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Blast From The Past, the POP IRC channel

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1Blast From The Past, the POP IRC channel Empty Blast From The Past, the POP IRC channel on Tue Aug 31, 2010 11:26 am


PoP! Brewmaster
PoP! Brewmaster
So, a lot of us are at our desks all day, and a lot of people don't like a lack of clickable links in the live chat, so I have made an alternative.

IRC is a chat system that has been around forever, and is nothing like what they describe here

So, first you need an IRC client, there are a bunch of options here, at work I use the free version of Trillian with the IRC plug in. If you do a google search for "IRC Client" you will find a bunch, and easily find one for whatever OS you use.

When you open it up you will need to connect to an IRC server. The one I am using is:

You will then need to join the channel #POP

A super easy way to get in is to use and fill in the server name, your nickname and the channel name. It should automatically launch and put you in.

Give it a shot, it cost nothing to set up, and I think it will be a good place for regular chatting and live chatting during the cast.

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