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Considering a commission....

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1 Considering a commission.... on Tue Apr 21, 2009 6:12 pm


Zombie Ninja
Zombie Ninja
POSSIBLY. I've already got a Tony Perna commission coming this year, and that's likely to eat up my art money, so this is a planning thread.

Here's my first idea: A two-piece commission. One one side, Lockheed and the Pet Avengers. On the other: my answer to LPA, the Justice League of Animals, which would include Ace the Bathound, Krypto, Wonder Dog, Gleek, Winged Victory, and Streaky.

My second idea is where I need your help. I'd like a piece that was just all the DC animal sidekicks, in a George Perez-style splash. I don't think I know -all- of them, though. Here's who I have:

Ace the Bat-Hound
Wonder Dog
Detective Chimp
Skreel, Hawkman's hawk from the cartoon
Tusky, Aquaman's walrus from the cartoon (obviously bad-assed up for the pic)
Rex the Wonder Dog
Winged Victory

(All help filling this list out will be greatly appreciated. Animal sidekick is defined as a non-anthropomorphic animal, which might exclude Detective Chimp from the list.)

So? Which idea is less crazy-sounding? I've already got a great piece with Superboy and Supergirl with the Legion of Super-Pets, but this is something I've been kicking around for a while. Either one could be awesome, but I leave it to the masses to decide!

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