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My Attention Deficit Review

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1My Attention Deficit Review Empty My Attention Deficit Review on Sat Dec 26, 2009 10:31 am


Zombie Ninja
Zombie Ninja
I remember the first time I discovered Wale was on the cover of XXL I saw in a grocery store a year back. He was posing with rappers Asher Roth, B.o.B. and Charles Hamilton for the cover story titled "The 10 Freshmen: Hip-Hop's Class of 09 Attacks". I didn't pick it up because I'm more of a Rolling Stone kind of guy and instead read the article online-I've been eyeballing these rappers and I'm happy to be able to finally review one of them.

So Wale released his debut album, Attention Deficit and I couldn't wait to listen to it. It's hard to find a rapper who's hope for rap & hip-hop, especially when you're still holding on to mainstream. The album opens up with the track, "Triumph" which pretty much has Wale showing off for 3 minutes-we get a enough of that already but he's a new artist and shows promise so it's right to enter with fist least for their first time.

The real deal starts with "Mama Told Me"-I think this should have been the first track than the second. It has a great epic beat and the lyrics introduces him properly-I like to think of this as a "Let me walk back out and wipe my shoes this time" because this makes "Triumph" sound like a joke. I said before I didn't mind it above since there's not so much rambling on the album but be sure if you're going to fool around on a track for boasting, keep away from the ones you want people to take you seriously on-therefore it's filler and fillers should avoided anyway.

But Wale's not bad-while it's always refreshing to hear a new hyped rapper speak, his swagger and meaningful songs reels you in like the track 90210. The song is about a young woman's life (obviously a model) who is going through the extreme to keep living the life on Beverly Hills. '-And she throw's up, whatever she eats, She leaves the bathroom with a nosebleed, a regular girl, celebrity dreams,she is...90210'-catchy indeed though and it's been done many times, Wale keeps it from a dull listen.

"Let It Loose" featuring Pharrel and produced by him and Chad Hugo, The Neptunes. This track including "Pretty Girls" may sound like your typical "Girls, Girls, Girls" (which Jay-Z did a good job on by the way) in a sarcastic way just by reading the title but Wale is one of the ones who separates from all the other senseless "Shake that booty" songs...

Note: Now that I've reeled you in, it's only right I tell you I now have a column on IC and the link below is the full review. So take one second of your life, click the link, enjoy the rest it, come back here, post your thoughts, I'll be happy, IC will be happy and you'll be happy! Smile - ChrisToPhenom

Album Cover-

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Next Album Review-

I'll be reviewing Lil Wayne's rock debut, Rebirth and though I'll say it when I post the review, I'll say it now. Pure rockers and heavy hip-hoppers who hate the opposite-you might want to look forward to this.

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