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A Question to the Artists Out There

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1 A Question to the Artists Out There on Tue Nov 30, 2010 7:48 pm


I am looking to begin publishing my Role-Playing Game and Strategy Board Game in the upcoming year after my wife and I finish forming our LLC. The problem is, I am severely lacking in usable artwork. I spent two years as an art student when I first started college, but ended up switching schools and finishing up with a Master's in Creative Writing. As such, my skills with a brush aren't quite up to par.

Also, I work in Higher Education... which means I'm short on cash to simply contract a slew of artists to churn out hundreds of brilliant artworks for my use.

So... my idea is this:

I have considered organizing an art contest. The winning artist or artists (depending on what I can afford) would win commission-based contracts for XXX dollars (in this case XXX dollars does not specifically refer to money spent at a strip club or adult video store). The contest would be open to anyone who wanted to submit a digital image of their work, but I would mostly market the contest to my University's art department and perhaps use a website to pull in a few other eager youngin's.

In theory, the biggest pull would be for start-up artists to have their work published. Basically, there would be one or more winners that would be contracted for further, more specific work, and a handful of "runners-up" whose art will be printed either as cards for the strategy game or in the RPG manual.

I've gone back and forth on this idea for a while because I'm sure there are a lot of artists who would balk at the idea of having their work published by me without royalty.

I'm really just not sure how else to gather hundreds of legitimate art pieces without breaking myself financially.

Thoughts or suggestions?

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