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Adults Only

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1 Adults Only on Thu May 20, 2010 2:38 pm


Hi, everyone.

As you may or may not know, earlier this year we created a new forum for adult content titled "The Blue Area of the Moon." We then realized that some of our forum members are still minors and not wanting to be a factor in their education or knowledge of whatever is discussed in the forum (whether they already know this stuff is not the issue, that's up to their parents or whoever is the adult that has to shape their minds), not did we want to put some of out older forum member in an uncomfortable (and somewhat immoral and illegal) position of talking about their sex lives with a minor. There was also the chance that some other adult members don't really want to get into the "Blue Area," not even by mistake.

Therefor, after much thought and discussion, we've came up with a solution: Set the forum permissions so that only the forum members that wish and are old enough (18 and up) to to have access to this adult content, will be permitted. For now, I've set the permissions for members who already posted in the "Blue Area." If you wish to join that group of people, please contact any of the Admins, Lee or Mnemosis.

Thank you all,
Tomer Soiker
(Former) Chief Administrator

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