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DRAGON'S collection and no, not a collection of dragon's lol

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i had one on tha wumb, so figured it was bout time i put it on here as well, so ladies and gentlemen of PoP!, i present to u my toy collection. this should be everything pretty much, tha only things missin for sure are my g.i. joe 25th ann/modern era/ROC stuff, i have to take more pictures of them

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Zombie Ninja
Zombie Ninja
I had Sauron, Blob, and Cyclops in that first pic. And maybe that certain Wolverine in the first pic, too.

Those little G.I. Joes bring back so many memories. Half of the ones pictures I can remember.

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oh i had so many of that toy biz line way back, but i gave them away to someone who didnt have any, and i wasnt playin wit them anymore, wish i wasnt being a nice kid lol, or at least wish i wouldve kept my x-men, joes, and ghostbusters. i got back into collecting in like '03-'04 thanx to ebay. i was receiving packages like every other day lol. and tha joes were awesome, i used to have so many figures, vehicles, accessories, i used to have huge battles in my room for hours on end. great times

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my limited toy haul from C2E2, kinda disappointing cuz they were tha only figs i got, but i wouldve been more disappointed had i paid some of those prices i saw lol

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most recent additions. and carnage is stayin moc, i will get another to open, but just one from tha regular spidey line.

yeah i finally got into minimates lol. seein too much about them at conventions and seein chris' collection on here, i tried to hold out, but i couldnt lol.

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not new, but here's an updated pic of my gears figures. when i picked up that minimate set at TRU earlier, i saw they still had some grenadiers and marcus wit tha cog tags in his hand. i might pick up that marcus to keep sealed and add another grenadier to my horde

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some figs i picked up today

seein how several tankers got joes from family dollar for $3, i figured i'd check out tha ones near me, and got these three figs, they had a few more i might go back and grab

got tha mini's from a comic shop in kenosha called 'heroes and dreams'

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as of right now, i have about 225 action figures of all scales and a few model kits. this number does not include any of my joes except my 3 recent pick-ups. they are currently in another location, so they'll get added in when i get tha chance.

heres a breakdown:

gears of war - 18
marvel 3.75in - 55
gundams - 6
evangelion - 15
minimates - 18
marvel legends - 15
heroclix - 62
90's marvel toy biz - 26
other neca (tmnt, sf4, ng2) - 7
g.i. joe - 3+

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