

"ummm..Yeah. so you’re tazer tigress?" Bekka said, still weirded out alittle.

"Oh yes. I'm going to help LL be the hero everyone needs after he leaves this place and comes with me to-”

"What! he has to stay here and help us"

"Yeah, i like it here, my friends-”

"Will die if you insist on staying here" Yoshika said coldly.

LL and Bekka were silent. LL broke the silence and said "For how long?"


"How long do i have to leave here?"

"For awhile, but you'll have contact with people here".

"Well..If it'll help me"

"Excellent! I'll call my superiors and tell them after i inform your team we'll get going. I'll be back!" TT then turned to Maxine. while she was doing this, Bekka looked upset.

"Bekka, i'm sorry, but it's-

"Part of the prophecy. yeah, i know."

"Well, i was thinking.." Bekka paid close attention now.

"Would you..”


"Would you come with me, like The World Hoppers? we can maybe try to get-”

"Sure will!" she shouted and blushed. "that's great, can't wait" he said and both grinned.

T was using Maxine to talk to her superiors at the temple. She was talking to Phazer Puma, a man in both thier helmets with black dreadlocks sticking from them and a goatee.

"That is excellent in your progress TT. We'll see you soon then."

"Thank you sir." and she finished. "LL, are you re-”

"Hey TT, i'm sorry but I’m letting my other team come with me"

"What!? My superiors won't all-”

"Hero of the multiverse remember?"

"Fine. Let's just get inside so i can get my ass yelled off back home sooner". she said dead pan like. then the three went inside the HQ to find the rest of the world hoppers.

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43 act III 4 CONT 5 on Sat Apr 18, 2009 12:45 pm

shining knight

Zombie Ninja
Zombie Ninja
What they found shocked them all to the core

“Mummy?” asked Bekka in horror

“This isn’t part of the prophecy?” muttered Taze in horror


“Your mom died to save your dad….quite frankly its odd to see you here….I thought you would have pulled a marty mcfly by now Beks,” muttered Anansi boy holding an ice pack to his head.

“what happened to you Tomer?” asked L.L

“Beks dad went psycho after Trish died….cut the hell out of Father and then clocked me on the head, When I came to he was gone and so was my former team,”

“yeah we just ran into dredd…..he was muttering something weird about the legion being under new management,” sighed L.L
“you mean my dad….” said bekka in horror

“yeah hes joined the bad guys…..kind of ironic really when I decided to join the good guys thus why I got clocked in the head,” moaned Anansi boy


Simon was not faring any better as the Gucci shoes of Lloyd kicked right into his face and then the evil follower of the iscariot gleefully drew out his gun and pointed it in Simons face. "You’ll pay for my hand you stupid fool," shouted Lloyd waving his stump where his hand used to be in Simons face and then he shouted. "The Opal eye I know you have hand it over," "never I spit on you," muttered Simon black blood running down his lip. "Slime," sneered Lloyd as he shot Simon in the arm. "Dad!" screamed Helena as Simon looked over and shouted. "Go now and remember I will always love you," "shad dap," sneered Lloyd as he fired his gun a second time clipping Simon in the leg. Then Simon used the last of his power to suck Helena, into a portal to earth WUMB . “Did you truly really think giving the child my opal eye would stop me?” muttered a dark and sinister voice signalling that Simons eternal enemy was in his home dimension. “You cannot win as long as hope is strong in this world I shall live on,” shouted Simon as the doom lord bent down and put his hand on his helmet. “Do you want to see why hope is dead?” muttered doom lord as he peeled off his helmet and begun to laugh. “No it’s not possible…you were,” Simon never finished his sentence as the doom lord used Simons own cane sword to kill him

The shadow realm shook as if a minor earthquake had struck it signalling that his world began to collapse. "Exit stage left," muttered the doom lord as he calmly picked the helmet up, placed it on his head, and then opened a portal of his own and both himself and Lloyd disappeared through it. The body of Simon suddenly melted into the shadows and then the shadow realm imploded.

his foes were truly stupid however. They never took his boast that as long as hope survived so shall he and while his realm was gone for good, he still survived.

Helena lost consciousness after being pulled through the portal. She had begun to fall through the air still clinging onto the opal eye as she did so. Then with a loud bump she fell on T.I.T hq with a crash.

“Holy crap it is raining girls,” muttered Matts as he ran over to get help. Moments Later Lazer lion and Bekka ran out to see what had happened and that was when L.L spotted the opal eye.

“Oh no gang I think Simons gone,”

“who?” asked Taze

“The shadow man we met him during our world hopping he’s a great guy I hope he’s okay,”

“but who is the girl?”

L.L sighed and muttered, “I don’t know but I think we should get her in the medical room that’s a bad fracture on her head she has,” with those last words Both Matts and Speed hazard begun to lift Helena into the medical room to get some help. She was heavy but nothing they could not handle however, the opal eye dropped onto the floor and a message was played from it. Simon’s final message to T.I.T

If you are hearing this then I am dead or going to die. However if there is hope in our world I can never die. The opal eye not fall in the arms of the doom lord. If it does fall into his hands, my world will be destroyed as will every single earth after ours. he can use the eyeto create an ultimate army of darkness more powerful than the one he currently controls. The skies will darken, earths soil will decay, and our world will be finished. This cannot happen I pray that you are as successful as the others are before you are in your goal and just wish I could help you more. However, as long as despair fills the world I am less than useless. I beseech you look after my daughter until all this is over and stop both the Iscariot and his puppet the one called David page whom you know as the doom lord. you are all this planet has now. I raise my glass to you all.

Your faithful servant Simon Culp

To be continued

Daark quest world

Celia kingdom of bounty it was very late at night inside the Front garden of the Damescara School of the bards. Where David Daark this worlds version of shining knight was locking up for the night. two gigantic creatures lunged at him, He pulled out a sword and struck them down quickly as another two lunged and then another two until surrounded he put his arms up, he was marched away from the school grounds. That is when he saw it. Floating above the castle was one of the doom lords murder factories it had finally happened Celia had fallen to the darkness. The trees had already begun to wither and the dark was spreading across this once happy land. inside the castle the surgeon smiled, he knew once word was out of what happened that little bitch Helena would be back and soon he would gut her and anyone stupid enough to help her as well



“Dad what is going on?”


“err dad?”

Something moved behind her and whispered “Daddys dead child,” then a terrible blade pierced right through her chest. Just as it was beginning to hurt she woke up in an unfamiliar bed.

“Hey gang the goth chicks awake!” shouted Matts

Lazer lion ran into the medical room

“hey where’s the fire?” asked Helena weakly and then she shakily got up from the bed.

“you lost a lot of blood”

“yeah….I tend to do that being a blood mage,” sighed Helena weakly

“blood what?” asked L.L

“I use my blood to do things when my dads dimension collapsed I was sent to my world . When I got here I was attacked by a lunatic called the surgeon, I used my blood to go here and I barely got away alive,”

“you can fill us in on the way……”

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44 act III 5 CONT 6 on Sat Apr 18, 2009 12:46 pm

shining knight

Zombie Ninja
Zombie Ninja
The airship was floating over the mountains and Helena enjoyed the view immensely. She didn’t know there were airships in this world (and technically there wearen’t the one they were in was created from plans borrowed by Trish during their trips between worlds) Taze was polishing her sword and Bekka just sat thinking about meeting her best friend in the whole wide world again. “I guess we both missed him in different ways eh Laze,” asked Bekka but L.L didn’t know what she was talking about. Helena grinned and calmly said “So taze err got a girlfriend at the moment? ” Taze quickly dropped her sword in shock and then looking at both L.L and Beks puzzled faces She quickly said “Butterfingers” and then returned to polishing the sword only pausing to give Helena a very nasty look.

Before L.L could process what that meant a large judder shook the airship. “Turbulence,” muttered Taze holding her sword tight. “that wasn‘t turbulence that was an engine exploding!,”

The airship slowly sank to the ground, its remaining engine sputtering out the precious fluid, which powered it. The three girls and the boy attempted to stay on their feet as the ship continued to judder but constantly failed. Then the airship landed so hard the propellers snapped off. A blast tore through its hull causing it to be unrepairable. It seemed as if they would need to find another way to travel now.

Hey that wasn’t so bad,” said Helena smiling as the four of them got out of the wrecked ship “I don‘t know what constitutes as being bad in your freaky world but someone just tried to kill us!,”

“gone?” gasped Bekka trying to sort through the cargo bay. “Whats gone?” asked L.L and then he looked. “Our food, supplies…even Beks frilly knickers are all gone!” The luggage was indeed gone it fell out as the airship begun its descent to the ground all that was left was what the four of them had carried with them. Helena looked around for her special flower which she kept with her at all times but was panicking as it had fallen out of her pocket. “Where is it…oh god…where is it.” A small pair of hands handed it to her and she looked up to see Taze smiling. “Err thank you?” muttered Helena with a smile. “Incidently to answer your earlier question I am single right now,“ grinned Taze she then looked at the flower.

“hey where did you get that flower from?”

“My dad gave it to me,”

“sorry to hear about that” they leaned next to each other but before anything could happen L.L appeared. “Well we are stranded now,” sighed, L.L as he strapped the Angelus mucro of vices to his back.

A loud noise sounded like a weapon powering up. A blast of energy just missed L.L who got pushed out of the way in time by Taze who is hit in the arm by the same blast. As Taze fell down in pain a bizarre man in weird armour appeared, he was carrying a lance that was powering up again. The bizarre man in a chuckling voice said “I wouldn’t get too comfortable kiddies because you will never see anyone again I swear that as my name is Tenime art the ultimate dark knight!” A second blast followed this introduction but it was casually struck away by L.L “what the!” shouted Tenime as his lance was shattered in two by L.L lazer beams he then quickly kicked him in the one part of his body not armoured “oh god my nads!” whined Tenime as he fell down in pain. “Will he never learn?” asked Bekka with a grin
Helena fixed a piece of cloth to the injured Taze and said “will you be okay,”

“its fine I was just stunned,” “I’m sorry I didn‘t know you kept your sexuality secret,” said Helena blushing slightly.

“I just don’t want anyone to know just yet….Doc nightmare knowing was bad enough….” she smiled and Gave Helena a small peck on the cheek and said, “When this is all over we should go out for a bite to eat.” Once Taze was all patched up they decided to move on in the direction of the temple of the monks of the Purgo of malumThe three girls and the boy chuckled as they walked away from the so-called ultimate Dark knight who was still thrashing around in pain.
A man wearing completely dark armour, which did not show a single bit of skin walked over to the fallen knight and said, “You failed me all I asked was for you to kill the girl.” “Sorry master but….,” The armoured man laughed and said, “you are kidding me a dark knight was beaten by a nothing with minor skill…I should kill you for this but I am going to give you one final mission. Fail me again and you shall be introduced to my murder factory,” “no not the murder factory please master Doom lord anything but that!” “I want them all dead…you hear me….all dead,” with those final chilling words the doom lord disappeared leaving Tenime on his own fearing for his well being. Suddenly a bespectacled girl appeared and helped Tenime up “you really showed him tiger,” said the girl sarcastically. Tenime mumbled, “Let’s just get to the city of yolkier before he kills us both, and why did you not help me,” “it was three worthless girls and that lameass spiderfan,” said the girl as Tenime just shook his head. “just take me to the city please Daytripper,” the girl nodded, grabbed Tenime and they were gone in the blink of an eye.
The four continued to stumble their way in the direction of the temple of the monks. They were getting hungry now and there was not any food left “I am sorry gang but I can’t go on,” whined L.L who then promptly fainted. “Oh no…” shouted Helena in horror as Taze searched through one of the surviving bags for at least one scrap of food. All she could find was a small tin, which said “emergency gummi” on it. “Give him this it’s not very healthy but beggars can’t be choosers at the moment,” Helena shook her head in reply and calmly poured the contents of the tin into L.Ls mouth. he coughed and muttered to the others. “That was our last what will happen to us now,” The three girls looked at each other and smiled “We’ll be fine can’t be all that much further till we get to a town of some kind,” said Taze carefully looking at a small group of bushes which were near where they had stopped.

“Hey I recognise those they are gummi fruit bushes,” said Bekka as Taze shook her head and muttered, “Yes they are. They should do for a while at least,” she bent down and carefully used her sword to remove the blocks of gummi from the bushes and then pocketed them for later usage. She was just about to finish picking the last of the gummi bushes when a loud scream was heard from behind her. “Helena?” shouted Taze as she ran over to Helena and saw what she was seeing.


T.I.T hq

“I swear to god let me out of here,” screamed Father angrily rattling the glass which blocked his path. After accidentally killing Trish and turning war evil the rest of T.I.T were a bit annoyed at Father and locked him up.

“you’renevergettingoutofthere,” grinned speed hazard

Something clobbered him from behind and he fell down to the ground blood leaking messily out of his head.

“everything but the kitchen sink,” grinned ska casually chucking away the sink which clobbered speed hazard.

“what took you two so long?” asked father grinning as johnathoncrane shattered the glass cage.

“okay time to kill as many heroes as possible,” grinned father

“why?” asked ska

“because the bastards tortured me….and we’ll start with speedy gonzales heres….fetch me an axe!”

“yes boss!”

“say goodbye to your legs boy…..”

End interlude

Interlude two

The time trapper sat on a throne looking into two different time portals. In one was the reaper training with his new team of created heroes which were called the legend. Inside the other portal was L.L and his little group walking into the Hq of the monks. He calmly placed a bandaged hand on the image of Taze and then grinned

“Exactly as planned…..”

End interlude 2

“Will you tell the girl to stop screaming…..I know not everyone is as gorgous as me but come on Lancet Lynx ain’t that ugly,”

“speak fer yourself you ugly old,” Lancet lynx never finished as the woman clobbered him with a stiletto.

“Anyway come with us….we have been expecting you sister Yoshika,”

“I thought we didn’t use civvies names Cougar,”

“when your entire group is almost wiped off the map by a lunatic who controls the elements, you kind of drop the formalities,” she grinned and then stared at L.L “ah and this must be the new blood never knew he was so young…..Hi I’m Cissie but they mostly call me Corrosive Cougar….the idiot clutching his eye is Lance or Lancet Lynx…..we are two of the five surviving members of Purgo of Malum or to give our English title…..”

“The evil cleansers….” groaned Lancet lynx still in pain

“Taze pick the loser up and lets go to the temple the grand leopard wants to have a word with you….”

“He’s still alive?”

“yeah he cannot be killed remember?”

“…..I suppose,”

“and hey hotness did Taze give you the angelus mucro of vices,”

“angelic sword of time,”

“quiet you….”

L.L just quietly mumbled “yeah,”

“I hope so,” came a familiar voice

“No freaking way!” shouted L.L

“Yeah,” said the voice coming out of the shadows “I look pretty good fuir a deid guy don’t I eh?” grinned David page. He was wearing full monk armour.

“No way you’re dead….we saw you dying,” said Bekka in shock

“ah’m immortal and you will nae believe how hard it is to reconstruct yuirsel after blawing up intae a million wee bits,” said Dave who then muttered “enough o thae small talk its time tae train ye L.L the end is coming…..for all o us,”

To be continued….

The old headquater of T.I.T

Left abandoned after the doom lords original attack all that was left was a swing ball with an eerie green glow and the half dead kryptonian psychopath that was tied to it.

“Matts….kill matts,” whined superboy prime as he struggled against the ropes but it of course did nothing. Then suddenly they shattered on their own. He sadly fell down to the ground and then looked up to see a grinning man hold out his hand.

“been a while hasn’t it?”

“Aizen….” muttered prime with a sly grin


“and today is our fiftieth day of our round the clock coverage of the survival of the fittest competition and it appears to be hotting up!” laughed Mojo

“sir the ratings are through the roof,” muttered Spiral

“of course I said we would make a killing with the rights to this tournament didn’t we!”

Several miles away from the temple of purgo of malum

“Are we there yet?” moaned Tenime

“shut up or I swear to god I’ll drop your pachinko looking ass,” shouted an angry daytripper.

They reached their destination with a bump

“took yer time,” muttered War

“sorry he got his ass handed to him by girls,” laughed daytrpper

“of course he did,” sighed war polishing his glasses

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45 ACT III 6 CONT 7 on Sat Apr 18, 2009 12:48 pm

shining knight

Zombie Ninja
Zombie Ninja

“okay one last time or I’ll take your eyes next what is the pass code for maxs terminal?” asked father holding a red hot poker close to speed hazards eye.

“kill me you took my legs….I have nothing to live for now,”

“don’t tempt us….” muttered ska sadistically
“leave him alone!” shouted a voice from the doorway

“ah venom jr or is it kid firefly now? No matter ska, crane dispose of this bug….”

Outside T.I.T

“you know I don’t think we are getting enough screen time,” moaned Esbat

“yeah I know what you mean I mean what is going to happen to us next fodder for a villian who barely appears anymore?”

“funny you should say that,” grinned xion darkly as he grasped his two swords tightly


The trapper grinned as he continued to stare into the portal which peaked at the monks with much interest. It was almost time he thought to himself as his long bandaged finger moved closer to a button on his control panel.

Doomsday armada

“My minions,” grinned the doom lord as he surveyed his mass of villains. Gathered were both of xions brothers. Mcmutton and Lawson the gay killers from the dark quest world. Lloyd the lost calender brother just fresh from killing his father. And of course the surgeon.

“do you have to refer to me as that,” asked the surgeon darkly

“silence fool….” muttered the doom lord and it was then that everyone realised this was the Iscariot talking.

“I have no more use for you fools… army is complete….we shall march on every single reality and tear it apart piece by bloody piece….the end of all reality is here and it has my face…..go back to your own worlds and make your piece….surgeon stay with me to the very end but the rest of you begone or I will kill you where you stand….”

Temple of Purgo of Malum

Lazer Lion, Tazer Tigress and Phazer Puma were in the sparring arena of the monk's hideout. LL and TT got into the main fighting area with Phazer Puma acting as a referee on Tazes behalf as she was his former student. LL and Taze drew out their swords and Phazer Puma went over the ground rules

"OK you two, no superpowers, Brother Dave said he needs to use his sword and unlock it's powers. Even Thought we're not sure if it's a physical or mental power that activates it. Today will be for the former. No fatal blows or groin shots. And...Begin!"

L.L and Taze rushed towards each other, swords glaring and L.L swung his sword. However Taze jumped out the way and swept her leg to get LL off balance and kicked him in the gut.

"Oh, he is doooown! i'm gonna tell Bekka that her boy toy got pwned by my ass-kickah self!"

"Yoshika, stop grandstanding and get your head in the game" said her computer Maxine.

"What, so he can get his sword up his-”

LL interrupted her rambling with a smooth kick to her butt from behind.

"Ha! whupped ya in the ass!" LL said gleefully.

"You had that coming Yoshika, suck it up" said Phazar puma. Taze was getting ticked off by those remarks and she ran around LL to confuse him. LL used the handle part of his sword to try to hit her in the face while she ran and got her in the eye. "Oh, you're gonna get it now!" she yelled and hit him in the arm with her sword. LL winched in pain with bits of blood coming off his arm.

"Careful now!" Phazar Puma told her. "Try blocking better LL but see if there is a button on the sword". LL backed away from Taze and tried to see if there was a jewel to press or something but had no luck finding any.

LL was sidetracked and Taze puched him.

"LL block her!" Phazar puma yelled. "How could I if I was doing what you told me!" LL yelled back.

"OK, calm down LL" said Taze.

LL got an easy shot in by cutting Taze's leg and thinking to himself "Come on, i know I can do this, everyone's counting on me, I-" just then his sword started to glow and he felt more powerful, but that feeling went after a few seconds.

"You almost had it LL" said Taze, in pain, but enthusiastically. "Yeah, i'm not sure how but it might be more mental like Phazar puma said"

"We'll tell the others about that and try later, maybe after dinner or tomorrow, just try going over what you did to make that happen" replied Phazar puma. "Yes sir" LL said sarcastically. "Who was he to give orders to him?" LL thought to himself.

"Hey, LL, sorry for the big cut on yer arm and stuff" said Taze, noticing his cut got bigger as they were leaving the arena. "yeah, I’m sorry too for that black eye" he said. "black eye... aw crap." she said disappointed. "Lucky shot" she said grinning. "Bekka would be impressed by you I bet. Have you tried talking to her yet romeo?" she asked. "Well, no but do I go on about what you do with guys? no!" he said still oblivious to her playing for the other team.

"Come on, she might die soon and you'll never be able to say how much you like her, that's stupid and you know it". LL looked ashamed and quietly said "I'm working on it". "Good for you" Taze said losing interest. "Where is she now?" "Wouldn't know" "Well I’m gonna go look for her and tell her I love her, wish me luck!" he said with a big grin on his face.

"Good Luck!" she shouted at him. "He's one lucky special ed class hero of the multiverse" she thought to her self. Hope he doesn’t do anything to mess up". thinking sincerely. "Maybe Helena's up for some personal time" she thought and couldn't hide the smile on her face.

But suddenly just as she was about to walk out she felt a twinge of pain in her gut. She figured it was nothing and walked on. Then it hit her like a tidal wave. She screamed in pain and clutched her chest. It almost felt like she was having a stroke.

“oh crap whits up wie ye?” asked Dave running over to her

“Feel like my stomach is on fire….” cried Taze

“I didn’t hit her that bad!” muttered L.L running over to join them

The pain stopped and Taze got up “what the hell was that all about?” she asked and then walked over to L.L

“run!” screamed Maxine but it was too late. It felt like time was slowing down as Taze drew her sword and slashed L.L in his chest. Blood dripped out of him as he stared at his friend in bemusement.

“The time trapper says you die!” said Taze in a high pitched voice that frightened her. She had no control of what she was doing.

“No L.L!” screamed Dave running towards his dying friend

“….I never even got to tell Bekka I….” then Lazer Lion was dead

“no….” cried Taze as she lifted her sword and went for Dave next. He ducked and then noticed there was another person in the room.

“Trapper….” sneered Dave angrily

“Like her….I created her with the genes of all seven of the calender girls and then left her as a little present for your useless little team. Yoshika, daddy says kill them all whilh I take the corpse of the one known as Lazer lion…..”

“Yes daddy,” said Taze tears streaming down her eyes at the horrors she was commiting


Lazer lion lay on the ground his life slipping away. Al he could hear was the sounds of battle around him as his friends fought for their lives.

“Wake up and join the fight you useless sack of crap,” said a voice
“guh?” moaned Lazer lion
“Geez why did I have to created inside you….I swear to god the big Scottish guy would be an improvement over your pathetic ass!”
“who are you?”
“I’m you….I’m the part of you that wants to kill the doom lord….I’m the part of you that wants to have a four way with your female friends who may I remind you are fighting for their lives out there!”
“what I’m dead aren’t I?”
“yeah you kinda are…but I’m keeping you alive….now seriously get up or I’ll take over for you…”
“I can’t….”
“pathetic….then stew in your mind as I deal with the mess outside…”
The mess outside….
“c’mon hen snap oot of it!” shouted Dave as Taze continued to attack mercilessly.
“We need to help her!” shouted Helena tears running down her face
“there is nothing we can do….nothing at all…please pick Bekka up she’s embarrassing all of us!”
“Puma how can you be calm about all of this!”
“…..I’ve been through worse…..”
Elsewhere the wheels of fate are turning
In mojoworld Mojo laughs as the money rolls in from SOTF
Melchester city a pissed off superboy prime flies over enroute to his confrontation with thundermatts
T.I.T hq just as xion is about to charbroil esbat and nightmare Kupocat absorbs the blast and hits xion full force with it.
Inside T.I.T hq venom jr fights for his life against father
Outside the temple War and his lackeys were ready to attack but only managed to get themselves attacked by an unseen force
And in necropolis
The time trapper grinned as he got ready to use his scalpal to cut open the body of lazer lion but was surprised when the blade came off the handle and just missed him
“Nice try dad….” sneered Lazer lion darkly
“you….my greatest triumph awake!”
“yeah…yeah….can I get this crap off I hate this armour it was pathetic staring into a mirror with this lame sub judge dredd bullshit on”
“Have you taken a name for yourself or are you sticking with….”
“Hell no lazer lion ha! Call me Orpheus oh and by the way dad you can screw yourself I’m going to help the girls….maybe I’ll get thank laid if I keep myself quiet and pretend I’m my other self!”

“you cannot go!”

“who gonna stop me old man?” grinned Orpheus as he disappeared with a laugh.

The battle at the temple

Only to reappear and he calmly removed something from the back of Taze who then collapsed into Daves arms.

“she won’t be used again I can assure you of that!” laughed Orpheus

“who are…no way…is that you L.L,”

“he’s dead….call me Orpheus….now tell me where beks is there’s something I’ve been waiting a while to do!” grinned orpherus

Suddenly there was a burst of fire as the doom lord calmly walked into the room with a grin on his face.

“Never send a lackey to do a job you can do yourself. You maggots have been a thorn in my ass for an entire year….and it is time to extract that thorn permanently,”

“oh look the final boss has showed up!”

“do not attack him we need to….” muttered Dave but Orpheus ignored him and ran over to the doom lord

“so here you are!” grinned Doom lord s he fired a blast of energy which just missed orpheus.

“stand still maggots!” screamed the doom lord as he continued to pour blast after blast at Orpheus which kept missing due to his advanced skill and speed

“I’ll deal with this asshole,” grinned Orpheus as he calmly walked over to the doom lord and grabbed one of his arms.


“and that asshole is he sound of your arm breaking….”

“what are you?”

“I am your worst nightmare say bye, bye,” grinned Orpheus as he put his hand right through doom lords chest and ripped his heart out

“no not like…” moaned the doom lord as the heart come away from his body the death was instantaneous. The most vicious villain in the multiverse was dead

“and that is the end of you….I cannot believe we spent nearly a year fighting this tosser,” laughed Orpheus as he tossed the heart away and spat on the corpse

There was a still quietness and then a faint rumble.

“what the?”

“you brain-dead addled bastich!” shouted Dave in horror “you played right into its hands….by killing the host body the Iscariot can manifest in this world without a host!”


“you idiot we were gonna stab him with the angelic sword of vices to pull the Iscariot out and trap him again but you had to go and show off….well done Laze or whatever the hell you’re calling yourself now you just ended the multiverse!”

There was a whirr of chattering teeth, an inhuman noise like speeded up carousel music and then the multiverse shattered in a million pieces.


Indigo prime Hq

“reality just went toxic!” shouted major arcane

“I think its time we sent our newest agent to fix this problem…..” muttered Clive vista pushing a small button on the wall.

A door creaked open and standing there holding the biggest gun you’ve ever seen was Reapers dead girlfriend Mindy Monday.

“Yes?” asked Mindy

“your reality just went toxic…you need to find your ex he may be the only one who can stop the Iscariot now that the Orpheus gambit was released too prematurely,”

“I’m on it but I have to warn you witnessing the whiny little bitch he has become recently I don’t know whether to kill him or kill him,” grinned Mindy

“alive please miss Monday,” groaned Clive vista

“oh and please pay a visit to a certain gravesite….we will need his services too,”

“but hasn’t HE been dead too long?” asked Mindy

“usually yes but he was buried with some arcane objects which will keep his body fresh for our purposes,”

“okay I’ll get him…its seems that our friend JAYDEE was destined to be an indigo prime agent and I will do all I can to make sure he is back among us….”

To be continued (hopefully quicker than three weeks….)

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46 ACT III 8 on Sat Apr 18, 2009 12:52 pm

shining knight

Zombie Ninja
Zombie Ninja
Thundermatts home ten minutes before the Iscariot ended the multiverse

“Hey honey I’m back!”

“sorry matts your wife is a bit busy at the moment can I take a message,” giggled a nasty evil voice

“prime…how the hell did you….”

“Less talking more limb shredding!” shouted prime

Then their epic battle began. Blows were traded by both combatants damn near destroying a city block. Neither one was getting the upper hand on the other

The grave of jaydee

There was a shimmer from the broken scythe of reaper which had been there since the funeral. A small voice very quietly repeated “you have shown great willpower welcome to the green lantern corps,” and then something happened there was a burst of energy as the force energy meshed with the lens man tech of the scythe and the green energy of the lantern light. Like a hardlight hologram jaydee flickered into existence and then he mouthed his first words since his death

“what the hell?”

Ground zero of the Iscariot manifesting in our world

“move!” shouted Dave pushing Orpheus out of the mian hall and into the room where the rest of his group of monks had been.

“slick move on ending the multiverse you tool,” moaned corrosive cougar sarcastically

“shut up you old bi…” he never finished as cougar punched him right in the face shattering his shades and revealing the two black holes where L.Ls eyes used to be.

“my god!” cried Bekka

“what did you expect the eyes are the windows to the soul and I don’t have one now!” shouted Orpheus as he picked up the cracked shades and put them back on

“this is a bad time to have a deep discussion!” shouted Phazer puma as shockwave after shockwave struck the entire building

T.I.T hq

“that hurt bitch!” sneered Xion putting out the flames which were on his cloak.

“want some more,” asked kupocat

“bring it on….” grinned xion as the shockwaves from the Iscariots release struck them both.

“what the hell?” shouted Xion

Back at ground zero

“FREE AT LAST!” shouted the twisting mass of animal parts and body horror known as the Iscariot. It stared at the doom lords dead body and then began to eat it. It was hungry after lifetimes of imprisonment. It then began to spawn monsters from its body an gave them a simple command

“kill all the heroes….I want none of them alive save for the one who freed me….I am personally going to give him a reward…..”


The legion of entropy were pissed off. The Doom lord had bushwhacked them and badly hurt them all.

“Maybe I’m not cut out to be a bad guy….” sighed war

“yeah neither am I,” sighed Oroborus aka the wumber known as Lee

“I don’t think any of us are cut out to be one aside from those two lunatics over there,” muttered daytripper who was pointing tio count Dredd and Krawl as she did so.

Suddenly the monks ran out of the building very quickly alongside Helena , Orpheus and Bekka

“what the hell?” asked war (Cleary it was becoming a very well used catchphrase by now)

“Don’t know what you guys are doing here for but you really do not want to be here right now!” said Lancet lynx very quickly

“why?” asked War just as an entire army of Iscariot created creatures burst out of the temple wrecking it completely in the process. The screaming hordes of the Iscariot ran over to war their disjointed jaws screaming vile obscenities as they swung their axes in order to chop war into pieces.

He was of course having none of that as he emptied seventeen bullets into the creatures and then calmly kicked their heads off.

"the ultimate evils gonna have to try better n that tuh keep me down," laughed war as he picked up another creature and snapped its neck in two with his own bare hands.

"dude this is not cool" how did we get sucked into this?" asked Lee

"wrong place at the wrong time," muttered war

meanwhile Dave was getting overrun by the Iscariots hordes

"this is not good at aw!" moaned Dave

the creatures exploded into flames as both xion and kupocat showed up in the nick of time


"don't thank me it sickens me to help you but I do want a world to actually take over which is not happening if this thing gets its way!" shouted Xion as a creature jumped on his back and began to burrow right into it.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" screamed xion desperately trying to remove the creature.....

Dave stabbed the creature and then healed xions back

“there that’s us even!” grineed Dave


Jaydee looked around at his surrounding with puzzlement

“where am I?”

Before he could get an proper answer though there was a loud boom as a hole in time opened up and a cloaked figure fell out of it.

“Hey jerry is that you?” asked jaydee

“Muh….guh?” moaned reaper clearly disorientated from wherever he was.

“clearly not used to indigo prime issued teleportation,” muttered a girl who had just stepped out of the teleported.

“hey aren’t you his girlfriend Mindy something?” asked Jaydee

“yes I am….I am also in the same “recently deceased but alive again” club you are in….but there is no time to talk we are soooooo screwed if we do not stop the Iscariot now!”

“that thing that tortured us a while ago?”

“yeah its in this reality now and if it is not sent back we are all dead and in a more permanent way!”

“then lets do this….as soon as the reaper stops being sick on my new uniform,” muttered Jaydee

To be continued……

What reaper did next part 1 0f 3

This story is set between the reaper quiting T.I.T and his reappearance at the end of the previous story….

Some time ago...
“You’re sloppy, there’s no other way of saying it.”
Biotronix steps forward into the light, the gleam of his red visor fading into a dull crimson. Reaper, sitting in silence as he is oft to do of late after the loss of Trish, slowly looks up.
The words come almost like a growl, the arrogant yet kind manner of his voice now revealing of spite and anger. The other members of Legend appear behind their armored leader.
“Surgeon had the element of surprise, his powers rival your own, but you lost because you’re unfocused. To this point, most opponents have been relative pushovers, those you could simply trick into defeat using your cellular manipulation. The Surgeon simply knew you well enough to pierce any deception and you didn’t have the skill to bounce back from it.”
His face remains awash in the vile emotions he has allowed himself to sink into, but deep down the dark warrior finds truth.
“So, what now?”
“So, you have to become better.”
“Training? Been there, done that. Besides, I doubt Doom Lord would give us the luxury of time. When he finds this place, or should I say returns, it’s over.”
“I think I can help with that.”
His red cloak reveals his presence before his speech. The frail form of a man wrapped in bandages floats forward before the Reaper.
“You’ve been quite benevolent of late, haven’t you Time Trapper? Oh, but this isn’t for my benefit, is it?”
“Indeed, my younger self. You may deny your destiny as much as you wish, but undoubtedly if you are to have your revenge, then an ally you must find in my humble self. As for my assistance, you know well my dominion over the realm of time and space. A nexus to permit your advancement is but a simple feat, provided I am here to keep it powered.”
“Everything you stand for disgusts me. We are aligned at the moment, but when this ends, I will come for you. You are as much to blame for Mindy as those psychopaths Surgeon and Doom Lord.”
“Of course, Reaper. You can always find me, I’m as close as the nearest mirror.”
Though the darkness clouds his visage, the black-cloaked figure feels the smirk come across the face of his deepest fear. Before he can retort, the darkly clad brooder is dropped into a world of light, complete emptiness around him save for the Legend.
“It’s simple: each of us specializes in a certain field, every field of which can benefit you in the coming battle. Hachiman will draw out your inner power, Utan your inner beast, Moriarty with psi defense, Jack and Etrana with your scythe, and I can offer ideas into mastering your manipulation powers. But first, your mind must be honed, your base of combat technique sharpened, so Nightingale will take lead.”
Biotronix walks to Reaper and presses his hand to his chest as the man in black flinches in pain.
“What was that for?!”
Feeling like his insides are melting and his body turning to wax, circuits and machinery begin falling out of his body.
“Those gifts from your last run of training will only impede you now; the training wheels are off. The pulse I sent into your body turned them off and dislodged them. There will be a few moments of discomfort.”
“A bit late for that!” as he begins to vomit.
“There may also be some nausea.”
An elbow to the side of the Reaper’s face sends him some feet across what can only be a floor though none is visible. He turns up to see Nightingale in her tight-fitting purple body suit, a mesh of strong yet flexible fibers and metals. Grunting, he unslings his massive zanbato sword but in place of its target is an empty space as the blade cuts in two. The Kusanagi, a sword said to be forged by the gods, touches delicately against his carotid artery as the ninja lands like a settling mist.
“No weapons. They come later.”
What was once a hero now acts more like a beast, as he screams and lashes at her with his arm like a whip. The attack is cut short as a wave of energy envelops the Reaper leaving him a sizzling mess. Biotronix lowers down beside him with his blazing boot rockets.
“No powers, either. You must learn to become better from the ground up.”
He reforms, a look of defeat and shame on his face. He thinks back to the Surgeon, beating him relentlessly, and he thinks of Doom Lord, treating him as nothing more than a gnat. But, it’s the thought of Mindy that calms him as he thinks of the song she sang when Jaydee died. “All we have to do is to face tomorrow,” the ending to the piece, echoes in his mind as he stands up his head low. He fights back his tears, his anger, and replaces it all with resolve. The resolution to become stronger and destroy the Doom Lord, Surgeon, and their forces, for Mindy and for himself. Elsewhere, Yoshika sneezes. Reaper looks Nightingale into her blank eye guards and gets into a boxer’s stance.
“I’m ready.”

Time passes. Karate, Kung-Fu, Jujitsu, Pankration, Tang Soo Do, Muay Thai, Kalaripayit, Krav Maga, Pentjak Silat, Capoiera, Bokator, Savate, and so many more styles, one after the other, is passed down from teacher to pupil. The “day” starts with pain, the pain is savored and macerates throughout the body before the “day” ends and he collapses to recover for the pain of tomorrow. He is indoctrinated into a world of violence, built upon blood and sweat. In time, his body becomes a weapon, only for him to then become familiar with actual weapons; the staff, the bow, the chain, the sword, these become extensions of the foundations he built. However, in all this time, he’s yet to land a single blow to his teacher save for glancing ones that led to more pain as the attack is contorted against him.
“Are you ready?”
His mind coming out from deep meditation, The Reaper opens his eyes but does not turn to look upon Nightingale.
In a fluid movement, she draws Kusanagi and tries to behead the kneeling student. His head bobs as his scythe is drawn and pushes the sword of his attacker away, its curved blade turning to the kunoichi as she spins away. Turning quickly yet calmly as he stands, the Reaper points his weapon to the ground with its edge facing upwards, his right arm holding the base of the scythe above his head. The pair begin a dangerous dance as the reach of the dark fighter’s weapon tries to outmaneuver the sleek precision of the master’s Japanese steel. No one could say how long this went on, since time holds no meaning to a place such as this, but it ends as both fighters are stripped of everything but themselves as hands meet feet and bodies smash to a violent harmony. Both out of breath, neither gives up any ground. Every step, every movement is met. Like some chess game played out with bones and flesh, the pair meet and disengage. Every hold leads to an escape, every escape to a strike, and every strike to a new, more skilled technique than the last. But, indeed, the fight ends as an elbow shatters its target’s cheek bone and then tranquility. The pupil stands in amazement as the teacher gives up nothing but focus, recedes, and bows.
“Our time is done. You are now ready for the next stage.”

“The beast lays dormant inside of you, lashing out when you are filled with fear and there’s no longer room for it to remain silent. Such a relationship ends in failure as the beast attacks without thought and thought has hidden away for protection, both will die as such. You must learn to accept the beast, to not fear what it is capable of, to tame it. Feel it within you but do not let it go.”
Utan hunches over as if in pain, digging at his sides as what was fur soft and gentle has raised into hateful quills, claws inching ever so slightly from his fingertips, and his mouth perverts into a mad grin as jagged teeth protrude like a child’s nightmare. The sight was terrifying enough to Reaper but it was the beast’s eyes that made him almost shriek instead gasping, choking on his breath. Before those eyes were calm and serene, like an old grandparent, but are replaced with blazing fire, viciously clawing at his very soul. Utan catches his pupil in this frozen state as a howl precedes a lightning leap as claws meet flesh and teeth greet bone. As the realization of his torment becomes reality, the Reaper’s world changes from white to pitch black.
“The first time is the hardest. When looking upon the inner self, the self we try to chain deep in ourselves, we are wrought with disgust and fear, but this fear is simply of the misunderstood.”
The form of Utan is somewhere between the creature he was and the beast he became as the student comes to.
“As men, we walk a line of order and anarchy. So entrenched have we become in what we understand, what we know, what we force ourselves to represent, we merely muzzle what we call our inner darkness. In turn, there is a struggle, one that forces us to separate what is proper and what feels right, and in trying to create maintenance, we cause turmoil. Man was never meant to deny the beast, nor was he to give in absolutely to its power. Spending so much time trying to separate them, we forget they are one and the same.”
The Reaper stands as teeth bite deep into his shoulder, the massive primal form of the teacher casting his shadow down as he lands behind, hurling the student into the air minus some muscle. The man in black contorts, digs into what should be earth and looks up in pain and anger. Staring back at him directly in his face is the beastman as gleaming steel claws lunge forward. This time, however, the claws are not greeted with flesh but the claws of its target. The moment is short-lived as Reaper’s arms break and he is smashed into the ground. Darkness creeps in again as words become the student’s parting lesson, “Don’t be afraid.”

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47 act III 9.1 on Sat Apr 18, 2009 12:53 pm

shining knight

Zombie Ninja
Zombie Ninja
The past
Zahn Nhaz was 5 years, 2 months, 15 days, 7 hours, 45 minutes and 58 seconds old when he lost his mother and father to a massive flood of his seaside village. he was then taken the home of his aunt Mayah and uncle Beihn, retired members of the Purgo of Malum. While growing up, he was raised and trained to be practically a member by them who followed the training and rules strictly after their retirement and expected many things from Zahn, which to him seemed too overbearing. On his twenty-first birthday, his Uncle and Aunt gave him a gift; his uncle's prized sword and shield and his aunt's favourite crossbow. after a day of travel he made to the temple and began his life anew...

2 days later
Zahn had reached the temple of purgo malum. as he reached the top of the stairs, he was stopped by a man with armour more sleeker and sturdier than his aunt and uncle's. his arms had somehow become metallic silver in colour and almost blade-like!

"Stop right there bub. Unless there's a strip-a-gram girl for me behind you, you aint gettin' through". PP was not amused by his greetings.

"No. I am Zahn Nhaz and i come here to join your order. Please let me in" he said sternly
"well Nhaz, you gotta learn to lighten up. name's Lancet Lynx by the way".

PP still was not amused. "please let me in" he said in a rather unpleasant tone.
"well if you're gonna be like that, f**k you" said Lancet Lynx as he shut the door angerly. Zahn could not believe this, how would his aunt and uncle deal with his failure? he tried knocking again but no avail. with a sunken head and heavy heart. he would try again tommorow after he gets a room at the local inn.

Zahn was getting off the last step when he saw a man in Lancet Lynxes armour fighting off a group of large men with various mechanical implants of Orwellian nature. The man and his battle-axe sliced the head off one and sliced another in half. Zahn ran off and pulled him out of sight when he saw a few wounds on him.

"Who are you, and what the hell are those freaks?"

"Those freaks are the Doom Lord's new Doomnauts, people rounded up and turned into cyborgs. Now go and get help while I beat these guys!"

"But i ca-"

"What are you waiting for? Go!" and with that the man was off. Zahn knew he had to prove himself, so he pulled out his uncles sword and shield and charged towards one in front of him. its implant had a knife attached to it and stabbed him while Zahn stabbed it in the chest. the last two ganged up on him and he got his sword arm zapped and switched to his crossbow and put arrows in both their throats. "You sunuvabitch, how did you do that?" asked the man, astonished at PP's feat after killing his opponents. "well, i have an aunt and uncle who were members here and trained me strictly". "Well, from what i saw you should be a member" "I tried, but a member named Lancet Lynx refused me" "Oh" said the man "That a--hole. well i'll vouche for you if you like" Zahn was very pleased by this news that not all the monks would be a--holes like Lynx. Just then one of the Doomnauts, nearly dead, crawled up and ran to the duo. The man and Zahn got out of the way. The man took his axe and threw it at the doomnaut's head. The man went to get it but Zahn noticed something dire...

"Watch Out!" as he ran to him to pull him out, but it was too late. On the Doomnaut was an explosive so in case of slow death it could activate itself as a suicide bomber, and the last one chose this moment.

In an infarmery at the temple, Zahn lay unconscious on his bed. as he started to wake, he saw two loving faces

"Oh my god, Zahn, your're alive!"

"I told you Mayah, We raised him with the Purgo of Malum's never say die attitude!"

"Aunt Mayyaah?...Unc-Uncle Beihn?"

Zahn saw the elderly faces of his aunt and uncle, who had both fear and happiness in their faces over their nephew not dying. Zahn grew into worry "Where's the guy i helped?"
"I can answer that" said a voice across the room.

"Grand Leopard!" said Beihn. "Yes Brother Beihn, Sister Mayah, your nephew greatly helped our Brother Duncan. But the sad thing is that Duncan has lost his right arm, and will have to be replaced with an artificial limb. We're not sure he'll be the same Duncan". said Dave sadly.

"Oh." replied Zahn. the room was quiet for a minute and a half untill Dave spoke again. "Zahn, i heard from Duncan and LL you tried applying here?" Zahn replied with a sad "Yes", which Beihn and Mayah quizzical. "What happened?" asked Mayah. "I got rejected" he replied. The wto looked somewhat upset and asked Dave why they'd rejected him. "I didn't know he applied 'till Duncan and LL, if he'd found me i would have accepted him if he proved himself worthy, which is what he did a day ago". Dave then had a smile on his face "Well Zahn, Would you like to join us?" Zahn didn't need to think it over and responded quickly with a loud "Yes".

Beihn and Mayah congratulated him and Beihn shook Dave's hand and said he wouldn't regret this. later they both left and Zahn was going to rest some more. well Zahn, you showed Lynx you can be a member he thought to himself and went asleep...


All out chaos reigned as the Iscariot continued to pervert everything that it touched. It was a terrible battle getting more desperate by the minute
Zahn now officially going by his codename of Phazar puma looked up at the monstrosity and muttered sadly “this is it…this is what all that training and sacrifice was for…to stop this thing.”
“yeah….err sorry for being such a D-bag first time we met…I would feel pretty bad if I snuffed it without telling you that,” grinned Lancet Lynx
“no sorrys needed my friend….Err Cougar why are you Appling make up at a time like this?” asked Puma
“saves the funeral service for Appling it after she’s cold…” grinned Lancet
“you shut it….to answer your question Zahnnie a girls gotta look good when she’s killing time anomalies,”
Zahn smiled and muttered “this old gang of mine,” he then looked at Orpheus who was just standing there quietly
“hey you there?” asked Lynx waving a hand in front of Orpheus face.
“is he in shock?” asked Cougar
“No I think our friend is fighting back!” laughed Phazar puma
Inside the mind of Lazer lion
“aw crap not you!”

Yes let me back in my own body….” muttered Lazer lion

“and why should I….I’m having a lot of fun banging Bekka!” laughed Orpheus

“You stupid fool…I see everything you do…you’ve not even had a half decent conversation with her….”

“more than you….”

“listen I do not want to fight I have a proposition for you” said Lazer lion

I’m listening,” muttered Orpheus intrigued

Iscariot ground zero

“this sucks for every six we plant twelve more appear,” shouted war
“we gotta do something we are being handed our asses!” shouted Dave
“no spit Sherlock….the question is what do we do?”
“what we always do we fight till the very end!” grinned Dave who then turned round and said “You’ve been a good friend to me Mnemosis,”
“you’ve been alright yerself pal!” grinned Mnemosis as the two of them shook each others hands and then ran off into the thick of battle.
Thundermatts home
“you are not tormenting anymore people you worthless little piece of crap!” sneered Matts his face bloodied and bruised.
“screw you….punk,” moaned prime angrily still swinging at Matts
Every single blow between the both of them connected but neither one would give up.
T.I.T hq
Kid firefly swung an entire kitchen sink right into fathers stomach sending him flying right into both crane and ska. He ran over to the crippled speed hazard and check to see if he was okay.
“I’m cool fry their asses for me will you?” asked speed hazard weakly
“Oh I would do that for free,” grinned kid firefly
“Lets get out of here!” shouted Ska
“To the lift!” muttered Father and the three of them ran to the lift
“they’re getting away!” muttered speed hazard
“Are they?” grinned Kid firefly
Inside the lift
“we under estimated them but we’ll be back before they know it!” muttered Father just as a calm electronic voice muttered 13th floor.
“what I pressed down!”
“the only thing going down” muttered the computerised voice of Max T.I.Ts computer “Is you,”
The doors opened as small robotic arm pushed the three of them into floor 13 and they were never seen again. Years later when T.I.T hq was opened to the public as an museum patrons could swear they heard the screaming of three people being torn to shreds but that rumour was never proven.
Dave was getting overrun by Iscariot created monsters when his group showed up to help him.
“hey what’s up with him?” asked Dave pointing to Orpheus who had to be literally dragged by Lancet Lynx.
“don’t know Puma thinks he’s having a chat with the previous occupant,” yawned Cougar spitting some acid in the eye of a creature who was charging at them.
“thanks for having my back guys,” said Dave happily
“hey anything for the guy who gave us meaning in our lives,” said Cougar with a wink.
“hey look at that!” laughed Lynx pointing to a green light in the sky. Suddenly Reaper and Mindy dropped down.
“thanks for the cover fire jaydee!” shouted Mindy as Jaydee gave her a big thumbs up before firing ring energy at the constantly expanding monster army.
“Okay I’m ready for this son of a bitch!” sneered the reaper pulling out his sword and then ran over to help war in killing as many of the monsters as possible.
“man he has changed for the worse hasen’t he…” sighed Mindy sadly as she turned and said to the monks “keep an eye on him the trapper has his hooks in him…if he ever turns on you kill him without mercy….good luck on the battle my part is over,”
She then disappeared leaving Lynx to slyly ask “ex girlfriend of that reaper guy?”
“yup!” muttered Dave
Suddenly there was a roar as the Iscariot moved towards the monks with a sick grin on its many faces.
“The monks who kept me chained for all those many years….your deaths will be glorious,”
“I’ve got some bad news for you,” said Orpheus walking over to the many faced monster
“and what is that insect?” asked the Iscariot stifling a laugh
“we’re off the menu,” grinned “Orpheus” whipping off his glasses and firing a huge blast of energy at the creature.
And elsewhere in the battle
Bekka was in tears as soon as she saw the energy blast. She knew he would come back for her. She knew her Lazer lion wouldn’t leave her alone. And then she was stabbed in the leg by an Iscariot creature. She shot it in the face before any more damage was taken and then she began to limp towards the Iscariot itself. To meet the one she loved.
To meet Lazer lion….
To be concluded

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48 act III 9 CONT Final episode part 1 on Sat Apr 18, 2009 12:56 pm

shining knight

Zombie Ninja
Zombie Ninja
What reaper did next part II of three
Insects buzz amid the think humid air, trees droop as if the heat is too much for them to bear. A gazelle lowers its head to drink some water from a creek, seemingly the only relief in this world, but it does not drink unnoticed. Golden eyes peer through the brush, like two hungry stars in the night. Slowly, a creature on all fours creeps out of the high grass and stalks the creature before it. A wolf, large and black, it smells the air to tell if the gazelle perfumes itself with fear, listens to the world if something has gone amiss at the appearance of its frightful form, and it tastes the blood in its mouth as it knows the taste of gazelle all too well. In an instant, the gazelle notices its massive predator and prepares to run, but the wolf coming in air marks too late a sign as its fangs dig into the once calm creature. The ordeal lasts less than a moment as the wolf drops the prey and prepares to dine when itself, learning to mind its surrounding, senses something wrong. It is this instinct that saves the beast as it goes to move and narrowly dodges clawed paws of great size crash upon the carcass of the fresh kill. The wolf rises on its hind legs and takes on a form like a man, but not like a man or a wolf. The new creature, some pairing of man and beast itself but in much greater size, paces in a circle with the wolf. Their eyes meet, devoid of fear but instead filled with anticipation. They meet like lovers as they bite at each others’ necks, the claws of the smaller beast going to the eyes and upper arm muscles of the larger as the other creature beats about the spine and kidneys of the smaller. The larger beast’s eye begins to gush and it response the creatures jaw twists and opens, sending the smaller one before it. In an instant, the eye of the large beast heals as the wolf lifts up, seemingly unharmed. They run into the brush, neither prey nor predator but equal in their lust. At times, they move as apes then as rabbits then as moles, using the world around them as defense and weapon, always leading into more combat, as if some brutal chess game. It goes on for hours and into days as the scene changes. Atop a mountain peak and wading deep through snow, the two tired creatures alternate from walking on two and four legs. For some time, they’ve only creeped, measuring the other in a way only an animal could comprehend. The large beast lunges, but the smaller one remains still. Steely claws reach from the sky as their target kneels, the great beast rebounds but finds under its feet a lie when snow gives and it begins to tumble down a slope over the edge of the heavens. Reality shifts and the once cold mountain peak is encompassed by absolute white. The great beast lay upon the ground before it contorts and metamorphoses into Utan Oran. The wolf turns to look upon the fallen animal and bares its fangs. As it moves forward, some deeper consciousness seems to try and reassert control, inevitably the wolf goes to sit but turns into the Reaper falling on his knees. Biotronix picks up his holographic apparatus and helps lift his leader up as Nightingale attends to the injured Utan, though he stands unharmed as she lowers next to him.
“You’ve found the balance inside of yourself. The beast has been unleashed, but you have joined with it, became one with it, and used its primal instincts and elemental power enforce you. I have nothing more to teach you.”
The green and red giant Hachiman enters into view and looks down upon the still recovering Reaper. Before their eyes can meet, the giant plants his massive axe’s flat side into his newly awarded pupil sending the youth several dozen feet from where he rested. The dark hero, surprised, lifts up with a ‘I need to rest…’ as the burning eyes of the great hero meets his own face-to-face. His mouth opens and Reaper is engulfed in flame. Black, smoking protoplasm remains while the attacker stands above it.
“You no time to rest, child. Rise and face me as a man.”

He sits, as if in meditation, his palms open upwards upon his crossed legs. The words of Hachiman resound in his ears.
“Reaper, reality is energy. From the largest cluster of stars to the smallest microbe, energy both defines and composes it all. What the eye perceives is the mind’s way of interpreting something that defies description. Sanity is saved, but it is at a cost of knowing truth; namely, everything is one thing and thus the most minute of occurrences warps and shapes all things. Yet, amidst this chaos, there remains an order, a balance, some greater design that not only accounts for change but exists by it. We grasp at this concept from the smallest of the small for one must walk before one runs and look inside yourself to claim the power of all, the power of one.”
A small flame appears above the palms of the Reaper.
“The inner light is simpler to comprehend. Easier to foster. Find that fire, the source of your rawest emotions, the fuel the beast inside most deeply drinks, the guilt of your harshest losses, the pride of your greatest victories, the joy of your fondest love, and that desire that drives you to rise every conscious moment of your life. Take these invisible concepts and bring them forward, give them substance. Feel the heat as it builds in your chest, like kindling to fire at first realize it is there and bring it to an inferno. Push it as a mother gives birth from your heart to your hand. Let it erupt into the light!”
The dark clad hero opens his eyes only for his flame to extinguish. Hachiman steps forward.
“Not that easy, I’m afraid. You can be taught how to move and train your mind how to react in hand-to-hand combat. You can experience the world as an animal and bring forth the beast that sleeps beneath. But, to grasp the light, you may know it’s there, you may even glimpse its majesty for a moment, you have to learn how to unlearn all that you know. You are not here. I’m not here. None of this is real. Ours is but a flash in all that is. What is must go beyond comprehension, even belief, and instead become nothing. Then, and only then, does the door to everything open.”
Time cannot be measured in the place Reaper and the Legend have taken residence in. Relatively, one could say years have passed to this point. To follow this linear explanation, it would be appropriate to say months still pass as the Reaper contemplates the idea of nothing. Sometimes, he thinks about it until he gets so frustrated, he curses Hachiman for putting him through this torture. Generally, he gets angry at himself that he gave up out of frustration, feeling he wasted “time” that could have been spent finding the answer to a statement, though logically only questions ever have answers. Inevitably, the sheer white that surrounds him unhinges his grasp of reality. At first, he has his memories to hold to, but in time even those dull as the white creeps into him. Finally, there is nothing, not even the white. Reaper is asleep yet awake at the same time, alive yet he is as immobile as death, conscious but not of the world or himself but of everything. His eyes still closed, a giant fist strike at his face but the dark clad warrior lets it strike him like rain as it passes off a roof. More fists with feet, knees, elbows, and assorted body parts strike at him but merely hit with the force of a breeze. Hachiman calls forth the power inside as we waves his arms to form an unseen yin yang and some orb forms about his mid-body to come together with his palms into an explosive stream of energy. The blast hits the Reaper forming into a great bang, the specs of the Legend in the white become white themselves in its wake. If time existed, it would be long moments until silence and the sight of the Reaper floating in a meditation posture of seating, his right hand before him and Hachiman's energy in a pulsing ball just beyond the tips of Reaper's fingers. Suddenly, the basketball sized orb lurches in all directions and forms to some great size, like some perfectly rounded mountain. Hachiman looks on in a manner of disbelief while mutually in approval.
“Our time has ended.”
As the words leave the giant's mouth, the energy dissipates as mist cascades off the waves that hit shore. The Reaper opens his eyes and stands.
The Reaper sits on the “ground”, his legs crossed in meditation. His eyes open as Moriarty takes a similar manner of sit before him.
“Your time here is nearly done. You've passed the tests of Nightingale, Utan Oran, and Hachiman, or, the body, the beast, and the spirit. Now, we test your mind. Your previous experiences have built toward this, very few without psionic capability can resist one in battle. But, now that you've built up your body to take the damage, developed the ferocity to fight the effects, and the spirit to have a weapon against it, you bear a chance. But make no mistake, you've only developed a chance.”
Moriarty's eyes close as his fingertips touch together to form a triangle. The eye can not see what is happening, but the new awareness of the Reaper can sense energy swirling before the face of his teacher, swirling into a funnel coming at him like some slow moving needle. He tries to concentrate to prepare for it, but its tip plunges deep into his mind's eyes. The type of pain he feels is unlike any before, save perhaps when the Surgeon violated him previously. He tries manually rewiring his brain as he did before.
“The Surgeon is on to that trick, as am I.”
Synapses explode in his brain as the black swordsman's eyes go white. They reform in time for another wave of pain to cross over.
“Sense where the attack is happening and build up as people lay down sandbags against rising rivers. Rebuild your mind, like the advances of the computer to build smaller processors, to take wasted space and remodel it into a super computer. I am here and with me I can protect your mind.”
And so it went, time unmeasured, as walls were built, channels made more efficient, and the mind of Moriarty would strike again with more force. The experience was brutal on both, the brain of the Reaper molded and remolded in microseconds and the teacher, holding to the mind as a parent holds a child's hand while breaking down whatever structures were built to keep him out. The pupil's most precious memories, of his brother, of Jaydee, of Mindy, were opened like a book again and again by the teacher as doors, walls, chains, and locks are thrown up to push him out. And so it was until finally the Reaper learned how to push back.
An artificial being has very little memories, save those implanted as necessary. Moriarty's first conscious memory was in a tube, watching as the Time Trapper looked upon him as some lab experiment. Before the programming, all he knew was the cold, wet darkness of that tube that haunts him to today. However, this is no dream, and as this realization comes to the forefront of Moriarty's mind, the Reaper appears.
“How did y... you're not a telepath.”
“I... don't know. I sensed the energy, I sensed the resistance waning, and so I followed it back to its source and found this.”
The world again goes white as the two, ragged and stinking from their journey, remain.
“Then, you are ready.”
Etrana, Trample Jack, and Biotronix emerge, eager to end this time unmeasured, yet long experience none the less. The armored leader speaks.
“Summon your scythe; all we know about it is it was found amidst T.I.T. headquarters' mound of artifacts when your previous weapon was destroyed and it was “unlocked” by Chip Micro to become the Crescent Blade of the Moon. That mystery's going to change thanks to Jack and Etrana. While they're peeling away that puzzle, I'll be your final training partner.”
The ball forms from Reaper's body and transforms into his techno-scythe. As he hands it to the pair and tries to walk away, it tries to jump from Jack's hands. Everyone's amazed but the weapon stops and grows still. Biotronix and his pupil walk away as Jack and Etrana look warily at the scythe.
“Up until now, you've been trained in things that generally require hero lineages and thousands of years of development. This has only been made possible because of the time distortion we're in and your power of manipulation. Everything combined, you are likely the Surgeon's equal, provided you took him to the limit in your last fight. However, the object is to beat this bastard. For that, we come to the last leg of your training. You have the skills, the physicality, defense... all because of your powers. Now, it's time to beef up your powers, and this time it won't be cybernetically enhanced. Moriarty showed you how to rewire your brain; this not only boosts its capabilities but improves it by micro-processing its base sloppy structure. Now, take that process, and apply to the rest of your body. Thus far, you've had to Hulk out to get strong or turn into any number of things to boost your speed. Instead, take the Superman or Flash route, and interweave your muscles at a more tight level.”
“That... sounds kind of hard.”
“Well... we got time, sort of.”

Biotronix shows images of a number of metahumans with micro-muscular structures and the Reaper watches though it doesn't seem to make much of a dent. Instead, the dark clad pupil finds more road when he meditates, looking inward as he did to boost his spirit when he finds the answer: everything is energy. By packing the power in a smaller package, everything opens up; the avenues of the muscle, the structure of the bones, the pathways of nerves. Now, the tedious act of rearranging it, maybe tossing in an extra heart and some non-human organs.

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49 act III final episode part 2 on Sat Apr 18, 2009 12:58 pm

shining knight

Zombie Ninja
Zombie Ninja
“Nicely done. You're in tip-top-superhuman shape.” Biotronix turns his back as he ends his sentence. “Now, the next phase.”
As the Reaper stands, Biotronix points a cannon at him with a tuning fork on its end.
“Whoa, what's that f...”
The pupil doesn't get to finish his sentence as the fork hums and a large blast turns him into protoplasm.
“Sonic Disruptor, ought to hit you pretty hard considering it attacks the body and brain. Best sort of trauma to see if we can't get that regenerative abilities getting into third gear.”
A mouth forms in the mound of black ooze. “Thanks for the warning.”
“Rewiring my body, improving my regeneration rate, pushing the limits of my size and elasticity manipulation, combine my ki with my capabilities in energy manipulation, learn the differences in elements, what's next?”
“The final step. Up to this point, loosely formed structures like gases have been difficult for you to accurately switch to solids. We hit that, and you should be golden.”
“Alright, Bio, how do we do that?”
Biotronix sets up a humidifier.
“Since there is no air here, we'll have to make due with water vapor. Now, you're prone to make air into steel or stone walls; only, they look more like waves than walls. So, we start two fold: turn the vapor into something stronger, like titanium or diamond, and then work towards building more viable constructs. Easy, right?”
Putting his hand up to the steam, the man in black concentrates and a perfect diamond forms in his hand. He smiles as he lets it go and it reverts to gas. Concentrating, he tries to make one much larger, but instead a crystal looking like frozen fire forms. Frowning, he knows he's in for a hard time.
Utan and Hachiman punch at Reaper, but raising his arms titanium columns rise up and strike them under the jaw. Only slightly phased, two balls of light streak from their opponent's hand that explode sending the heroes back. Trample Jack swoops in with his power ring blasting but the dark clad combatant avoids only to be greeted with Nightingale's Kusanagi that slices him in half, only for the halves to form into a Reaper each. The Reapers must keep moving as long range blasts from Moriarty and Etrana send him forward towards Hachiman and Utan but the black wrapped warriors transform upside down in a blink as dozens of heels with legs moving like a circular saw catch the powerhouses of the Legend by surprise. The Reapers reform as his arms whip out to slap Jack's hand to blast Nightingale as the other hand grabs her Kusanagi as she reels. He wastes little time to use the magic sword on his recovering fighters leaving Utan and Hachiman injured as Reaper forms a slingshot with his left arm and fires the Kusanagi at Jack. A force field shatters but stops the sword as a black cyclone of fists and feet comes to him. They miss their target as an energy blasts from above sending the Reaper back. Biotronix lowers while drawing his Excalibur as Nightingale recovers her blade. Jack pulls out the Master Sword but seems puzzled at missing another sword. That puzzlement goes to amazement when the Reaper draws the Sword of Power.
“Guess who has the power now, item boy?”
Biotronix rockets forward dragging his sword against the black swordsman's pilfered weapon. The Kusanagi swipes at Nightingale's former pupil as Jack's Master Sword shoots blasts of energy as he charges into the fight. The Reaper fences the three, but they gain ground with every strike. A hand flies out of Reaper's chest and grabs Biotronix sucking his energy as two blasters form in his shoulders and blast his other two dance partners. The ebony morpher grabs the swords of his enemies and turns wielding them with four arms to block new blasts from Etrana and Moriarty. Throwing two of the swords at them, they dodge but notice a string attached that forms into a cable into a arm as the Reaper rockets toward them forming his own swords and imitating Roronoa Zoro's Asura technique. Seven swords strike at the long range combatants taking them out. The black swordsman turns to see his final three opponents coming towards him as he draws power from the four swords and erupts dropping the trio. When Biotronix comes to, he surveys the defeated Legend and smiles.
“You're ready.”
When the others awake, they congratulate their student. Nightingale steps forward with a box.
“For you.”
The Reaper opens it to find two katana.
“Masamune and Muramasa. Two ancient and powerful blades. Use them well.”
Trample Jack walks up with two swords himself.
“Drizzt's scimitars, Twinkle and Icingdeath. One of the best fighters to ever exist, these were his weapons.”
The red and green giant Hachiman removes two massive swords from his back.
“Sasaki Kojiro's nodachi Monohoshi Zao and Bankotsu's zanbato Banryu.”
Moriarty floats forward.
“Only one from me. Darth Vader's lightsabre.”
Biotronix in his gleaming armor steps ahead.
“And lastly from me, the swords of El Cid, Colada and Tizon.”
Taking on the Asura pose, he wields the nine blades. Etrana walks up with the Crescent Blade of the Moon as Jack joins her side. Jack speaks up first.
“That Chip Micro uses some real advanced stuff. I see bits and pieces of Oan power ring tech, Lensman disk structures, Ranger power morphing tech... but the tech in the scythe even blows that stuff away. The closest I can explain it is New Gods Mother Box type of tech with some Guyver or Galadorian Spaceknight sub-space type of manipulation, but light years ahead. It's alive!”
Etrana jumps in.
“What more, it's some amalgamation of science, magic, and alchemy. Those Quintessence markings are not just decoration, the staff appears to be some sort of gatekeeper key, able to not only pierce time and space but navigate it with octillion plus calculations, as far as Jack could record; no idea if we took it to its limit.”
“A little bit like Silver Surfer's board. As best as I can tell, Chip's devices were able to translate data in a form that's of mutual understanding; using what he has plus some finessing from Etrana and myself, we were able to create a direct line to your brainwaves and take out Chip's enhancements. With my penchant for items, I almost don't want to give this back...”
Etrana pulls it away from Jack as he looks down and hands it to its master.
“Thanks guys.”
“Well,” Biotronix steps in, “We'll leave you alone for a while to find the rest of your way. Good luck.”
With that, the Legend turn and disappear. The dark clad warrior looks at his scythe and promptly splits into ten versions of himself, each with one of his weapons. Getting in an offensive pose, they attack each other.
The ten warriors, breathing heavy and badly injured, form together. The Reaper stands and places his swords about his person. His scythe remaining, he turns it back into a ball and sucks it into his hand. A noise emerges behind him.
“Did you think you could hide?”
Reaper turns as the white world becomes pitch black.
“Mindy you were dead I saw it…?”
“Ha ha. No. Well, kind of yes, but no get your swords ready we need you for the final battle.”
Reaper summons his swords as he's engulfed in darkness.
“Where is he?”
Time Trapper sits on a decaying throne as the Legend loiter before him.
“I imagine he's still training” returns Biotronix.
“No, he should be back now...”
Waving his frail, bandaged hand at a large crystal ball, all that appears is white.
“What?! Where is he?!”
“What's wrong, Trapper?” inquires Etrana.
“He's gone!”
Utan walks forward, “Where is he, then?”
Trapper turns away, “I... I don't know. I don't remember. I DON'T REMEMBER THIS!”

Reaper used his swords to cleave through an entire barrage of creatures just passing Dave and war who were double teaming the monsters.

“This is the life eh Dave?”

“absolutely its like bad fan fiction our lives isn’t it?”

“oh yeah absolutely,” grinned war filling a huge rabbit like creature full of holes

“wow so you killed roger rabbit!” grinned Dave slicing a horse like creature in two.

“and you totally put that horse out of its misery….”

“yeah our life is just one huge cosmic joke isn’t it,”

“yeah remember when I bagged Trish out from under your nose,”

“remember when I kicked the shit out of you for doing that to me?” muttered Dave a dark tone suddenly appearing in his voice.

“you didn’t,”

“oh I did it was so bad it made you totally lose your memory of me doing it,”

“Did you I can’t remember?” muttered war still firing at anything that moved.

“hey excuse me you two we are fighting for our lives…not putting on an amateur production of days of our lives,” shouted Reaper

“when did he grow a pair,” muttered Dave causing war to snigger uncontrollably.


“Okay guys We need to attack full force using all our abilities, we need to open up a hole in the monsters stomach,” muttered Lazer lion as the Iscariot stumbled in pain. Its eyes burnt out by the lazer beam L.L had fired.

“Oh I can do that,” grinned lynx his fingers turning into small blades.

“I’ll hit the ugly bastard with a acidic spit ball then lynx can cut into him as deep as possible and yoshika can fire her electricity blasts ,“said Cougar

“Sounds good to me,” said Taze beginning to power up an electricity blast in her palm.

“what of me?” asked Puma

“you have the most important role of all you need to phase me through the creature as the hole is open and I’ll destroy it from inside!” said L.L

“we better hurry the thing is growing a new set of eyes,” shouted Puma

“do you honestly think you can win….I eat insects like you as if they were nothing,” chuckled the Iscariot sending several blades towards the monks. Every single one of them slammed into Lazer lion. He screamed in pain but managed to stay on his legs.

“My god!” shouted Taze in shock

“I…I…I’m fine….Orpheus is healing me he doesn’t want this body to die on him…..” muttered L.L slowly pulling the blades out of his body.

“Why did he let you take over again anyway,”

“I’ll tell you when we win!” grinned L.L but Taze noticed something that was a very fake grin as if L.L knew that he wasn’t coming back from this one.

Suddenly everyone ran towards the Iscariot and begin doing their parts to stop the creature. Cougar spat up acid which began to bubble into the flesh of the Iscariot causing it to cry in pain as Lynx fired the blades from his fingers and then turned his elbows into a scythe like blade slamming into the acid making a much bigger hole. Then puma fired bolts from his bolt gun and Taze fired her own abilities into the hole made by Lynx and cougar blowing open a hole in the stomach.

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50 act III final episode part 3 on Sat Apr 18, 2009 12:58 pm

shining knight

Zombie Ninja
Zombie Ninja
As the Iscariot stumbled around in pain L.L and puma began to run over to the creature but stopped in his tracks when he saw Bekka limping over to him.

“Beks!” shouted L.L

“L.L!” shouted Bekka happily limping over to him

They embraced happily and then she kissed him. He was happy finally he was happy but then the conversation with Orpheus flashed into his mind.

“I have a proposition for you!” said L.L

“and what the hell can you offer me?” sneered Orpheus

“my body permanently,”

“okay go on….”

“let me out to fight the Iscariot I know of a way to defeat the monster for good…it’ll cost me my mind but my body will survive and you can have it for good,”

“okay there’s a catch isn’t there,”

“you need to keep us alive during the fight the creature will do anything to kill us both,”

“that’s a catch?”

“….so yes or no?”

“yes….however what will your precious Beks do when she finds out you are more or less committing suicide….”

And L.L began to cry as Bekka kept holding onto him

“Why are you crying?”

“because to be the greatest hero that was chronicled in your time….I have to die….now….”

“….Then I’m going with you….I bet if you die that freakish pervert will be back wearing your suit and I don’t want to live the rest of my life without you and staring into the sockets of a thing that looks like you,”


“you are not changing my mind if you die I die with you….”

“…..god I wish we had a happier life now….”

“I do, it got happier when I met you before you came to my future all that I could do was hope that the doomnauts never caught me but when you and mum and dad took me with you all. I had one hell of an adventure and I met my hero….”

She kissed him one last time and then took his hand

“The hole is closing we need to get there fast,”

“Allow me! Grinned puma as he touched both of them on the shoulder and began to phase through the armies which were still attacking Dave, war and reaper and then pushed them both into the gaping wound just as it closed up.

“Good luck!” muttered Puma sadly

Inside the iscariot

“well I wasn’t expecting the land of narnia as directed by david cronenberg in here…” muttered L.L walking down a road which was covered in a sticky red substance.

“Its best we do not look at anything….” moaned Bekka just as a bird with several orifices flew past her.

“This place could drive a normal person nuts….” muttered L,L pushing past an entire forest of hanged bodies.

“hey is that this things heart over there?”

“yes I do believe it is….”

L.L raised the sword of the mucro of vices above his head as Bekka drew her guns and they both attacked just as a beam of energy struck them both…..


The Iscariot continued to attack the monks as they fought back trying to give L.L and beks time to do whatever they needed to do. And then it happened


“L.L!” shouted Dave running over to the body and lifting it up.

“…..where am I,” asked L.L not opening his eyes

“are you okay?”

“yeah there’s one thing I need to ask!” muttered L.L who then opened the holes where his eyes used to be and asked “Who’s up for a sexy party?”

“oh god Orpheus is back,”

“yeah and this time I’m back for good….beks and the hero died killing that freakshow nightmare!”

“No….” muttered Taze in horror as Helena hugged her tears streaming down her face.

And then it began to rain…….


T.I.T hq

“What did I miss?” asked a battered ad bruised thundermatts casually chucking a near dead superboy prime to the ground.

“……” not a single person said a word

“Matts we’ve decided that T.I.T are no longer needed,”

“what do you mean Dave?”

“I think its best we went our separate ways what with Trish and L.L dead and my duties with my monks taking over my time. I think its better if it ended here,”

“this is bullshit you coward!” shouted reaper angrily

“says the one who disappeared for weeks…..”

“don’t bring me into this you streak of yellow piss!” shouted reaper

“Jerry,” muttered war

“you shut up too if you do not want to save the world…I’ll do it my way like the trapper said….you are nothing to me anymore….farewell,” muttered Reaper disappearing.

After that they all began to leave one by one leaving just the monks and war standing in the ruins of the hq.

“so any chance of maybe some freelance work?” asked war

“yeah….I think we have space for you….I think we should start by getting some new recruits and I think I know the place…..

40 years later.

Two figures walked down a road as flying cars hovered right past them.

“Its so beautiful I can’t believe we changed my future….”

“well with the Iscariot and the doom lord dead and buried this beautiful world was left unmolested….”

“so I must ask why are we still alive?”

“I have two thoeries….”


“the first is that light which struck us when we killed the Iscariot was pure chronal energy like the one we used in the corlionus….that energy took us to the first place we were thinking of which was your original time,”

“sounds plausible what’s the other idea?”

“well the writer of this story loves our characters so much that he couldn’t kill us and instead decided to give us a happy ending,”

“well my home should be up this way I guess we can live our lives in peace now,” grinned Bekka happily

“yeah we deserve this….” grinned L.L

Bekka hugged L.L and gave him a huge kiss

“I love you matt,”

“I love you too Bekka…..”

The end…..of sotfiv

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