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Posted by Permission of PanelsonPages Staff - Video Game/Comic Auction Site Gamegavel4

Hey all,

I want to introduce you all to is a marketplace (like Ebay) for you to buy and sell video games, systems, gaming memorabilia, comics, movies & music, etc. Since launching in March 2008 GG has grown to 5,000 members, has hosted over 300,000 auctions and has sold over $200,000 in merchandise.

GameGavel is different than Ebay in that there are NO LISTING FEES on GameGavel and only a 4% selling commission. Sellers can have a free branded seller homepage and even link their GameGavel store to their Ebay store if they want to pass buyers back and forth.

Sellers can choose between an auction style format or Buy Now format similar to Ebay. GameGavel feeds all fixed price, But Now listings into Google Search every morning at 6 AM for added listing exposure.

I have just recently added selling categories for Comic books and would love it if you guys would consider putting some of your items up for sale on GameGavel and then promoting your listings back here on PanelsonPages.

You can register over at

Check our our GG on Facebook:

On YouTube:

And on Twitter:

I hope to see some new faces on GameGavel. If any of you have any questions feel free to post them here in the forums and I will respond Smile

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The Robert Frost of Poop
Welcome to the jungle!

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Mnemosis wrote:Welcome to the jungle!

Thanks for the welcome.

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Zombie Ninja
Zombie Ninja
Where were you when I needed that Choplifter for the Master System last Christmas?

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