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Mike Champion CGC Signature Series Sketch Opportunity

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Cannon Fodder
Cannon Fodder
Hey, gang! I'll be attending the Chicago Comic-Con next week (Table 3600 in Artist Alley). I'm currently offering a limited CGC sketch opportunity; I have several blank sketch covers available, and will draw the character(s) of your choice, get them graded at the con, and ship to your location. Although I can't guarantee the final grade, all books are in excellent condition. If you'd like me to use one of your blanks, I can do that as long as I receive them in the mail before next Wednesday, which is when I leave for the con. Also, you do not have to be in attendance at the con to take advantage of this offer. Prices are as follow:

Single Figure (color): $105
Each Additional Figure: add $10
Simple Background: FREE
Detailed Background: add $10
Excessive Figure detail: add $10 (this generally applies to a figure that takes up the entire cover and has a lot of detail/coloring work)

The price includes CGC Signature Series grading and shipping within the US (international is actual cost, PM me for details ) Paypal is preferred. Please use the personal option or add 3% if using the standard method. All payments must be received by next Tuesday, August 17 in order to reserve your book. If you plan on attending the con, you still need to reserve your book from me via paypal, but PM me for your total cost.

Blanks I currently have available are as follows:

1 Red Sonja (Dynamite)
2 Dark Avengers
1 Avengers
6 X-Men
7 Heroic Age New Avengers

Any books not pre-sold/pre-paid via paypal will be sold at the con.

Here are a few examples of recent work:

Single Figure, Simple Background - $105 graded and shipped to your door.

Single Figure, Detailed Background (or Single Figure with excessive detail) - $115 graded and shipped to your door.

2 Figures, Detailed Background - $125 graded and shipped to your door.

I'm open to doing just about any characters you can think of. Comics, movies, TV, sports, etc. If you've got a special request, PM me and I'll let you know. You can check out a gallery of my work here:

Michael Champion Deviantart Gallery

To participate, PM me the details of what you'd like done.

Thanks, and I hope to see many of you at the con!

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Mike, thanks for cluing me in to PoP. I am really enjoying it so far.

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Zombie Ninja
Zombie Ninja
joshdahl wrote:Mike, thanks for cluing me in to PoP. I am really enjoying it so far.

Welcome to the boards! Smile

You should introduce yourself to the rest of the PoP!ulation. Go over to the Abyss section. There is an introduce yourself thread there.


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